All Summer Camp Programs

Llandovery, Wales, UK

Language and Music for Life(LMFL)—Founded in 1997, LMFL offers unique 2-week summer music and language courses. LMFL provides quality one-to-one training in a wide range of instruments & voice tuition to highly-motivated musicians of all ages.

Study programs & classes include: 2 weeks with Musical Masterclasses: Composition, Violin, Piano, Recorder, Guitar, Classical Singing...

Saint-Raphael, France

France Langue & Culture (FLC)—Experience a fun, educational language holiday for all the family this summer! FLC is the most family-friendly language school providing French summer classes for teens & young children.

Study programs & classes include: 1-4Week Sessions • Children’s Summer Camps for ages 4-12 • Courses for teenagers ages 13-17, with homestay accommodation by French host families.

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Edu-Inter Summer Language School (EI)—EI offers summer French programs for children & teenagers (ages 10-17) and adults (16+). Quebec City is the only major city in Canada that offers a 100% French-speaking environment, making it the ideal location for learning and practicing French.

Study programs & classes include: 2 weeks’ Summer French Programs: For Children & Teenagers (ages 10-17) • French & Cooking • French & Dance • French & Horse Riding • French & Music...

Cambridge, England, UK

Reach Cambridge-Academic Camps(RC)—RC offers UK & international high school students the opportunity to gain an invaluable academic experience through a summer course in one of the top educational facilities in the world. We provide unique and academic programs for students ages 14-18.

Study programs & classes include: 2 & 3-week Summer Camps • Chemistry & Medical Sciences • Computer Science & Math • Economics • ESL • History & Politics • Law...

1.Why is Quebec the ideal location for learning and practicing French?

A. It offers summer French programs.

B. It is the only major city in Canada.

C. It has a Summer French Language School.

D. It has a 100% French-speaking environment.

2.If a boy is 18 and loves computer science, which summer camp suits him best?


C. EI. D. RC.

3.It can be learned from the passage that _____.

A. RC helps kids improve their horse-riding skills

B. kids can enjoy one-to-one training at LMFL

C. kids can stay at French host families at EI

D. FLC was founded in 1997 in France

Off-Peak fares are cheaper tickets for traveling on trains that are less busy, offering good value for money. The tickets may require you to travel at specific times of day, days of the week or on a specific route. Where there is more than one Off-Peak fare for a journey, the cheaper fare is called Super Off-Peak.

You can buy Off-Peak tickets any time before you travel, either online or at a local station. The travel restrictions for your Off-Peak ticket will depend on the journey you are making. The tickets must be used on the date shown on the ticket. For Off-Peak return tickets, related journeys must be made on the date shown on your ticket as well.

Children aged five to fifteen get a 50% discount for all Off-Peak fares. Up to 2 children under 5 years can travel free with each fare paying adult. Railcard holders get l/3 off all Standard Class Off-Peak fares. Senior, and disabled Railcard holders also get l/3 off all First Class Off Peak fares. Please note that minimum fares and time restrictions may apply to tickets bought with a Railcard.

If you plan on a train trip with friends or your family, you may get group travel discounts. Three or four can travel for the price of just two adults-leaving everyone more money to spend on the day out! If you are traveling in a group of ten or more at Off-Peak times, you may be able to obtain a further discount through the train company you are traveling with. Contact the train company directly and be aware that you may need to book tickets in advance.

For more information, please visit

1.An Off-Peak ticket differs from other tickets in .

A. its good value for money B. its convenience

C. the specific trains D. travel schedules

2.Sarah, a Railcard holder, is traveling with her 12-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. How much should they pay for the 6-pound Off-Peak fares?

A. £6. B. £18.

C. £7. D. £12.

3.Apart from the Off-Peak fairs, you may also save money by .

A. becoming a VIP B. traveling at rush time

C. buying tickets online D. getting group travel discounts

4.What type of writing is this text?

A. An announcement. B. A ticket booking guide.

C. A business report. D. A travel review.

As we know, DNA testing is very useful for crime fighting. But now crime fighters could have a new tool at hand. Researchers have developed a cutting-edge (前沿的) technique to identify human hair. Their test is quicker than DNA analysis techniques currently used by the police.

DNA testing is commonly used for identification because DNA is unique to each individual. However, environmental and chemical processes can degrade(降解) DNA, limiting its usefulness over time. Protein (蛋白质) in hair, on the other hand, is more stable than DNA but can also have variations (变异体) that may be unique to the individual.

“Our analysis process can be used universally, ”says Ms. Huang, “One of our samples even included dyed hair and the test was 100 per cent accurate. The test was able to distinguish East Asians, Caucasians and South Asians.”

