Regret can be a terrible addiction.Those who suffer from it so often become bitter and full of self-pity.It is an emotion that serious entrepreneurs(企业家)cannot afford,they must keep moving ahead and should not look back.As Alexander Graham Bell,inventor of the telephone said: when one door closes,another opens,but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

Entrepreneurs must learn to manage the conflict between constant experiment,which means lots of painful mistakes and a fear of failure,which can lead to paralysis(能力丧失).

Likewise,past glory can be a killer.For example,Greg Dyke,who is a clever fellow,still looks back too much to his resignation as director-general of the BBC.He should move on and stop complaining about the injustice of it all. And Tim Waterstone should give up trying to buy back his bookshop chain,which he finally left more than lo years ago.He has tried to repurchase it at least five times.

By all means treasure experience and learn from your failure,but don't put yourself in the past sadness.Rather,go ahead and seize the day no matter what it is.I have little time for those who say: I wish I had started my own business. My only response is: so do it now.

1.According to Paragraph 1,regret can make one feel .

A. bitter and self-pity B. upset and hopeless

C. disappointed and scared D. confident and brave

2.It can be concluded from Bell's words that .

A. one should learn from others B. shouldn't forget the past

C. one should keep moving ahead D. life often gives us many challenges

3.When entrepreneurs face conflict,they will experience .

A. arguments and failure B. mistakes and fear

C. choices and changes D. encouragement and confusion

4.What is the main idea of the text?

A. One should feel regret about the past.

B. One should give oneself opportunity.

C. One should act now and look into the future.

D. One should be confident about the past.

Higher income has already been linked to greater longevity and better health.A new study by a famous researcher suggests geographic location plays an key role in life expectancy(预期)for lower earners.That means if you're poor,you're likely to live for longer in a city like San Francisco or New York than in a city like Detroit or Cincinnati.

Being rich anywhere broadly means enjoying good health anywhere,but location is a key factor in health for people in lower income groups.Michael Stepner,one of the study's co-authors,said economic decline and decreasing populations in the Rust Belt aren't necessarily to blame.

The study found that location matters for low earners.Low-income individuals tend to live more healthily and for longer in cities with college-educated populations,high incomes,more immigrants,and high levels of government expenses,such as New York and San Francisco.The study also found measures of health—insurance coverage and health spending were of lesser importance than social and economic factors in determining health for low-income individuals.Nor did having health insurance seem to be a factor in increasing life expectancy for poorer groups."The key driver of differences in inequality across areas of life expectancy is probably not access to health care,"Mr Stepner said.

1.The underlined word "longevity" in Paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to " ".

A. successful experience B. long life

C. good relationship D. young appearance

2.What is a key part in life expectancy for lower earners?

A. Warm climate. B. Higher income.

C. Good education. D. Geographic location.

3.Where would this text most probably appear?

A. Travel guide. B. Health research.

C. Sports newspaper. D. Science fiction.

4.What is the best title for this text?

A. Higher earners like living abroad.

B. Being rich means having a happy life everywhere.

C. Lower earners are likely to live for longer in big cities

D. The government is trying its best to make people live longer

Do you ever find yourself longing for some time for yourself?Many of us are so busy with work,school,and home life that often there is no time left over to do something that you enjoy.What follows are some ways to carve out that essential time you need to show down and enjoy life.

1.1.Try to save certain weeknights just for you.If others ask you to do things those nights,just tell them you have plans.Use the time for gardening,reading,exercise,or thinking.

2.Monthly Treat.2.It could be on your lunch break,a weekend,or it could be leaving work early.Maybe you can get a spa treatment,go to see a movie,and have a haircut,or whatever treat you're always thinking about but rarely get to do.

3.3.You would enjoy sports,theater,concerts,or any other event Schedule the plans with a friend later.Having the tickets already in hand will force you to make it happen!

4.Leave Work on Time.Huh?4.If this is you,make it a point to leave work exactly on time at least once a week,if not more.And then enjoy that time!Leave work at work.

