Must-read Books That Are Hitting the Big Screen This Year

The Zookeeper’s Wife by Diane Ackerman

Starring: Jessica Chastain and Johan Heldenbergh

Release Date: July 31, 2017

This true story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. Ackerman artfully retells the story of Jan and Zabinski and haw they used their zoo to save over three hundred people from the Nazis. After their zoo was bombed, they managed to hide people in animal cages, giving animal names to their guests and human names to their animals. This is one story we truly hope lives up to the hype on film.

The Lost City of Z by David Grann

Starring: Sienna Miller and Robert Pattinson

Release Date: August 14,2017

Looking for adventure? This story is just what you need. The book (and film) tells the tale of British explorer Percy Fawcett and how he ventured into the Amazon jungle in 1925,never to return. It's an enchanting mystery that we can’t wait to see play out on screen.

The Dinner by Herman Koch

Starring: Richard Gere and Rebecca Hall

Release Date: October 5,2017

We always say we'd do absolutely anything for our kids, right? The story begins with two couples politely, eating dinner together, avoiding a conversation about their children who have committed a horrific act. As the story goes on, you'll see just how far these parents will go to protect the ones they love.

The Circle by Dave Eggers

Starring: Emma Watson and Patton Oswalt

Release Date: November 28,2017

A young woman, Mae, is hired to work for a powerful Internet company and Feels like she's hit the job jackpot. The facility is very advanced, lively, and a bit wild. Mae's story begins as one of ambition but soon turns into a heart-racing story of suspense.

1.Why did Jan and Zabinski put people in animal cages?

A. To offer them living places B. To treat them as animals

C. To avoid being bombed D. To hide from the Nazis

2.Who plays the role of a modern white-collar woman?

A. Emma Watson. B. Rebecca Hall.

C. Sienna Miller. D. Jessica Chastain.

3.When can you go to see the film if you enjoy adventure stories?

A. In July. B. In August

C. In October. D. In November.

4.Which of the following is related to parents' raising kids?

A. The Zookeeper's Wife. B. The Lost City of Z.

C. The Dinner. D. The Circle.

I went to the cinema this afternoon to see La La Land. Before going into the screening my sister and I visited the ladies’ washroom. As we entered, a little blonde haired girl about 5 years of age opened one of the cubicle(小隔间)doors and ran out of the washroom, hot pants in hand and looking upset and overwhelmed.

I went after her. Her dad was standing outside. She quickly gave him the hot pants to dress her. Little sweetheart. She obviously couldn't manage to button up her hot pants. Even though she had her little white tights on, she must have felt embarrassed about the lack of hot pants.

I tried to calm and reassure her, saying, “When I saw dad standing outside I knew he was waiting for someone very pretty, but I just hadn't realized how, pretty she was going to be.” She didn't bite; dad smiled though. I offered to bring her back to wash her hands.

She was too tiny to squeeze soap out of the dispenser, so I helped her. I could see poor dad out of the side of my eyes .He was right at the door looking in. I went with her to the hand dryer, but she was so tiny that the sensor couldn't even detect her little hands. I lifted her up and her hands were properly dried, well at least a little.

I was moved by this little girl’s helplessness in an adult world. I also felt for dad having to trust that his little girl would feel safe and secure for the few minutes out of his sight.

I reached out for help. I tried to bridge the gap when a little helpless girl was a few minutes without a trusted adult and a concerned father had to for a moment accept he could not give her the security he wanted for her. It wasn't much but it helped a caring father and his little daughter and for that, I'm grateful.

1.Why did the little girl catch the author's attention?

A. She got frightened by strangers.

B. She needed clothing to cover her.

C. She was probably lost in the crowd.

D. She was in an embarrassing situation.

2.Why did the hand dryer fail to work for the little girl?

A. The size of the sensor was too small.

B. She was not tall enough to reach it.

C. She didn’t know how to operate it.

D. It was drying the author's hands.

3.How did the father feel in the story?