Dr. Beauchemin says she has got in touch with law enforcement agencies about using the new technology. She is also planning to collect more hair samples and continue her research with a goal of finding where exactly in the world hair sample is from, to look for more races and determine specific age.

“We are in a very similar place with protein-based identification to where DNA testing was during the early days of development,” said chemist Brad Hart. “This method will be a game-changer, and while we’ve made a lot of progress toward improving it, there are steps to go before this new technique is able to reach its full potential.”

1.What’s the main purpose of the text?

A. To analyze crime scenes.

B. To distinguish different races.

C. To show the usefulness of DNA testing.

D. To introduce a new identification method.

2.Which will be the most useful in identifying a person according to Brad Hart?

A. Chemical materials. B. Protein in hair.

C. DNA variations. D. Blood sample.

3.What’s the advantage of the protein-based identification over DNA testing?

A. Stability. B. Popularity.

C. Security. D. Convenience.

4.What can be inferred from the last paragraph of the text?

A. DNA testing will soon reach its full potential.

B. Protein-based identification remains to be improved.

C. Protein-based identification has replaced DNA testing.

D. DNA testing develops as rapidly as protein-based identification.

In June 2014, Huffington Post and Mail Online reported that three-year-old Victoria Wilcher, who suffered facial scarring, was kicked out of a KFC because she was a frightening customer. Later, KFC announced that no evidence had been found to support the story. This phenomenon is largely a product of the increasing pressure in newsrooms that care more about traffic figures.

Brooke Binkowski, an editor, says that she has seen a shift towards less responsibility in newsrooms. “Clickbait is king, so newsrooms will uncritically print something unreal. Not all newsrooms are like this, but a lot of them are.”

Asked what the driving factor was, a journalist said, “You’ve a strict editor and you’ve to meet your targets. And some young journalists are inexperienced and will not do those checks. So much news reported online happens online. There is no need to get out and knock on someone’s door. You just sit at your desk and do it.”

Another journalist says, “More clicks equal more money. At my former employer in particular, the pressure was due to the limited resources. That made the environment quite horrible to work in.”

In a Feb. 2015 report for Digital Journalism, Craig Silverman wrote, “Today the bar for what is worth giving attention to seems to be much lower. Within minutes or hours, a badly sourced report can be changed into a story that is repeated by dozens of news websites, resulting in tens of thousands of shares. The rumor becomes true for readers simply by virtue of its ubiquity.

And, despite the direction that some newsrooms seem to be heading in, a critical eye is becoming more, not less important, according to the New York Times’ public editor, Margaret Sullivan. “Reporters and editors have to be more careful than ever before. It’s extremely important to question and to prove before publication.” Yet those working in newsrooms talk of doubtful stories being tolerated. In the words of some senior editors, “a click is a click, regardless of the advantage of a story”. And, “if the story does turn out to be false, it’s simply a chance for another bite at the cherry.”

1.According to Brooke Binkowski, newsrooms produce false news because _________.

A. clicks matter a lot B. resources are limited

C. budgets are tight D. journalists lack experience

2.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 5 probably mean?

A. Lies can’t sell without an atom of truth.

B. Rumors are like a flame blown by the wind.

C. You can hear rumors, but you can’t know them.

D. A lie, repeated often enough, will end up as truth.

3.What’s Margaret Sullivan’s attitude towards false news online?

A. Negative. B. Supportive.

C. Skeptical. D. Neutral.

4.What is the best title of the passage?

A. Spread of false stories. B. Causes of online false news.

C. Duties of journalists. D. A craze to get clicks.

Swimming at the beach or in a backyard pool are well-known Australian summer activities. But while it is usually a fun time of year, there is a serious side to summer that you might not know about.

1.There are lots of trees and dry grass in remote areas that can easily catch fire. Even throwing a burning cigarette out of a car window can cause a lot of damage. 2.

In February, there were more than 80 different bushfires burning at the same time in New South Wales, a southeastern state of Australia. The Guardian newspaper reported that 42 homes were burned to the ground because of these fires. 3.They are huge farms. Many Australian properties(房产)are larger than 1,000 square kilometers, while the biggest is more than 20,000 square kilometers—even larger than Beijing.

Every household prepares for bushfire season and protects their property. But sometimes the fires are too big and people have to move to safety.

4. It was so hot in February that thousands of bats died from the heat. People can get sick if they stay outside for too long or don’t drink enough water. The heat can also cause power problems for homes and businesses.

5.But it is worth remembering that the heat can cause lots of problems, too.