5.Join a Group.Here are some ideas of groups that can allow you some time away from work and home: singing group,gardening group,book clubs,biking clubs,etc.What are you interested in?Strike while the iron is hot. 5.If you can't find a club,consider starting one yourself!

A.Take a fun class.

B.Evenings with Yourself.

C.Buy Tickets in Advance.

D.A new habit is started with just one step.

E.Schedule a treat for yourself once a month.

F.Look up a club in your area today and join.

G.Yes,many of us stay at work late on a regular basis.

During my school days, I was one of those shy and distant kids who would just sit in a comer for an entire day. For me, my books were my ______ world. Even during breaks, I used to just sit in a corner of the ______ and see others play games. It was not as if I wasn’t interested in ______ others or making new friends, but I always felt lacking in energy when ______ my peers. I always had an opinion that my advances towards new ______ would be limited. And I just didn’t want to ______ a rejection.

Once during my English class, my teacher shared a(n)______ with us. It was about King Bruce and a spider. It revolved around a lost battle and talked about how King Bruce, despite losing the battle,______ in the end. He was ______ by a little spider. The little ______ of the spider and the way it was taking rejections impressed me a lot. I was so surprised that I myself started ______ the movements of spiders at home. Once, a spider took around an hour to reach the top of a wall and I ______ knocked it down. To my ______, within seconds it started making its ______ up again.

For me, this ______ was a game changer. I realized that rejections are ______ a failure. The world may mistreat me,______ I can stand up and start working again. There would be time when people would like and ______ me. At present, I ______ mixing with people, learning new things and making new friends. I think, there are just no such ______ as rejections or failures as everything can change at any moment.

1.A. real B. new C. next D. only

2.A. office B. station C. playground D. street

3.A. visiting B. watching C. helping D. joining

4.A. related to B. compared with C. separated from D turned to

5.A. friendships B. courses C. teachers D. programs

6.A. avoid B. suffer C. cause D. fear

7.A. story B. task C. experience D. song

8.A. failed B. won C. left D. refused

9.A. confused B. hurt C. persuaded D. inspired

10.A. improvements B. changes C. movements D. advantages

11.A. adjusting B. observing C. showing D. guiding

12.A. cruelly B. angrily C. luckily D. bravely

13.A. delight B. surprise C. amusement D. disappointment

14.A. progress B. way C. web D. mistake

15.A. incident B. research C. trouble D. adventure

16.A. often B. sometimes C. never D. ever

17.A. so B. though C. or D. but

18.A. train B. meet C. appreciate D. remember

19.A. enjoy B. suggest C. imagine D. risk

20.A. approaches B. values C. things D. solutions

Hiking and fast-paced walking are great ways to lose weight and improve cardiovascular(心血管的)fitness. Get out in the sunshine and pick up the pace.

Walking Musts

Start from 10 minutes and gradually increase your time. Make your daily goal 30 minutes of fast-paced walking. Cross-trainers, walking shoes or other supportive shoes will do. Consider wearing cushioned socks to help protect your feet.

Step It Up

Picture yourself walking fast because you don’t want to be late for the bus. This will be a faster pace than average walking. If you can’t maintain a conversation with your friend without getting out of breath, then you’re walking too fast.

Pioneering Adventure

Hikes are usually longer than 30 minutes; bring water and trail mix for continued energy. Don’t drink water from a stream or river unless you have a purification system. Hiking requires watching each step you take. Don’t plan on race-walking, but gradually pick up speed as you familiarize yourself with the trail.

The challenge of inclines and declines will cause your heart rate to increase. They also require special attention because of loose gravel or dirt. A hiking stick may help with stability(稳定性). Take your time. If the uphill gets difficult and you’re breathing hard, stop and enjoy the views.

Hiking alone is never a good idea. Take a friend, a trusted adult and your cell phone.

1.The purpose of writing this passage is to ___.

A. tell people a joke

B. cover some information about traveling

C. deliver a lesson on sunshine and water

D. encourage people to take a walk

2.What can we learn from Walking Musts?

A. Catching the bus and taking a friend.

B. Time and shoes.

C. Breathing and heart rate.

D. Bringing water and enjoying the views.

3.By saying “Step It Up”, the author probably means ___.

