All over the world people swim for fun. Swimming is enjoyed by people of _____ages, from the very young to the very old. There are many places for people to swim in swimming pools. Many schools, hotels and clubs have swimming pools. Some people have pools of______in their yards.

Swimming is one of____forms of exercise. It can____ hearts and bodies strong. It can also help blood circulate(循环). Handicapped people can keep their bodies in better condition by swimming_____they can't enjoy sports.

____ is a good idea for parents to see to it(务必做到) that their children learn to swim____an early age. So their children will_____it for the rest of their lives.

There are many rules for water safety. These rules can help save not only your life_____the life of a friend. First of all, know_____. Many schools____ swimming lessons to children. Adults(成人) can learn to swim at public pools. _____ rule to remember is never to swim ____. Always swim with a friend and know ___ in the water at all times. It is best to swim ____ in safe places if you are beginners. If every one learned to swim and obeyed the rules for water safety, most drawing(溺水) could be avoided.

1.A. all B. any C. some D. both

2.A. themselves B. their own C. theirs own D. their own’s

3.A. good B. better C. best D. the best

4.A. help B. let C. make D. show

5.A. though B. as C. so D. until

6.A. That B. There C. This D. It

7.A. over B. during C. at D. on

8.A. learn B. enjoy C. stop D. know

9.A. and aim B. still C. and yet D. but also

10.A. how to swim B. why swimming C. how swimming D. why to swim

11.A. have B. take C. give D. make

12.A. The other one B. Other C. An other D. Another

13.A. alone B. yourself C. lonely D. together

14.A. who what person is B. where that person is C. who is that person D. where is that person

15.A. nearly B. hardly C. almost D. only

Last Friday, after doing all the family shopping in town I wanted a rest before catching the train, so I bought a newspaper and some chocolate and went into the station coffee shop. It was a cheap self-service place with long table to keep a place and went to get a cup of coffee.

When I came back with the coffee, there was someone in the next seat. It was one of those wild-looking boys, with dark glasses and old clothes, and his hair was colored bright red at the front. What did surprise me was that he’d started to eat my chocolate.

I was rather uneasy about him, but I didn’t want to make more trouble. I just looked down at the front page of the newspaper, tasted my coffee and took a bit of chocolate. The boy looked at me closely. Then he took a second piece of chocolate. I could hardly believe it. Still I didn’t say anything to him. When he took a third piece, I felt angrier. I thought, well, I shall have the last piece. “And I got it.”

The boy gave me a strange look, and then stood up. As he left he shouted out, “There is something wrong with the woman,” Everybody looked at me, but it was worse then I finished my coffee and got ready to leave. My face turned red when I knew I’d made a mistake. I wasn’t my chocolate that I had eaten. There was mine, just under my newspaper.

1.In which order did the writer do the following things?

a. Went into a coffee shop.

b. Got a cup of coffee,

c. Started to eat some chocolate.

d. Did some shopping.

e. Found a seat in the shop.

f. Bought some chocolate.

A. a, e, f, b, c, d B. a, d, f, b, e, c

C. d, f, a, e, b, c D. d, a, f, c, b, e

2.The writer went into the station coffee shop to______.

A. buy a newspaper B. meet a boy with dark glasses

C. put her heavy bag D. take a short rest

3.When the writer came back to the table, she was surprised because______.

A. her chocolate had been eaten up B. the boy was eating her chocolate

C. there was a boy sitting next to her D. what the boy did seemed quite rude

4.What did the writer do when the boy took a second piece of chocolate?

A. Looked at him closely.

B. Still didn’t say anything to him.

C. Took a third piece of chocolate.

D. Stood up and left.

5.How do you think the writer felt at last?

A. She felt disappointed B. She felt ashamed

C. She became angrier. D. She thought it very funny.

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1.Which course would be helpful for an English beginner?

A. High School ESL B. General English

C. Night Classes D. Academic English

2.How much will you pay if you spend two weeks taking the Night Classes?

A. 360. B. 300.

C. 600. D. 240.

3.If you want to learn more about the courses mentioned in the text,you can .

A. make a call B. write an email

C. visit the website D. submit an application

4.When can you take Academic English?

A. Monday 4:00pm B. Sunday 4:00pm

C. Saturday 4:00am D. Friday4:00am

5.In which section can we find this passage?

A. Life style B. Opinion

C. Health D. Study

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