Animal conservation

Many animal and plant species have become extinct and many more are in critical danger.Finding ways to protect the earth's wildlife and conserve the natural world they inhabit(居住)is now more important than ever.


The Dodo is a classic example of how human caused damage to the earth's biology.The flightless Dodo was native to the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.It lived off fruit fallen from the island's trees and lived unthreatened until humans arrived in 1505.The easily controlled bird became a source of food for sailors and was attacked by animals introduced to the Island by humans such as pigs, monkeys and rats.The population of Dodos rapidly decreased and the last one was killed in 1681.


The Rhino(犀牛)horn is a highly prized item for Asian medicine.This has led to the animal being hunted in its natural habitat.Once widespread in Africa and Eurasia,most Rhinos now live in protected natural parks and reserves(保护区).Their numbers have rapidly decreased in the last 50 years,and the animals remain under constant threat from poachers(偷袭者).

The Giant Panda

The future of the World Wildlife Fund's symbol is far from certain.As few as 1,600 pandas remain in the wild.The Chinese government has set up 33 panda reserves to protect these beautiful animals and made poaching them punishable with 20 years in prison.However,the panda's distinct black and white patched coat fetches a high price on the black market and determined poachers still pose(造成)one of the most serious threats to the animal's continued existence.


The International Whaling Commission is fighting to ensure the survival of the whale species.Despite the fact that one-third of the world's oceans have been declared the whale sanctuaries(保护区).7 out of 13 whale species remain endangered.Hunted for their rich supply of oil,their numbers have decreased to just 300.Collisions with ships,poisonous pollution and being caught in fishing nets are other major causes of whale deaths.


The last 100 years has seen a 95% reduction in the numbers of remaining tigers to between 5,000 and 7,000 and The Bali,Javan,and Caspian tigers are already extinct.The South China tiger is precariously close to disappearing,with only 20 to 30 still alive.Like the Rhino horn,tigers' bones and organs are sought after for traditional Chinese medicines.These items are traded illegally along with tiger skins.

1.It implies that ________.

A. the Dodo lacked the ability to protect itself from other animals

B. sailors to the Island of Mauritius lived mainly on the Dodo

C. the Dodo used to be a strong animal that liked fighting

D. the Dodo,pigs,monkeys and rats were the natives to the Island of Mauritius

2.Which group of the following animals has already ceased to exist according to the text?

A. The Dodo,Rhinos and Giant Pandas.

B. The Rhino,Whales and South China Tigers.

C. The Rhino,Pandas,Whales and Tigers.

D. The Dodo and the Bali,Javan,and Caspian tigers.

3.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. The number of South China tigers has reached crisis point.

B. Many animals are threatened with extinction as a result of human activities.

C. People hunt for the endangered animals for high profit.

D. The Whale is the representing mark for the World Wildlife Fund.

4.Which of the following is mentioned in all the descriptions of those wild animals?

A. The way of their life.

B. The reason for their extinction or being in danger.

C. Why they are hunted.

D. Punishment for hunting wild animals.

George was a game warden(猎物繁殖和保护区的管理员)in Kenya.One day,he found three tiny lions beside a dead lioness.They were so little that their eyes had not yet opened.Sadly,he took the three little lions and drove back home.

When George got out of the car with the baby lions,his wife Joy Adamson immediately took over.Joy had cared for many young animals over the years,but she had never tried to raise baby lions!However,she was determined to save these babies.

The lions grew rapidly.But as the lion grew bigger and stronger,Joy and George realized they could not keep three large lions.They decided to present two of the lions to a zoo;they would keep the smallest lion,which they named Elsa.

Joy and George taught Elsa to hunt and to protect herself.Elsa liked to play with her human friends,but as Elsa grew to her adult size,this play became dangerous.More than once,Elsa knocked Joy to the ground,scratching(抓伤) her.Joy and George both realized that it was time to find Elsa a new home.They knew she needed a wild home where she could live the life she was born to lead.Finally,Joy and George decide to set Elsa free in Meru Park at the foot of Mt Kenya.

Elsa never forgot Joy and George.Whenever they camped nearby,Elsa would come to visit,rubbing her head against their legs in greeting.

Joy missed Elsa,but was happy that she had made a successful life as a wild lion.Joy wrote a book about Elsa,Born Free,which became an international bestseller.Joy travelled all over the world,talking about the importance of saving the wild animals of the world.

Joy lived out her life in Africa,working with wild animals.She wrote more books about her experiences.Her heartfelt interest in animals and her great love for Elsa helped inspire (激发) a worldwide movement to protect wildlife.For Joy Adamson,there was no greater gift than the beauty and spirit of wild animals,living free.

1.When George took the three lions home,his wife ________.

A. advised him to give them to a zoo

B. was frightened by their appearances

C. was unwilling to care for them

D. had a great love for them

2.Joy and George set Elsa free because ________.