A. we should change our ways for exercise

B. we must ask for a trusted adult to go with

C. we must keep talking while walking

D. we should control our walk pace

4.Which of the following statements about hiking is NOT true?

A. Don’t drink water from a purification system.

B. Hiking requires watching carefully.

C. A hiking stick is very useful.

D. Taking a friend and a cell phone is a good idea.

A group of graduates, successful in their careers, got together to visit their old university professor.Conversation soon turned into complaints about stress in work and life.

Before offering his guests coffee, the professor went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot of coffee and a variety of cups-porcelain, plastic, glass, crystal, some plain looking and cheap, some exquisite and expensive-telling them to help themselves to the coffee.

When all the students had a cup of coffee in hand, the professor said: "If you noticed, all the nice looking expensive cups were taken up, leaving behind the plain and cheap ones.While it is normal for you to want only the best for yourselves, that is the source of your problems and stress.Be assured that the cup itself adds no quality to the coffee.In most cases it is just more expensive and in some cases even hides what we drink.What all of you really wanted was coffee, not the cup, but you consciously went for the best cups...And then you began eyeing each other's cups.

Now consider this: Life is the coffee; the jobs, money and position in society are the cups.They are just tools to hold and contain Life, and the type of cup we have does not define, nor change the quality of life we live.Sometimes, by concentrating only on the cup, we fail to enjoy the coffee God has provided us.

"God brews the coffee, not the cups.Enjoy your coffee!"

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything.They just make the best of everything."

Live simply.Love generously.Care deeply.Speak kindly.Leave the rest to God.

1.What does the underlined word "it" in Paragraph 3 refer to?

A. the nice-looking cup B. the ordinary-looking cup

C. the coffee of good quality D. the coffee of poor quality

2.Why did the professor offer his students coffee with varieties of cups?

A. To tell his students the right attitude to life

B. To teach his students how to enjoy coffee.

C. To show the students his collection of cups.

D. To give his students many more choices.

3.According to the professor, the happiest people are the ones who _____.

A. get the best type of coffee cups B. make the best of what they have

C. have a wide range of coffee cups D. care about social status and wealth

4.The best title for the passage would be _____.

A. The Pressure of Life B. God's Coffee

C. The Happiest People D. Professor's Coffee Cups

If you are thinking of a family holiday under the Caribbean sun, Jamaica is your first choice.So what makes it so popular with people all over the world?

First, Jamaica enjoys a warm climate throughout the year so people don’t really have to wait for comfortable weather to visit it.The island does have a short rainy season but the sun comes out after a few hours.

Jamaica receives a large number of visitors during the high season which is from mid-December to mid April. Jamaica welcomes more than one million visitors to its shores every year and a great number of these are from the USA. American Airlines have added three new weekly services from Chicago to Jamaica International Airport.

Jamaica was also recognized as the leading destination in the Caribbean in the World Travel Award Ceremony which was held in London on 7 last November.The awards are considered to be the‘Oscars of the travel industry and are a final testimony(证据)to the quality of the travel products offered by a country.Indeed,the island walked away with seven awards including the leading beach destination in the world.

Finally, Jamaica is perfect for the budget travelers.A wide range of rentals can satisfy the needs of the travelers.There you can experience the same good hotel service combined with the privacy,space,freedom and comfort that only a home can provide.And if you are worried about the costs,just add up the costs of the rental you would book for your family and the costs of eating throughout your stay,you will find that these rentals are more affordable than any other choice.

1.In which season are tourists most likely to visit Jamaica?

A. Spring and summer. B. Winter and spring

C. Autumn and winter. D. Summer and autumn

2.Which statement is True about the World Travel Award?

A. It is as famous as Oscars

B. All the awards were taken away by the Caribbean countries.

C. For the travel industry,it carries a lot of weight

D. The ceremony of 2010 was held in Jamaica

3.People staying in Jamaican rentals call enjoy .

A. Free meals B. Better service than that in hotels

C. Beautiful views from the rentals D. Privacy,space and comfort

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