Everyone can benefit a lot from reading books. The following is about the various benefits of reading books.

1.Whenever you read something, you learn information that you otherwise wouldn’t have known. It can be a fact about history or a theory you didn’t know existed. If you want to learn new words, reading books is a great way to enlarge your vocabulary.

2.Similar to solving puzzles, reading books allows your mind to practice its processing skills. Going without books for too long will turn your mind into a whirl(混乱).

One of the primary benefits of reading books is its ability to develop your critical thinking skills.3.Wherever you are faced with a similar problem in real life, your mind is able to put its mystery-solving skills to a test.

One of the real benefits of reading books is that the information in it can be accessed over and over again. For example, reading a cookbook allows you the luxury of reviewing the procedures whenever you need to.4.Don’t even think about writing the information down because you may lose the paper you wrote down on sooner or later.

These are just some of the wonderful benefits of reading books.5.If you can’t even go outside, you can download free e-books on line and read them on your computer. That way, you can set how advantageous reading can be for yourself.

A. Reading books keeps your mind active

B. You can improve your memory by reading

C. Reading books provides you with new knowledge

D. Following a recipe from a cooking show will be difficult

E. Reading mystery novels, for example, sharpens your mind

F. Reading keeps your mind in good condition

G. Why don’t you drop by the bookstore or library and pick a book up

I work as a volunteer for an organization that helps the poor in Haiti. Recently I took my son Barrett there for a week, hoping to______him.

Before setting out, I told Barrett this trip would be tiring and______. For the first two days, he said almost nothing. I worried the trip was too______for a 17-year-old. Then, on Day three, as we were______over high rocky mountains, he turned to me and grinned(咧嘴笑), “Pretty hard.”

After that there was no turning back. A five-year-old girl, wearing a dress several sizes______large and broken shoes, followed Barrett around, mesmerized(着迷). He couldn’t stop______. Later he said______. “I wish I could speak French.” I was______-this from a boy who hated and______French classes throughout school.

Usually silent, he______Gaby, our host, and kept asking questions about the country and its people. He blossomed(活泼起来).

____, the moment that really took______breath away occurred in a village deep in the mountains. I was______a woman villager for an article. 135 centimeters tall, she was small in figure but strong in______. Through determination, she had learned to read and write, and______to become part of the leadership of the______.

Learning her story, Barrett was as______as I by this tiny woman’s achievements. His eyes were wet and there was a______of love and respect on his face. He had finally understood the importance of my work.

When leaving for home, Barrett even offered to stay______as a volunteer. My insides suddenly felt struck. This______achieved all I’d expected. Soon he will celebrate his 18th birthday. He’ll be a man.

1.A. comfort B. please C. attract D. educate

2.A. rough B. dangerous C. troublesome D. violent

3.A. little B. much C. fast D. slow

4.A. moving B. running C. climbing D. looking

5.A. too B. very C. even D. so

6.A. joking B. crying C. shouting D. smiling

7.A. patiently B. regretfully C. lightly D. cheerfully

8.A. ashamed B. disappointed C. determined D. surprised

9.A. took up B. went in for C. fought against D. called off

10.A. befriended B. disregarded C. avoided D. recognized

11.A. Thus B. Even C. Meanwhile D. However

12.A. our B. his C. my D. her

13.A. asking B. interviewing C. arranging D. describing

14.A. brain B. wish C. will D. health

15.A. appeared B. struggled C. hesitated D. failed

16.A. village B. city C. organization D. state

17.A. pleased B. bored C. touched D. puzzled

18.A. combination B. composition C. connection D. satisfaction

19.A. in B. behind C. out D. away

20.A. interview B. flight C. article D. trip


Ad No.90374

Tag: Beijing Language Teaching Part Time

We are looking for Teachers, whose Native Language is English, willing to teach in China. Schools are mostly in South of China.

The Benefit package for ESL Teachers includes:

One-year Contract 1st Mar, 2017 to 1st Jul, 2017

Salary 4,000Rmb to 5,000Rmb/Month

Teaching load & schedule: 20 teaching hours per week

A rent-free, fully furnished apartment with living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.(Kitchen facilities are provided. Electric appliances water heater, microwave will be supplied).

If you are interested, please read the information above and kindly send your application to attach the following documents (in doc or JPEG format). The subject to be mentioned is “teach in China”.


