What’s On?

Electric Underground

7:30pm–1:00am Free at the Cyclops Theatre

Do you know who’s playing in your area? We’re bringing you an exciting evening of live rock and pop music from the best local bands. Are you interested in becoming a musician and getting a recording contract(合同)? If so, come early to the talk at 7:30pm by Jules Skye, a successful record producer. He’s going to talk about how you can find the right person to produce your music.

Gee Whizz

8:30pm–10:30pm Comedy at Kaleidoscope

Come and see Gee Whizz perform. He’s the funniest stand-up comedian on the comedy scene. This joyful show will please everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. Gee Whizz really knows how to make you laugh! Our bar is open from 7:00pm for drinks and snacks(快餐).

Simon’s Workshop

5:00pm–7:30pm Wednesdays at Victoria Stage

This is a good chance for anyone who wants to learn how to do comedy. The workshop looks at every kind of comedy, and practices many different ways of making people laugh. Simon is a comedian and actor who has 10 years’ experience of teaching comedy. His workshops are exciting and fun. An evening with Simon will give you the confidence to be funny.

Charlotte Stone

8:00pm–11:00pm Pizza World

Fine food with beautiful jazz music; this is a great evening out. Charlotte Stone will perform songs from her new best-selling CD, with James Pickering on the piano. The menu is Italian, with excellent meat and fresh fish, pizzas and pasta(面食). Book early to get a table. Our bar is open all day, and serves cocktails, coffee, beer, and white wine.

1.Who can help you if you want to have your music produced?

A. Jules Skye. B. Gee Whizz.

C. Charlotte Stone. D. James Pickering.

2.At which place can people of different ages enjoy a good laugh?

A. The Cyclops Theatre. B. Kaleidoscope.

C. Victoria Stage. D. Pizza World.

3.What do we know about Simon’s Workshop?

A. It requires membership status. B. It lasts three hours each time.

C. It is run by a comedy club. D. It is held every Wednesday.

4.When will Charlotte Stone perform her songs?

A.5:00pm–7:30pm. B.7:30pm–1:00am.

C.8:00pm–11:00pm. D.8:30pm–10:30pm.


Books are typically written first, then narrated (朗读) for audio books. Until now, Audible, the largest company of audio books, has begun asking well-known writers to create works specifically for audio, instead of inviting people to narrate already existing print books. It’s a new chapter for the book industry.

Audible now has about 30 totally new audio works in production. And it turns out that audio books, which have long been regarded as less important than e-books, have actually been doing quite well. They are a $1,000,000,000 industry, with more than 35,000 titles published in 2013 alone.

What promotes that progress is not only an evolution of technology, but more importantly, the rise of the celebrity (名人) narrator. Narrators are key to the success of an audio book and these days, producers are signing on more and more celebrities. Celebrities’ narration is like a private performance to customers, who get a feeling of closeness in listening to their voices. Many of the customers buy audio books based on the narrator. They will listen to anything a specific actor or actress reads.

That is why Audible is taking the risk of not producing print books at all but starting totally new audio works. There’s another reason why the company is expecting its risk-taking action to pay off: humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time. We are taking part in a little habit that goes back thousands and thousands of years — before the first mark was ever made on a stone. Long before writing, people were telling each other stories and the audio book goes all the way back to that tradition. As Peter Allen sang softly in the 1970s, everything old is new again.

1.The "new chapter" (Para. 1) refers to a time of _________.

A. starting audio companies B. producing new audio works

C. narrating print books for audio D. creating electronic books

2.What does Paragraph 2 tell about audio books?

A. Their bright future B. Their difference from e-books

C. Their great importance D. Their previous production

3.Customers like celebrities’ narration because ______.

A. celebrities help them understand the stories

B. celebrities have more attractive voices

C. celebrities seem to be within their reach

D. celebrities have better narrating skills

4.Audible believes its risk-taking action will be rewarding because ______.

