If you frequently travel for business,Staybridge Suites offer you a range of home comforts.Four recent visitors to Staybridge Suites explain why they booked,what they enjoyed and what made them want to return.

Claire Metcalf

“The concept is great,but the staff are the ones who really make it.”she says.“It takes a lot of discipline to always be friendly,but the staff at Staybridge Suites do that.They genuinely care about you.”

Andrew Roberts

“One of the best things is having my own kitchen.I often end up working late and I don’t fancy(喜欢) eating in a restaurant on my own,so cooking for myself is a big drawcard.”

“The main thing for me is being able to cook and have my own little flat.The staff are amazing.It is great to be recognized by them,”he says.

Pauline Robinson

“What I love about it is the way that you are treated by the staff,”she says.“Some of the staff have been there all that time and they do look after you well.As a woman staying on my own,it is reassuring that they look out for you,and recently when I was poorly depressed they even brought things I needed to my room.”

Ryan Ruckledge

“The fully-equipped kitchen is great.I always have a one-bed apartment so I have a separate kitchen and dining room and I’m able to relax and cook some meals.Eating out can feel a bit much when you do it day in and day out—it makes you hate what you do—and I don’t want that.”

1.What attracts visitors to Staybridge Suites?

A. A separate dining room. B. A one—bed apartment.

C. A home from home. D. A lot of discipline.

2.Who think highly of the kitchen of Staybridge Suites?

A. Pauline Robinson and Ryan Ruckledge.

B. Ryan Ruckledge and Claire Metcalf.

C. Andrew Roberts and Ryan Ruckledge.

D. Pauline Robinson and Claire Metcalf.

3.What does the underlined word“drawcard”in Paragraph 3 probably mean?

A. barrier. B. attraction.

C. honour. D. difficulty.

4.Why does the author write the article?

A. To advertise Staybridge Suites.

B. To introduce four recent visitors.

C. To inform us of a new service.

D. To sing high praise for the staff.

I’m part of the Roots & Shoots program founded by Dr. Jane Goodall. The program is intended to make and promote positive changes in the world. As Dr. Goodall says, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.”

In Bulgaria, where I live, homeless dogs are everywhere. Many people here turn a blind eye to them. But I cannot ignore the life of a street dog whenever I see one wandering in the street, looking for something to eat. That’s why I’m no longer a food waster. When I see wasted food, I always think of a hungry dog climbing to garbage bins, searching for food that people have thrown there. When eating in a restaurant, I’m not afraid to take leftover food to feed stray cats or dogs.

A week ago, I saw a homeless dog around the garbage bins. Immediately I knelt down, spoke to her softly and ran my hands over her. I could see that she had had puppies. I couldn’t imagine how she could have been able to care for them. Hours earlier, I’d bagged up a plate of leftover fish. As I unwrapped it, she wagged her tail and sniffed at it. She ate all the fish in no time.

It’s sad, isn’t it? I can’t understand why many of us waste so much and think little of it. These homeless animals have taught me that food is precious. Even when I don’t have leftovers with me, I’ll take the time to get something from the grocery store to feed them.

I know my power is small, so I hope that next time you see wasted food, do turn it into worthy food. You have the power to save a life!

1.The author uses what Dr. Goodall says to show__________.

A. how we can develop our business

B. why it is important to be great

C. why the program is popular globally

D. how we can change the world positively

2.What can be concluded from the text?

A. There are few homeless dogs where the author lives

B. The author takes homeless dogs home and raises them

C. Seeing homeless dogs makes the author never waste food

D. People throw food into garbage bins to feed homeless dogs

3.The author took the leftover fish with him to____________.

A. feed a homeless dog he met

B. eat it when he was hungry

C. look for more homeless animals

D. set an example to those who throw away food

4.The author wrote the text to ask us to__________.

A. value our food B. treat dogs as our friends

C. save wasted food for homeless dogs D. raise homeless dogs and cats

The “Take In” restaurant in Helsinki, Finland, is currently in the news for its ingenious(有独创性)service. Instead of cooking the meals in its own kitchen—which doesn’t exist—it allows customers to order various dishes from a selection of 20 other restaurants in the city.

Sponsored by American Express and Wolt, a popular food delivery app, Take In is a pop-up(突然出现的) restaurant that opened at the beginning of November 2016, and will run through May 2, this year.

As you’ve probably already guessed, the name “Take In” is a clever play on words like take-out. The whole point of ordering take-out is to avoid going to a restaurant, and if you’re going to dress up to go out, you might as well go straight to your favorite restaurant instead of ordering food from it somewhere else. But here’s the idea behind it—when you go out with a group of friends and you can’t decide where to go for dinner, because everyone wants to order something else, Take In is the perfect solution.

“We want to be a living room in the city,” a Wolt spokesperson told Monocle magazine. “We all know what it’s like you’re about to go out for dinner with a big group of friends. Everyone wants to order what they like. What are you going to do? Well, the answer in Helsinki right now is you come to Take In because you can do all of those things in the same place.”

Customers are more than welcome to stick to the selection of drinks available at the bar. But if they want to try the “take in” experience, all they have to do is use the Wolt app, just as they would from the comfort of their own homes. Once they order and pay for their meals, all they have to do is wait for someone to deliver it to the pop-up restaurant.

1.What does the text mainly tell about?

A. American Express and Wolt.

B. The “Take In” restaurant in Helsinki.

C. The way to order "take-out".

D. A world-wide food service.

2.Why is the “Take In” restaurant popular with people?

A. It can satisfy the taste of different people.

B. People can pay less money.

C. People can get together with best friends.

D. It can cook different meals.

3.What do we know about the “Take In” restaurant?

