Join in the holiday fun at the Powerhouse this month linked to our new exhibition,Evolution & Revolution:Chinese dress 1700s to now.DON’T FORGET our other special event,the Club Med Circus School which is part of the Circus(马戏团)!150 years of circus in Australia exhibition experience!

◆Chinese Folk Dancing:Colorful Chinese dance and musical performances by The Chinese Folk Dancing School of Sydney.Dances include:the Golden stick dance and the Chinese drum dance.A feature will be the Qin dynasty Emperor’s court dance.Also included is a show of face painting for Beijing opera performances.

Sunday 29 June and Wednesday 2 July in the Turbine Hall,at 11:30 am & 1:30 pm.

◆Australian Chinese Children’s Arts Theatre:Wellknown children’s play experts from Shanghai lead this dynamic youth group.Performances include Chinese fairy tales and plays.

Thursday 3 to Sunday 6 July in the Turbine Hall,at 11:30 am & 1:30 pm.

◆Chinese Youth League:A traditional performing arts group featuring performance highlights such as the Red scarf and Spring flower dances,and a musician playing Er Hu.

Sunday 6 to Tuesday 8 July in the Turbine Hall,11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

◆Kids Activity:Make a Paper Horse:Young children make a paper horse cut?out.(The horse is a frequent theme in Chinese painting,indicating a kind of advancement.)Suitable for ages 8~12 years.

Saturday 28 June to Tuesday 8 July in the Turbine Hall,12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.

◆Club Med Circus School:Learn circus skills,including the trapeze,trampolining and magic.Not only for children over 5.There are 40 places available in each 1 hour session and these must be booked at the front desk,level 4,on the day.

Tuesday 1 to Saturday 5 July at 11:30 am & 1:00 pm.

Enjoy unlimited free visits and many other benefits by becoming a Family member of the Powerhouse.Our family memberships cover two adults and all children under the age of 16 years at the one address.

Members receive Powerline,our monthly magazine,discounts in the shops and the restaurants,as well as free admission to the Museum.All this for as little as 50.00 a year!Call (02) 9217 0600 for more details.

1.When can you watch the Chinese drum dance?

A. On July 2. B. On July 3.

C. On July 6. D. On July 8.

2.To learn the magic tricks,you can go to .

A. Kids Activity

B. Chinese Youth League

C. Club Med Circus School

D. Children’s Arts Theatre

3.What is required if you want to enjoy free visits to the Museum?

A. Calling (02) 9217 0600.

B. Gaining family membership.

C. Coming for the holiday fun.

D. Paying Powerline 50.00 a year.

4.What is the main purpose of the text?

A. To attract visitors.

B. To present schedules.

C. To report the performances.

D. To teach kids Chinese arts.

Today's workplace is unique in history.Never before have we seen people working together who represent such different backgrounds and experiences.This difference of age,race,gender,and work style makes it very difficult to organize and run a company.

As a result,companies are looking for individuals who can manage a wide range of employees effectively. Increasingly,managers are discovering that age differences among workers are a major cause of concern.

This has been an important realization.The management difficulties and challenges have led some experts to study intergenerational differences for an understanding of problems in the workplace.What they have discovered is interesting and may provide ways of improving working conditions in companies that employ individuals from different generations.

The first thing to realize,they say,is that differences of opinion about the importance of work and how to get work done are not a coincidence.That is,it is not an accident that young employees will be different from older employees.In fact,if employers do not pay attention to these differences,it is possible that anger will build up between people and lead to difficulties in the company.

Resentment(仇恨)between members of different generations,if not attended to(处理),can lead to extreme anger and unhappiness and even lasting enmity if people are not careful.That individuals from different generations should come to view each other as if they were from different sides of warring countries should not be surprising.

It is natural for individuals from the same generation to form alliances(联盟),to come together for protection. Different generations represent different experiences in life,and these lead naturally to different opinions about oneself and one's approaches to work.

If you were raised in a time of plenty,when products were readily available and relatively inexpensive,you would believe that prosperity is natural and expectable.If,on the other hand,you were raised in a time of scarcity,you would always be careful not to waste things for fear you would not have enough.You would make angry people who seem to believe that problems will always solve themselves.Such optimism in the face of difficulties would be a source of unhappiness between you and them.It is difficult,in such circumstances,to achieve a happy,agreeable atmosphere in the workplace.

1.What most possibly makes it difficult to organize or run a company?

A. Employees work in different styles.

B. Employees are in different races.

C. Employees are in different generations.

D. Employees are of different backgrounds.

2.Employers should pay attention to_______if they want to avoid anger between employees.

