The “swim-with-dolphins” tourist industry is becoming more popular every year with the increase of people’s income. After all, it can cost a large amount of money to have this kind of holiday experience. So tour operators try to place eager swimmers as near as possible to the dolphins by trying to predict where the dolphins will be.

Research has shown that while dolphins can move away if they do not want to interact (交流) with human swimmers, they do not like it at all if the swimmers slip into the water directly on top of them or if humans are in their path of travel. However, if swimmers enter the water to one side of them, the dolphins do not avoid the swimmers to the same extent.

In all cases, the dolphins seem to have become more sensitive to the presence of the swimmers. For dolphins, swimming amongst or with humans is not necessarily a high priority. This research has shown that only 19% of any group of dolphins will participate in interaction. Young dolphins are the most likely to interact; they do seem curious about being with humans. It is believed that they see humans as “entertainment” and that the interaction is a new and unusual experience for them.

It is frequently asked whether “swim-with-dolphins” tourism should be discontinued. The advice is that dolphins should be given enough periods of time throughout the day when they are not exposed to tourism. Permitted interactions should not be too disturbing to the dolphins since there could be mothers and calves (幼崽) present in dolphin groups. There should also be educational campaigns about the creatures and what is likely to cause danger to them.

It is not easy to explain to someone that they cannot fulfill their lifelong dreams because the dolphins are resting, or that a mother dolphin and calf are in the area. But if we are to enjoy these remarkable animals and not just use them for our entertainment, then we must carefully monitor the “swim-with-dolphins” industry worldwide.

1.What makes “swim-with-dolphins” tourism popular?

A. The local government’s encouragement.

B. The improvement of people’s living standard.

C. The increasing number of tourists.

D. The high profits of the industry.

2.Why are young dolphins more likely to swim with humans?

A. They do this out of curiosity.

B. They like humans better.

C. They are less sensitive.

D. They prefer new things by nature.

3.What does the author suggest the “swim-with-dolphins” industry do in Paragraph 4?

A. Make people know the hidden threat to dolphins.

B. Strictly limit the expansion of the industry.

C. Avoid interaction with young dolphins.

D. Expose dolphins to tourists only in the daytime.

4.What is the author’s attitude toward “swim-with-dolphins”?

A. Negative. B. Cautious.

C. Supportive. D. Optimistic.

Time for a Brainstorm

A  brainstorm is a session where a small group of people come together to solve a problem.People voice spontaneous ideas, sometimes just shouting , and a note-taker writes them all down. 1..By getting different ideas out there, ideas are said to bounce off each other and even can help solve the problem at hand.Brainstorming is often a group exercise but individuals can also conduct personal brainstorms.

2.He defined it as using the brain to storm a creative problem and do so in commando (突击队)fashion,with each stormer attacking the same objective.According to him,, it was easier to tone down a wild idea than think up a new one.He placed importance on the collection of as many ideas as possible and dismissed scientific thinking.

Brainstorming has become one of the most popular ways to solve problems and hold discussion in schools and businesses.Many students brainstorm for a group assignment or even for a personal essay. Sarah Grace, 24, is an Australian marketing analyst and uses brainstorming during all her creative duties. She thinks brainstorming is the best way to work as a team.The sessions get everyone on the same page,everyone moving together and with a clear understanding about the foundations of an event or idea.3.

However, a big problem with brainstorming is creating a mess that leads people further away from a solution.4. If you don’t have a strong moderator or leader of the brainstorm, can go really off track,and people just start discussing something totally different. Brainstorming can sometimes confuse the human brain. 5. If you brainstorm too much and your page is filled up with all the messy links, you can paint yourself into a bit of comer and get trapped with ideas. You need to move past brainstorming as soon as you have something workable.

A.The ideas can be smart,strange or crazy.

B.It is caused by a lack of direction from a leader.

C.Brainstorming really helps her organize her thoughts.

D.Brainstorming really is the best way to build team spirit.

E.It can open too many doors and not suggest a clear direction.

F.Brainstorms were popularized in the 1940s by American advertising boss Alex Osborn..

G.They can be words, phrases, paragraphs and anything that can help answer the question.