A. It has been run for more than two years.

B. It will replace “Take out” restaurants soon.

C. You should use the Wolt app.

D. You can enjoy the service in your own living-room.

Two recent studies have found that punishment is not the best way to influence behavior. One showed that adults are much more cooperative if they work in a system based on rewards. Researchers at Harvard University in the United States and the Stockholm School of Economics in Sweden did the study.

They had about two hundred college students play a version of the game known as the Prisoner’s Dilemma. The game is based on the tension between the interests of an individual and a group. The students played in groups of four. Each player could win points for the group, so they would all gain equally. But each player could also reward or punish each of the other three players. Harvard researcher David Rand says the most successful behavior proved to be cooperation. The groups that rewarded the most earned about twice as much in the game as the groups that rewarded the least. And the more a group punished itself, the lower its earnings. The study appeared last month in the journal Science.

The other study involved children. It was presented last month in California at a conference on violence and abuse(虐待). Researchers used intelligence tests given to two groups. More than eight hundred children were aged two to four the first time they were tested. More than seven hundred children were aged five to nine. The two groups were retested four years later, and the study compared the results with the first test. Both groups contained children whose parents used physical punishment and children whose parents did not.

The study says the IQs of the younger children who were not spanked were five points higher than those who were. In the older group, the difference was almost three points. The more they are spanked, the slower their mental development.

1.What do we know about the second study?

A. Children's IQs have much to do with physical punishment.

B. The study is about violence and cooperation of children.

C. The children tested were divided into groups of four.

D. Children's mental development only relies on their IQs.

2.What does the underlined word “spanked” refer to?

A. punished B. blamed

C. tested D. praised

3.What might be the best title for the text?

A. The Best Way to Correct Misbehavior

B. Punishment Is the Best Way of Education

C. Cooperation Is the Most Successful Behavior

D. Punishment or Reward: Which Works Better on Behavior?

4.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Punishment is the best way to influence bad behaviors.

B. The participants in the first study have the right to reward or punish others in the group.

C. the younger children have a higher IQ because of their parents’ educational level.

D. Adults are much more cooperative than children.

Easy Ways to Keep Your Brain Sharp

Everyone is forgetful, but as we age, we start to feel like our brains are slowing down a bit—and that can be a very annoying thing.  1. Read on for some techniques worth trying.

1. 2.

People who regularly made plans and looked forward to upcoming events had a 50 percent reduced chance of Alzheimer's disease (早老性痴呆症), according to a recent study. 3.Something as simple as setting a goal to have a weekly coffee date with a friend will do. There's evidence that people who have a purpose in life or who are working on long or short-term goals appear to do better. In other words, keep your brain looking forward.

2. Go for a walk

Mildly raised glucose (葡萄糖) levels can harm the area of the brain that helps you form memories and physical activity can help get blood glucose down to normal levels. In fact, exercise produces chemicals that are good for your brain. 4.

3. Learn something new

Take a Spanish class online, join a drawing club, or learn to play cards. A study found that mental stimulation (刺激) limits the weakening effects of aging on memory and the mind. But the best thing for your brain is when you learn something new and are physically active at the same time. 5.Or go dancing with your friends.

A. Focus on the future.

B. This can be especially harmful to the aged.

C. It should be something like learning gardening.

D. So take a few minutes each day to do some reading.

E. But don't worry if your schedule isn't filled with life-changing events.

F. Luckily, research shows there is a lot you can do to avoid those moments.

G. In other words, when you take care of your body, you take care of your brain.

A Love Note to My Mom

When I was a little girl, I would often accompany you as you modeled for fashion photographers. It was years later that I finally understood what role modeling ____ in your life. Little did I know you were _____every penny you earned to go to ____ school.

I cannot thank you enough for ____ you told me one autumn afternoon when I was nine. After finishing my homework, I wandered into the dining room where you were buried ____ piles of law books. I was ____ . Why were you doing what I do—memorizing textbooks and studying for ____ ? When you said you were in law school, I was more puzzled. I didn’t know Moms _____ be lawyers too. You smiled and said, “In life, you can do anything you want to do.”

As young as I was, that statement kept _____ in my ears. I watched as you faced the _____ of completing your studies, starting companies with Dad, while still being a ____ and a Mom of five kids. I was exhausted just watching you _____. With your words of wisdom in my _____ mind, I suddenly felt unlimited freedom to dream. My whole world _____. I set out to live my life filled with _____ seeing endless possibilities for personal and professional achievements.

Your words became my motto. I ______ found myself in the unique position of being either the first (woman doctor in Maryland Rotary) ____ one of the few women (chief medical reporters) in my field. I gained strength every time I said, “Yes, I’ll try that.”

Encouraged by your _____ , I have forged ahead (毅然前行) with my life’s journey, less afraid to make mistakes, and ____ meeting each challenge. You did it, and now I’m ____ it. Sorry, got to run. So much to do, so many dreams to live.

1.A. found B. played C. kept D. provided

2.A. saving B. making C. donating D. receiving

3.A. business B. fashion C. law D. medical

4.A. what B. that C. which D. where

5.A. at B. to C. upon D. under

6.A. amused B. worried C. puzzled D. disappointed

7.A. roles B. tests C. positions D. shows

8.A. must B. ought to C. need D. could

9.A. ringing B. blowing C. falling D. beating

10.A. choices B. chances C. challenges D. changes

11.A. professor B. doctor C. reporter D. model

12.A. in danger B. in action C. in trouble D. in charge

13.A. weak B. powerful C. youthful D. empty

14.A. came back B. closed down C. went by D. opened up

15.A. hope B. hardship C. harmony D. sadness

16.A. constantly B. shortly C. hardly D. nearly

17.A. and B. but C. or D. for

18.A. description B. statement C. praise D. introduction

19.A. secretly B. curiously C. carelessly D. eagerly

20.A. doing B. considering C. correcting D. reading

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