Exhibitions in the British Museum

Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave

Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) is widely regarded as one of Japan's most famous and influential artists.He produced works of astonishing quality right up until his death at the age of 90.This new exhibition will lead you on an artistic journey through the last 30 years of Hokusai's life—a time when he produced some of his most memorable masterpieces.

25 May—13 August 2017

Room 35

Adults£12,Members/under 16s free

Places of the mind: British watercolour landscapes 1850-1950

Drawn from the British Museum's rich collection,this is the first exhibition devoted to landscape drawings and watercolours by British artists in the Victorian and modern eras—two halves of very different centuries.

23 February—27 August 2017

Room 90

Free,just drop in

Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia

This major exhibition explores the story of the Scythians—nomadic tribes and masters of mounted warfare,who flourished between 900 and 200 BC.Their encounters with the Greeks,Assyrians and Persians were written into history but for centuries all trace of their culture was lost—buried beneath the ice.

14 September 2017—14 January 2018

Room 30

Adults£16.50,Members/under 16s free

Politics and paradise: Indian popular prints from the Moscatelli Gift

This display is part of the Museum's contribution to the India-UK Year of Culture 2017.It looks at the popular print culture of India from the 1880s until the 1950s.

19 July—3 September 2017

Room 90a

Free,just drop in

1.If you are interested in drawings of natural scenery,you will probably go to______.

A. Room 35 B. Room 90

C. Room 30 D. Room 90a

2.Which exhibition can you attend in October 2017?

A. Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave.

B. Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia.

C. Places of the mind: British watercolour landscapes 1850-1950.

D. Politics and paradise: Indian popular prints from the Moscatelli Gift.

3.Where can we most probably find the passage?

A. In a health report. B. In a story book.

C. In a parenting magazine. D. In a tour guide.

Celeste Ng,a new writer,has gained recognition for her first novel,Everything I Never Told You.

Ng's parents came from Hong Kong,China in the 1960s.Ng was born in America and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,and Shaker Heights,Ohio,in a family of scientists.Celeste went to Harvard University and earned an MFA from the University of Michigan,where she won the Hopwood Award.

Although her novel is not about race,the characters are Asian.The main character is Lydia,a teenage girl,who is the favorite of three children born to a white mother and a Chinese-American father.The story is about Lydia's disappearance,and the emotions the family goes through as the mystery unfolds.The whole family deals with sorrow, regret,and exposed secrets as they search for their lost daughter.

Though the characters in this story are Asian,Ng says she didn't really want to include Asian characters.She was afraid people would think the story was about real people in her life.Because she grew up in America and doesn't speak Chinese,she was actually surprised that she included.Asian characters in the book.

The book has taken off,especially on Amazon,where it won the Editor's Pick for No.1 Best Book of the Year in 2014.Ng is still getting used to the attention,saying she is still amazed when people tell her they have read her book. With so many readers,it's safe to say this is a book you should read.But if you're looking for a simple mystery,this book might not be for you.Most readers warn that you should not read this book unless you're prepared to cry.

1.The novel Everything I Never Told You______.

A. focuses on a family with a missing child

B. discusses the ways to get rid of regret

C. exposes the secret of the American world

D. talks about the life of teenagers in America

2.Which of the following is TRUE according to Celeste Ng?

A. She wanted to help the Asian people.

B. She was surprised she wrote about Asian characters.

C. She was born in Hong Kong and grew up in America.

D. She wanted people to know the characters were real people in her life.

3.How do most readers probably find the book?

A. It's about race. B. It's a sad story.

C. It's a simple mystery. D. It has a surprising ending.

4.What is the text mainly about?

A. Celeste Ng and her family. B. The awards Celeste Ng won.

C. Celeste Ng's learning experience. D. Celeste Ng and her best-known novel.

Lately a popular eight-floor bookstore in Hefei,Anhui province,has risen to fame because it becomes the world's first shared bookstore,in a move meant to encourage more reading among Chinese citizens.

It comes to people's attention as more than 200,000 visitors flooded the store on its first day as a shared bookstore on July 16 this year,a record high since it was reopened to the public in 2013.Some 4,000 books were brought home on the first day,Thepaper.cn reported.

Customers are allowed to borrow up to two books valued under 150 yuan per visit after registering with an app and paying the 99 yuan deposit fee(押金).

All books on sale in the bookstore are available for sharing.Returned books that are damaged are sold at a discount.The bookstore also provides a bonus for bookworms.People who finish reading 12 books in three months receive eight percent of their deposit back,and members can be rewarded one yuan for every book read.

"We want to bring down the cost of reading so people could read more books,"Xu Xinwei,who helps run the bookstore,told Thepaper.cn.

Some parents buy a lot of books for their children,but they usually end up collecting dust as their children grow up.Similarly,some popular novels for young people also fall out of fashion,according to Xu."Books are more effectively circulated when they're shared."

1.The bookstore becomes a shared one .

A. to make more money B. to make more room for new books

C. to inspire more people to read D. to recommend new books

2.What does the underlined phrase “risen to fame” in Paragraph 1 probably mean?

A. Become well-known. B. Settled down.

C. Broken up. D. Taken over.

3.What can we infer.from the passage?

A. The bookstore was once the best in Anhui province.

B. The books that are sold here can't be borrowed.

C. More than 4,000 books were taken home on July 16 in 2013.

D. The cost of reading can be reduced by sharing the books.

4.What does the bookstore do to attract more readers?

A. The bookstore encourages parents to buy more books for their children.

B. The readers are allowed to borrow the books unconditionally.

C. The readers who are members can receive one yuan for every book read.

D. The bookstore is considering offering a bonus for anyone who likes reading.

Can exercise during childhood protect you against memory loss many decades later?Exercise early in life seems to have lifelong benefits for the brain,in rats at least.

