Central Park

Outside among the trees, watch the wildlife—both the human and animal varieties. Call(212) 360-3465 or (212) 360-2726 for daily events and tours.

Central Park stretches from 59th to 110th Sts., and from 5th Ave. to Central Park West.

Empire State Building

This is among the most striking buildings in the city, the nation, even the world. The observation deck (瞭望台) on the 86th floor is open to the general public, offering a wonderful view of the city. On the second floor you'll find the New York Skyride, a simulate helicopter ride over Manhattan.

5th Ave. at 34th St., Midtown: (212) 736-3100

Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum

Five blocks west of Time Square, this museum has hundreds of air, deep-sea and space exhibits. Walk the flight deck of the 900-foot-long aircraft carrier Intrepid, see dozens of old and modern aircraft and ride the Intrepid Navy Flight Simulator.

Pier 86, W. 46th St. and 12th Ave.: (212)245-0072

Madison Square Garden

If it's big, it probably happens at the Garden. Check out sporting events, concerts and much more. Tours are available.

7th Ave., btwn. 31st and 33rd Sts., Midtown: (212)465-6741

1.The New York Skyride is for  .

A. sightseeing B. flight training

C. model plane sports D. city transportation

2.If a visitor is interested in music, he will probably go to  .

A. Central Park B. Empire State Building

C. Intrepid Sea-Air-Space museum D. Madison Square Garden

3.What is the purpose of these texts?

A. To provide information of living in New York.

B. To provide directions of city traffic in New York.

C. To give visitors a guide to New York.

D. To give a brief introduction to the history of New York.

Phillida Eves and her husband Tedd Hamilton weren't unhappy living in the Galway countryside with their sons, Cian and Oisín, and their daughter, Soracha. "We had a lovely home, a car, lots of friends, and weekends sailing our boat," says Phillida. "But there's a line from a poem that goes: 'Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?' That says it all for me. We felt there was more to life."

So they quit their jobs, took their sons, then aged six and nine, out of school and went to southern Spain where they bought a 15-metre yacht(游艇) and headed up the coast to Barcelona. Soracha was not even three. And they brought along Poppy, the family dog. Now, two and a half years and 10,000 km later, they don't intend to stop. Tedd is a yacht engineer and can find work in ports. But, says Phillida, a supply teacher (代课老师), "Any family could do this."

The children are home-schooled using a correspondence course (函授课程). "My son had a recent project on the weather. The weather is crucial to us. My son knows more than most adults about weather systems, compasses, maps and directions. The weather, for him, means life or death."

Other subjects have become equally vivid. "They're living geography and history all the time. We've sailed round Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, and seen tiny islands we didn't know. The kids learned about ancient Romans by visiting Rome."

But what about social development? Again, Phillida is sanguine. "The children have become much more socially confident since we set out. They play with tons of families of all nationalities on other boats we meet."

Living for the moment, they believe, is a huge life lesson. "Our children never say they're bored." The other day they stopped mid-ocean and the kids swam, 110 km from land. "That's the kind of freedom we want for them," says Phillida. "That's the kind of freedom they've got."

1.The couple quit their jobs and took their children traveling because  .

A. their children wanted to make friends of all nationalities

B. they wanted to experience more in their lives

C. their children wanted complete freedom

D. they were unhappy with their lives

2.The underlined word "sanguine" in Paragraph 5 is closest in meaning to "  ".

A. patient B. curious

C. excited D. optimistic

3.The author describes the children's home schooling by  .

A. using examples

B. making comparisons

C. following the order of importance

D. describing the changes in space order

Today, air travel is far safer than driving a car on a busy motor-way. But still there is a danger that grows every year. Airliners get larger and larger. Some airplanes can carry over 300 passengers. And the air itself becomes more and more crowded. If one large airliner struck into another in midair, 600 lives could be lost.

