Anne Bowen, an art teacher, always emphasized environmental themes in her classes. She channels her concern for the environment into her artwork, which you can see in her "Our Environment" exhibition, at the Carrollwood Cultural Center in Tampa. Bowen uses mixed media (pen and ink, colored pencils and paint) to describe nature, using patterns that echo the symmetry(对称) found there. She’s also interested in the ways animals live together in groups, which she explores in her piece Monarch Butterflies(pictured). She hopes her art inspires viewers to come up with solutions to environmental problems. Bowen’s commitment to environmental preservation isn’t just lip service; she’ll donate half of her sales profits to the Sierra Club. In addition to "Our Environment", members of the Exhibiting Society of Artists have an exhibition in the gallery. The opening reception for both shows is 5—8 p.m. Friday. 4537 Lowell Road. (813) 269-1310.


Local artist Dominique Martinez, the creative force behind Rustic Steel Creations, bought and renovated the old Tampa Heights Fire Station No. 5, which became Red Door No. 5. Each month, the gallery features local artists with an opening reception in conjunction with First Friday Art in the Heights. This Friday’s exhibition, "Unfurled", features abstract artists Stephanie Ong and Laura Kmetz.

Ong’s paintings are a form of communication using light, scale and color. Her latest series, "Habitats", explores transitions in life. Kmetz’s works are deep concentrations of nature and objects, which she explores through multilayered, mixed-media works. She seeks to reveal the essence of things, finding their meaning and offer associations with displacement, loss, search, recovery and preservation. The opening reception is 7—10 p.m. 1910 N Florida Ave. The gallery’s hours after that are by appointment.

【题文1】What is the theme of Anne Bowen’ "Our Environment" exhibition?

A. Her interest in her art work. B. Her experience in her teaching.

C. Her ways to protect the environment. D. Her concern for the environment.

【题文2】 What is Anne Bowen’s intention of displaying her Monarch Butterflies?

A. To remind people to care about the environment.

B. To exhibit her discovery in environmental problems.

C. To show her contribution in environmental preservation.

D. To call on viewers to donate for environmental protection.

【题文3】What do Stephanie Ong and Laura Kmetz show in this Friday’s exhibition "Unfurled"?

A. Pictures of human figures. B. Visual aesthetic(美感) of nature.

C. Meaning of natural preservation. D. Abstract works that show their exploration.


My 10-year-old nephew is timid. I was delighted when his mother, my sister, asked me to take him to the circus(马戏团). "Buy one bag of popcorn," she ordered.

"Is there anything we should avoid?"

"Yes, but you can’t avoid it. It’s the elephants’ parade around the ring."

David has read that the circus elephants are the most unhappy creatures in the universe. They’d rather be torn open by a lion than made fool of themselves before a crowd. So, when they started their act, David began to cry, "Those big, big tears …"

So, eyes still dry, sharing popcorn, we watched simian(猴的) cast rush into the ring to a burst of cheers. Then we watched the individual acts — the monkey from the Bolshoi, the famous clown who climbed the tallest pole, hanging on by a finger and a knee. He raised laughter from the audience of children. If the clown slipped, the net would catch him, although no net can be trusted. It’s easy to fall wrong, and if so you can break your silly neck. I would keep that information from David, I promised my schoolteacher. I was the cool adult here.

At last elephants came and did their parade, each wearing a hat. My arm slipped around my beloved nephew.

"Aunt Ella, they are so unhappy."

"I believe they are. But some day this act will be outlawed."


"Yes. The elephants will be returned to the grasslands in Africa and spend the rest of their lives eating green stuff, never having to grab a tail." I put my arms around him and whispered in his ear, "I love you."

He did not sob(呜咽) but nestled closer to me.

The elephants were the last act of the first half of the show, and enduring their performance earned us another box of popcorn.

【题文1】 Why did the author’s sister ask her to buy a bag of popcorn?

A. To show a new fashion.

B. To use it to help David kill time.

C. To use it to help improve David’s attention.

D. To use it to distract David’s attention to his fear.

【题文2】 What does the author use "clown" in Paragraph 5 to refer to?

A. The circus monkey. B. The circus worker.

C. The circus audience. D. The amusing actor.

【题文3】 How did the author feel when watching the monkey acting?

A. She was touched by its acting. B. She was afraid of her nephew’s fear.

C. She regretted taking David to watch it. D. She was worried about the monkey’s safety.

【题文4】What will the following paragraph be about?

