I awoke in the night to find my husband gently rocking our baby son,Noah.

I felt in my heart that something was _______ wrong with Noah.This was one of several nights Noah had been _______,burning with a high fever.

Tears filled my eyes as I watched my husband move Noah’s little cheek up _______ his own chests,so that Noah could _______ the vibrations(振动) of his voice.Noah is deaf.

We had taken Noah to doctor more times than I can _______.It had been a week and a half and Noah’s _______ remained very high.I knew in my soul that Noah was in _______.

I gently touched my husband’s shoulder and we looked into each other’s eyes with the same _______.

When morning finally came,we called the doctor and were told to _______ him in again.Our hearts ________with fear.The doctor looked Noah over and told us the news we ________.Noah had to be admitted to the hospital.

I couldn’t focus on anything,and I couldn’t stop ________.I felt as if I were shattering(垮掉)from the inside out.My husband ________ me that he felt in his heart that Noah would be OK.He never gave up.

A short time later,the doctor told us that Noah’s first ________ were back,and that he had Influenza A(流感).Noah would ________ and soon be back to his little self.

Marty and I grinned(露齿而笑) at each other through our tears.________,in the middle of the night,we were told that it was ________ to take Noah home!

A few days later,I was cooking dinner.I peeked into the living room,seeing my husband playing and laughing with Noah.They both looked up and ________ me watching them,and my husband and I signed “I love you” to each other,then to Noah.And then Noah put his little arm up,________ to sign his own “I love you” to his daddy.I watched with tears as my husband ________ helped Noah form his tiny fingers into the sign I love you.

1.A. slightly B. seriously C. partly D. suddenly

2.A. away B. down C. up D. out

3.A. from B. behind C. with D. against

4.A. feel B. touch C. see D. know

5.A. describe B. choose C. remember D. understand

6.A. fever B. voice C. weight D. spirits

7.A. peace B. trouble C. anxiety D. shock

8.A. pity B. faith C. regret D. fear

9.A. bring B. send C. turn D. call

10.A. met B. covered C. filled D. presented

11.A. received B. expected C. suggested D. requested

12.A. crying B. talking C. writing D. thinking

13.A. warned B. reminded C. believed D. comforted

14.A. notices B. messages C. results D. samples

15.A. rest B. recover C. relax D. change

16.A. However B. Therefore C. Besides D. Finally

17.A. fine B. unusual C. impossible D. necessary

18.A. understood B. accepted C. caught D. noticed

19.A. meaning B. trying C. managing D. pretending

20.A. hurriedly B. nervously C. curiously D. carefully

Dear students,

Most of us get some exercise walking or riding our bikes to school,but just that is not enough.Why not get into shape by playing the most popular sport in the world—soccer?

Two weeks ago,Mr Goldstein,the physical education teacher,posted a notice about an exciting new soccer club (for Grades 10-12).To join,all you have to do is sign your name and be at school for the fun of it on Saturday mornings.You’ll make new friends and share information about famous teams and players.

Mr Goldstein will teach,so you’ll learn basic skills and new techniques to improve your game.That’s good news because soccer is a game you can love three seasons a year.The only time you can’t play is when there is snow.

However,it is hard to believe that only nineteen people signed up for the new club.Maybe kids don’t want to give up their Saturday mornings.But if you think about how we spend Saturday mornings now,soccer looks good.Doing housework and watching TV are not as much fun as playing soccer with friends.If you didn’t sign up because you’ve never played soccer before,don’t worry.Beginners are welcome and Mr Goldstein will give you more help.

Just act now! The equipment is cheap.All you have to bring is your feet.

The Students’ Union

1.What can we learn about the club?

A. It was probably started two weeks ago.

B. It is available every day except on Saturdays.

C. It was first set up for beginners.

D. It is just open to students of Grade 12.

2.What does the writer think of playing soccer?

A. It is as interesting as watching TV.

B. It makes people famous easily.

C. It is a very dangerous game.

D. It does students a lot of good.

3.The writer writes the passage mainly to .