From the moment an airliner takes off to the moment it lands, every movement is watched on radar screens. Air traffic controllers tell the pilot exactly when to turn, when to climb, and when to come down.

The air traffic controllers around a busy airport like London-Heathrow may deal with 2,500 planes a day. Not all of them actually land at the airport. Any plane that flies near the airport comes under the orders of the controllers there. Even a small mistake on their part could cause a terrible accident.

Recently such a disaster almost happened. Two large jets were flying towards the airport. One was carrying 69 passengers from Toronto, the other 176 passengers from Chicago. An air traffic controller noticed on his radar screen that the two planes were too close to each other. He ordered one to turn to the right and to climb. But he made a mistake. He ordered the wrong plane to do this. So, instead of turning away from the second plane, the first plane turned towards it. Fifteen seconds later it flew directly in front of the second plane. They avoided(避免) each other by the smallest part of a second. The distance between them was less than that of a large swimming pool. This is an example of the danger that grows every year.

1.Which of the following is true according to the passage?

A. Traveling by air is as safe as by car

B. Traveling by air is not as safe as by car

C. Traveling by car is as dangerous as by air

D. Traveling by car is more dangerous than by air

2.The air traffic controllers of an airport  .

A. control all the planes flying near the airport

B. give orders to planes leaving the airport

C. only deal with the planes that want to land there

D. are allowed to handle 250 planes a day

3.The danger of air crashes grows every year because  .

A. airliners are getting larger and air traffic is becoming heavier

B. a pilot does not always hear a controller's order

C. a controller is likely to make more and more mistakes

D. airports can hardly serve the growing number of airplanes

4.The example in the passage is to show that  .

A. air traffic controllers are often careless

B. air traffic controllers should pay much attention to avoiding accidents

C. it is difficult for airplanes to avoid terrible accidents

D. two planes should not fly too close to each other

Gold Coast family holidays are always great fun whether you are from Australia or from abroad. There are beautiful beaches, adventure parks, nature parks and so much more.

There are so many sights to see here. It is a pity to drive in a car and you'll miss a great part of it. Australia is home to many animals and birds that can only be seen when moving slowly and going into the areas that they live.

When you are on a bicycle, you have the advantage of being able to stop whenever you want to see an interesting animal or bird that you have never seen before. It is a quieter mode(方式) of transportation as well, so you might even be able to take a picture. When you are on the beach, you can breathe that clean air and view the beauty of the water and sand. It is a totally different experience from either simply sunbathing or passing it in a car.

There are many choices of hiring a bicycle to experience the Gold Coast attractions. There are stores that will fit a bike perfectly to your size. These bikes for both adults and children are in many styles and colors to please any taste. If you have ever wanted to try a tandem bike (双人单车), now is your chance, because they have those too.

A bicycle hire on Gold Coast is something that everyone should try at least once. This is a wonderful chance for anyone who likes to cycle and it is also a cheap way to travel with your family.

1.You'd better not drive in a car on Gold Coast because  .

A. you will break the traffic rules

B. you will cause much noise

C. you can't enjoy the beautiful sights well

D. you can't drive into some parks

2.The following advantages of hiring bikes are mentioned EXCEPT that  .

A. you can take photos of animals

B. it is a cheap way of traveling

C. you can get a clearer sight of animals

D. it is a good way to do sunbathing

3.What is paragraph 4 mainly about?

A. How to hire bikes on Gold Coast.

B. What kinds of bikes there are in stores.

C. What bikes are the most popular.

D. Who can hire bikes on Gold Coast.

4.What's the author's attitude towards a bike hire on Gold Coast?

A. He supports it very much.

B. He thinks it's a personal choice.

C. He doesn't like this way of traveling.

D. He thinks it's only good for adults.

Computers have done us a lot since they turned up. In the future they will play a more important part in many _____,such as education,transport,personal lives,scientific research and so on. Nowadays,computers are being _____ in agriculture and industry and can help the farmers to _____ the conditions of the plants.

