My daughter Kelly is a cautious person. She needs to warm up to situations, and is hesitant(犹豫的) to try new things. When with close friends, she becomes a leader who laughs loudly and chants. But when that comfort zone is not around her, she is shy and nervous.

This has been challenging for me at times. “Shy” is not a word that I think has ever been used to describe me. But this has been a year of firsts for my girl that has filled her with a new sense of confidence. This year she moved to lap lane (习泳区) in swimming where she was preparing for a swim team. This year she learned to ride a bike without training wheels. And this year she completed her first kids’ triathlon (三项全能).

On Saturday, with a thunderstorm coming soon and my son’s birthday party later in the day, we all went out in the dark of the morning for Kelly to participate in her first triathlon. We practiced transitions from swim to bike to run with her, we got all the equipment she'd need, and we kept talking about the race. But as we waited the two hours for the older kids to finish before her turn, she held my leg a little harder and told me she loved me a few too many times. She was nervous but trying to keep it together.

And then it was her turn. From the second she jumped into the water, my heart soared. My daughter transformed into the most confident human being I had ever seen. She dominated (主宰) that swim, crushed that bike ride and ran to the finish with the biggest smile on her face.

I can honestly say that I never felt so proud of someone in my entire life. It wasn’t because she did a sport or anything like that. It was because she was afraid of something and conquered that fear with confidence and a fire I hadn't seen before.

All day I would find myself just looking over at her and smiling. She might be wearing the finalist medal but I felt like I won that day. I won the chance to see my girl shine. Shine on, sweet baby.

1.Kelly is nervous when .

A. boys are around her B. she changes into a leader

C. she is away from her mom D. situations are new to her

2.We can know from Paragraph 3 .

A. the race began in the early morning

B. the whole family gave Kelly support

C. Kelly was eager for her turn in the race

D. Kelly prepared for her brother’s birthday party

3.Seeing Kelly’s performance in the race, the author felt .

A. excited and proud B. anxious and uneasy

C. worried and hesitant D. curious and concerned

4.In the ending paragraphs the author “felt like I won that day” because Kelly .

A. overcame the fear B. expressed love to her

C. won the gold medal D. took part in the sport

You know the saying "You're as young as you feel." Well, there may be some truth t, according to that, according to researchers at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ellen Langer, a Harvard psychologist who studies how the mind influences the body, and colleagues reviewed the scientific literature for evidence that a person’s perception of their age might influence their health. They published their results in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science.

In one study that Langer led, 47 women had their hair done. The women who thought their new hairdos made them look younger did look younger to objective observers, who were shown before-and-after pictures. The women who thought they looked younger also showed a drop in blood pressure. Another study involving 4,421 men found that thise who became bald(秃顶)at a relatively young age were more likely to get cancer and heart disease than men who did not. Similarly, another study involving 2,017 men found that those who lost their hair early were more likely to develop heart disease. “We believe that the feelings associated with being older than one’s real age account for some of these health outcomes,” the researchers wrote.

The researchers also described studies that found that women who had children later in life were more likely to be healthier and live longer than those who had children early, which they attributed to the fact that these mothers tend to spend more time with younger women. Similarly, people who marry younger partners tend to live longer than those who marry older partners, according to other studies.

Taken together, the research “supports the general mind-body hypothesis(假说)that when a younger mind is prepared, a younger body can accompany it.” While the mechanism remains unclear, the researchers figured that suggestions associated with aging can “make one unconsciously or consciously aware of old age and set in motion a series of physiological processes that can have real effects on short-term and long-term health.”

1.The underlined word “perception” in Paragraph 2 means .

A. view

B. appearance

C. influence

D. creation

2.Which of the following statements is true according to Paragraph 3?

A. Blood pressure is highly related to hairdos.

B. Feeling older than real age may be tied to health problems.

C. Getting cancer or heart disease is the cause of hair losing.

D. The women who love hairdos look younger than those don’t.

3.It can be inferred from Paragraph 4 that .

A. a younger mother is more likely to live longer

B. the younger one of a couple lives much longer

C. often staying with younger people can benefit people’s health

D. people who want to live longer need to marry young

4.The passage mainly tells us that .

A. Getting bald too early is not good to marry young

B. Women had better give birth later in their life

C. Feeling younger to a couple is very important to their health

D. People’s feeling of their age may have an effect on their own health

Spring is coming, and it is time for those about to graduate to look for jobs. Competition is tough, so job seekers must carefully consider their personal choices. Whatever we are wearing, our family and friends may accept us, but the workplace may not.

A high school newspaper editor said it is unfair for companies to discourage visible tattoos(纹身) nose rings, or certain dress styles. It is true you can’t judge a book by its cover, yet people do “cover” themselves in order to convey certain messages. What we wear, including tattoos and nose rings, is an expression of who we are. Just as people convey messages about themselves with their appearances, so do companies. Dress standards exist in the business world for a number of reasons, but the main concern is often about what customers accept.

Others may say how to dress is a matter of personal freedom, but for businesses it is more about whether to make or lose money. Most employers do care about the personal appearances of their employees, because those people represent the companies to their customers.

