Last year,around Labor Day,I read a “Happy Ad” in our local newspaper.There was a lady in a local nursing home,who was celebrating her 90th birthday and her family wanted everyone to know about it.It said that if you wanted to drop her a line,here was her address.So I did.I found a birthday card and dropped her a short note,wishing her a happy birthday.

A week or so later,someone knocked at my front door.I opened the door and found a middle-aged man standing on my doorstep.He introduced himself as the son of this woman to whom I had sent the card.He explained that he just wanted to drop by in person and thank me for sending such a nice card to his mom.Apparently,like many older folks,she did not receive much mail and was quite excited to receive mine.I just didn’t know what to say.I told him it was my pleasure and that I hoped his mom had enjoyed her birthday.

That year,I did not send out any Christmas cards,except to this lovely old lady in the nursing home.I just told her that I was thinking about her and hoped that she had a nice holiday.I sent her a Valentine and also a couple of notes in between.I just thought she might like to have someone write to her,to get some mail.

She passed away a couple of months ago.I never met this lady,but I did keep her and her family in my thoughts. I dropped them a line of sympathy.I hope that my few little notes were enough to brighten a couple of her days here on earth.

1.The old lady's address was given because .

A. her family wanted to make her well-known

B. the old lady wanted to receive a birthday card

C. the son of the old lady wanted to meet the author

D. her family wanted to give her a happy birthday

2.Which of the following best describes the author?

A. Brave. B. Polite.

C. Caring. D. Faithful.

3.Which of the following is the best title for the passage?

A. A Kind Act B. An Old Lady

C. A Happy Ad D. A Considerate Son

Randy Kraus was paralyzed(瘫痪的).His left side was useless.He'd been a police officer before,and he could do strong and able.Now,he felt he could do nothing.

His trouble started with Parkinson's disease,but it didn't end there.In July,2002,the 60-year-old Kraus went into the hospital for an operation on his brain to control the shaking.But he had a stroke(中风).He was paralyzed.The doctors said,“You may never walk again and you might not even be able to talk.”

Kraus found that he couldn't lift a fork or take a drink by himself.Physical treatment was so painful and slow. What did he have to live for?So Kraus held the gun against his head.Feeling the cold metal on his skin,he began to consider the pain he would cause for his wife,daughters and grandchildren.He didn't pull the trigger(扳机).

Andrew Garud,his exercise physiologist(生理学家),told him,“You are where you are.The pace would be slow; the pain would be real.But as long as you are alive,you have the ability to get better.

After three months of working with Garud,Kraus wanted to see if he could stand.He could.Then he took three steps,sat down and cried like a baby.

One step,as they say,led to another.Next he managed a short walk along the edge of a boxing ring(拳击台)in the health club.It was the hardest fight of Kraus's life.People at the gym cheered him on.Garud kept saying he could do more.Now,Kraus can brush his teeth,shave himself,and get around the house with a walker.Only the paralyzed can fully understand little triumphs.

1.According to the fourth paragraph,what did Andrew Garud mean?

A. Everyone in the world has the right to be alive.

B. It's necessary for people to do exercise to keep healthy.

C. One should try to lead a better life.

D. As long as a person is alive,he will have a chance to be better.

2.What does the underlined word “triumphs” in the last paragraph mean?

A. Difficulties. B. Successes.

C. Disappointments. D. Reputations.

3.What personality does Kraus probably have?

A. Optimism. B. Strong mindedness.

C. Sympathy. D. Generosity.

4.According to the passage,we can learn that______.

A. the stroke during the operation on his brain led to Kraus' paralysis

B. Kraus' operation in 2002 was performed by Andrew Garud

C. doing exercises can help cure Parkinson's disease

D. Kraus will lead a normal life as a healthy person in the future

Hello,everybody.Welcome to surf on a new Web site—SCIENCE NEWS FOR KIDS!

Our goal is to offer timely items of interest to kids,accompanied by suggestions for hands on activities,books, articles,Web resources,and other useful materials.

Our emphasis is on making the Web site attractive by offering kids opportunities to comment on and grade the subject matter,get ideas for science projects,and try out math puzzles.At the same time,we offer teachers creative ways of using science news in their classrooms.

The Science News for Kids Web site,supported by several corporations and foundations,strengthens the usefulness of Science News in the middle-school classroom and offers entertaining reading and activities for students interested in science.

A section of the Science News for Kids Web site is devoted to particular interests.At present,we have six such zones: a weekly brainteaser(难题)for those who enjoy solving and inventing puzzles (PuzzleZone),entertaining science-fiction composition exercises for those interested in writing (SciFiZone),and weekly science short description along with science project ideas and tips (ScienceFairZone).The GameZone contains a small selection of logic and memory games.The TeacherZone has materials,including question sheets related to the feature article of the week,so that teachers can bring science news topics to the classroom.The LabZone features a weekly hands on activity or science project idea.In the future,we might add additional zones,for example,for kids interested in robotics,the environment,computers,math,or veterinary(兽医的)medicine and animals.

Contact us at Science News for Kids 1719 N Street,N.W.

Washington,DC 20036 Phone :202-785-2255 Fax: 202-659-0365

1.Science News for Kids is a Web site mainly devoted to____.

A. introductions to the newly-published science books

B. useful teaching materials for teachers in schools

C. electronic games for those interested in computers

D. timely news for children interested in science

2.What makes the Web site an attractive one to the teachers?

A. Offering recreational reading materials in science.

B. Trying out interesting and challenging mathematical puzzles.

C. Offering opportunities to comment on and grade the subject matter.

D. Giving creative ways of using science in classrooms.

3.Which of the following messages can't you find on Science News for Kids?