A. the different generations of employees in the workplace

B. the different views on value of work and working methods

C. the different understanding of problems in the workplace

D. the different ways of expressing anger in the company

3.The word underlined "enmity" is closet in meaning to_____.

A. forgiveness B. sorrows

C. ignorance D. hatred

4.What does the writer mainly talk about in the passage?

A. The generational differences cause the disharmony among employees.

B. It is difficult for employers to have workers work in a friendly way.

C. The weakness of human nature causes the anger between employees.

D. Employees should be cooperative and friendly with each other.

On October 23,2016,David Pologruto,a high school physics teacher,was stabbed(刺)by his smart student Jason Haffizulla.Jason got straight A's and was determined to study medicine at Harvard,yet this was his downfall.His physics teacher gave Jason a B,a mark Jason believed would undermine his entrance to Harvard.After receiving his B,Jason took a butcher knife to school and stabbed his physics teacher.

How can someone as smart as Jason do something so dumb?Studies show there is little or no correlation between IQ and emotional intelligence.

During my early university years,I regarded myself as an intelligent guy.I got good marks in mathematics, physics,and other subjects.I thought such skills would surely give me a bright future.After one year of study with decent marks,I began to see two major classes of students.The first category of students turned up to few lectures, partied every weekend,enjoyed a great social life,and did minimal work to pass courses.The second category of students were intelligent and hard workers who got good grades and were very focused on their studies.Surely would these intelligent and hard-working students find the great jobs before the other lazier class of students?

Not so.Students are often shocked upon graduation that their qualifications are not as important as they once thought.Graduates enter the workforce only to realize that co-workers hate them and less intelligent people are the ones receiving promotions.

Educational skills are useless in some industries when interpersonal skills are absent.You can have great ideas, theories,and solve complex problems,but if you cannot effectively communicate in a persuasive and exciting manner by relating to your fellow humans,you will face an uphill battle in whatever challenges you encounter.It's not that people dislike you because of your intelligence;it's that people dislike you because you're rude and not understanding. The intelligent person with poor communication skills is insensitive or unaware of others' emotions.

1.Jason Haffizulla stabbed his physics teacher because_______.

A. he was unfairly treated by his teacher

B. he was disappointed with his downfall

C. he was not smart enough at studies

D. he got a worse mark than usual

2.What does the underlined word "undermine" mean?

A. understand B. destroy

C. dig D. found

3.Intelligent people are hated because_______.

A. they are not considerate enough

B. they can't settle the challenges they meet

C. they are envied for their intelligence

D. they can solve more complex problems

4.What can we learn from this text?

A. The relationship between IQ and emotional intelligence

B. What kind of students can succeed in college

C. Smart people may have poorer communication skills

D. Intelligent students will meet more challenges at work

An "apple polisher" is one who gives gifts to win friendship or special treatment.It is not exactly a bribe(贿赂), but is close to it.

All sorts of people are apple polishers,including politicians and people in high offices—just about everybody. Oliver Cromwell,the great English leader,offered many gifts to win the support of George Fox and his party,but failed.

There are other phrases meaning the same thing as "apple-polishing"—"soft-soaping" or "butter-up".A gift is just one way to "soft-soap" somebody,or to "butter him up".Another that is just as effective is flattery,giving someone high praise—telling him how good he looks,or how well he speaks,or how talented and wise he is.

Endless are the ways of flattery.Who does not love or hear it?Only an unusual man can resist the thrill of being told how wonderful he is.In truth,flattery is good medicine for most of us,who gets so little of it.

We need it to be more sure of ourselves.It cannot hurt unless we get carried away by it.But we just lap it up for its food value and nourishment,as a cat laps up milk,then we can still remain true to ourselves.

Sometimes,however,flattery will get you nothing from one who has had too much of it.A good example is the famous 12th century legend of King Canute of Denmark and England.The king got tired of listening to the endless sickening flattery of his courtiers(朝臣).They over-praised him to the skies,as a man of limitless power.

He decided to teach them a lesson.He took them to the seashore and sat down.Then he ordered the waves to stop coming in.The tide was too busy to listen to him.The king was satisfied.This might show his followers how weak his power was and how empty their flattery.

1.Which of the following activities has nothing to do with "apple-polishing"?

A. A boy tells his girlfriend how pretty she looks

B. An employee tells his boss how good he is at management

C. A knight is said to be of limitless power by his followers

D. A teacher praised his students for their hard work

2.King Canute of Denmark and England took his followers to the seashore because_______.