A. How the author comforted her nephew. B. What the second half of the show was like.

C. What lesson the author got from the show. D. How much popcorn was needed in the play.


Retailers are exploring a new frontier in social commerce as they go beyond simply offering Facebook pages and Twitter profiles for their customers to follow.

Fueling this trend is web retailers’ quick adoption of social sign-on, which allows consumers to log in to their Facebook account instead of registering on an e-commerce site. Social sign-on gives retailers access to rich profile information for targeting customers.

"Bringing Facebook profile data into retail sites makes sense because it influences consumers," said Jeffrey Grau, e-marketer principal analyst and author of the new report "Social Commerce: Personalized and Collaborative(合作的) Shopping Experiences". "In contrast, many consumers on Facebook are mainly socializing with friends and further removed from making purchase decisions."

Over half of online retailers who responded to an August 2016 survey by Gigya, a provider of social sign-on applications, had either implemented the feature or planned to add it in the near future.

The Gigya study highlighted the benefits that online retailers and media-entertainment publishers get from offering social sign-on. At the top of the list were increased reservation (84%) and richer profile information for targeting product recommendations, emails, promotions and coupons(优惠券)(80%).

"Social networks like Facebook are a center of information about people’s likes and interests,"said Grau."When consumers give a retailer permission to access their personal data on Facebook, the retailers see not only what those people have written in their profiles but also the content they have ‘liked’ on other sites."

A separate study outlined just some of the data available from various sites — not counting other information, like which products, news articles and content on third-party sites they link to in status updates.

Retailers must also be careful about delivering personalized recommendations and targeted ads. These could make consumers feel that their online privacy is being invaded and create a backlash, which is already a perennial(反复的) problem for social networks like Facebook.

【题文1】 Why are retailers turning to Facebook and Twitter?

A. It is easier to trade on the sites.

B. They can talk with their customers there.

C. Their users can be turned into their customers.

D. E-commerce is easier done than social commerce.

【题文2】 How do most retailers react to social sign-on?

A. They react slowly. B. They are researching it.

C. They response actively. D. They are waiting and seeing.

【题文3】What does Grau think the advantage of retailers using social networks is?

A. They sell more online. B. They get more social support.

C. They make more friends online. D. They know people’s likes and interests.

【题文4】 What is the best title of the passage?

A. The trend of e-commerce B. Conversion of customers

C. The future of social shopping D. Advantages of e-commerce


Would You Pay To Eat In A Dumpster(垃圾箱)?

Most of us don’t reach for that gnarled(多瘤的) carrot when selecting our produce at the local supermarket. That’s exactly why Americans waste up to 40% of edible food every year. This unbelievable number has sparked the "ugly food" movement, inspiring many companies to sell ugly fruit and vegetables to consumers, rather than throwing them in the trash.

One San Francisco organization is taking a unique approach. The Salvage Supperclub hosts fancy dinners inside dumpsters where they serve dishes entirely prepared with food that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Josh Treuhaft, founder of these ugly food dinners, originally came up with the idea to bring about the awareness of America’s food waste problem. "There is undeveloped potential in their food that for some reason, not to their own fault, is going to waste," he told Seeker’s Laura Ling.

Treuhaft isn’t alone in his effort to reduce America’s food waste. A change.org petition last year called for Whole Foods to become part of the ugly food movement. They sold misshapen fruits and vegetables in Northern California stores.

Selling imperfect produce is still relatively rare right now, which can be partially attributed to a supply issue rather than a lack of willing participants. Raley’s, a Sacramento-based grocery chain, started an ugly food pilot program called "Real Good", but discontinued it after 90 days saying they had "some challenges sourcing the product". A grower might have large amounts of ugly produce one year due to terrible weather, but much less the next year if the weather is better. Harvests constantly vary and retailers are more likely to buy ugly produce in large number rather than just a few pounds at a time.

This is why organizations like the Salvage Supperclub are playing an important role in the prevention of food waste. The Salvage Supperclub takes it a step further by not only buying the ugly produce, but turning it into a good dining experience as well.

【题文1】What does the underlined words "edible food" in Paragraph 1 refer to?

A. Healthy food. B. Expensive food.

C. Food suitable to eat. D. Food grown locally.

【题文2】Why does the Salvage Supperclub have dinners inside the dumpsters?