Many people argue that working can be a valuable experience for the young. However, working more than about 15 hours a week is ______ for teens because it reduces their involvement with school, and ______ a materialistic and expensive lifestyle.

Schoolwork and the benefits of extracurricular activities tend to be ______ when teens work long hours. As more and more teens have filled the many part-time jobs, teachers have faced increasing ______. They must both keep the attention of ______ pupils and give homework to students who simply don’t have time to do it. ______, educators have noticed less involvement in the extracurricular activities that many consider a ______ influence on young people. School bands and athletic teams are ______ players, and sports events are ______ attended by working students. Those teens who try to do it all may find themselves ______.

Another ______ of too much work is that it may promote materialism and an unrealistic lifestyle. Some parents say that working helps teach teens the ______ of a dollar. ______ that can be true. It’s also true that some teens work to help their family or to save for college.______, surveys have shown that a lot of working, teens use their earnings to buy luxuries. These young people won’t spend ______ —they can just about have it all. In many cases, they are getting used to a lifestyle they won’t be able to ______ several years down the road, when they no longer have parents ______ car insurance, food, and so on. At that point, they won’t have enough money to pay for necessities as well as luxuries.

Teenagers can ______ the benefits of work while avoiding its drawbacks, simply by _______ their work hours during the school year. As is often the case, a moderate (适度的) approach will be the most healthy and ______.

1.A. bad B. dull C. important D. useful

2.A. witnesses B. requires C. changes D. encourages

3.A. adopted B. forgotten C. disbelieved D. considered

4.A. demands B. threats C. difficulties D. expectations

5.A. tired B. naughty C. lazy D. weak

6.A. Above all B. In addition C. By contrast D. For example

7.A. healthy B. direct C. short D. bad

8.A. welcoming B. needing C. losing D. training

9.A. normally B. regularly C. actively D. poorly

10.A. exhausted B. energetic C. disappointed D. worried

11.A. side B. benefit C. drawback D. character

12.A. size B. cost C. value D. effect

13.A. Unfortunately B. Undoubtedly C. Unusually D. Unnecessarily

14.A. However B. Besides C. Instead D. Therefore

15.A. freely B. willingly C. wisely D. honestly

16.A. afford B. imagine C. face D. develop

17.A. looking for B. caring for C. working for D. paying for

18.A. enjoy B. learn C. share D. remember

19.A. ignoring B. limiting C. counting D. choosing

20.A. practical B. acceptable C. rewarding D. popular

1.I was grateful to Anna for being open and giving me the opportunity to explain and c_________ (阐述,澄清) the misunderstanding between us.

2.The secretary arranged a(n) __________ (convenience) time and place for the application to have an interview.

3.I am not sure exactly how much money you will receive, but it will __________ (rough) cover your major expense.

4.The purse found on the playground matches the ____________ (describe) made by Mary, so it must be hers.

5.He often _________ (quarrel) with his wife over unimportant matters.

6.Our headmaster __________ (arrange) for me to show the visitors around our school.

7.__________ (attract) by the beauty of nature, the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm.

8.New technology means that astronomers can __________ (完成) in a single night what once took years.

9.The charming scenery and the hot spring baths combine to make the traveler’s stay there most _________ (enjoy).

10.The three clocks are part of the largest _________ (collect) of musical clocks worldwide and were made by Western artisans, primarily British.

11.She was _________ (thrill) by so many wonderful treasures from different cultures displayed in the museum.

12.what are the ___________ (province) called in England?

13.You will live in a town close to the countryside in a ____________ (furnish) house.

14.Your task will be to examine the ____________ (possible) of constructing a new factory in the United Kingdom.

15.The first person in each group writes a sentence and ________ (fold) the paper over his/her writing, so the next person cannot see it.

16.It looked s__________ (壮丽,辉煌的)when first built!

17.News is flying about concerning a __________ (皇室) wedding.

18.It contained __________(statue) in memory of dead poets and writers, such as Shakespeare.

19.You must be __________ (delight) with your current form and the way RealMadrid are playing at the moment.

20.After a day of s___________ (观光), take in a musical or play in one of the world renowned Broadway Theaters.(百老汇歌剧院)

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