As a hiring manager I am paid to choose the people who would make the best impression on our customers. There are plenty of well-qualified candidates, so it is not wrong to reject someone who might disappoint my customers. Even though I am open-minded, I can’t expect all our customers are.

There is nobody to blame but yourself if your set of choices does not match that of your preferred employer. No company should have to change to satisfy a candidate simply because he or she is unwilling to respect its standards, as long as its standards are legal.

1.Which of the following is the newspaper editor’s opinion according to Paragraph2?

A. People’s appearances carry message about themselves.

B. Customers’ choices influence dress standards in companies.

C. Candidates with tattoos or nose rings should be fairly treated.

D. Strange dress styles should not be encouraged in the workplace.

2.What can be inferred from the text?

A. Candidates have to wear what companies prefer for an interview.

B. What to wear is not a matter of personal choice for companies.

C. Companies sometimes have to change to respect their candidates.

D. Hiring managers make the best impression on their candidates.

3.Which of the following would be the best title for the text ?

A. Employees Matter

B. Personal Choices Matter

C. Appearances Matter

D. Hiring Managers Matter

4.The author’s attitude towards strange dress styles in the workplace may best be described as .

A. enthusiastic B. negative

C. positive D. sympathetic

Is it necessary to learn when we are 50s, 60s or even 70s?Most people consider when they get retired, they are supposed to be completely laidback, do something fun, or hang around.1. It’s particularly important to the elderly.

Through learning, we know how to think, how to memorize, how to ask questions and even how to interact with others. According to a study, while we are learning, “the brain creates neural(神经)pathways” that make us smarter. 2. The more we learn, the mote new  neural pathways develop in our brains.

When it comes to learning, it doesn’t mean we must load ourselves with lots of knowledge. What we need to do is just learn something we like day in and day out. 3. Everyone learns from bottom to up. If we have an interest to learn, that desire will naturally push us to move forward.

As we feel worn out from learning, don’t be discouraged.4. An old saying goes, “Birds of a feather fly together.” As long as we have partners to learn all together, our learning excitement will come alive again. On the contrary, if we don’t learn, and choose to distance ourselves from other, we might be getting dumb, and slow; eventually, we lose energy, and life passion. Instead of being bored, dumb, why don’t we keep learning?

5. More importantly, learning explores our life horizon, helps us build up our confidence; gradually, it leads us to a way of finding a sense of value and ach.

A. It’s never too old to learn.

B. Don’t worry if we cannot learn well.

C. You should set a high learning target.

D. Learning makes us understand how potential we are.

E. Look for a partner who has the same common interest as you do.

F. In other words, our brains are active as we learn something new.

G. However, the truth is that learning makes us energetic, and self-fulfilled.

Traditional fairytales are being abandoned by parents because they are too scary for their young children, a study found.

Research revealed one in five parents has ________ old classics such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and Rapunzel (长发公主)in _______of more modern books. One third of parents said their children have been left in_____after hearing the horrible details of Little Red Riding Hood. And nearly half of mothers and fathers ______ to read Rumplestiltskin (纺织姑娘)to their kids as the ________ of the story are kidnapping and killing. ______, Goldilocks and the Three Bears was also a tale likely to be________ on the book shelf as parents felt ______ condones(宽恕)stealing.

The ______ of 2,000 adults was commissioned(委任) to_______ the launch of the hit US drama GRIMM,_____starts tonight at 9 p.m. on Watch, and sees six pieces________on traditional fairytales. The poll found a quarter of parents polled wouldn’t ________ reading a fairytale to their child until they had ________ the age of five. And 52 percent of the parents said Cinderella didn’t send a good _________to their children as it describes a young woman _________housework all day.

Steve Hornsey, General Manager of Watch, said: “Bedtime stories are supposed to comfort children and send them off to __________soundly.

Fairytales can be dark and dramatic tales so it’s _________that parents worry about reading them to young children. The study also found two thirds of mums and dads try to ________stories which might give their children nightmares. ________, half of parents said traditional tales are more likely to have a strong moral message than a lot of modern kids’ books, such as The Gruffalo, The Hungary Caterpillar and the Mr. Men books.

1.A. taken up B. put up C. brought up D. given up

2.A. favour B. memory C. honor D. spite

3.A. need B. tears C. debts D. surprise

4.A. agree B. intend C. refuse D. enjoy

5.A. problems B. questions C. sentences D. themes

6.A. Similarly B. Fortunately C. Suddenly D. Immediately

7.A. arranged B. left C. clarified D. sorted

8.A. he B. she C. it D. its

9.A. report B. suggestion C. decision D. survey

10.A. draw B. mark C. paint D. pull

11.A. that B. what C. when D. which

12.A. depended B. stuck C. based D. fixed

13.A. pretend B. consider C. want D. imagine

14.A. arrived B. got C. reached D. increased

15.A. letter B. card C. email D. message

16.A. doing B. cleaning C. making D. taking

17.A. play B. work C. sleep D. school

18.A. understandable B. uncomfortable C. unbelievable D. unchangeable

19.A. read B. avoid C. recite D. repeat

20.A. Therefore B. Besides C. Otherwise D. However

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