A. Helpless. B. Shy.

C. Shameful. D. Calm

If you believe in thermometers(温度计),you should believe in global warming. And if you believe in eating fries with your burger, you should worry more about carbon emissions.

It won't happen overnight, but as the planet's climate changes, the growth cycles of main crops will all be heavily affected .Here are three of the crops that might not beat the heat.

The potato actually needs a great deal of beauty rest to develop properly. “They need a cool nighttime temperature in order to start growing the tuber, the part that we eat,” Nelson says.

Temperature and altitude are two primary concerns in coffee growth, and farmers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. “We know that coffee grows in a certain temperature range,” Nelson says. “They've been moving up the mountains, but at some paint you run out of mountains to move up.” Higher-grade strains of Arabica coffee in Central American regions are at particular risk due to the need for lower growing temperature, especially since diseases and pests are also becoming more of a factor as temperatures rise.

Even if you're looking at the direct effects of temperature alone, rice is in trouble. “As nighttime temperatures go up ,the rice is going to have a problem flowering and won't make as many seeds,” Nelson says. In addition to this direct heat consequence, rising sea levels will flood many rice fields and destroy water salinity levels, while droughts will lower production, raise prices, and further shame westerners who are too clumsy with chopsticks to be able to clear their plates once a new grain is adopted.

1.What is the closest meaning to the underlined word “emissions” in Paragraph 1?

A. Mixture. B. Pollution.

C. Going down. D. Letting off.

2.What does the potatoes' development need according to Nelson?

A. Enough water and salt. B. Cool temperature at night.

C. Much sunshine and fresh air. D. Sudden rise of the temperature.

3.The rice is difficult to flower, probably because______.

A. sea levels go up suddenly B. the temperature rises at night

C. many seeds can't be produced D. both temperature and altitude rise

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. How Does Global Warming Affect Westerners

B. How Does The Cool Temperature Affect Ride

C. What Is The Real Reason For Crops' Growth

D. Three Crops That Won't Survive Minor Climate Changes

Before you walked down the aisle—if you even did---did you first agree to take your partner’s name? had you agreed to the bank for updated credit cards, changed your email address, and updated your Facebook?

I didn't; and I know plenty of women out there didn't, either. So I was pretty shocked to learn that in a recent survey, over 50 percent of U.S. citizens believe a wife should take her husband's name—and she should be required to do so by law.

Author Emily Schafer, a sociology professor at Portland State University, surveyed a representative national sample of 1,200 people tar the study, which found that a larger number of American adults think there needs to actually be a law in place to prevent women from keeping their own name.

The most common reason given? The general belief is that women should prioritize(优先)their marriage and their family ahead of themselves. To this, I admit I'm a bit confused, because I don't understand how exactly riot taking your husband’s last name means you aren't prioritizing your marriage.

Now, I didn't take my husband's name for a variety of reasons: I didn’t feel like the name was "mine" and professionally I had built up a reputation as a writer under my maiden(未婚的)name, so I didn't want to lose that. His surname wasn't easy to spell, either; everyone gets it wrong (including my mother—still—and we've been married 13 years).But most of all, I felt like in taking my husband's last name, I was losing a huge sense of self. And while yes, we are a family, I don't want his surname to define me. I'm not his possession.

Just like every aspect of motherhood, each woman should be respected for the choices she makes—without having to do anything by law. And we should all be grateful to Lucy Stone—the first American woman to legally maintain her last name after marriage in 1856.Just imagine how difficult that must have been to forego tradition in that time?

1.What can be learned about the tradition of taking a husband's name from the survey?

A. A law should be there to break the tradition.

B. The majority of American adults support the tradition.

C. The majority of American women go against the tradition.

D. The law requires wives to take their husbands' names in America.

2.Why does an American woman generally take her husband's name?

A. To value her marriage and family.

B. To show honesty to her husband.

C. To join in the family of her husband.

D. To unite a new family under the same name.

3.What does Paragraph 5 mainly talk about?