A copy of academic degree/diploma/certificate/or college transcript

A photocopy of the data page of valid passport

A recent color photo

A letter of recommendation/or release letter from your previous Chinese school (Only if you worked in China previously)

Any other relevant information that you think might help your application

1.This passage is to_______.

A. introduce a school B. attract foreign students

C. take on English teachers D. seek a teaching position

2.What is NOT needed to apply for the job if you come to work in China for the first time?

A. Your resume. B. Your personal passport data.

C. Your academic history. D. A release letter.

3.Where can you mostly probably read the advertisement?

A. In a science book. B. In a paper.

C. In a travel guide. D. In a textbook

A new study says one part of the human brain may become smaller as the result of a condition known as jet lag(时差). People with jet lag feel extremely tired for several days. They may also have problems in thinking clearly and remembering.

Recently a researcher at the University of Bristol in Britain reported the findings of his jet lag study, which involved twenty women who worked for international airlines. They had served passengers on airplanes for five years. These flight attendants flew across many countries and at least seven time zones. In the study, the flight attendants had different amounts of time to recover from jet lag. Half the women spent five days or fewer in their home areas between long flights. The other half spent more than fourteen days in their home areas.

The researcher took some saliva (唾液) from the women’s mouths to measure levels of a hormone that increases during stress. He tested them to see if they could remember where black spots appeared on a computer screen. And he took pictures of their brains to measure the size of the brain’s temporal lobes (脑叶).

It was found that the women who had less time between flights had smaller right temporal lobes. This area of the brain deals with recognizing and remembering what is seen. The same group performed worse and had slower reaction on the visual memory test. And their saliva samples showed higher levels of stress hormones.

The researcher believes the brain needs at least ten days to recover after a long trip. He says airline workers told him their ability to remember got worse after working on planes for about four years. Other studies have shown that increased feelings of stress can cause a loss of cells in the part of the brain that controls memory.

Scientists say more tests are needed to study the effects of jet lag on the brain. They want to find out if too much jet lag could permanently affect memory.

1.It can be inferred from the text that ______.

A. the conclusion is refused by many scientists

B. scientists fear that this research is not done properly

C. every scientific conclusion needs the support from many tests

D. the women who were examined in the research were not healthy

2.From the result of the research we can see that _____.

A. the women who have longer rest at home perform better on the test.

B. the women who fly in short time have smaller right temporal lobes

C. the women who have longer flights fail the memory test

D. the women who rest more than 14 days produce more hormones

3.What is the subject discussed in the test?

A. The cause of jet lag.

B. A story of a group of flight attendants.

C. The importance of having enough rest after flights.

D. A research about the effects of jet lag on the brain

It’s common for parents to feel emotional when the moment comes for their child to leave home and go to university. Even parents who don’t speak about the event are likely to feel a sense of sadness because it’s the end of an era when you and your family were at the centre of your child's world. As a parent you’ll probably continue to support your child in different ways, but the main job of raising your child is over. It's a huge change for everyone involved.

There are a few things that you can do to make the transition easier. Plan carefully for your child's departure and think about how you can help. Many parents take their child to university for the first time. If you decide to do that, be ready to feel a real wrench when the time comes to say goodbye. Your child will probably be as nervous as you are about the moment when you finally say goodbye – but that might not show!

Be positive and cheerful about the choice your child has made to continue studying, and plan to leave once you’ve unpacked the car and looked around your child’s new living accommodations. If you can, you’ll make things easier on your child and yourself.

The more you’ve invested in being a parent, the more you'll feel a sense of loss, so the sadness you feel now is a sign that you've been a good mom or dad. Remind yourself that parenting is all about raising an independent and confident child who functions well without you. If your child quickly settles and starts enjoying himself, you should congratulate yourself.

It’s also only fair to allow yourself some time to grieve (悲痛). Don't expect to pick yourself up and move on straight away. But you may decide to find a hobby or sport to fill your extra time. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to learn a new language, go to yoga classes or take up swimming. You may decide to spend more time with close friends, who are likely to be feeling the absence of your child as well.

Agree on the best approach to staying in touch before your child leaves, and stick to your agreement. Try not to panic if your child doesn’t respond immediately -- remember, they’re starting a new and busy life.

1.Why do parents feel sad when their child leaves home for college?

A. Because the absence of their child makes them feel lonely.

B. Because their children will start a new life in college.

C. Because it means the end of love between parents and their child.

D. Because they are no longer the main focus of their children’s life.

2.The underlined word “wrench” in Paragraph 2 means a feeling of ________.

