Anna lived on the side of a valley.One summer, there was a very big  ___ , and a lot of houses down below Anna's were washed away.Anna's house was __  enough to escape the flood, so when the water had  ___ and the other houses were  ___there with no roof and no walls and all covered with mud(泥), her house was just all right.

Her house was quite small, her husband was dead, and she had four children, __  Anna took in one of the families that had lost  ___ in the flood and she  ___her home with them until it was ____ for them to rebuild their house.

Anna's friends were ____ when they saw Anna do this.They could not understand why Anna wanted to give ____ so much more work and trouble when she already had quite a few children to  ____.

 “Well,” Anna  ____  her friends, “at the end of the First World War, a woman in the town where I then lived found herself very  ____ , because her husband had been killed in the  ____  and she had a lot of children,  ___  I have now.The day before Christmas, this woman said to her children, ‘We won’t be able to have much for Christmas this year, so I’m going to  ___ only one present to all of us.Now I’ll go and get it.’ She came back with a   ___  who was even poorer than they, and who had no parents.‘Here’s our  ___ ,she said to her children.

The children were  ___ and happy to get such a present.They ___ the little girl, and she grew up as their sister.Such was that Christmas present.”

1.A. earthquake B. accident C. flood D. fire

2.A. below B. high C. big D. small

3.A. reduced B. come C. appeared D. disappeared

4.A. rising B. flowing C. falling D. standing

5.A. so B. but C. for D. since

6.A. nothing B. everything C. anything D. something

7.A. gave B. found C. shared D. built

8.A. possible B. necessary C. important D. obvious

9.A. worried B. disappointed C. puzzled D. satisfied

10.A. them B. herself C. him D. us

11.A. support B. supply C. grow D. educate

12.A. explained to B. asked for C. talked with D. turned up

13.A. sad B. poor C. rich D. happy

14.A. war B. storm C. rain D. flood

15.A. because B. as C. which D. that

16.A. get B. send C. buy D. make

17.A. boy B. girl C. student D. teacher

18.A. child B. daughter C. sister D. present

19.A. angry B. excited C. lovely D. sorry

20.A. disliked B. gained C. welcomed D. led

People in the United States honor their parents with two special days:Mother's Day, on the second Sunday in May, and Father's Day, on the third Sunday in June.These days are set aside to show love and respect for parents.They raise their children and educate them to be responsible(有责任感的) citizens.They give love and care.These two days make us think about the changing roles of mothers and fathers.More mothers now work outside the home.More fathers must help with child care.These two special days are celebrated in many different ways.On Mother’s Day people wear carnations.A red one symbolizes a living mother.A white one shows that the mother is dead.Many people attend religious services to honor parents.It is also a day when people whose parents are dead visit the cemetery(墓地).On these days families get together at home, as well as in restaurants.They often have outdoor barbecues for Father's Day.These are days of fun and good feelings and memories.Another tradition is to give cards and gifts.Children make them in school.Many people make their own presents.These are valued more than the ones bought in stores.It is not the value of the gift that is important, but it is “the thought that counts”.Greeting card stores, florists, candy makers, , telephone companies, and other stores do a lot of business during these holidays.

1.Which of the following is NOT a reason for children to show love and respect for parents?

A. Parents bring up children.

B. Parents give love and care to children.

C. Parents educate children to be good persons.

D. Parents pass away before children grow up.

2.What do you think “florists” do?

A. They sell flowers.

B. They make and sell bread.

C. They offer enough room for having family parties.

D. They sell special gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

3.Which do you think is right about “carnation”?

A. It has only two kinds of colors.

B. It refers to the special clothes people wear on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

C. It’s a kind of flower showing love and best wishes.

D. People can wear carnations only on the second Sunday in May.

4.On Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, _______.

A. people usually have family parties

B. everyone goes to visit the cemetery

C. children always go to parents’ home

D. hand-made cards are the most valuable gifts

There was a guy that was born with cancer.He could die at any moment.So he was always at home, under his mother's care.One day he decided to go out, even if it was just for once! He asked his mother for permission and she agreed. Walking down his block he saw many stores.Stopping at a music store he saw a very pretty girl of his own age.