A. talk about how to be an excellent soccer player

B. introduce Mr Goldstein to the students of Grades 10-12

C. advise the students to take more exercise

D. encourage the students to join a soccer club

Far out in the lake was a large wooden platform on which stood an improbably high diving board—a kind of wooden Eiffel Tower.It was,I’m sure,the county’s tallest wooden structure and no one had ever been known to jump from it.

So it was quite a shock when our teacher,Mr Milton,announced that he would dive off the high board that very afternoon.

Word of his questionable plan was already spreading through town as Mr Milton swam out to the platform.He was just a tiny,stick figure when he got there but even from such a distance the high board seemed almost to touch the clouds.Once at the top,he paced the enormously long board,then took some deep breaths and finally stood at edge.He was going to do it.

Several hundred people had gathered at the shore to watch.Mr Milton stood for quite a long time,then he raised his arms,took one massive bounce and launched himself into a perfect dive.It was beautiful.He fell with perfect style for what seemed minutes.The crowd fell silent.The only sound to be heard was the faint whistle of his body tearing through the air toward the water far,far below.

But about three quarters of the way down he seemed to have second thoughts and began suddenly to panic,waving his arms and legs like someone having a bad dream.When he was perhaps thirty feet above the water,he gave up on waving and spread his arms and legs wide,apparently hoping that it would somehow slow his fall.

It didn’t.

He hit the water at over six hundred miles an hour.The impact was so loud that it made birds fly out of their trees three miles away.I don’t think he entered the water at all.He just bounced off it,about fifteen feet back into the air.After that,he lay still on the surface,spinning like an autumn leaf.

He was brought to shore by two passing fishermen in a rowboat and placed on an old blanket where he spent the rest of the afternoon.Occasionally he accepted small sips of water,but otherwise was too shocked to speak.From head to toe,he was covered with deep red bruises.

...It was the best day of my life.

1.What did the writer think of Mr Milton’s plan to jump from the diving board?

A. Crazy. B. Disappointing.

C. Heroic. D. Confused.

2.In Paragraph 3,Mr Milton is described as “a tiny,stick figure” because he was .

A. tired after swimming

B. very small and thin

C. very far away

D. sure to be broken

3.Why did Mr Milton suddenly start swinging his arms and legs during the dive?

A. He thought it was the best way to slow his fall.

B. He lost his confidence and started to panic.

C. He was signalling the crowd for help.

D. He wanted to show his courage.

4.Which of the following sentences from the passage is an example of a fact?

A. He hit the water at over six hundred miles an hour.

B. The impact was so loud that it made birds fly out of their trees three miles away.

C. He just bounced off it,about fifteen feet back into the air.

D. He was brought to shore by two passing fishermen in a rowboat.

Arriving in Sydney on his own from India,my husband,Rashid,stayed in a hotel for a short time while looking for a house for me and our children.

During the first week of his stay,he went out one day to do some shopping.He came back in the late afternoon to discover that his suitcase was gone.He was extremely worried as the suitcase had all his important papers,including his passport(护照).

He reported the case to the police and then sat there,lost and lonely in a strange city,thinking of the terrible troubles of getting all the paperwork organized again from a distant country while trying to settle down in a new one.

Late in the evening,the phone rang.It was a stranger.He was trying to pronounce my husband’s name and was asking him a lot of questions.Then he said they had found a pile of papers in their trash can(垃圾桶) that had been left out on the footpath.

My husband rushed to their home to find a kind family holding all his papers and documents.Their young daughter had gone to the trash can and found a pile of unfamiliar papers.Her parents had carefully sorted them out,although they had found mainly foreign addresses on most of the documents.At last they had seen a half?written letter in the pile in which my husband had given his new telephone number to a friend.

That family not only restored the important documents to us that day but also restored our faith and trust in people.We still remember their kindness and often send a warm wish their way.

1.What did Rashid plan to do after his arrival in Sydney?

A. To go shopping. B. To find a house.

C. To join his family. D. To take a vacation.

2.The girl’s parents got Rashid’s phone number from .

