A tiger-attacking death at a Chinese zoo is under investigation by local authorities who say the victim climbed a fence into the tiger’s enclosure. The attack occurred Saturday at a resort on Dongqian Lake in eastern China’s Zhejiang province. A local government statement says the victim, identified only by his surname of Zhang, climbed a fence with a friend instead of buying tickets. The statement said Zhang’s wife and two children, as well as his friend's wife, bought tickets to enter the zoo. Zhang reportedly passed through a wire netting and eventually climbed a wall to enter the tiger enclosure, while his friend stayed back, the statement said. A tiger attacked him inside the enclosure, as visitors to the park apparently watched from a distance. Photos and video shared on social media appear to show Zhang lying on the ground as tigers circle him.

State television reported one tiger was shot dead by local police, and three others nearby were driven using firecrackers. One video posted online shows a tiger biting his body as people can be heard screaming. Zhang died later in a hospital.  The incident drew a protest from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, which said it reflected the problems of keeping tigers and other large cats in a zoo. “Attacks by caged big cats on people-which occur with regularity-illustrate the profound level of stress and anxiety these animals experience every day of their lives,” PETA’s vice president of international campaigns, Jason Baker, said in a statement. Two women were attacked by Siberian tigers last July when they got out of their vehicle at a Beijing safari park. One woman was killed, and the other was seriously injured.

1.What do we know about the reason why the attacked man went to the zoo without buying a ticket from the passage?

A. He wanted to save money for his wife and children.

B. He was good at climbing and wanted to show off.

C. He thought it was safe to climb a wall to enter the tiger enclosure .

D. The passage doesn’t mention it.

2.What can we learn from the passage?

①Both Zhang and his friend climbed a fence.

②Four tigers circled him but only one was shot finally.

③Another two women were also killed by tigers last July.

④The attacks occurred because the caged big cats suffered frustration and depression.

A. ①③④

B. ①②③

C. ②③④

D. ①②④

3.What does the underlined sentence imply?

A. We shouldn’t keep big cats in a zoo any more.

B. We should only keep grass-eating animal in a zoo.

C. Animals with stress and anxiety probably attack people.

D. Animals should be put in the wild rather than in a zoo.

The 2016 Nobel Prize in Physics is shared by three scientists, the Royal Academy of Sciences announced in Stockholm on Tuesday. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2016 was divided, with one half awarded to David J. Thouless, the other half to F. Duncan M. Haldane and J. Michael Kosterlitz “for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter(物质拓扑相变和拓扑相).”

Haldane said he was “very surprised” at the news, adding that he was glad that their discoveries found something previously unnoticed by many, and that they revealed “more possibilities for looking for new materials.” He particularly pointed out that a lot of work was still ongoing.

The year’s prize amount is 8 million Swedish krona(0.93 million US dollars), and will be split properly between the three winners.

The winners are given a sum of money when they receive their prizes, in the form of a document confirming the amount awarded. The amount of prize money depends upon how much money the Nobel Foundation can award each year. The purse has increased since the 1980s, when the prize money was 880,000 SEK per prize. In 2009, the monetary award was 10 million SEK (US$1.4 million; ?950,000). In June 2012, it was lowered to 8 million SEK.

If there are two winners of a particular prize, the award money is divided equally between the winners. If there are three, the awarding committee can choose to divide the money equally, or award one-half to one winner and one-quarter to each of the others. It is common for winners to donate prize money to benefit scientific, cultural, or charities.

1.How much price money does Thouless get?

A. 8 million Swedish krona.

B. 6 million Swedish krona.

C. 4 million Swedish krona.

D. 2 million Swedish krona.

2.According to the passage, Haldane thought that his work_________

A. was far from ending

B. was based on many previous studies

C. had perfectly been completed

D. had surprised the whole world

3.The amount of prize money _________. .

A. has been ever increasing since the 1980s

B. has been ever decreasing since the 1980s

C. remains 880,000 SEK each year after 2012

D. differs according to the Nobel Foundation’s affordability

4.What does the last paragraph talk about?

A. The purpose of the award money.

B. How the award money is dealt with.

C. How the laureates are selected.

D. The number of laureates per prize.

“Clothes Swapping” has become an increasingly popular activity for women in the United States. The women can give away unwanted clothing at a clothes swap event and get something different in return.

Recently about 300 women went to a clothes swap at a high school in Springfield, Virginia. It was the largest crowd ever for the area’s popular clothing-swapping group.

Daphne Steinberg was having a good day. “For anyone who knows Ann Taylor LOFT, Ann Taylor is a really nice women’s designer and I will totally wear this to work. So I love that, I love that I can equip myself for work, have a good time in doing it, not totally bankrupt myself.”

Sandy Van Dusen likes the idea that clothes are finding new homes instead of being thrown away. “Because it helps to keep the Earth green. There’s no point in my opinion in continuing to buy new clothes when we can reuse what’s already here. Give it a new home--- let somebody else love what you used to love and no longer love.”