More and more computers will come into our daily life with the _____ of science and technology. If you want to change money or pay your electricity bills,you won't have to go to the _____.A computer and a telephone will help you. It can also help you to do the housework and it can even _____ human voices and carry out the instructions. It is _____ that the majority(大多数)of the labour force will work at home. People will be able to use the videophone _____ conferences. This can help us to save a lot of energy and _____.It is said that trains in Japan will have no drivers,because they'll be well ______ by computers,which can also tell the best ______ between trains.

Computer programmes for ______ whole texts are already well developed. You can ______ the name of a certain subject and a worldwide list of book titles will ______ on your screen. You may choose ______ you want.

1.A. families B. fields C. factories D. places

2.A. used B. put C. shown D. given

3.A. form B. grow C. control D. manage

4.A. increase B. progress C. production D. development

5.A. office B. bank C. shop D. post office

6.A. understand B. carry C. hear D. recognize

7.A. important B. necessary C. possible D. complete

8.A. at B. for C. with D. in

9.A. material B. time C. place D. money

10.A. operated B. done C. made D. run

11.A. position B. direction C. distance D. way

12.A. storing B. writing C. remaining D. recording

13.A. give B. put C. type D. write

14.A. show B. appear C. offer D. come up

15.A. whatever B. what C. whichever D. which

A Northern Ireland team is leading the research for a thinking computer which can sense a user's moods(情绪).Researchers at Queen's University in Belfast hope to complete the 10-million-euro project for an emotion-sensitive(感知情感功能的)computer within four years.

The aim is to make computers think and do things more like humans. And 160 researchers join in the project. The university's researchers made an agreement with the European Commission. The work may try to make “multi-modal interfaces (界面 )”which allow machines to sense and respond to the moods of the user.

Programme coordinator (协调者) Professor Roddy Cowie said while it sounded like science fiction,computers which responded to human feelings would appear.

“At the moment,our use of computers is limited by the fact that we need a keyboard and a screen to access(使用) them,”he said.

“But feelings are part of normal speech, and experience has shown that most users are deeply uncomfortable with speech interfaces that ignore them-too uncomfortable to use them very much.”

“If we can make computers more expressive, and also less challenging to use,there is a great chance to let people make full use of information technology.”

The emotion-sensitive computer would have its own “personality” and build a social relationship with the user.

“It's a fair bet that in 30 years' time, emotion-sensitive interfaces will be as much part of life as windows and mouse interfaces are now,”said Professor Cowie.

The project team believes such computers would play an important part in teaching and learning.

1.What does the passage mainly tell us?

A. Researchers at Queen's University have completed a project.

B. The research for an emotion-sensitive computer is being led by a Northern Ireland team.

C. 160 researchers have joined in the 10 million-euro project for a thinking computer.

D. Computers are playing a more and more important part in our daily life.

2.It can be learned from the passage that ________.

A. an emotion-sensitive computer has been invented and is being put into use

B. an emotion-sensitive computer cannot respond to the moods of the user

C. an emotion-sensitive computer has not been invented by the team

D. the research for an emotion-sensitive computer has not gained people's support

3.What does Professor Roddy Cowie think of the emotion-sensitive computer?

A. He thinks it is only a part of science fiction.

B. He thinks it is worth the research and it is easy to produce.

C. He believes it is impossible for the team to invent the emotion-sensitive computer.

D. He believes it can come into being.

4.In Professor Roddy Cowie's opinion,________ limits our use of computers.

A. the fact that a keyboard and a screen are needed to use computers

B. the fact that we don't know much about computers

C. the fact that feelings are part of normal speech

D. the fact that the emotion-sensitive computer has its own “personality”

5.What are emotion-sensitive computers believed to do in the future?

A. They will take the place of teachers in teaching and learning.

B. They can build a social relationship with human beings.

C. They will replace human beings and control the world.

D. They will have the same“personality”as their users.

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