I have spent years of my life traveling all over the world. When I arrive in a new country or city, usually I am very __________ and go to bed early. For this __________ my first day or night in any __________ place is always quiet and very little happens. __________ my first night in Algeciras was very different. That night was very __________ and unusual.

At that time __________ in Southern Spain was a dirty and badly looked __________ city. I arrived late in the __________ by boat. As soon as I got off the __________, I went to look for a __________. I found a small one not far from the quay(码头).

This hotel looked __________ and untidy from the outside. I was very tired and did not know my __________ around the city of Algeciras, so I decided to stay in this __________ hotel on the quay. I also decided to stay in this hotel for __________ reason. The moon was full and it was a clear, __________ night. From the hotel I could __________ at the sea. I could see the huge rock of Gibraltar in the bright __________.

The hotel had a narrow __________ and no name. When I __________ this doorway, I had to climb up narrow and dark stairs to the first floor. I __________ a small cup-board with desk in front of it. This was the hotel office.

1.A. unhealthy B. excited C. tired D. careless

2.A. way B. reason C. research D. journey

3.A. big B. new C. old D. small

4.A. So B. Because C. And D. But

5.A. ordinary B. dark C. free D. strange

6.A. Gibraltar B. Algeciras C. Madrid D. New Delhi

7.A. after B. for C. at D. back

8.A. morning B. evening C. afternoon D. spring

9.A. bus B. boat C. plane D. train

10.A. guide B. driver C. hotel D. dinner

11.A. clean B. dirty C. beautiful D. interesting

12.A. friend B. address C. effort D. way

13.A. small B. large C. expensive D. funny-looking

14.A. another B. one C. no D. some

15.A. dark B. cloudy C. bright D. rainy

16.A. look down B. look up C. look after D. look for

17.A. sky B. night C. space D. moonlight

18.A. bedroom B. doorway C. stairs D. door

19.A. went through B. painted C. walked out D. pointed out

20.A. came to B. walked for C. went out of D. escaped from

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