Some people think the government should move the big companies and factories in cities to the countryside. To what extent do you agree?

Due to the increased urbanization, there appears a bunch of heated social problems. Some people have noticed that there are many big companies and factories in the city and they believe that moving those big companies and factories into countryside could be a good way to solve many of the city problems, such as traffic issues and housing problems. However, I hold an opposite opinion to them and I will explain it as below.

Cities have much more advantages than countryside. There are more cinemas, restaurants and shopping malls in cities, let alone better education and health care. Living in cities makes life more convenient and enjoyable. Thus not everyone is willing to move to countryside in spite of their companies’ moving. They have got cars, which transfers them easily between work and home. Therefore, the pressure of traffic will not be released due to such solution. As for the available empty places spared by the big companies, the newest small companies will take good care of them—with the realization of the benefits that running a business in cities will bring to them. In other words, situation of housing will not be improved much.

Besides, there will be more problems if big companies and factories move out. Where there are big companies and factories, there will be cities sooner or later. Consequently, countryside is to be disappearing. What’s more, industrial pollution is not an easily mended problem.

In conclusion, moving big companies and factories out of cities is never a final solution. It tackles(解决) no problem but causes lots of them. Just imagine. The traffic is still terrible, and there is no more scenic countryside. We should look into other ways to solve the problems.

1.What is the passage mainly talking about?

A. Moving big companies out of cities.

B. Getting rid of companies in the cities.

C. Crowding into the center of the cities.

D. Taking more care of the urban areas.

2.What do people lay the blame on for social problems?

A. A number of factories and companies.

B. The rapid development of the cities.

C. The sharp increase of vehicle quantity.

D. The serious need for more houses.

3.What does the author want to tell in the fourth paragraph?

A. It is more convenient to live in cities than countryside

B. More problems will appear once companies are moved out

C. The public transportation will play a greater role

D. More houses will be built for the poor people

Christmas is a time for relaxing, having fun and spending time with family and friends. 1.It can be difficult to find the motivation for study when everyone around you is having so much fun. So, here are my top five tips for revising effectively over the Christmas break.

Set aside a few hours a day to revise.

Find the best time to revise and make sure that you stick to your timetable! For example, I find that I work best in the morning. 2.

Plan something fun to do every day.

Even if it’s just going for coffee with a friend or watching a film at home, this will give you something to look forward to and motivate you to finish your revision.

Explain to your family why your revision is important.

3.So, make efforts to tell them why your exams are important. Perhaps you can agree to do something nice with them when your exams are over.


It is important to take some time to relax. When you do get back to revising, you’ll probably find it easier to concentrate. Pick the most important days for you and your family to concentrate on celebrating Christmas!

Remember that it won’t last forever.

You might have to spend your Christmas revising this year, and perhaps for a few more years, but soon enough you’ll be free of exams forever. 5.Have a great Christmas and make sure you find a balance between studying and celebrating. Good luck in your exams!

A. Spare your time for your family.

B. Make sure that you take a few days off!

C. So I get up fairly early and do a few hours of revision.

D. Sometimes it can be difficult for family to understand you.

E. However, for many of us, it is also time to prepare for January exams.

F. Otherwise, you may probably fall into trouble with your friends and family.

G. And after spending time revising, your future Christmases will seem even better!

When I was in the third grade, Mother’s day came around much too quickly; I found myself empty-handed with nothing to give my mom on her special day. So I was ________when an announcement over the loudspeaker said that one of the older grades would be_____pins(胸针)that said “Number-One Mom”. It may not sound like much, but to an 8-year-old it’s ______.

So each day I ______myself that the following day I would bring the money to buy the pin, but I always forgot. And I was______when the principal(校长)and a few of the older kids selling pins came into my_______and announced that it was the last day to buy them.

I always_______my principal. She could be sweet, but sometimes she could be _______ . If you break_____ , she was quick to set you straight, so I remained as disciplined as a ______before her.

On this day, however, my principal was in a good_______. And she must have heard me tell my classmates I’d _______my money again. I wasn’t crying, but she knew I really wanted to buy a_______.

After she left, I got called to her office. I’d never been there. So I was terrified. When I arrived ______, she told me to come to her desk, and she pulled out the pin I’d had my eye_______for days.

“The kids gave me this to give to my_____ ,” she began. “But my mom passed away, so I want you to _____it.”

Taking the pin, I looked at it in my this hands. I didn’t know what to say. I probably_______her and walked back to class, and proudly presented this_______gift to my mother.

I don’t know if my mom still has the pin, and I don’t know ______the principal remembers giving it to me. but I will never forget that act of kindness from someone I’d never expected it from.