A. the action has lasted for a long time

B. customers play an active role in the action

C. the company has spent a lot on the action

D. the action agrees with the story-telling tradition


On one of her trips to New York several years ago, Eudora Welty decided to take a couple of New York friends out to dinner. They settled in at a comfortable East Slide cafe and within minutes, another customer was approaching their table.

"Hey, aren’t you from Mississippi?" the elegant, white-haired writer remembered being asked by the stranger. "I’m from Mississippi too."

Without a second thought, the woman joined the Welty party. When her dinner partner showed up, she also pulled up a chair.

"They began telling me all the news of Mississippi," Welty said. "I didn’t know what my New York friends were thinking."

Taxis on a rainy New York night are rarer than sunshine. By the time the group got up to leave, it was pouring outside. Welty’s new friends immediately sent a waiter to find a cab. Heading back downtown toward her hotel, her big-city friends were amazed at the turn of events that had changed their Big Apple dinner into a Mississippi state reunion(团聚).

"My friends said: ‘Now we believe your stories,’" Welty added. "And I said: ‘Now you know. These are the people that make me write them.’"

Sitting on a sofa in her room, Welty, a slim figure in a simple gray dress, looked pleased with this explanation.

"I don’t make them up," she said of the characters in her fiction these last 50 or so years. "I don’t have to."

Beauticians, bartenders, piano players and people with purple hats, Welty’s people come from afternoons spent visiting with old friends, from walks through the streets of her native Jackson, Miss., from conversations overheard on a bus. It annoys Welty that, at 78, her left ear has now given out. Sometimes, sitting on a bus or a train, she hears only a fragment(片段) of a particularly interesting story.

1.What happened when Welty was with her friends at the cafe?

A. Two strangers joined her.

B. Her childhood friends came in.

C. A heavy rain ruined the dinner.

D. Some people held a party there.

2.The underlined word "them" in Paragraph 6 refers to Welty’s _______.

A. readers B. parties C. friends D. stories

3.What can we learn about the characters in Welty’s fiction?

A. They live in big cities. B. They are mostly women.

C. They come from real life. D. They are pleasure seekers.

D (2017·新课标卷I)

Some of the world’s most famous musicians recently gathered in Paris and New Orleans to celebrate the first annual International Jazz Day. UNESCO( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) recently set April 30 as a day to raise awareness of jazz music, its significance, and its potential as a unifying(联合) voice across cultures.

Despite the celebrations, though, in the U.S. the jazz audience continues to shrink and grow older, and the music has failed to connect with younger generations.

It’s Jason Moran’s job to help change that. As the Kennedy Center’s artistic adviser for jazz, Moran hopes to widen the audience for jazz, make the music more accessible, and preserve its history and culture.

“Jazz seems like it’s not really a part of the American appetite,” Moran tells National Public Radio’s reporter Neal Conan. “What I’m hoping to accomplish is that my generation and younger start to reconsider and understand that jazz is not black and write anymore. It’s actually color, and it’s actually digital.”

Moran says one of the problems with jazz today is that the entertainment aspect of the music has been lost. “The music can’t be presented today the way it was in 1908 or 1958. It has to continue to move, because the way the world works is not the same,” says Moran.

Last year, Moran worked on a project that arranged Fats Waller’s music for a dance party, “just to kind of put it back in the mind that Waller is dance music as much as it is concert music,” says Moran. “For me, it’s the recontextualization. In music, where does the emotion(情感) lie? Are we, as humans, gaining any insight(感悟) on how talk about ourselves and how something as abstract as a Charlie Parker record gets us into a dialogue about our emotions and our thoughts? Sometimes we lose sight that the music has a wider context,” says Moran, “so I want to continue those dialogues. Those are the things I want to foster.”

1.Why did UNESCO set April 30 as International Jazz Day?

A. To remember the birth of jazz.

B. To protect cultural diversity.

C. To encourage people to study music.

D. To recognize the value of jazz.

2.What does the underlined word “that” in paragraph 3 refer to?

A. Jazz becoming more accessible.

B. The production of jazz growing faster.

C. Jazz being less popular with the young.

D. The jazz audience becoming larger.

3.What can we infer about Moran’s opinion on jazz?