Kim Pratt organized the clothing-swapping event in Springfield. She also organized a money-raising activity for the high school’s debate team. It is one of several ways that her group gives to charitable causes.Another is by donating all of the “un-swapped” clothing to shelters for victims of domestic violence.

“I started doing this four years ago, and we’ve been doing it for four years, getting bigger and bigger each time we have a swap.”

She used the social media website meetup.com to help publicize the events. The website has helped her group grow from 30 members to 1,300. Mrs.Pratt says most of the members respect the clothing swap rules. But she say competition for desirable fashion can be strong.

“We have to tell people sometimes not to hover over the new people coming in with their clothing. As they put it out, some people tend to grab the stuff right out of their hands and it becomes like a free-for-all. We try to avoid that as much as possible.”

1.At a clothes swap women can______ .

A. make some money by giving away unwanted clothing

B. buy whatever clothing they like

C. have a social gathering and make friends

D. exchange unwanted clothing for something different

2.We can learn from what Daphne Steinberg said that ______.

A. she got some nice clothes at the clothes swap

B. the clothes swap was the largest ever in the area

C. it was the first time she had been to a clothes swap

D. she saved much more money than she had expected

3.What is Paragraph 5 mainly about?

A. How Kim Pratt started the clothing-swapping event.

B. What Kim Pratt did with the un-swapped clothes.

C. How Kim Pratt raised money to help charitable causes.

D. What Kim Pratt did to help people in need.

4.It can be inferred from the last paragraph that ______ .

A. clothes swaps often go out of control in the end

B. clothes-swapping is becoming increasingly popular with women

C. Improper behavior at clothes swaps needs to be controlled

D. more clothing swapping events need to be organized

La Tomatina, Spain

Tomato juice flows through the streets of Bunol on the last Wednesday of August as the world’s largest tomato fight happens. Festivities begin in the town square where there is a huge pole covered in soap and with a leg of ham at the top. Participants try to climb up the pole to get the ham as watchers throw buckets of water to them. After a gun is fired to signal the beginning of the fight, people catch the tomatoes and throw each other in the streets until the pistol sounds again, marking the end of the event.

Burning Man, Nevada

This infamous festival began in 1986 with the burning of a large figure to mark the summer solstice(夏至). It’s since grown into a week-long annual event that draws more than 48,000 people to the Black Rock Desert. It is held during the week before Labour Day. Participants set up camp in the desert to celebrate art.

Holi, India

This spring festival is celebrated throughout the country in late February or early March. The two-day event celebrates the legend of Prahlad, who escaped unharmed from the fire of the evil Holika Dahan. People mark the event by lighting fires and throwing coloured powder on one another. Children load coloured water into toy pistols called pichkari and take aim at passersby. Holi is known as a happy celebration of the triumph of good over evil.

Songkran, Thailand

This festival marks the Thai New Year, which is celebrated in the second week of April. This is the hottest time of the year in Thailand, so it makes sense that the biggest Songkran tradition is to throw water on people. Thais of all ages join in water fights, using buckets and water guns to celebrate the event.

1.The following celebrations are related to water EXCEPT ______

A. La Tomatina B. Holi

C. Burning Man D. Songkran

2.The underlined word “pichkari” is probably ______.

A. a kind of gun B. a bad man

C. fire D. powder

3.If you want to experience the hottest season in a country, you can choose to visit ______ .

A. Spain B. Thailand

C. India D. Nevada

4.The text is written mainly to ______.

A. encourage people to travel

B. introduce some interesting festivals

C. introduce the world’s biggest parties

D. show the most famous performances

Things to Remember When You’re Having a Bad Day

Even the hardest days contain lessons that will help you be a better person. Feeling down? Consider these things to remember when you’re having a bad day.

● No one promised life would be perfect.

1.Don’t base your happiness on meeting every expectations you set for yourself. It is good to be ambitious, but you’ll never be perfect. If you expect otherwise, your life will be filled with disappointments.


Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit. Don’t kid yourself into thinking success will come quickly. It isn’t easy to be patient, but anything worth doing requires time.3..

● Without hard times, you wouldn’t appreciate the good ones.

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to give up, that is strength.4.. It is hard to find much to smile about when you fail, but how else would you improve yourself? If you look at failures as a part of your growing process, you’ll stay positive and follow your goals for as long as it takes.

● It’s OK to cry sometimes.

Do not apologize for crying. Without this feeling, we are only robots. Don’t be afraid of crying.5.Instead, it is an acceptable way to let go of your depressed feelings. If you let those feelings build up without release, you’ll have a much harder time dealing with them later.

A. Don’t get sad if you lose.

B. It isn’t a sign of weakness.

C. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

D. It’s not okay to foreign now and then.

E. Don’t compare your life with others.

F. Remember: Rome was not built in a day.

G. If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.

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