Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to apply for the Sales Manager position on the careers page of the King Computers website. Last year King Computers added five new offices, making it the largest computer sales and services company in the state. I understand that one of the company’s aims is to expand outside of the Washington area. I hope to have the chance to play an important role in your growing business. As a sales manager with Diamond Computers, I expanded our sales area by 150% in two years. I am sure that my leadership and experience will help King Computers achieve its goals, too.

I have worked in the field of computer sales for over fifteen years. Now I am a sales manager for Diamond Computers based in Seattle. I am skilled at managing accounts and increasing sales revenue(收益). Last year, my team produced $960,000 in revenue---the highest in the company. I am experienced at planning sales strategies(策略), developing advertising campaigns, and creating sales budgets(预算).

King Computers is well-known for its customer-first philosophy. In my fifteen years in sales, this way of thinking is the most important thing I have learned. A sales strategy should never be just about getting money from customers. I believe it’s important to take the time to listen to each customer---to understand what he or she really needs. As a sales manager for King Computers, I will be in a great position to do just that.

If you are looking for a skilled sales manager with a history of success, I would be delighted to speak with you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Paul Reubens

1.According to the passage, what is Paul Reubens?

A. the sales manager of the Diamond Computers

B. the interviewer of the Diamond Computers

C. the sales manager of the King Computers

2.What is one of King Computers’ aims?

A. To set new goals. B. To add five new offices.

C. To hire more sales managers. D. To make its business grow bigger.

3.Paul Reubens is experienced at _______.

A. managing accounts B. creating sales budgets

C. planning sales strategies D. all above

4.Paul Reubens wrote this letter in order to________.

A. tell us that he is skillful as a sales manager

B. show he is fit for the job at King Computers

C. explain why he is interested in selling computers

D. describe what he has experienced for over fifteen years

Most animals have little connection with animals of a different kind, unless they hunt them for food. Sometimes, however, two kinds of animals come together in a partnership (伙伴关系) which is good for both of them. You may have noticed some birds sitting on the backs of sheep. This is not because they want a ride, but because they find easy food in the parasites (寄生虫) on sheep. The sheep allow the birds to do so because they remove the cause of discomfort. So although they can manage without each other, they do better together.

Sometimes an animal has a plant partner. The relationship develops until the two partners cannot manage without each other. This is so in the corals(珊瑚) of the sea. In their skins they have tiny plants which act as “dustmen”, taking some of the waste products from the coral and giving in return oxygen which the animal needs to breathe. If the plants are killed, or are even prevented from receiving light so that they cannot live normally, the corals will die.

1.We learn from the text that corals depend on plants for______.

A. food B. light

C. oxygen D. comfort

2.Some birds like to sit on a sheep because _______.

A. they enjoy travelling with the sheep

B. they can eat the parasites on the sheep

C. they depend on the sheep for existence

D. they find the position most comfortable

3.The underlined word “they” in the first paragraph refers to ____.

A. birds and sheep B. birds and parasites

C. parasites and sheep D. sheep, birds and parasites

4.What does the second paragraph mainly discuss?

A. Some animals live better together.

B. Some plants depend on each other for food.

C. Some animals and plants develop their relationship easily.

D. Some animals and plants depend on each other for existence

For years I have had no idea what I have been doing with my life. I was a 30-year-old lawyer(律师) in New York. But being a lawyer was never my dream or goal in life. I honestly wanted to be a writer. I have a great imagination and would write amazing stories in my head. But I always knew that being a writer was never possible for me because it was a better financial decision to stay a lawyer.

Recently, I couldn’t fall asleep at my usual time of 10 p. m. and when I did fall asleep I had the same dream over and over again. The dream starts with me in the ocean trying to go for a swim and I’m searching for something, but I start to drown(溺水) and have no control over my body. Then a light shines through the waters and when I look up all I can see is myself in a bright white room writing a novel. Then I hear a voice say repeatedly, “Now is the time to try something new!”

It wasn’t just a dream;it was my opportunity to make something good out of my life. That afternoon, I quit my job at the law firm and I couldn’t have been any happier. My life started at 30, and every day since that point I haven’t stopped enjoying life. I started to write and have been on the best-sellers(畅销书) list for the last two months. Things have definitely turned around.

Change is a good thing; it gives us an opportunity to take a chance. So my two favorite words I live by and so should you are “change and chance”.

1.From the first paragraph, we can know that ________.

A. a lawyer is likely to earn more than a writer

B. it is unlikely that the author becomes a writer

C. the author is a 30-year-old lawyer at present

D. the author prefers to be a lawyer rather than a writer

2.The second paragraph mainly talks about the author’s ________.

A. strong desire to become a writer

B. difficulty in sleeping at night.

C. wish to have a swim in the waters

D. terrible swimming experience in the ocean.

3.The best title of the text might be _________.

A. Change and Choice B. Lawyer or Writer

C. Change and Chance D. Risk or Opportunity

I was born and raised in New York and I know how much money beggars (乞丐) make a day. I had never given money to beggars. But last night I ___ give one some. Around 3a.m., I____at a McDonald’s in Harlem to use the restroom. I saw a beggar waiting for me to go over so that he could____the door for me and ask for change. I was ___already. “Why can’t I go to the restroom without him asking me for money?” I thought.

I have no problem saying“___ to beggars. I guess being New Yorkers we are_____ to it. But as I____him and he helped open the door, I looked into his eyes and something ____me. When he asked for change, I____ my pocket, but only a cent(美分) was there. I gave it to him.