A. The Australian summer is enjoyable.

B. The hot weather also causes other problems.

C. These homes are not like Chinese ones.

D. Thanks to climate change, this year’s situation is even worse.

E. That is why summer is also known as ‘bushfire season” in Australia.

F. The dry season lasts about six months, usually between April and October.

G. The extreme heat, which can go above 40°C in some cities, is very dangerous.

In Thanks for What We Have

I sat and waited for Kathleen to speak. “Annie,” she said, “A food bank that serves the elderly is asking for ______. I’d like you to organize the event” “Well, errr…sure.” As I stuttered(结巴地说) through my ______, all I could think was, “What? Why me?”

I walked back to my office wondering where to ______. This was a time when the economy was ______. The rise in unemployment forced many of my coworkers to ______ to survive. How could I ask them for more?

That evening I drove home with negativity. Then I remembered a time when my father was out of work. Mom wrote a note to Jim, the milkman, asking him not to ______ any more milk. Two days later Jim picked up the ______ and left four liters of milk. He wrote his message, which read, “Kids need milk.” The milk delivery ______ as usual and Jim never collected a cent ______ us.

The memory of Jim’s ______ fired my enthusiasm. Perhaps I’d be in for a pleasant surprise.

The next morning I ______ signs about our food drive all over the cafeteria and on every notice board I could find. Each sign said, “Food drive to support the poor elderly! ______ of non-perishable(不易腐的) foods are greatly needed.”

Within a few days I had to locate empty office space to ______ the massive number of contributions we had ______. One of my coworkers, Maggie, made the rounds with me every day from one department to another to pick up the canned goods and other ______. Though over sixty, she pushed our food trolley around with the ______ of a woman half her age.

I asked her where she got all the enthusiasm. She said, “with the unemployment rate touching 10 percent, I can’t think of a better way to be ______ for keeping our jobs when so many have ______ theirs. Sure money is ______. But when isn’t it? People need food.”

As I listened to Maggie, the milkman’s words ______ in my ears, “Kids need milk.”

1.A. advice B. help C. pity D. medicine

2.A. response B. comment C. explanation D. complaint

3.A. sit B. stay C. begin D. work

4.A. growing B. fading C. recovering D. booming

5.A. drive B. attempt C. refuse D. struggle

6.A. spare B. drink C. deliver D. sell

7.A. keys B. kids C. cents D. empties

8.A. returned B. continued C. stopped D. delayed

9.A. for B. to C. with D. from

10.A. kindness B. happiness C. patience D. politeness

11.A. designed B. noticed C. marked D. posted

12.A. Bargains B. Demands C. Donations D. Purchases

13.A. check B. store C. separate D. clear

14.A. collected B. bought C. found D. selected

15.A. clothes B. books C. foods D. gifts

16.A. satisfaction B. quality C. energy D. motivation

17.A. lucky B. proud C. delighted D. grateful

18.A. lost B. deserved C. abandoned D. wanted

19.A. available B. tight C. enough D. powerful

20.A. rang B. disappeared C. hid D. fell

Camp All-Star

One of a Kind Summer Camps for Kids

Welcome to Camp All-Star, your No. 1 summer sports camp for kids! Located on the famous Kents Hill School campus by the beautiful lake, Camp All-Star hosts kids from around the world. When thinking about your next overnight summer camp, consider the best—Camp All-Star!

Great Sports Summer Camps for Kids

Camp All-Star stands out among the successful camps in the U.S. We have the best sports fields and courts to make your child’s sports camp experience a successful one. Your child can enjoy playing for hours in any of our more than 30 sports and activities each day. Our camper to staff rate is three to one, which makes it possible for children to receive more careful instruction.

We have a wide variety of activities and sports to choose from: fishing, dance, basketball, soccer, baseball, and tennis. Boys and girls, aged 8-16, can customize their own schedules in our 2, 3, 4 or 6 week summer camp session for kids.

The aim of Camp All-Star is to develop athletic skills, encourage abilities in leadership, fair play and team work, and provide a fun, rewarding and memorable summer sports camp experience. Our staff have the experience and qualified training necessary to ensure that your child has a successful, memorable and enjoyable time at our summer camp.

Call Today About Our Overnight Summer Camps for Kids

Don’t let your kids waste another summer playing video games and sitting around. Let them enjoy their time and get some exercise at our exciting and friendly summer sports camp. Information for our upcoming camps can be found on our website. For additional information or questions, contact us today. We hope your kids can join us at Camp All-Star!

1.Camp All-Star stands out among the others because it ______.

A. is surrounded by a beautiful lake

B. provides various activities and sports

C. offers timely information on its website

D. allows children to play outside all day long

2.One of the goals of Camp All-star is to ______.

A. fire kids’ imagination

B. build up kids’ confidence

C. develop kids’ leadership skills

D. promote kids’ self-control

3.This advertisement is intended for ______.

A. parents

B. coaches

C. staff

D. Campers

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