A. Elsa scratched Joy

B. there wasn't enough food for Elsa

C. Elsa was big and strong

D. Elsa was a danger to their neighbours

3.What do we know about the book Born Free from the text?

A. It became very popular.

B. It is mainly about Joy's experiences in Meru Park.

C. It focuses on wild animals in Kenya.

D. It helped change people's attitudes towards wildlife.

4.What's the best title for the text?

A. Joy Adamson:living with lions

B. Elsa:lion raised by a human

C. Born Free:a wonderful book

D. George:a game warden

In the past,man did not have to think about the protection of his environment.There were few people on the earth,and natural resources seemed to be unlimited.Today things are different.The world has become too crowded.We are using up our natural resources too quickly,and at the same time we are polluting our environment with dangerous chemicals.If we continue to do this,human life on the earth will not survive.

Everyone realizes today that if too many fish are taken from the sea,there will soon be none left.Yet,with modern fishing methods,more and more fish are caught.We know that if too many trees are cut down,forests will disappear and nothing will grow on the land.Yet,we continue to cut down more and more trees.We realize that if rivers are polluted with waste from factories,we will die.However,in most countries waste is still put into the rivers or the seas and there are few laws to stop this.We know,too,that if the population of the countries is rising at the present rate,in a few years,there will not be enough food.What can we do to solve these problems?

If we eat more vegetables and less meat,there will be more food for everyone.Land that is used to grow crops can feed five times more people than land where animals are kept.

Finally,if we educate people to think about the problems,we shall have a better and cleaner planet in the future.

1.Today we have to think about the protection of our environment because ________.

A. things on our planet are getting worse and worse

B. the limited natural resources are being used quickly

C. the environment is continuing to be polluted by too much waste and poison

D. worse environment is endangering the lives of human beings

2.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

A. If we eat more meat,more food can be saved.

B. In the past, there were few people who thought about the environment protection.

C. If we keep on cutting down trees,forests will disappear.

D. We should not take more and more fish out of the sea,or there will soon be no fish left.

3.According to the passage,the most important thing we must understand is that ________.

A. we should keep our environment from being polluted

B. we must make enough laws to protect our natural resources

C. man will destroy himself if he doesn't solve the problems

D. we will have enough food if the world population rises at the present rate

Raising a baby takes a lot of work, especially when that baby is a king penguin. Now, it looks like climate change will make life even harder for these birds.

Most king penguins live on the Crozet Archipelago, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, about 1,000 miles north of Antarctica. After the penguin chicks are born in November,which is summer in the Southern Hemisphere,both parents spend 4 months collecting fish to feed their offspring (后代).

When the fish move to deeper waters in March, the adults swim hundreds of miles south. There, near the Antarctic ice, they spend the winter eating seafood to add to their own energy stores. In October, the parents return to their babies and finish raising them.

Scientists from France have been studying king penguins for a decade. Starting in 1998,Yvon Le Maho and his colleagues put electronic ID tags under the skin of hundreds of penguins. These are the same types of tags you might put in your dog or cat so that you can track them if they're lost. The tags have allowed researchers to get everything about penguins, such as how long they live, whether they return from their winter trips, and if their babies manage to survive the winter.

To see whether water temperatures affect the penguins, Le Maho compared his data with temperature records. Ocean surface temperatures vary from year to year. And previous research had shown that fewer fish and other creatures grow when the water is warmer. Le Maho suspected that this drop would make it harder for adult penguins to survive the hard times ahead. Indeed, his results showed that fewer adults survived during winters when the water was especially warm.

King penguins can live for up to 30 years. And for now, the population still appears healthy. But a warming trend could spell big trouble for a bird that depends on cold and ice.

1.What do adult penguins do in March?

A. They swim south to find food for their offspring.

B. They leave their offspring alone for months.

C. They take their offspring elsewhere to search for food.

D. They teach their offspring some living skills.

2.In the research, electronic ID tags were used to________.

A. help penguins recognize each other

B. help researchers tell one penguin from another

C. keep track of the details of the penguins

D. help researchers find the lost penguins

3.What attitude does the author hold towards the future of penguins?

A. Worried. B. Optimistic.

C. Indifferent. D. Satisfied.

4.What is the purpose of the passage?

A. To call on people to fight against global warming.

B. To call on people to protect the endangered penguins.

C. To tell global warming is threatening the survival of penguins.

D. To explain how global warming affects the life of sea animals.

Holidays with friends can be great fun and a good way of getting to know each other better.Once you are on holiday,the trip can be full of fantastic memories if it's planned correctly.

·Choose a destination

1. Going abroad will cost more but be a more exciting experience.Going to a different place in your own country can also be fun and will be cheaper.

·Collect your friends

Find out how much interest there is from people to go on the trip,and work out your maximum and invite those who you get on well with.