Sitting in the restroom, I___ some more change in my wallet – about 3 quarters(两角五分) and some cents. I was going to just give him the cents. It was____ for me to part (分开)with quarters. A(n) ____began in my mind.

The dialogue in my____went like this. You didn’t know what he would do with the _____. But I really thought he was cold and wanted something to keep him____. I was not sure why quarters were so hard for me to____.

The___ he opened the door for me I dropped all the change in his hands.

As I drove my car away, I watched the man___ the change and smiling. I might not know____he was really hungry but I knew I won the battle over the change. Helping others always makes you the____.

1.A. do B. had C. did D. have

2.A. pointed B. stopped C. looked D. ate

3.A. repair B. check C. answer D. open

4.A. strict B. selfish C. angry D. patient

5.A. no B. pardon C. goodbye D. thanks

6.A. similar B. limited C. used D. devoted

7.A. approached B. invited C. blamed D. recognized

8.A. touched B. frightened C. bored D. excited

9.A. pulled out B. reached in C. thought of D. depended on

10.A. referred to B. watched out C. looked for D. left out

11.A. common B. safe C. dangerous D. hard

12.A. attempt B. discussion C. story D. battle

13.A. head B. mouth C. dream D. note

14.A. food B. money C. chance D. job

15.A. patient B. calm C. full D. warm

16.A. give up B. hand in C. put away D. pass on

17.A. way B. moment C. place D. condition

18.A. comparing B. spending C. counting D. sparing

19.A. how B. whether C. when D. why

20.A. instructor B. friend C. supporter D. winner

In the coming months, we are bringing together artists form all over the globe, to enjoy speaking Shakespeare’s plays in their own language, in our Globe, within the architecture Shakespeare wrote for. Please come and join us.

National Theatre of China Beijing|Chinese

This great occasion(盛会) will be the National Theatre of China’s first visit to the UK. The company’s productions show the new face of 21st century Chinese theatre. This production of Shakespeare’s Richard III will be directed by the National’s Associate Director,Wang Xiaoying.

Date & Time : Saturday 28 April,2.30pm & Sunday 29 April,1.30pm & 6.30pm

Marjanishvili Theatre Tbilisi | Georgian

One of the most famous theatres in Georgia,the Marjanishvili,founded in 1928,appears regularly at theatre festivals all over the world. This new production of It is helmed(指导)by the company’s Artistic Director Levan Tsuladze.

Date & Time :Friday 18May,2.30pm & Saturday 19May,7.30pm

Deafinitely Theatre London | British Sign Language (BSL)

By translating the rich and humourous text of Love’s Labour’s Lost into the physical language of BSL,Deafinitely Theatre creates a new interpretation of Shakespeare’s comedy and aims to build a bridge between deaf and hearing worlds by performing to both groups as one audience.

Date & Time : Tuesday 22 May,2.30pm & Wednesday 23 May,7.30pm

Habima National Theatre Tel Aviv | Hebrew

The Habima is the centre of Hebrew-language theatre worldwide ,Founded in Moscow after the 1905 revolution, the company eventually settled in Tel Aviv in the late 1920s,Since 1958, z&xxk they have been recognised as the national theatre of Israel .This production of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice marks their first visit to the UK.

Date & Time :Monday 28May,7.30 & Tuesday 29 May,7.30pm

1.which play will be performed by the National Theatre of China?

A. Richard Ⅲ. B. Lover’s Labour’s Lost

C. As You Like It D. The Merchant of Venice

2.What is special about Deafinitely Theatre?

A. It has two groups of actors B. It is the leading theatre in London

C. It performs plays in BSL D. It is good at producing comedies

3.When can you see a play in Hebrew?

A. On Saturday 28 April. B. On Sunday 29 April

C. On Tuesday 22 May. D. On Tuesday 29 May

I first met Paul Newman in 1968, when George Roy Hill, the director of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, introduced us in New York City. When the studio didn’t want me for the film - it wanted somebody as well known as Paul - he stood up for me. I don’t know how many people would have done that; they would have listened to their agents or the studio powers.

The friendship that grew out of the experience of making that film and The Sting four years later had its root in the fact that although there was an age difference, we both came from a tradition of theater and live TV. We were respectful of craft(技艺)and focused on digging into the characters we were going to play. Both of us had the qualities and virtues that are typical of American actors: humorous, aggressive, and making fun of each other - but always with an underlying affection. Those were also at the core(核心)of our relationship off the screen.

We shared the brief that if you’re fortunate enough to have success, you should put something back - he with his Newman’s Own food and his Hole in the Wall camps for kids who are seriously ill, and me with Sundance and the institute and the festival. Paul and I didn’t see each other all that regularly, but sharing that brought us together. We supported each other financially and by showing up at events.

I last saw him a few months ago. He’d been in zxx.k and out of the hospital.He and I both knew what the deal was,and we didn’t talk about it.Ours was a relationship that didn’t need a lot of words.

1.Why was the studio unwilling to give the role to author at first?

A. Paul Newman wanted it. B. The studio powers didn’t like his agent.

C. He wasn’t famous enough. D. The director recommended someone else.

2.Why did Paul and the author have a lasting friendship?

A. They were of the same dge. B. They worked in the same theater.

C. They were both good actors. D. They han similar charactertics.

3.What does the underlined word “that” in paragraph 3 refer to?

A. Their belief. B. Their care for chileden.

C. Their success. D. Their support for each other.

4.What is the author’s purpose in writing the test?

A. To show his love of films. B. To remember a friend.

C. To introduce a new movie. D. To share his acting experience.

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