A. sorrow B. regret

C. anger D. love

3.What does good parenting consist of?

A. Supporting your child in different ways all the time.

B. Preparing your child to stand on their own feet in the future.

C. Congratulating yourself when your child goes to college.

D. Investing as much as possible in the growth of your child.

4.What would be an appropriate title for the whole passage?

A. Staying in Touch with Your Child

B. Preparing to Say Goodbye to Your Child

C. Dealing with Your Child Leaving Home for University

D. Life after Your Child Has Left Home for University

Health is the most important thing in the world. Nothing is more important than health. If one takes away our money, houses, cars or even our clothes, we can still survive. 1. That is why we always try to eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly.

How can we keep healthy? In order to eat healthily, I usually avoid eating food high in fat, like French fries or cookies, which are junk foods.  2. Besides, I only eat little meat.

3. Taking exercise every day helps us build a strong body. Regular exercise is an important part of keeping me healthy.

What’s more, I think friends are an important part of one’s health. 4. I always feel better when I am with friends than when I am alone. When I am with my friends, I always laugh. Laughing is also an important part of health. It is good to stay with my friends.

By eating properly and exercising regularly, I can keep my body at a proper weight and keep healthy. By spending time with my friends, I can keep my mind as well as my body happy. These things sound easy to do, but not many people can manage them. 5.

A. Many studies show that people with a narrow range of social contacts often get sick.

B. There are some people who like staying alone, but they keep healthy.

C. On the other hand, doing exercise is very important.

D. But if our health were taken away, it’s certain that we would surely die.

E. I think a strong will is necessary if we want to keep healthy.

F. I eat a lot of vegetables and fresh fruit which are full of vitamins

G. Some people appear fat because they often eat too much.

A few years ago my husband, my son and I were traveling to visit my cousins. It was about two or three in the morning, when it became clear that we were lost. The country _____ seemed to be going on forever, and the farther we traveled, the worse it seemed to get. Finally we _____ a truck stop. So we pulled in and I got out of the car for _____.

“Does anybody here know how to find Merridale Road?” I asked.

A very tired waitress looked up and said, “Lady, I haven’t got a clue.” Since she was not _____, I looked around at the customers. There, sitting nearby, were four of the toughest men I had ever seen in my life. Chains. Black leather. Skulls and crossbones (骷髅).

I immediately thought of my _____ in the car and what these characters might do to us.

“We know ______ you’re going,” one of them said cheerfully. “Not only that, but we’ll take you there.”

____ I could say no, they got up, paid their bill, and were outside on their motorcycles, gesturing, “ _____us! ”

We started to follow them down the dark and quiet country roads.

After a few minutes, my son decided it was all _____for us. “They’re taking us to a ____ place, and that will be the end,” he said ______ . "I'm never going to see my school or my friends again. How ______ you do this to me?”

I whispered to my husband, “I don’t want to scare Jack, but he’s right. I am a bit _____ . It’s dark. The road is getting very lonely. And these people are tough. Maybe I did the _____thing.”

“No kidding,” he replied. “We’re just going to have to trust that it’s going to be all right.”

About an hour later, after _____ through endless back roads deep in the woods, they ____ to us to go left.

We looked up, and there was the _____for Merridale Road. They had put us on the right road after all. And then they _____good-bye and disappeared from view.

If I’ve learned anything on this _____ journey of mine, it’s that around every bend in the road, and at the end of even the darkest tunnel, there’s likely to be a company of _____.

1.A. music B. roads C. days D. school

2.A. found B. called C. missed D. left

3.A. time B. gas C. water D. directions

4.A. helpful B. careful C. beautiful D. hopeful

5.A. maps B. bags C. family D. gifts

6.A. how B. what C. why D. where

7.A. If B. Since C. Because D. Before

8.A. Invite B. Show C. Follow D. Give

9.A. over B. right C. alone D. around

10.A. cool B. lonely C. safe D. new

11.A. uneasily B. cheerfully C. curiously D. uncertainly

12.A. should B. can C. would D. must

13.A. annoyed B. excited C. frightened D. amazed

14.A. same B. bad C. funny D. wrong

15.A. winding B. looking C. walking D. climbing

16.A. greeted B. connected C. gestured D. hurried

17.A. label B. notice C. poster D. sign

18.A. kissed B. waved C. shook D. blew

19.A. tiring B. crazy C. interesting D. fancy

20.A. angels B. friends C. partners D. relatives

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