1.A. anxious B. glad C. patient D. curious

2.A. showing B. collecting C. making D. selling

3.A. perfect B. small C. solid D. safe

4.A. enjoyed B. warned C. told D. asked

5.A. surprised B. disappointed C. puzzled D. excited

6.A. direction B. school C. office D. classroom

7.A. feared B. loved C. hated D. ignored

8.A. careful B. kind C. strict D. considerate

9.A. glasses B. rules C. promises D. mistakes

10.A. nurse B. teacher C. lawyer D. solider

11.A. mood B. shape C. manner D. style

12.A. lost B. saved C. forgotten D. dropped

13.A. book B. pin C. toy D. bike

14.A. shaking B. smiling C. singing D. thinking

15.A. to B. with C. in D. on

16.A. husband B. mother C. daughter D. friend

17.A. store B. wear C. have D. win

18.A. paid B. respected C. kissed D. thanked

19.A. free B. expensive C. big D. rare

20.A. if B. how C. why D. that

Welcome to Arundel Castle which is situated in West Sussex, England. The castle has a history of nearly 1000 years and has welcomed visitors traveling from all over the world. Arundel Castle also plays a starring role in many films.

The Gardens

The White Garden is planted with soft white Iceberg Roses, and Snow White Lilies.

The Rose Garden is newly planted with lovely old-fashioned English roses that are at their very best in June and July.

The Organic Kitchen Garden produces a wide range of seasonal fruit and vegetables, pears, cherries and apples.

The Castle Shop

In the Castle Shop, you will discover a wide and interesting range of gift ideas for everyone. It offers gifts and souvenirs designed to appeal to all tastes and pockets. Foods, china, books, and stationery (文具)are all available. Many are sold in this Castle Shop only.

At Arundel Castle we pride ourselves on supporting local suppliers and actively encourage environmentally friendly products.

The Arundel Festival 2014

Saturday 16th to Monday 25th August

The annual Arundel Festival gets bigger and better every year. It is one of the most amazing, diverse and easily accessible arts festivals in the UK, offering a mix of visual arts, music, theatre and street entertainment.


Coaches and mini-buses can drop off at the main Castle entrance in Mill Road and park in the main town car park that is opposite the Castle entrance. Please inform us when making your booking of how many parking permits are required.

1.When visiting the castle, you can____________.
A. get old-fashioned English roses as gifts
B. buy eco-friendly products in the Castle Shop
C. get seasonal fruit and vegetables for free
D. see how the local gifts are being made

2.How long does the Arundel Festival last this year?

A. 10 daysB. One weekC. 16 daysD. One month

3.Where can you park the coach?

A. In Mill RoadB. Inside the Castle

C. In the main town car parkD. At the main Castle entrance

Reading can be a social activity. Think of the people who belong to book groups. They choose books to read and then meet to discuss them. Now the website turns the page on the traditional idea of a book group.

Members go on the site and register the books they own and would like to share. BookCrossing provides an identification number to stick inside the book. Then the person leaves it in a public place, hoping that the book will have an adventure, traveling far and wide with each new reader who finds it.

Bruce Pederson, the managing director of BookCrossing, says, “The two things that change your life are the people you meet and books you read. BookCrossing combines both.”

Members leave books on park benches and buses, in train stations and coffee shops. Whoever finds their book will go to the site and record where they found it.

People who find a book can also leave a journal entry describing what they thought of it. E-mails are then sent to the BookCrossers to keep them updated about where their books have been found. Bruce Peterson says the idea is for people not to be selfish by keeping a book to gather dust on a shelf at home.

BookCrossing is part of a trend among people who want to get back to the “real” and not the virtual(虚拟). The site now has more than one million members in more than one hundred thirty-five countries.

1.Why does the author mention book groups in the first paragraph?

A. To explain what they are.

B. To introduce BookCrossing.

C. To stress the importance of reading.

D. To encourage readers to share their ideas.

2.What does the underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 refer to?

A. The book. B. An adventure.

C. A public place. D. The identification number.

3.What will a BookCrosser do with a book after reading it?

A. Meet other readers to discuss it. B. Keep it safe in his bookcase.

C. Pass it on to another reader. D. Mail it back to its owner.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Online Reading: A Virtual Tour

B. Electronic Books: A new Trend

C. A Book Group Brings Tradition Back

D. A Website Links People through Books

“We haven’t found anything that we can’t recycle!”

Cigarette ends are everywhere—littering our streets and beaches—and for decades they’ve been thought of as “unrecyclable”. But a New Jerseybased company, called TerraCycle, has taken on the challenge, and has come up with a way to recycle millions of cigarette ends and turn them into industrial plastic products. Its aim is to recycle things that people normally consider impossible to reuse.

Obviously it would be even better for the environment if everyone just stopped smoking, but the statistics show that although there has been an increase in anti-smoking ads and messaging, between 2000 and 2014, global sales of cigarettes increased by 8 percent, and a whole lot of those cigarette ends are ending up as trash. Since most of our litter eventually ends up in waterways, cigarette ends can surely pollute the surrounding environment. “It only takes a single cigarette end to pollute a liter of water,” TerraCycle founder, Tom Szaky, said. “Animals can also mistake littered cigarette ends for food.”