A. Why the author didn't use her husband's name.

B. Why the author's mother didn't like her husband.

C. How worthy the author's own maiden name was.

D. How bored the author became with her husband's name.

4.What does the author think of the tradition?

A. It's reasonable B. It isn’t worth caring

C. Every coin has two sides D. It's out of date and confusing.

Four Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Travel Agent

While online booking engines have made it easier for travelers to buy their own flights or hotel rooms, travel agents still offer a level of service.1.

Have you visited my destinations?

Whether you’re traveling to Paris or Puerto Rico, ask if your agent has been there.2.But they don’t always measure up to being there in person. “Book knowledge or online training seminars by suppliers is totally different from experiencing it firsthand,” Flagg says.

What is your response time?

If waiting several days for a response to an emailed question is going to make you anxious, ask potential agents when they’re available and how quickly you should expect a response. “Some agents are part-time agents, and they work in the evenings,” Griswold says. “3.Others do this full time. It’s definitely smart to find out if your schedule can adjust with what your agent can provide.”


Agents provide varying levels of service. Some will only book hotels and flights and leave you to fill in the other details, so if you’re expecting help with dinner reservations or ground transportation, ask if he can handle those. “A good agent is going to help you with any details that you want,” Griswold says.

What fees should I expect?

Some agents charge a flat fee or an hourly fee for travel consulting, while others earn commission from the airline or hotel booked. “ 5.”Griswold says.

A. What services do you offer?

B. How do you find a right service?

C. Some are available during the school day

D. Guidebooks and websites offer lots of advertisements

E. Ask about fees, whether there are booking fees or any other fee.

F. Guidebooks and websites offer lots of details on given destination

G. Here are some questions that can help you choose the right travel agent.

An anxious father,was worriedly sitting outside an operation room.Having met with a bad accident,his son was lying____inside.For the father,every moment seemed longer than a year.Suddenly a doctor____towards the operation room.

The father just could not control his____,“My son is lying on the____table for so long!”The doctor____the father and said,"This is the____I could reach.Please don’t____.”Then he continued running to the operation room. The father became even angrier,"How____you said not to worry!You doctors have no____at all!”

An hour passed;three more hours went by;the father then began to think of all the____things that he might have to hear once the doctor finished the marathon operation.____,the doctor came out of the room.Before the father could ask him____,the doctor said,“Your son is fine now.”land rushed away.

The father became angry again.He shouted at the nurse,“How proud!What does he think of himself?He has done no____to me at all!It is his____to serve his patients.”

The nurse requested him to____down and said,"I'm sorry,sir.Your son is out of____.The doctor who operated on your son was in the graveyard(基地)when we called him____your son was brought here.His son____away last night.Before leaving,the doctor gave me all the necessary____.”

Don't____before knowing the whole truth.

1.A. unconscious B. unwilling C. regretful D. hopeless

2.A. walked B. looked C. drove D. rushed

3.A. fear B. pain C. sorrow D. anger

4.A. dinning B. operation C. writing D. work

5.A. looked down on B. took care of C. stared at D. laughed at

6.A. earliest B. latest C. hardest D. farthest

7.A. worry B. cry C. hesitate D. quarrel

8.A. stressfully B. easily C. patiently D. embarrassedly

9.A. abilities B. courage C. feelings D. spirits

10.A. dangerous B. urgent C. favorite D. worst

11.A. Quickly B. Gradually C. Finally D. Immediately

12.A. why B. anything C. when D. everything

13.A. favour B. wrong C. good D. harm

14.A. duty B. problem C. dream D. chance

15.A. break B. calm C. set D. fall

16.A. sight B. order C. danger D. control

17.A. before B. although C. as long as D. as soon as

18.A. walked. B. passed C. got D. ran

19.A. possessions B. assignments C. instructions D. requests

20.A. reply B. imagine C. regret . D. conclude

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