A. a friend of his family

B. a Sydney policeman

C. a letter in his papers

D. a stranger in Sydney

3.What does the underlined word “restored” in the last paragraph mean?

A. Showed. B. Sent out.

C. Delivered. D. Gave back.

4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A. From India to Australia

B. Living in a New Country

C. Turning Trash to Treasure

D. In Search of New Friends

My husband and I used to live in the city.But we often faced a lot of problems there.There was a lot of late?night noise.It was difficult to find parking.And the rent of the apartment was high.Finally,my husband and I decided to move to the suburb outside Boston.

We started looking for our new home.It turned out that many other people were also moving to the suburbs and it wasn’t easy to find a nice house there.Finally we went to see a small and dark house.It needed a lot of work.But it was well built and it was on a street where we could walk to Starbucks,restaurants and bus stops.Well,before I knew it,we had made an offer and the house became ours.

On our first night in the house I cried for five hours.I thought we had made the wrong decision and I wanted to go back to the city—the house was smelly and old.And many families and old people lived around it.But after thinking of the problems we had when we were living in the city,I calmed down.Besides,our new home wasn’t that bad,after all.I had a driveway of my own.There were three big bedrooms and a backyard for my dog.Oh,how lovely the sound of nothing was.I changed the house inch by inch and it became a very comfortable home.

We have been in our house for over two years until now and it’s the best move we have ever made.While I’m glad I can drive into the city in fifteen minutes and enjoy all it has offered,I’m always happy to return home.

1.Why did the writer and her husband move to the suburb?

A. They found jobs there.

B. They could only afford a small house.

C. They dreamed of living in the country.

D. They no longer liked living in the city.

2.On the first night in the house,the writer .

A. was too excited

B. felt scared living there

C. regretted moving there at first

D. was moved to tears by its quietness

3.What does the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 show about the house?

A. It was lovely.

B. It was really quiet.

C. It had nothing in it.

D. It has beautiful sound.

4.We can learn from the passage that the writer .

A. hates driving to the city

B. is afraid of returning home

C. loves living in the suburbs now

D. cannot wait to go back to the city

How do you know if the perfect house you have found is in the perfect neighborhood?When driving by on a sunny Sunday afternoon,you cannot see the true nature of the area.All too often people will fall in love with a house without taking the nearby area into consideration.This can lead to serious problems and cause you to regret the decision to buy.

Before buying a house it is wise to do some research on the area it is located in.Do you know what the crime rate is for the area?How are the schools?What is the average age of your neighbors?Is there a “party house” next door?Does the quiet street turn into a busy shortcut during the rush hour?Is there a known drug house?These things should all be considered before a final decision is made.

Making several visits to the house at various times and on different days can help you know a lot about the area.Sit in front of the house with your windows rolled down and just listen to the activity,take a walk around the block and observe the sights,sounds,and smells.Be sure to go to judge how loud things can get on a weekend evening.

You will also need to find out if the neighborhood is improving or on the decline (下降).Are stores and services closing or have new businesses been opening up?These are things that will affect the resale value of your house.Also check with local governments to discover if any developments are planned for the area.

The best advice is not to let your heart rule your head.Do your homework, and make sure your dream house is in your dream neighborhood.


Do your homework,and ensure your 1. neighborhood.


·When driving by on a sunny Sunday afternoon, you cannot see the true nature of the area.

·People don’t 2. the nearby area, which can 3. serious problems and they will regret having 4. to buy the house.

Ways to help you buy a desirable house

Researching the area

Before making a final decision, you should consider such factors as whether the crime rate is high, and what the ages on 5. of the neighborhood are.

6. the house

7. down the windows, listen to the activity, walk around the block, and so on.

·Make a 8. on how loud things can get on a weekend evening.

Finding out if the neighborhood is improving or declining

·Many things will have an 9. on the resale value of your house.

Check whether local governments have plans to 10. the area.













参考词汇:成绩差的学生a slower student 成绩好的学生a top student

We have held a discussion about whether it is good or not for a top student to share a desk with a slower student.










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