One day, a poor young man went to Paris to visit one of his father’s friends and ______ that his father’s friend could help him find a simple job for living.

“Are you good at math?” his father’s friend asked him.

The young man shook his head.

“How are your history and geography?”

The young man shook his head again.

“How about your law?”

The young man ______ his head embarrassedly.

His father’s friend asked again and again, ______ the young man could only shake his head and told him he himself couldn’t find out any ______. “Then write down your address first.”

The young man wrote down his address and turned to leave, but he was stopped by his father’s friend. “Your name is written very ______, which is your advantage. You shouldn’t satisfy yourself with finding a job only for ______.”

Years later, the young man wrote the classical works that won the world fame. He was Alexandre Dumas, a famous French writer of 18th century. One of his greatest works ______ The Three Musketeers was popular ______ a great number of readers.

There are many ordinary persons in the world who ______ have many advantages, but they are neglected (忽视) because of their self-abasement (自卑). In fact, there is a gold mine (矿) in every ordinary life. If you’re willing to dig, you will dig out treasures to ______ yourself.

1.A. wondered B. expected C. thought

2.A. touched B. lowered C. raised

3.A. so B. or C. but

4.A. ideas B. chances C. advantages

5.A. badly B. carefully C. beautifully

6.A. fun B. house C. living

7.A. written B. called C. read

8.A. with B. for C. by

9.A. both B. all C. every

10.A. surprise B. intent C. believe

We can choose failure, but we can’t choose fear. That’s like what James Cameron said “Failure Is an Option (选择), but Fear Is Not” at the end of his TED talk and I love it. We shouldn’t be afraid of facing failure, try to accept it and learn from it.

Make mom for failure

Nobody wants to fail, but failure is often on your way to success. George Bernard Shaw said, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable (可敬的), but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” So if you never fail then it probably means that you do nothing. Failure shows that you actually do something instead of just sitting in your comfortable seat.

Learn from each failure

Don’t just fail and get nothing out of it. Learn something from each failure that makes you better and better.

Fail fast

Time is precious, so if you fail then you’d better fail fast. Why? Because it will make you learn and improve faster. Don’t wait until everything is perfect. Instead, test your idea in the real world as soon as possible.

Don’t choose fear

Many people don’t want to work on something unknown. But fear is not a good choice, so you should be willing to try out your new ideas. Even if you aren’t successful, you will still come out better than before.

1.In the writer’s opinion, failure is not terrible.(______)

2.If you never fail, it may mean you do nothing. (______)

3.From the passage, we know that we should be away from failure. (______)

4.Many people are willing to try out their new ideas. (______)

5.Fear is not an option, but failure is. (______)

Nowadays there seems to be an app for everything. And mobile apps have been a part of our life. The following apps are part of the most popular apps.

Ctrip can be the best helper when you feel it hard to buy the train or airline tickets. You can buy tickets anywhere at anytime.

Ximalaya Reading has millions of books including poems, short stories, novels and even fairy tales for children. What’s special about it is that you can use it to download book recording that can be listened to. It has more than 1 million valuable resources.

Baby Bus is a very good friend for children under three years old. Kids can learn to speak, understand numbers and draw pictures with the help of this app.

Word Hero may help learn more English words while you’re playing games, so if you have problems remembering the new words when you learn English, use it!

World of Tanks Blitz(坦克世界), a free-to-play online: game with over 40 million downloads, bring quick-fire tank fights. “A lot of tanks, a lot of people and a lot of fun.” It will be the best choice to kill your time.

1.Ctrip is a useful app for .

A. playing games

B. learning English

C. booking tickets

2.You can NOT know about from Ximalaya Reading.

A. poems B. novels C. news

3.To remember words in a fun way, is a good choice.

A. Ctrip B. Word Hero C. Baby Bus

4.World of Tanks Blitz has downloads and it fits people’s free time.

A. more than 40 million

B. less than 1 million

C. more than 40 billion

5.According to the information above, .

A. we can buy tickets from Ctrip only in the daytime

B. Peter, a 2-year-old boy, can learn to draw pictures with the help of Baby Bus

C. we can’t use Ximalaya Reading to download book recording

Meet Thomas Wilson. Thomas is famous all over the world. He holds the world record for sleeping in (睡过头). One weekend, Thomas slept in for two days, three hours and fourteen minutes. It was unbelievable. No one in history had ever slept in for so long before.

Thomas was very proud of his world record. His friends were proud of him, too. Whenever Thomas walked down the street, people always came up to him and shook his hand. Thomas was a star.

The on]y who wasn’t proud of Thomas’s world record was his father. Dad didn’t like it when Thomas slept in. He complained that whenever Thomas slept in, the lawns didn’t get mowed. He was worried about how high the grass was getting. Every weekend, it seemed to get higher and higher. “It’s like a jungle there,” Dad moaned (抱怨) to Thomas one day. But Thomas wasn’t worried about the grass getting higher. He had more important things on his mind—like sleeping in.

One morning, Thomas was woken from a deep sleep by a loud roaring noise. It sounded like a wild animal pacing about under his bedroom window.

Thomas rushed over to the window and pulled the curtains back. His eyes bulged like basketballs. “What on Earth…?” He gasped. There, in the middle of the backyard, was a lion! “Awesome!” cried Thomas. Suddenly, a giraffe poked its head through the window. It munched the leaves from a plant sitting by Thomas’s bed. Next, an elephant walked past the swimming pool and squirted (喷出) water all over Dad’s car! “Cool!” cheered Thomas. “Now I don’t have to wash Dad’s car today.”

1.What is Thomas famous for?

2.How long did Thomas sleep in one weekend?

3.Was Thomas’s father proud of his son’s world record?

4.Why did Thomas say he didn’t have to wash Dad’s car?

5.What do you think of Thomas’s world record for sleeping in?

A class teacher, in my opinion, plays an important role in a child’s development. 1. This year, she is moving to Class Three and I can’t wait to see how things are going on.

Last year, my daughter did not like her teacher at all. It was so bad that she did not look forward to school. It was a year full of trouble and that worries.

This year, Miss Purity is gentle and humorous. It’s hard not to like her.2..

She becomes an early bird. Last year, mornings were like a fight because I had to force Tasha to hurry up when she was preparing for school. I had to pull her out of bed, tell her to take breakfast and then drove her to school. But now, our mornings are like a party. She wakes up early, prepares everything at a high speed and then rushes to school to be with Miss Purity.

She’s happy. She enjoys school and school work and keeps talking about what they did at school when she comes home.

She’s responsible. 3. But now she never forgets even her water bottle at school. She makes her bed and helps in the kitchen.

Her diary is full of praises. The diary is the tool of communication between the teacher and the parents. Last year, her diary was always full of negative reports. One time, she poured water in a child’s lunchbox, another time she threw another kid’s textbook in the toilet. 4. She’s always volunteering to clean the blackboard, the teacher’s chair and desk.

5. Finishing her classwork was such a big problem. She had to do it at home. But now, she finished both the classwork and homework at school.

A. Here are the changes in my daughter.

B. Now she began to share her snacks with those who did not have anything.

C. Every year when my daughter moves to a new class, I have a usual big worry—her new class teacher.

D. Her diary was good.

E. She has a good class teacher.

F. She used to be careless and forgetful.

G. She does well in school.

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