A newly?trained teacher named Mary went to teach at a Navajo Indian Reservation.Every day,she would ask five of the young Navajo students to______the chalkboard and complete a simple math problem from______homework.

They would stand there,silently,______to complete the task.Mary couldn’t______.Nothing she had studied in her educational curriculum helped,and she______hadn’t seen anything like it in her student?teaching days back in Phoenix.

What am I doing wrong?Could I have chosen five students______can’t do the problem?Mary would wonder.No,______couldn’t be that.Finally she_____the students what was wrong.And in their answers,she learned a_24__lesson from her young______pupils about self?image and a(n)______of self?worth.

______seemed that the students respected each other’s individuality and knew that______of them were capable of doing the problems.______at their early age,they understood the senselessness of the win?lose approach in the classroom.They believed no one would______if any students were shown up or embarrassed at the______.So they______to compete with each other in public.

Once she understood,Mary changed the system______she could check each child’s math problem individually,but not at any child’s expense______his classmates.They all wanted to learn,______not at someone else’s expense.

1.A. go to B. come to C. get close to D. bring

2.A. his B. their C. his own D. her

3.A. happy B. willingly C. readily D. unwilling

4.A. work it out B. figure it out C. figure out it D. figure it

5.A. almost B. certainly C. hardly D. never

6.A. which B. what C. who D. whom

7.A. they B. it C. everything D. each

8.A. asked B. questioned C. told D. understood

9.A. outstanding B. surprising C. annoying D. frightening

10.A. sunburned B. tender C. Indian D. naughty

11.A. sense B. image C. way D. aspect

12.A. When B. What C. It D. There

13.A. none B. no one C. each D. not all

14.A. Especially B. Even though C. Even so D. Even

15.A. lose B. win C. achieve D. answer

16.A. time B. situation C. desk D. condition

17.A. refused B. rejected C. tried D. promised

18.A. if B. so that C. unless D. in case

19.A. in favour of B. instead of C. by means of D. in front of

20.A. and B. but C. so D. or

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