A. he was sick of his normal

B. he wanted them to realize how wise he was

C. he did not like being over-praised any more

D. he wanted them to see how weak he was as a king

3.The author thinks that flattery can do good to those who_______.

A. lack confidence B. are really excellent

C. are politicians or in high offices D. think highly of themselves

5 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me About High School

As a teenager,you get a lot of things shouted at you from all different directions and it's often overwhelming.

1.High school is never like it is in the movies.

As a freshman,everything is so new and you're dealing with the constant feeling of apathy all while caring way too much.It's a delicate balance that I think only teenagers alone ever understand fully.1.Expect change,but don't try so hard to fantasize it.

2.Make friends with your teachers.

Not all of the teachers will be fair,or even tolerable,and while that may inspire you to want to take your first dignified stand against today's education system,it won't prevent you from failing.2.Pay attention in class because no,you're not "too cool for school."


You're going to meet people who are dealing with all kinds of problems.Maybe you'll be the one experiencing these things,and in that case,what would you want your friend to do for you?Sometimes you won't feel like being there,maybe you'll be too tired to listen,but it'll be worth it in the end if you really just make yourself reliable.

4.Do not sink in self-pity

Of course,feeling sorry for yourself is okay,it's even healthy!But when you're the person who's always complaining about yourself and your life and questioning all the bad things that happen to you,no one is going to want to talk to you.4.

5.You are beautiful,intelligent,and worth it.

5.You're surrounded by hundreds of other people who are even better at the things you thought you were best at.Stop comparing yourself.You're not stupid because you failed a history test.You are yourself and that's all you ever will be.

A.Respect your teachers.

B.Lower your expectations.

C.Have a pity on your friends.

D.Nobody is going to feel sorry for you.

E.Most teenagers experience low self-esteem.

F.Many teens often show emotional moods.

G Be the kind of friend you would want.

As a kid I loved everything about school. I loved books,____, tests and homework. Most of all I longed to someday march down the aisle (通道) to receive my____That seemed more appealing even than getting married. But at 15, I had to____because my parents____afford tuition. My hope of getting a diploma was dead.

Pretty soon, I married. I had three Children, and I thought: “There____my diploma.”

Even so, I wanted my children to be educated. But Linda, our youngest child, had juvenile arthritis (幼年型关节炎) in her____and knees, which made it____for her to function (活动) in a normal classroom.

One day, I saw an ad in the newspaper for evening courses.

“That’s the answer,” I said to myself. Linda always feels____in the evening, so I’ll just sign her up for night schoo1.

Linda was busy____out enrollment (入学) forms when the secretary said: “Mrs Schantz, why don’t you come back to____?”

I____: “There’s no way! I’m 55!”

____he insisted, and before I knew what I had done, I was enrolled for classes in English and crafts. “This is only an experiment,” I____him, but he just smiled. To my surprise, both Linda and I thrived (茁壮成长) in evening school. I went back again the next semester, and my grades____improved.

It was____going to school again, but it was no game. Sitting in a class full of kids was awkward,____most of them were respectful and encouraging. During the day, I still had loads of housework to do, But when I was down, Linda encouraged me. “Morn, you can’t____now!” And when she was down, I____her. Together we saw it through. At last, I got my diploma.____, my classmates voted unanimously (一致地) for me to be class speaker, and I got a $3, 000 college scholarship.

Yes, Mom, I was late for school, but I got there____.

1.A. parents B. teachers C. trees D. flowers

2.A. job B. present C. certification D. diploma

3.A. drop out B. watch out C. keep out D. find out

4.A. wouldn’ t B. couldn’ t C. shouldn’ t D. needn’ t

5.A. goes B. comes C. exists D. breaks

6.A. hands B. head C. eyes D. stomach

7.A. 1ikely B. frequent C. easy D. impossible

8.A. Worse B. excited C. better D. annoyed

9.A. giving B. taking C. filling D. sending

10.A. work B. school C. home D. office

11.A. 1aughed B. told C. argued D. shouted

12.A. And B. But C. Although D. So

13.A. informed B. asked C. warned D. convinced

14.A. regularly B. happily C. steadily D. naturally

15.A. interesting B. disappointing C. concerned D. exciting

16.A. as if B. even if C. in case D. if only

17.A. continue B. rest C. quit D. hesitate

18.A. raised B. discouraged C. cheered D. defeated

19.A. To my surprise B. To my satisfaction C. To my relief D. To my credit

20.A. naturally B. frequently C. constantly D. eventually

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