“This is an animal study,but it shows that physical activity at a young age is very important—not just for physical development,but for the whole lifelong track of cognitive(认知的)development during ageing,”says Martin Wojtowicz of the University of Toronto,Canada.“In humans,it may delay the appearance of Alzheimer's symptoms(阿茨海默氏症),possibly to the point of preventing them.”

Wojtowicz’s team divided 80 young male rats into two equal groups,and placed running wheels in the cages of one group for a period of six weeks.Around four months later—when the rats had reached middle age—the team taught all the rats to connect an electric shock with being in a specific.When placed in the box,they froze with fear.

Two weeks later,the team tested the rats in three situations: exactly the same box in the same room,the same box with the room arranged differently,and a completely different box in a different room.

The rats without access to a running wheel when they were young now froze the same percentage of times in each of these situations,suggesting they couldn't remember which one was dangerous.But those that had been able to run in their youth froze 40 to 50 percent less in both changed box settings.

"The results suggest the amount of physical activity when we're young,at least for rats,has influence on brain and cognitive health—in the form of better memories—when we're older,"says Arthur Kramer of Northeastern University in Boston,who has found that,in humans,exercise promotes the growth of new brain cells.

1.The study shows that_____.

A. physical activity is important for physical health

B. using the running wheels is of benefit to the rats’ growth

C. physical activity can prevent human’s Alzheimer's symptoms

D. the more exercise a rat has when young,the better memory it will possess when older

2.How are Paragraph 3 and 4 mainly developed?

A. By analyzing causes. B. By giving an example.

C. By describing the process. D. By showing differences.

3.What does the underlined word "it" in Paragraph 2 refer to?

A. Exercise. B. Development.

C. Benefit. D. Study.

4.What is the author's attitude towards the animal study?

A. Negative. B. Objective.

C. Critical. D. Doubtful.

Summer is the perfect time to relax.As you plan for your trip,here are some tips on how to protect yourself. 1..

Fight against the mosquitoes in the hot spots.

There are many mosquito-borne illnesses in tropical regions,which are traditionally vacation hot spots. Therefore,mosquito repellent(驱蚊剂)that contains DEET should be an essential item in your travel bag.


In lesser-developed countries there is less equipment for clean water and public health.If you can't avoid unhealthful water,make sure you bring along a tea or coffee—making pot that will boil water for you.You'd better buy a case or two of water and check that all bottle caps are sealed to assure the bottled water isn't just a refilled bottle of dirty tap water.

Always protect your feet.

It's best to wear slippers in the shower,but if you must be barefoot,put a towel down on the floor.3..You should never walk barefoot in any area of a foreign country,including your hotel room.

Be sure to eat safe fruits.

4..They may have been washed in the same water,or wiped with the same rag used to clean work surfaces in kitchens.The best advice is to bring your own peeler(削皮器)so that you know that something clean has been applied to the fruit.

Enjoy the smell of roadside stands,not the food.

Unless the food is piping hot when served,it's best to stay away from roadside stands,no matter how good the smell of the food might be.If you are concerned about whether a restaurant is clean,order the food to go.5..

A.Don't trust the local water

B.Any fruit served fresh may be polluted

C.Look out for any water not served in a bottle

D.The boxes may be cleaner than the plate or fork on the table

E.You should know how to keep yourself away from dirty fruits

F.They are necessary to avoid coming back with a major illness from your trip

G.Parasites(寄生虫)can enter the skin of your feet and travel to different parts of the body

When I was just out of college, I managed to get my dream job as a trader in New York City on the floor of the American Stock(股票)exchange.

Though it was a proud_______,the job was simply too physically_____—I must stand in a crowd every day, which often_______me in a mindset(心态)that held me back.

Manhattan is a walking town and it's difficult to ______when you have a disability. Taxis are expensive and riding the subway _______dozens of steep steps to get below ______.This left me only one________—the bus.

One night, after the _______for my job, I was aching with self-pity________it started to rain on my walk to the bus stop. I became more and more________without an umbrella, thinking I’d never________it in this city. Telling myself, "this city is just too hard" and "maybe it is just not possible for a guy like me".

And then, I ______the most beautiful, short moment. A couple came rolling by on roller skates, hand_______hand as they skated what seemed like the tango. They were all wet but they saw the_____as an opportunity and romance.

I suddenly became grateful for waiting in the rain because I________have missed this beauty___________if I had been in a taxi or on the subway. This, although _______, was an important moment on my journey to discovering the________of achieving health and happiness. When I change my mindset, ______for a moment, to what is possible and work to get rid of the self-limiting beliefs that________my daily actions, I will be on the road to a healthier, happier life.

1.A. adjustment B. achievement C. agreement D. treatment

2.A. tiring B. boring C. relaxing D. disappointing

3.A. reminded B. expected C. took D. left

4.A. go up B. get around C. set off D. show up

5.A. requests B. supports C. requires D. surrounds

6.A. ground B. street C. town D. city

7.A. change B. chance C. idea D. choice

8.A. struggle B. work C. experience D. influence

9.A. before B. while C. when D. after

10.A. nervous B. curious C. scared D. upset

11.A. get B. make C. put D. watch

12.A. recalled B. observed C. witnessed D. realized

13.A. on B. by C. to D. in

14.A. rain B. tree C. wind D. cloud

15.A. shall B. would C. need D. must

16.A. exactly B. instantly C. entirely D. suddenly

17.A. strange B. small C. normal D. different

18.A. humor B. honest C. power D. principle

19.A. still B. yet C. also D. even

20.A. affect B. follow C. forbid D. harm

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