A. Brazil's air traffic controllers are back at work after a 6-hour strike.

B. Taking a big bite isn't always the best strategy in this two-player game.

C. Astronomers have discovered a “family” of related objects in a region of the solar system.

D. What is one-half of two-thirds of three-quarters of four-fifths of five-sixths of 10,000?

4.Which section of the Web site is suitable to you if you have much imagination and intend to be a writer in the future?

A. PuzzleZone. B. LabZone.

C. SciFiZone. D. ScienceFairZone.

Although heat wasn't an issue at first,as it would become later,coming from New York to India would shock any foreign tourists.Quickly,however,I noticed how nice and helpful everyone was to us.The guest house we stayed in was full of people willing to help.The other two volunteers also helped to calm my nerves about being in India so far away from my home.After the first few days I was eager to get to Bal Ashram.

Upon getting to Bal Ashram,I was able to meet the boys,who called Bal Ashram their home.The center itself helps to rescue boys from child labor in various areas of India and give them a jump-start into education for free where they will then return to their families and continue their education.They are taught that without education there can be no future.Through education,Bal Ashram also builds a sense of community which can be seen with everyone who works and is taught here.Teaching English here to the children gave me great pride in knowing that these children would be helped within their own experiences here at Bal Ashram and their future lives.Each child was always willing to learn more.

Boys there were always seen laughing.Afternoon sports and nightly social events,including dancing,were just one of the many highlights with me and the children.Even my inner life was enriched,let alone theirs.Living in Bal Ashram also gave us a first hand view of village life in India as well as the culture and religion that surrounds this country.

My time spent at Bal Ashram was one I will never forget.Through the simplicity and life of the people and the children who are full of innocence and joy,I have taken with me so much more than when I arrived.

1.Why did the author come to India?

A. To learn about Indian culture and religion.

B. To learn about the life in Indian villages.

C. To work as a volunteer English teacher.

D. To rescue Indian boys from hard labor.

2.What did the author suffer from most while staying in India?

A. The unfair treatment by other volunteers.

B. The hot weather.

C. The communication barriers.

D. The culture and religion differences.

3.According to the text,what is Bal Ashram?

A. small town where the author stayed.

B. A host family that offered the author food and shelter.

C. A nonprofit educational and service organization.

D. An educational program offered to poor children in Indian.

4.The boys the author communicated with were ______.

A. uninterested in education

B. optimistic and in high spirits

C. unable to forget their pain and sufferings

D. out of touch with their parents forever

Have you ever seen the pictures of those suffering people who struggle every day for just a few drops of water? Water is not a never-ending resource(资源),but a resource more valuable and limited than anything else on the earth. 1.But drinking water is becoming less and less.It is important that people understand this.2.

According to a senior official,China is facing a water crisis(危机)more serious than any other countries in the world.3.Measures must be taken to save water.

4.?By following these simple suggestions,you will save money on your water bill.Vegetables and fruit should be washed in a bowl rather than under a running tap.Never put the water down the drain(下水道)when there may be another use for it such as watering a plant or cleaning.

Avoid washing the toilet unnecessarily.5.Take shorter showers.Do not let water run while shaving,brushing your teeth or washing your hair or face.Recently,Singaporeans were urged to shower a minute less as part of a national water protection effort.

By thinking carefully about your water use in the home and changing some water wasting habits,it is easy to save water.

A.Do not use your toilet as a wastebasket.

B.Saving water is the proper thing to do now.

C.Some other countries are facing water problems.

D.The crisis is caused by widespread drought(大面积的干旱),pollution,rapid economic growth and waste.

E.Water is the most important thing for life.

F.People can overcome drought by saving water.

G.It is important to use water wisely.

When I was growing up,I was ashamed to be seen with my father.He was severely disabled and very_______. When we would walk together,he put his hand on my arm for_______,and people would stare.I would be afraid of the unwanted_______.If he ever noticed or was bothered,he never let_______his feelings.It was_______to coordinate(使协调)our steps,and because of that,we didn't_______much as we went along.But as we started out,he always said,“You set the _______.I will try to follow you.”Our usual walk was to or from the subway,which was_______he got to work. He went to work,despite sickness or bad weather.He almost never missed a day,and would_______it to the office even if others could not.

He never talked about himself as an object of________.Nor did he show any envy of the more fortunate or ________. What he looked for________others was a “good heart”,and if he found one,the________was good enough for him.Now that I am older,I believe that is a proper________by which to judge people,though I________don't know exactly what a “good heart” is.

He has been gone many years now,________I think of him often.I wonder if he________I was unwilling to be seen with him during our________.If he did,I am sorry for my feeling________to be with him in public and how I regretted it.I think of him when I complain about trifles(琐事),when I am envious of another's good fortune,and when I don't have a “good heart”.

At such times I put my hand on his arm to________my balance,and say,“You set the pace,and I will try to follow you.”

1.A. strong B. energetic C. short D. handsome

2.A. balance B. strength C. comfort D. courage

3.A. care B. attention C. situation D. friendship

4.A. in B. down C. off D. out

5.A. easy B. difficult C. possible D. necessary

6.A. see B. tell C. say D. give

7.A. rule B. time C. step D. pace

8.A. how B. why C. when D. where

9.A. get B. make C. take D. walk

10.A. joy B. faith C. belief D. pity

11.A. poor B. painful C. able D. hardworking

12.A. on B. in C. at D. with

13.A. owner B. keeper C. winner D. other

14.A. method B. value C. standard D. level

15.A. already B. also C. ever D. still

16.A. so B. but C. now D. then

17.A. sensed B. smelled C. agreed D. recognized

18.A. walks B. talks C. stays D. visits

19.A. afraid B. proud C. ashamed D. disappointed

20.A. find B. refill C. have D. regain

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