A. To share their fancy ideas. B. To warn people not to waste.

C. To show waste should be reused. D. To advise people not to throw dumpsters.

【题文3】What’s Josh Treuhaft’s advice to reduce America’s food waste?

A. People should make full use of ugly food.

B. People should join in the ugly food movement.

C. People should be more aware of food shortage.

D. People should develop their potential in producing food.

【题文4】What makes Raley’s stop its "Real Good" after 90 days of its operation?

A. Lack of sources of product. B. Retailers’ pursuing larger profit.

C. Bad harvests due to bad weather. D. People’s unwillingness to buy imperfect produce.


Fear of Puberty(青春期)

When young people get to puberty, it causes the physical and mental changes that can bring stress and even fear to them. 1

Consider how often you worry about it. If it regularly happens more than twice a day, it’s time that you started taking the problem seriously. You should look out for feelings of panic when you think about puberty. You may have frequent stressful dreams or feel depressed when you notice changes in your body. 2 By identifying them, you can start to do something about them.

3 If you have had a happy childhood it’s natural to feel sad that it’s coming to an end. Many aspects of adult life can be fearful, but remember that you don’t have to face them all at once.

Apart from these, some teenagers worry about putting on weight or feel discomfort with how people treat them or feel their body doesn’t fit them. Remember that this fat is usually temporary. 4 If you feel stressful, find help from your teachers.

Besides parents, teachers and school medical staff, there are a number of other places where you can seek help. ____8___ Your doctor can provide support on body issues and you can insist on seeing the doctor alone if that makes it easier.

You are not alone in your feelings. There are ways to deal with many of the specific problems puberty can cause. The sooner you seek help, the sooner it will get better.

A. Get into the habit of focusing yourself.

B. You should know the source of your stress.

C. These feelings shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

D. You may feel grief at the passing of childhood.

E. Exercise and healthy eating will help you rid it sooner.

F. You can turn to Childline at any time of the day or night.

G. Knowing your feelings better can make it easier to deal with them.


I owe a great deal to my racist friends: they have given me a reason to try and achieve something great in my life.

My school is almost 1 with white students with only five percent African-Americans. During Marching Band freshmen year, I started to notice how frequently my white friends 2 the black people they saw. Once my best 3 friend casually used the n-word (nigger) after I had described to him the isolation I felt when the __4__ was used by anyone of any race. I have 5 numerous friends due to similar statements.

The 6 overtook me for a period of the freshmen year. I nearly 7 my high school in hopes of finding a healthier environment. Finally, I had learned what it meant to be 8 in America.

Instead of leaving, 9 , I chose to stay and fight the ignorance popular in my school. My first __10__ would be Black History Month. In sophomore year I was asked to create an activity for Black History Month. I spent hours 11 black authors, poets and speakers, trying to find different discussion points that could be made in the classrooms in my school. When told that the English Department at my school agreed to use my 12 , I had a feeling of accomplishment 13 many of my classmates doubted my ability.

However, I remained 14 . I quit band and joined my school’s newspaper staff in junior year, to address topics to help 15 race relations. Through my efforts, a meeting was held for students to discuss 16 such as "Should the n-word be used?" Though many white people didn’t attend it, the conversations I participated in __17__ many others at the school.

Though the majority of the people at my school have not left me 18 memories, I am grateful for the awareness they have helped 19 in me. As I move on to college I am ready to go on 20 ignorance and injustices.

1.A. filled B. acquainted C. impressed D. interfered

2.A. encouraged B. greeted C. influenced D. stereotyped

3.A. considerate B. white C. enthusiastic D. intelligent

4.A. standard B. method C. word D. opportunity

5.A. made B. lost C. changed D. supported

6.A. grief B. task C. challenge D. adoption

7.A. compared B. remind ed C. left D. entered

8.A. popular B. black C. stupid D. cautious

9.A. therefore B. also C. besides D. however

10.A. choice B. attempt C. battle D. visit

11.A. meeting B. admiring C. becoming D. researching

12.A. honors B. resources C. materials D. powers

13.A. so B. though C. unless D. because

14.A. successful B. calm C. resolute D. painful

15.A. ignore B. improve C. battle D. check

16.A. topics B. impacts C. situations D. missions

17.A. harmed B. gathered C. disgusted D. benefited

18.A. deep B. special C. positive D. negative

19.A. bring out B. take in C. hold up D. keep off

20.A. fighting B. ignoring C. proving D. witnessing

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