A student is learning to speak British English.He wonders(想知道):Can I communicate(交际)with Americans?Can they understand me?Learners of English often ask:What are the differences between British and American English?How important are these differences?

Certainly,there are some differences between British and American English.There are a few differences in grammar.For example,speakers of British English say“in hospital”and“Have you a pen?”;Americans say “in the hospital”and“Do you have a pen?”.Pronunciation is sometimes different.Americans usually sound “r”s in words like“bird”and“hurt”.Speakers of British English do not sound “r” in these words.There are differences between British and American English in spelling and vocabulary.For example,“colour”and“honour”are British;“color”and“honor”are American.

These differences in grammar,pronunciation,spelling and vocabulary are not important,however.For the most part,British and American English are the same language.

1.According to this passage,a student who is learning to speak American English might be afraid that ______.

A. British people cannot understand him

B. American people cannot understand him

C. the grammar is too hard for him

D. the spelling is too hard for him

2.American English and British English are different in ________.

A. spelling B. pronunciation

C. grammar D. all of the above

3.What is NOT mentioned in the passage?

A. Whether there are differences between British English and American English.

B. Whether British English and American English are one language or two.

C. How the differences between British English and American English came about.

D. How important the differences are.

4.Most ______ say,“Do you have a watch?”

A. British people B. Americans

C. children D. teachers

5.According to this passage,British people and Americans have ________ difficulty in understanding each other.

A. little B. much

C. some D. great

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