Four days after Dad’s 67th birthday, he had a heart attack. Luckily, he survived. But something inside him had died. His enthusiasm for life was gone. He refused to follow doctor’s orders, and his sour attitude made everyone upset when they visited him. Dad was left alone.

So I asked Dad to come to live with me on my small farm, hoping the fresh air would help him adjust. Within a week after he moved in, I regretted the invitation. He criticized everything I did. I became frustrated. Something had to be done.

One day I read an article which said when given dogs, depressed patients would be better off. So I drove to the animal shelter that afternoon. As soon as I got there, a pointer’s eyes caught my attention. They watched me calmly.

A staff member said: “He got here two weeks ago and we’ve heard nothing. His time is up tomorrow.”

I turned to the man in horror. “You mean you’re going to kill him”

“Ma’am,” he said gently. “We don’t have room for every unclaimed dog.”

The police’s calm brown eyes awaited my decision. “I’ll take him,” I said.

I drove home with the dog on the front seat beside me. I was helping it out of the car when Dad walked onto the front porch. “Look what I got you!” I said excitedly.

Dad wrinkled his face. “I don’t want it,” he muttered, turning back towards the house. Then, suddenly, the dog pulled free from my grasp. He sat down in front of my Dad.

Dad’s anger melted, and soon he was hugging the dog.

This was the beginning of a warm friendship. Dad named the dog Cheyenne. Together they spent long hours walking down dusty lanes and relaxing on the banks of streams.

Dad’s bitterness faded, and he and Cheyenne went on to make many friends. Then, late one night two years later, I felt Cheyenne’s cold nose burrowing (搜寻) through my bed covers. He had never before come into my bedroom at night. I ran into my father’s room and found that he had passed away.

Two days later, my shock and grief deepened when I discovered Cheyenne lying dead beside Dad’s bed. As I buried him near their favorite stream, I silently thanked the dog for restoring Dad’s peace of mind.

1.After the author’s father survived the heart attack, he ______.

A. ignored everyone who visited him

B. became unpleasant toward other people

C. was left alone to get full rest

D. no longer wanted to live

2.Why did the author take the pointer home?

A. It was a type that is known for its friendliness.

B. Its eyes made her think it was the best dog available.

C. It was good at getting people’s attention and entertaining them.

D. It caught her attention right away and she didn’t want it to be killed.

3.From the last two paragraphs we can conclude that _______.

A. the author’s father and Cheyenne formed a real connection

B. friendship and care is much more efficient than the medicine

C. more attention should be given to old people

D. dogs are so loyal that they usually die for their friends

4.Which section of a newspaper is the source of the passage?

A. Friends B. Entertainment

C. Education D. Health

The next time you get caught jumping on your bed you can tell your parents with a straight face that you are not playing, simply getting ready got a promising career in “Mattress Jumping”. Believe it or not, there are some people who actually get paid to do that! According to Reuben Reynoso, a professional mattress tester at San Francisco’s McRoskey Mattress Factory that still makes every mattress by hand, it is real work and needs some training. For a start, it’s not all about jumping to new heights or doing tricks like professional athletes, but rather about feeling each area of the mattress carefully to detect the filling. In order to do it right, every bit of the mattress has to be tested slowly and deliberately.

Over the years, Reynoso has figured out the perfect routine. He begins by placing a protective mat over the mattress so that it doesn’t get dirty or absorb the smell from his feet. Then begins the fun---he steps to the middle of an edge and then takes five steps back and five steps forward. In this way, he slowly but surely, covers the entire surface. The key according to him is to find the perfect number of jumps---Too many and he will end up destroying the mattress completely. Too few And it will not fit into the giant machine for that final sewing! Who knew a job that sounds so simple could have so many skills!

While Reuben will not reveal how he got into this profession, he will admit that it is more fun than being a carpenter, roofer, construction worker and railroad engineer---all jobs he has tried previous to finding his true profession!

1.We learn from the text that the McRoskey Mattress Factory ______.

A. is the world’s oldest mattress factory

B. make mattresses for sports

C. produces mattresses by hand

D. hires athletes as mattress testers

2.The protective mat is used to ______.

A. prevent the tester getting hurt

B. keep the mattress as clean as possible

C. protect the mattress from being destroyed

D. make the mattress fit into the sewing machine

3.According to Reynoso, the most important thing in his work is ______.