He walked up to the counter.She smiled at him and asked, "Can I help you with anything?" The guy could only think that it was the most beautiful smile he had ever seen and stuttered (结结巴巴的说), "'Well, I'd like to buy a CD." He grabbed the first one he saw."Do you want me to wrap it?" the girl asked. The guy said yes and then took the wrapped CD home.

From that day on he visited the music store every day, and each day he bought a CD, and each day the girl wrapped it up and the guy stored it unopened in his closet.

He was too shy to find the nerve to ask the girl out.His mother noticed this and encouraged him.

The next day the guy set out for the store with a determined mind. He bought a CD and the girl wrapped it as usual.While she was busy , he left his telephone number on the counter and rushed out of the store.

The following day the guy didn't visit the store.When the girl called him, his mother answered the phone and started crying.The girl asked her what was the matter."He died yesterday," the mother said. There was a long silence.

Later that afternoon the guy' s mother entered his room and opened his closet.To her surprise, she saw a big pile of unopened CDs wrapped in festive paper.With curiosity she tore open the package and noticed a slip of paper "Hi! You're cute; I would love to meet you.Let's go out some time.Sophie."

The mother started crying as she opened another, and another.Every single CD contained a slip of paper that said the same.

That's the way life is.Don't wait to show those special people the way you feel.Tomorrow would be too late.

1.From the first two paragraphs we can infer that _____.

A. The boy wants to go out to see what the music store is

B. The boy would get permission from his mother no matter what he wants to.

C. this is the first time for the boy to go out since he was born

D. the boy wants to go out to date with the pretty girl

2.Why did the boy buy a CD every day from the music store?

A. Because he liked listening to music.

B. Because his mother asked him to do so.

C. Because he fell in love with the pretty girl.

D. Because he wanted to know what a CD is.

3.What may be the reason that the boy rushed out of the music store after he left his phone number at the counter?

A. Shame. B. Shyness.

C. Excitement. D. Fear.

4.From the eighth paragraph we know that _______.

A. the boy left the unopened CDs for the girl

B. the girt liked the boy and wanted to date with the boy

C. the boy's mother was sad to see so many CDs

D. the boy bought CDs for the girl and his mother

5.Which of the following statements is the writer's opinion of the story?

A. Don't wait to show your feelings.

B. Life always goes like that.

C. There is only one chance for everyone.

D. Show your feelings in a proper way.

One fine afternoon I was walking along Fifth Street, when I remembered that it was necessary to buy a pair of socks.Why I wished to buy only one pair was unimportant.I turned into the first sock shop that caught my eye, and a boy clerk who could not have been more than seventeen years old came forward, "What can 1 do for you, sir?" "I wish to buy a pair of socks." His eyes shone.There was a note of excitement in his voice, "Did you know that you had come into the finest place in the world to buy socks?" I had no idea of that, as my entrance had been accidental."Come with me," said the boy, eagerly.1 followed him to the back of the shop, and he began to pull down from the shelves box after box showing their contents for my choice.

"Hold on, lad, I am going to buy only one pair!" "1 know that," said he, "but I want you to see how beautiful these are.Aren't they wonderful!" There was on his face an expression of seriousness and pride and delight as if he were showing to me the secrets of his religion.I became far more interested in him than in the socks.I looked at him in amazement."My friend," said I, "if you can keep this up, if this is not merely from having a new job, if you can keep up this high spirit and excitement day after day, in ten years you will own every sock in the United States."

1.What did the writer want to buy one fine afternoon?

A. A pair of socks. B. A pair of shoes.

C. Two pairs of socks. D. A set of books.

2.Which is true according to the passage?

A. The shop was on the Second Road.

B. The boy was 18 years old.

C. The writer entered the shop by chance

D. The boy was not in high spirits.

3.What the writer said in the last paragraph means that_______.

A. if you don't work hard, you will lose the job

B. you should keep on following your customs

C. if you keep up your great interest in your work, you will succeed in the future

D. if you are too hardworking, you will fail

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