When Lone Star College student Dwyanya Earnhardt first heard about a food pantry(食品室)opening at her college in September 2015, she was embarrassed to ask for help, but knew she needed it. she’s used the food pantry several times since.

Lone Star Montgomery Campus is among a growing number of US colleges opening food pantries for students. In the Houston area alone, San Jacinto College and the University of Houston Downtown(UHD) have also added them. UHD opened its food pantry in spring 2015. it’s hoping to increase its use among students through a program being launched this term. About 100 to 150 students will be awarded food scholarships to use in a new food bank constructed inside the student services building.

“More students of different backgrounds have access to higher education, but that you got in doesn’t mean you have the support coming from home to keep you in,” said Patrick Jefferson, UHD”s assistant vice president for student affairs.

“Many of the students come after work, take their class, then they go home, and they don’t leave their challenges at the front door,” said Jefferson. “We’re recognizing that we just can’t ay. ‘We only worry about our students’ academic challenges.’ We have to think about the student as a whole person.”

The majority of donations to Lone Star’s food pantry have come from teachers and students. The food pantry is open from noon until 3 p. m. on Tuesdays and Fridays, but students can request it at another time if needed. Nearly 590 students have used the pantry since it opened last fall.

San Jacinto College has been offering food pantry services twice a month to students since 2013. The college sends a bag of items on certain days and has received more than 1,000 student requests since it began. It allows students from all income levels to request food. UHD and Lone Star Montgomery Campus also follow the same policy.

1.When a food pantry was first opened in Lone Star College__________.

A. it was quite new to all Americans

B. all colleges in the US followed the example

C. Dwyanya Earnhardt was not aware of its necessity

D. Dwyanya Earnhardt felt uncomfortable to ask for help

2.The food pantry in UHD is intended to __________.

A. build a new food bank

B. give support to students

C. offer service to teachers

D. award 250 students scholarships

3.Patrick Jefferson holds the idea that ___________.

A. students have to balance between work and study

B. students’ academic challenges are his main concern

C. access to higher education means easily continuing schooling

D. students’ challenges involve academic challenges and other problems

4.What can be inferred about the food pantries in Lone Star College and San Jacinto College?

A. Both of them offer services twice a week

B. Both of their donators are teachers and students

C. Neither of them sets income level standards for students

D. Neither of them has received as many as 1000 student requests

How to Get Organized

No one likes staying disorganized, so if disorganization is crowding your life and as a result you’re feeling frustrated, then it’s time to get organized. Organization takes time, but when you get into the habit of it, life becomes so much easier! 1.

1. Keep A List Of Things To Do

2.. Rather, they keep a list of things to do and then they check them off once they get done. Let making a list to do be your new habit.

2. Never Put Things Off

Procrastination is typical of those who are irresponsible and careless. 3., They do not want to put things off. They would rather stay up late and do what they are supposed to do.

3. Quit Multitasking

You are an organized person only if you do not let the stuff around you arranged in stages. 4.. Do it, and then move on to the next one.

4. Involve Other People

Organized people do not do it all alone. They try to involve others usually their wives or husbands, for support. Another good thing about this is that such couples usually manage to raise disciplined and responsible children.


First things first! What are your priorities? Do not waste your time trying to do 156 things. Spend your time and energy on something that is worth it. smaller things can wait. The things that are essential should always be done.

A. Priorities Rule.

B. Avoid Getting Tacked

C. It only takes a week to start a habit

D. Organized people do everything on time

E. Many people struggle with disorganization

F. Organized people do not keep things in head

G. Stay focused and concentrated on one task only

It was 3 am, a cold and wet night, on August 21, 2010. I had just left a local club to travel ten kilometers home when I lost________of my car on Grand Junction Road in Hope Valley.

I ______into a still car that was_______in front of a house, and then hit a tree. I was badly injured!______still, I had no idea that a fire had started______the bonnet(引擎盖)of my car.

___ in the car behind me was a young man, who I later found out was called Jared. He saw the accident occur and ______to help me out of the car. He put his own life in ______when he got into the back seat trying to undo my seat belt.

With my seat belt ______, Jared then broke the driver’s window to drag me out. He_______did this while my car was burning_______by the crash, the homeowners came out to investigate(调查). Jared told them to ring emergency services_______he continued to help me out of the car.

I ______my life to Jared and I consider him a good friend due to the_______bond created on the night he dragged me to safety. I was rushed to the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a _______condition, five bones broken.

I spent a few weeks in hospital, during which time Jared visited me to see how I was _____ .He also continued to contact me after I returned home. He says he doesn’t believe that he did anything special. On that, I ______disagree with him and am very glad that he didn’t get hurt in the _____.

Today, nearly seven years later, Jared and I still ______and often talk about the events of that night. Jared is my ____ and my friend.

1.A. balance B. sight C. interest D. control

2.A. got B. stepped C. crashed D. hid

3.A. kept B. parked C. found D. stood

4.A. Worse B. Luckily C. Clearly D. Badly

5.A. off B. under C. near D. beyond

6.A. Sitting B. Sleeping C. Driving D. Waiting

7.A. stopped B. failed C. happened D. hesitated

8.A. practice B. hand C. safety D. danger

9.A. renewed B. undone C. repaired D. fastened

10.A. hardly B. gradually C. bravely D. naturally

11.A. Annoyed B. Dragged C. Warned D. Woken

12.A. while B. although C. until D. since

13.A. devote B. owe C. take D. save

14.A. bloody B. social C. special D. loose

15.A. nervous B. pleasant C. normal D. serious

16.A. recovering B. operating C. struggling D. relaxing

17.A. eventually B. exactly C. totally D. probably

18.A. spot B. process C. way D. challenge

19.A. take care B. fit in C. drop in on D. keep in touch

20.A. angel B. owner C. doctor D. driver

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