Here are a few practical apps that can help you with your studies, and beyond.


Price: Free

Platform: iOS and Android

As you star your new term, let the planning app MyHomework create a personalized study schedule. Rank as one for the best homework management apps by USA Today, this app allows you to prioritize(排序)assignments by color-coding subjects. It also reminds you of every single deadline and upcoming test you have. MyHomework is not only for smart phones but also for Apple Watch.


Price: 18 yuan

Platform: iOS

Taking good notes is important to good results. As a result, one note-taking app, Notability, is gaining popularity among students. This app allows users to take handwritten notes on touch screens and type essays. Plus, Notability users can easily share files with classmates through e-mail or cloud services like iCloud.

Sleep Cycle

Price: 6 yuan

Platform: iOS and Android

For students struggling to wake up on time during school days, Sleep Cycle can be your lifesaver. It cleverly records your sleep. After you wake up, the app shows your sleep quality through easy-to-read graphics(图表). Even better, Sleep Cycle has an intelligent wake-up mode. It wakes you up when you are in your lightest sleep state with the help of soft music. This stress-free wake-up call can potentially improve your daily productivity.


Price: Free

Platform: iOS and Android

MyMoney, a Chinese money management app, can help you achieve financial independence. This popular app allows you to add up all your accounts including campus(校园)cards and transportation cards. And it tracks your every expense(开支)to help you understand your spending habits. If any of your accounts is low, MyMoney will alarm you.

1.What can we know about Notability?

A. It’s a drawing app B. It can run on Apple Watch

C. It can be used to share notes D. It helps users organize homework

2.Which of the following helps to improve users’ spending habits?

A. MyHomework B. Notability

C. Sleep Cycle D. MyMoney

3.What do the four apps have in common?

A. They are all free of charge B. They are intended for students

C. They require Android platform D. They all help users with studies

In 1971 a young man who grew up very poor was traveling across the country, trying to make a new start for himself. Along the way he had completely run out of(用光了...) money and was forced to spend the night in his car. This continued until one morning, after a week of sleeping in his car, he walked nervously into a restaurant and ordered a big breakfast.

After eating his first good meal in weeks, he found himself lying to the waiter, telling him he had lost his wallet. The waiter, who was also the owner, walked behind the chair where the young man had been sitting. He bent down, and came up with a $20 bill that looked as if it had fallen on the floor and said, “Son, you must have dropped this,”the owner said. The young man couldn’t believe his luck! He quickly paid for the breakfast, left a tip, bought gas with the change, and headed West.

On the way out of town, he began to understand what the owner did. Maybe nobody dropped the money at all.“Maybe that fellow just knew I was in trouble and he helped me in a way that didn’t embarrass(使尴尬)me. So I just made a promise to help other people if I can.”

Later, he worked very hard and became a rich man. Now he lives near Kansas City. Each year he gives away thousands of dollars. He is known as the “Secret Santa” because at Christmas time each year, he personally hands money out to those on the street and at restaurants. Last year, he gave more than $50,000 away in Kansas City.

1.The young man was traveling across the country in 1971 to ______

A. look for a good restaurant B. improve his life

C. show his new car to others D. hand out dollars

2.The underline sentence means that the young man got to know that____

A. It was very lucky of him to get his lost money back.

B. It was very honest of the owner to return his money

C. the owner helped him in a way that didn’t hurt his feeling

D. another person who had breakfast in the restaurant lost the money

3.From the end of the passage we can learn that_______

A. the man did carry out his promise

B. the man was not successful in the end

C. the owner was paid back the money

D. Santa give the man money each year

4.The message of the story is“_______”

A. One good turn deserves another

B. Where there is a will,there is a way

C. He who travels far knows much

D. Give love wings(翅膀) and it may fly higher

Humans have been keeping animals as pets for tens of thousands of years, but Dr Jean-Loup Rault, an animal scientist at the University of Melbourne in Australia, believes new companions are coming: robot pets.

“Technology is moving very fast,” Rault told ABC News, “The Tamagotchi in the early 1990s was really the first robotic pet, and now Sony and other big companies have improved them a lot.”

This may not sit well with pet lovers. After all, who would choose a plastic toy over a lovely puppy? But Rault argues that the robotic kind has a lot going for it: “You don’t have to feed it, you don’t have to walk it, it won’t make a mess in your house, and you can go on a holiday without feeling guilty.” The technology also benefits those who are allergic to pets, short on space, or fearful of real animals.

It’s not clear whether robot pets can replace real ones. But studies do suggest that we can bond with these smart machines. People give their cars names and kids give their toy animals life stories. It’s the same with robots. When Sony stopped its repair service for its robot dog Aibo in March 2014, owners in Japan held funerals.

As an animal welfare researcher, Rault is concerned about how robotic pets could affect our attitudes towards live animals. “If we become used to a robotic companion that doesn’t need food, water or exercises, perhaps it will change how humans care about other living beings,” he said.

So are dogs and cats a thing of the past, as Rault predicts? For those who grew up with living and breathing pets, the mechanical kind might not do. But for our next generation who are in constant touch with smart technology, a future in which lovely pets needn’t have a heartbeat might not be a far-fetched dream.

1.What does the underlined phrase “sit well with” means?

A. be refused by B. be beneficial to

C. make a difference to D. receive support from

2.What are the advantages of robot pets?

a. They are plastic and feel smooth.

b. Owners needn’t worry about them when going out.

c. They can help cure allergies(过敏).

d. They save space and costs.

A. ab B. bc

C. bd D. cd

3.We can learn from the passage that___________.