A. the timing of his jumps B. the height of his jumps

C. the number of his jumps D. the frequency of his jumps

4.We can learn from the text that Reynoso ______.

A. has been injured several times in his work

B. liked mattress jumping in his childhood

C. didn’t choose mattress testing as his first job

D. dreamt about becoming a jumping athlete

People these days always complain how they suffer stress from their daily life. With drugs widely available in the market today, it is still advisable that we consume the best kind of medicine for our body, that is natural drugs.

One of the natural resources for a relaxation drug is the Valerian Root Extract. Scientifically known as Valeriana Officinalis, this plant is a flowering type with heads of pink and white flowers mostly blooming in the summer months. Native in Europe and in small parts of Asia, the plant became popular worldwide because of its sweet scent and unique health benefits.

Past research suggests that the valerian root has healing characteristics that focus on the neurotransmitter of the brain, which makes the brain cells function well. Other researches about this herb suggest that it can keep a person free of anxiety. Although there are various types of valerian root products in the market today, modern medical studies have concluded that further research has to be taken into consideration before acknowledging the so-called benefits of Valerian Root Extracts.

One sample of the so-called benefits is the treatment for anxiety disorder called “social anxiety disorder” or SAD. The benefit has insufficient evidence to support its claim as an alternative relief for anxiety. However, many patients said that they felt improvements on their nervous conditions, stress and overall mental ability.

Valerian Root Extract can be acquired as a tea, tablet, or liquid extract. It is recommended that you consult your physician about this herbal plant if it can really benefit your health.

1.What does the author intend to do in the passage

A. To tell readers how to reduce stress.

B. To introduce a natural anxiety treatment.

C. To analyze the benefits of plants.

D. To advertise for the new product.

2.What do we know about Valeriana Officinalis?

A. It is also called Valerian Root Extract.

B. It is blooming all the year around.

C. It is only grown in European countries.

D. It is well received for its health benefits.

3.The underlined word “insufficient” in the passage means ______.

A. too much B. pretty plentiful

C. not enough D. well tested

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that the St. Louis Outlet Mall is expanding its restrictions on unaccompanied teenagers. In 2006, a parental-escort (陪同)policy was established: on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 6 p.m., anyone under 17 that isn’t accompanied by a guardian who is at least 21 years old will be kicked out of the mall. It was around this time that other malls around the U.S. likewise banned unaccompanied teens during certain evening hours.

Starting from this Friday, the St. Louis Outlet Mall is pushing its parental-escort rule back to 3 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Similarly, the Mall of America expanded its parental-escort policy during the recent holiday shopping season. Normally, the policy bans kids under 16 without guardians(监护人) from 4 p.m. until closing time just on Fridays and Saturdays. But because of a fight in the mall involving dozens of young people that took place on Dec. 18, 2012---- a weekday, the policy was broadened to include peak 2013 holiday shopping hours, including Thanksgiving Day and all of the Christmas week.

Teen disturbances in other malls may cause more shopping centers to introduce or expand parental-escort policies. The Indianapolis Star noted that two incidents in 2013 in area shopping centers raised the possibility that Indianapolis malls might need to consider banning unaccompanied teenagers.

Obviously, such bans are aimed at stopping violence and other outbursts involving teenagers. More importantly, from a purely business perspective, these bans aim to attract shoppers who might otherwise be hesitant to go to the mall because of concerns about violence and outbursts involving teenagers. The restrictions allow mall security officers to systematically kick out a group of people that are considered to be loud, thuggish and bad for business overall. But they attract much criticism from online communities. Some argue that teens have the right to shop without a guardian. “Not all teens are disrespectful and troublemakers,” Pamela Chapman wrote. “In fact, it’s been my experience that most are good kids.”

Again, the biggest influence on stricter mall policies for teens seems to be that they’re just plain good for business. Malls reported strong sales growth after they first carried out the policies six years ago. “We’ve had some success with the parental-escort policy, and families like shopping out here together,” the manager of the St. Louis Outlet Mall told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch . If there’s one rule in retail, it’s this---- if a small initiative proves successful in boosting sales, then it’s all but guaranteed that a larger initiative will follow.

1.What made malls restrict unaccompanied teenagers?

A. Teenagers’ disturbances.

B. Teenagers’ safety.

C. Limited holiday shopping hours.

D. Teenagers’ potential purchasing power.

2.What might be Pamela Chapman’s attitude towards the parental-escort policy?