A. It will disappear gradually.

B. It remains black and white.

C. It should keep up with the times.

D. It changes every 50 years.

4.Which of the following can be the best title for the text?

A. Exploring the Future of Jazz B. The Rise and Fall of Jazz

C. The Story of a Jazz Musician D. Celebrating the Jazz Day


Are you concerned about the effect of the haze(雾霾) in Singapore on the health of your children? Then you should read the following passage.

"Young children, especially those with lung or heart illness, should avoid outdoor activity at PSI(Pollution Standards Index — used in Singapore) levels above 100," says Dr Biju Thomas.

The immune system(免疫系统) of children is not mature. 1 Exposure to the haze can result in symptoms such as a blocked nose, dry throat, breathing difficulty, and so on.

Children who are exposed to the haze and experience any of these symptoms which are not serious should recover on their own in time if they limit their exposure to the haze. 2

To keep children safe during the haze in Singapore, parents should keep doors and windows closed at home. Ensure children drink plenty of pure water every day.

3 The answer is that there aren’t any N95 masks designed for use by children. That’s because these masks are made to create a seal(密封) around the mouth and nose of the adult user so particles(颗粒) can not get in. 4 Surgical masks may not offer enough protection from the harmful particles in the haze, which is very small (2.5 microns or less). There is usually some gap between the surgical mask and the face, through which the haze particles may easily get in. 5 However, if it is necessary to take children outdoors during a haze, parents may wish to offer children’s surgical mask to their children, if it brings them comfort, such as filtering out the smell from the haze.

A. So during a haze, children are especially at risk.

B. Are N95 masks and surgical masks suitable for children?

C. The available N95 masks may not fit tightly on the face of a child.

D. Allow children to make regular travels from one building to another.

E. However, if the symptoms continue, they should ask a doctor for help.

F. So you can use a conditioner instead of opening the windows regularly.

G. So it is best to keep children indoors to protect them from the haze when the PSI is high.



Cheating happens a lot in our city. It can be hard to know who is really in 1 and who is trying to take advantage of other people’s 2 .

Recently, I was finishing my work at home 3 the dog barked, letting me know that 4 was at the gate. I rushed to see who it was and there I saw a 5 weak woman in her late fifties.

I said to her, "May I ask what you 6 ?"

She 7 , "Hello, my name is Parvathy. My husband and I live nearby. We earn our living __8__ working at construction sites. A few days ago my 9 fell off the stairs while 10 a heavy load. He is __11__ hurt and hasn’t been able to 12 for the past five days, so we have no food. Now he is at home in bed with a high fever. Please help me! I need to take my husband to a doctor!"

"Oh!" I said. "Please 13 here." I went into the room. I felt really bad about her __14__ but ...Was she telling me the 15 or trying to cheat me out of my money?

Finally, I 16 to help her. But first I said a simple prayer, "Dear Lord, you know 17 I earn my pennies, so please make sure that my hard earned money helps those who 18 need it."

I went out with a fifty note and 19 it to her. The moment she got the money she broke down in tears. She took my hand and said, "Thank you so much!"

I was so 20 , and turned back to my work smiling.

1.A. need B. case C. use D. control

2.A. braveness B. kindness C. interest D. hobby

3.A. since B. until C. when D. after

4.A. somebody B. anybody C. everybody D. nobody

5.A. popular B. proud C. poor D. busy

6.A. want B. notice C. enjoy D. recognize

7.A. refused B. expressed C. showed D. replied

8.A. by B. to C. in D. for

9.A. son B. father C. brother D. husband

10.A. gathering B. dropping C. carrying D. choosing

11.A. hardly B. badly C. probably D. actually

12.A. work B. drive C. know D. operate

13.A. stop B. rest C. come D. wait

14.A. solution B. situation C. action D. position

15.A. hope B. news C. truth D. result

16.A. decided B. agreed C. tried D. expected

17.A. when B. whether C. how D. what

18.A. only B. naturally C. really D. formally

19.A. handed B. put C. remembered D. ordered

20.A. worried B. moved C. tired D. frightened

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