A. Sony is the first company to produce robot pets Aibo.

B. People can develop strong bond(联系、关系) with their robot pets.

C. Rault thinks robot pets still have a long way to go.

D. Robot toys may help people care more about living beings.

4.The passage mainly tells us___________.

A. the advantages of robot toys B. the popularity of robot pets

C. living pets are dying out. D. robot pets are coming.

A new study of 8,000 young people in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior shows that although love can make adults live healthily and happily, it is a bad thing for young people. Puppy love(早恋)may bring stress for young people and can lead to depression.The study shows that girls become more depressed than boys, and younger girls are the worst of all.

The possible reason for the connection between love and higher risk of depression for girls is “loss of self”. According to the study,even though boys would say “lose themselves in a romantic relationship”, this “loss of self” is much more likely to lead to depression when it happens to girls. Young girls who have romantic relationships usually like hiding their feelings and opinions. They won’t tell that to their parents.

Dr Marianm Kaufman,an expert on young people problems, says 15% to 20% young people will have depression during their growing. Trying romance often causes the depression. She advises kids not to jump into romance too early. During growing up, it is important for young people to build b friendships and a b sense of self. She also suggests the parents should encourage their kids to keep close to their friends, attend more interesting school activities and spend enough time with family.

Parents should watch for signs of depression—eating or mood changes—and if they see signs from their daughters or sons, they need to give help. The good news is that the connection between romance and depression seems to become weak with age. Love will always make us feel young, but only maturity(成熟)gives us a chance to avoid its bad side effects.

1.Which of the following is more likely to have depression?

A. Young people who have a strong sense of selfishness.

B. Young girls who always hide their feelings and opinions.

C. Young boys whose parents watch for their behavior

D. Careless parents whose children are deep in love.

2.What can be inferred from the passage?

A. The older a woman is, the less likely she seems to lose herself in romance.

B. Lacking love can lead young people to grow up more quickly.

C. Early love makes young people keep close to their friends and parents.

D. Parents should help their children to be aware of the signs of depression.

3.What’s the author’s attitude towards puppy love?

A. Confused B. Scared

C. Disinterested D. Disapproving

4.What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. Puppy love may bring young people depression

B. Parents should forbid their children’s love

C. Romance is a two-edged sword for adults

D. Romance is good for young people

The Benefits of Keeping a Journal

If you want to grow, one important thing you should do is keeping a journal. It may seem simple, but it can make a big difference in your life. I have been keeping journals for years. Writing all the lessons I learn and all the ideas I get has become a habit for me. And to be honest, I can’t imagine what my life would be like without it.1.

It prevents you from losing an idea. Have you ever got an idea only to lose it later because you didn’t write it down? 2..But then I developed the habit of writing down every idea that came into my mind as soon as possible. If I’m away from my computer, I usually write it down on a piece of paper that I bring wherever I go. I will then transfer the idea to the journal in my computer.

It helps you review all the lessons you’ve learned. By reviewing your journal, you can quickly see the lessons you’ve learned and the ideas you’ve got. 3. You can use the ideas to push yourself forward.

4.After keeping a journal for years, you can look back at it and see how far you’ve gone. Things that were big problems in the past might seem small today. The raw ideas you had in the past might have been realized today.

It helps you expand your idea. When you try to come up with a sentence to express an idea, you are thinking actively about it. 5. In the end, you will expand your ideas.

A. I often experienced that myself.

B. It trains you to express your thoughts.

C. It allows you to see your progress over time.

D. Just use whatever tool you feel comfortable with.

E. Here are some benefits you will get by keep a journal.

F. Thinking actively helps you connect your idea to another idea.

G. Then you can do whatever necessary to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

I was shopping in a supermarket last night when I saw a homeless woman with a trolley(手推车)full of all her things. She was sitting inside to keep ______ . I went up to her and tried to give her ______for something to eat. She wouldn’t _____ it. I said I wanted to help her_____ she said that if enough money was given to her that day and she had money was given to her that day and she had money on her, other homeless people would ______ it from her while she slept.

I ______ that I wanted to help her and asked if I could buy her something warm. ______, she said no. She thanked me and said how ______ she was that I had spoken to her and offered ______ . We introduced ourselves and she said that when I saw her the next time, she would ______ accept help.

I walked out into the cold winter ______ and gave the money to a homeless man who was freezing. I asked him his name, ______ I always want to know, and I told him mine. H appeared to have had a drinking or drug problem, but I was ______ that he accepted my help.

I had this ______ that stayed with me. I felt that I had been in the presence of someone really special earlier. I always ______ what it would be like to be in a homeless person’s shoes, I know how______ I am and how grateful I am for what I _______in my life.

I learned a valuable ______ from the lady I met: Not all ______ people will take money or help if they feel enough has been given to them that day. She was grateful for the day. I will make sure I _____ her again.

1.A. calm B. warm C. healthy D. energetic

2.A. time B. freedom C. money D. choice

3.A. take B. make C. eat D. receive

4.A. and B. or C. so D. but

5.A. spend B. steal C. find D. hide

6.A. agreed B. wondered C. apologized D. explained

7.A. Again B. Besides C. Instead D. Thus

8.A. proud B. curious C. regretful D. grateful

9.A. help B. food C. strength D. advice

10.A. generously B. willingly C. slightly D. politely

11.A. morning B. noon C. afternoon D. night

12.A. unless B. when C. because D. though

13.A. glad B. sure C. astonished D. puzzled

14.A. hope B. feeling C. belief D. courage

15.A. expect B. believe C. imagine D. remember

16.A. lucky B. unique C. serious D. confident

17.A. observe B. own C. support D. respect

18.A. fact B. quality C. lesson D. subject

19.A. lonely B. hungry C. helpless D. homeless

20.A. call B. ask C. meet D. follow

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