So how do you go about turning all those poisonous ends into something useful? TerraCycle does this by first breaking them down into separate parts. They mix the remaining materials, such as the tobacco and the paper, with other kinds of rubbish, and use it on non-agricultural land, such as golf courses. The filters (过滤嘴) are a little harder. To recycle these, TerraCycle first makes them clean and cuts them into small pieces, and then combines them with other recycled materials, making them into liquid for industrial plastic products.

They’re now also expanding their recycling offerings to the rest of the 80 percent of household waste that currently can’t be recycled, such as chocolate packaging, pens, and mobile phones. The goal is to use the latest research to find a way to stop so much waste ending up in landfill (垃圾填埋), and then get companies to provide money for the process. And so far, it’s working.

“We haven’t found anything that we can’t recycle,” communications director of Terra Cycle, Albe Zakes, said. “But with the amount and variety of packaging and litter in the world, we are always looking for new waste streams to address.”

1.What does Terra Cycle intend to do?

A. Search for recyclable materials for use.

B. Deal with as many cigarette ends as possible.

C. Produce new kinds of industrial plastic products.

D. Recycle what used to be considered unrecyclable.

2.The underlined word “trash” in Paragraph 2 probably means ______.

A. rubbish B. poison

C. disaster D. ruin

3.What does Paragraph 3 mainly talk about?

A. The effective use of cigarette ends.

B. The process of recycling cigarette ends.

C. The difficulty in recycling cigarette ends.

D. The reason for breaking down cigarette ends.

4.What Albe said in the last paragraph implies that ______.

A. there is more and more waste to be recycled

B. it is difficult for TerraCycle to recycle everything

C. TerraCycle is trying to meet the challenge of new waste

D. TerraCycle has successfully recycled a large amount of waste

Sometimes the toughest thing about feelings is sharing them with others.Sharing your feelings helps you whether your feelings are wonderful or terrible.Sharing also helps you to get closer to people you care about and who care about you.But how?

You can’t tell your friends what’s inside your backpack if you don’t know what’s in there yourself.Feelings are the same way.Before you can share them with anyone,you have to figure out what feelings you have.

Making a list of your feelings can help.You can do this in your mind or by writing it out or even by drawing pictures.Is something bothering you? Does it make you frustrated or terrified? Do you feel this emotion only once in a while or much of the time?

The way a person feels inside is important.If you keep feelings locked inside,it can even make you feel sick! But if you talk with someone who cares for you,you will almost always start to feel better.It doesn’t mean your problems and worries magically disappear,but at least someone else knows what’s bothering you and can help you find solutions.

Your mom and dad want to know if you have problems and what’s happening in your life.But what if a kid doesn’t want to talk with parents? Then find another trusted adult,like a relative or a teacher at schoo1.Maybe this person can help you talk with your parents about your problem or concern.

Once you know who you can talk with,you'll want to pick a time and place to talk.You can talk publicly in your family.But some kids are more private than others and they will feel shy about sharing their feelings.Then find a quiet place or write it down on a piece of paper.A kid doesn’t have to share every feeling he or she has.

1.What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. The importance of feelings. B. How to figure out your feelings.

C. How to share your feelings. D. The people sharing your feelings.

2.What can we learn from Paragraph 2?

A. Kids can’t tell their friends about their backpack.

B. Kids should know about themselves first before sharing.

C. Kids need to find out what others think of them first.

D. Kids’feelings are the same in a way.

3.What might happen after sharing your feelings with others?

A. You’11 recover from your illness. B. Your worries will magically disappear.

C. You’11 like more private talks. D. You will feel relieved.

4.Where is this passage probably taken from?

A. A science fiction. B. A parents’brochure.

C. A children’s magazine. D. A notice board.


A student's life is never easy. 1. A lot of preparations are needed so you can be sure to go hack home with a diploma and a bright future waiting for you. The following are some basic things you need to do before even seizing that passport and boarding on the plane.

●Knowing the country.

You shouldn't bother researching the country's hottest tourist spots or historical places. You won't go there as a tourist, but as a student. It'll be helpful to read the most important points in their history and to read up on their culture. 2. You surely don't want to face legal problems, especially if you're away from home.

●Studying their language.

Don't expect that you can graduate abroad without knowing even the basics of the language. Before leaving your home country, take online lessons to at least master some of their words and sentences. 3. Doing this will also prepare you in communicating with those who can't speak English.b


Check the conversion(兑换)of your money to their local currency, set up your bank account so you can use it there, get an insurance, and find an apartment. The Internet or your intended school will be very helpful in finding an apartment and helping you understand local currency.

Remember, you're not only carrying your own reputation but your country's reputation as well. If you act foolishly, people there might think that all of your country men are foolish as well. 5.

A. Packing your clothes.

B. Preparing for other needs.

C. Most importantly, read about their laws.

D. This will be useful in living and studying there.

E. That would surely be a very bad start for your study abroad program.

F. Going with their trends will keep it from being too obvious that you're a foreigner.

G. And it is even more difficult if you will have to complete your study in a foreign land.

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