A. Unconcerned. B. Skeptical.

C. Opposed. D. Positive.

3.The manager of the St. Louis Outlet Mall seemed to believe the parental-escort policy ______.

A. was temporary B. helped increase sales

C. was unfair to teenagers D. discouraged some families

4.What is the passage mainly about?

A. Violent incidents happening in St. Louis.

B. Malls’ bans on unaccompanied teens.

C. Security measures at American malls.

D. Parents’ duty to protect teenagers.

How to make Quick Decisions For Your Life

We make decisions every day.1.When it comes to making decisions, choosing the right one can at times be stressful, especially if the decision must be made quickly. Indecision often weighs us down, but there are some useful tips for making quick decisions more easily.

2.Sometimes the key to making a quick decision comes down to planning ahead of time for just such an occasion. We all know we’re going to come to an important decision-making point sooner or later, so having a plan already in hand can put our mind at ease when that time comes.

Overcome fear. 3.While it may seem difficult to overcome the fear of making the wrong choice, many experts agree that we shouldn’t be afraid to make the wrong decision, even if it seems important. The vast majority of wrong decisions can be corrected, while delaying decisions can often lead to more problems.

Write down all the advantages and disadvantages of your decision. Even if you don’t have all the information, writing down all the pros and cons(优缺点) is a good starting point for figuring out what to do. In cases where there simply isn’t enough time to write things down, make a mental list in your mind. Thinking of the pros and cons can help you organize your thoughts. 4.

Determine criteria. Remember that every decision you make should come with a certain list of criteria.5.But once you know the requirements you’re looking for, making a decision will become easier. Look for the choice that satisfies the list you’ve made, and once that choice is found, you should move ahead with it.

A. Have a plan.

B. The list may be short or quite long.

C. Communicate your decision with others.

D. And this can always lead to a clear answer.

E. So cut out any options that you know you will not choose.

F. Often, one thing that keeps us from making decisions is fear.

G. Some can be very important while others are not serious in the long run.

“How does the yard look?” My father asked, with his eyes shining. I could tell he was eagerly waiting for my _______ “Wonderful!” I replied after I gave it a thorough ______ . Then I recited all the changed I had ______in his yard and he smiled contently.

When I was young, my mother _______in a car accident, leaving my father alone to______their three young daughters. At the beginning, life was not always _______and my younger sisters usually complained. However, Dad always _____us to believe that life was good. Meanwhile, he tried his best to ______that belief.

In 1972, my dad developed a piece of waste land that had been______on Okaloosa Island. Every year at the first sign of______, he would begin spending countless hours working there to make it be bursting with colors. Through his continuous hard work, the land______turned into a beautiful garden with different types of flowers and other unique plants. While our friends were enjoying their vacation through traveling to different places, we were_____working with my dad in his yard, watering the flowers, weeding or cutting off the branches. Sometimes, our friends were envious of our working vacation, and we would _____them. Dad made his yard very______so that it became our vacation paradise during our childhood.

For so many years, when we were _____, we liked to visit Dad’s yard, because it could ______us of Dad’s belief. It was Dad and his yard that gave us _____that enabled us to survive and________major challenges in life. One day, it shocked us that Dad said he would not ______the yard. Then he explained, “Twenty years ago I decided to start my work in that yard to tell you life is good. Now my work is done.” We were sitting in _____, recalling what we had experienced. Life was good. Dad was right.

1.A. excuse B. answer C. decision D. suggestion

2.A. clean B. suggestion C. inspection D. arrangement

3.A. discovered B. imagined C. achieved D. promised

4.A. gave up B. turned up C. ran away D. passed away

5.A. scold B. rescue C. raise D. persuade

6.A. smooth B. sorrowful C. wealthy D. lonely

7.A. forced B. allowed C. authorized D. encouraged

8.A. change B. prove C. understand D. criticize

9.A. abandoned B. advertised C. disappeared D. provided

10.A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter

11.A. suddenly B. gradually C. temporarily D. occasionally

12.A. impatiently B. carelessly C. happily D. unwillingly

13.A. challenge B. invite C. accompany D. consult

14.A. unnecessary B. unreasonable C. disgusting D. extraordinary

15.A. upset B. angry C. guilty D. confident

16.A. warn B. accuse C. inform D. remind

17.A. emotion B. strength C. choices D. opportunities

18.A. forget B. admit C. conquer D. create

19.A. continue B. sell C. challenge D. extend

20.A. safety B. despair C. doubt D. silence

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