Spring had come to the mountains of my hometown. Fresh green grass and sweet-smelling ______ were coming up in my yard. Bees and butterflies were ______ among them. It was the liveliest day I had ever seen.

______,today dark storm clouds and heavy April rain took the sunshine out of the spring. Rain drops hit my front window as I ______ to the local store for another week’s worth of food. I walked in and wiped the water out of my hair and off my glasses. After filling my cart (购物车), I paid for my food, and headed towards the door. Nature ______ called, so I found myself leaving my cart and rushing to the ______. After answering the call, I was cleaning up ______ I heard a sudden noise behind me. I ______ and saw that an elderly gentleman had fallen to the floor. I rushed over to see ______ he was all right. With the aid of another customer, I helped him to his feet. He was unhurt and ______ us both several times. I headed back to my ______ and pushed it to my car. The rain didn’t stop ______ I was shining on the inside.

In this life I have found time and time ______ that we are most alive when we stop to help ______. I have found that we are most ourselves when we share kindness, ______ joy, and do all we can to make this world a better place.

1.A. trees B. fruits C. flowers D. seeds

2.A. running B. dancing C. planting D. growing

3.A. However B. Therefore C. Besides D. Otherwise

4.A. rode B. walked C. left D. drove

5.A. slowly B. loudly C. suddenly D. luckily

6.A. store B. restroom C. car D. rain

7.A. when B. while C. since D. after

8.A. asked B. entered C. lived D. turned

9.A. that B. before C. if D. because

10.A. helped B. thanked C. blamed D. questioned

11.A. cart B. yard C. customer D. phone

12.A. and B. but C. for D. so

13.A. away B. alike C. around D. again

14.A. others B. them C. other D. himself

15.A. hide B. return C. replace D. spread

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