·Meet up

Everyone will have their own idea of what the trip is to be like,so meet up at a local café or restaurant,and share your ideas and concerns.2. Don't try to overpower others.Once you've all shared ideas you'll have a much better idea of how to start organizing the trip.

·Look for accommodation

3. When you are searching for a place to stay in,read reviews and ratings(等级).Book it as soon as possible because leaving it too late is going to make things harder.

·Book transport

Once you have accommodation,you'll know the dates of your stay and be able to book transport,coach,bus,airplane,etc.4.

·Choose things you want to do there

When you are on your trip it will be more relaxing if you have a good idea of what kind of things you want to do.Research the area on the Internet and book some activities you want to join in.5. Don't book a load of things which you can't afford.

A.One person will naturally be the leader.

B.Check out if your idea is necessary.

C.The first step is to work out where you want to go.

D.Match the activities to your budget.

E.Booking transport well in advance lowers the cost greatly,so please do it soon.

F.Make sure that the trip to the foreign country is not too long.

G.Find out your hotel near to the place you want to visit.

I take the train to work every morning from a train station near my house.I can get to the station quite __________ because there is a shortcut(捷径)to the station.But in the summer,it can get quite smelly because of all the __________.So I always try to __________ through it.Today I was trying to do so as usual __________ something made me stop for a moment.I saw the most beautiful __________ by an old woman walking in front of me with the help of a white __________.

She was short and __________ and had white hair.She was walking __________ as each step took some effort.I hadn't specially noticed her __________,until she stopped near a rubbish bin.

She slowly placed her walking stick __________ the rubbish bin.Then she leaned(倚靠)on it with her right hand.She bent down and __________ the rubbish.She clearly found it __________ and it took her a while.She __________ some rubbish with her left hand and slowly straightened(挺直) herself up again.All the while she used the rubbish bin to __________ herself.She threw the rubbish inside the bin and then __________ walking.It all took her great effort.

There's so much rubbish and no one ever does __________ about it.I was moved to __________ this old woman make such a great effort to keep even a small part of it __________!I haven't been able to __________ thinking about that all day.

I want to follow her example.I've decided to pick up rubbish off the __________ if I see it from now on.I hope people will do the same as I do.

1.A. hard B. early C. easily D. late

2.A. rubbish B. boxes C. bottles D. paper

3.A. walk B. pass C. go D. rush

4.A. so B. until C. when D. because

5.A. back B. act C. mark D. colour

6.A. bike B. stick C. dog D. umbrella

7.A. weak B. rich C. clever D. sad

8.A. quickly B. happily C. angrily D. slowly

9.A. at midnight B. at noon C. at last D. at first

10.A. in B. around C. against D. under

11.A. searched for B. threw away C. reached for D. looked at

12.A. unable B. difficult C. different D. impossible

13.A. picked up B. dropped down C. put in D. lifted up

14.A. warm B. enjoy C. support D. hide

15.A. continued B. started C. enjoyed D. remembered

16.A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

17.A. feel B. see C. have D. let

18.A. busy B. beautiful C. dirty D. clean

19.A. keep B. stop C. mind D. regret

20.A. wall B. desk C. ground D. classroom

What will the city of the future be like? No one knows for sure,and making predictions is a risky business. But one thing is certain about the future city—they are going to get bigger before they get smaller. Here are some of the ideas for running a city of 50,000 people in the year 2025.

1. To get rid of garbage problems, the city will load huge spaceships with waste materials and send them towards the sun,preventing landfill and environmental problems.

2. No smoking will be allowed within a future city's limits.

3. In the future all shopping will be done online, and catalogues will have voice commands to place orders.

4. Everyone will be given a telephone number at birth that will never change no matter where they live.

5. All forms of recreation,_such as cinemas, bowling, concerts and others, will be provided free of charge by the city.

6. All cars will be powered by electricity, solar energy or wind, and it will be possible to change the color of cars at the flick of a switch.

7. Distance surgery will become common as doctors carry out operations from thousands of miles away, with each city having its own telesurgery outpatient clinic.

8. Old people and people with disabilities will be able togo anywhere in the world using high-tech cameras attached to their heads.

9. Traveling in space by ordinary citizens will be common. Each city will have its own spaceport.

1.From the passage, we can infer that now___.

A. some waste materials are got rid of by filling holes in the ground with them

B. a patient can have an operation but doesn't have to stay in hospital

C. you must go out of the city if you want to smoke

D. no cars are powered by solar energy or wind

2.The underlined word “recreation” in the fifth idea probably means“___”.

A. risky business

B. what people will create again

C. taking one's career once again

D. activities for pleasure and amusement

3.Which is the best title for the eighth idea?___

A. Senior citizens B. Holidays at home

C. The disabled D. Space travel

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