Most children now chat daily either online or through their mobile phones. They are connecting to a huge number of other children all over the world. Some are shy “in real life” but are confident to communicate with others online; others find support from people of their own age on relationship issues, or problems at home.

Sometimes the online world, just like the real world, can introduce problems, such as arguments. Going online is great fun, but there are also a few people who use the Internet for offensive (冒犯性的) or illegal aims. Children must be made aware of both the good things and the dangers.

To keep children safe your management must cover the family computer. Just as you decide which TV programs are suitable, you need to do the same for the websites and chat rooms your children visit. Remind your children that online friends are still strangers. Reminding them of the risks will keep them alert (警惕).

Computer studies are part of schoolwork now, so it’s likely that your children may know more than you do. We get left behind when it comes to the latest gad-gets and the interactive areas of websites, like chat rooms and message boards, which are especially strange. The language of chat is strange to many parents, too. Chatters love to use abbreviations (缩写) such as: atb — all the best, bbfn — bye bye for now, cul8er — see you later, gr8 — great, Idk — I don’t know, imbl — it must be love, kit — keep in touch, paw — parents are watching, lol — laugh out loud, xlnt — excellent!

1.The passage is meant for ______.

A. children B. parents

C. teachers D. net bar owners

2.Which of the following will the author probably agree with?

A. The Internet is no good for children.

B. The chat language is strange to adults.

C. Children shouldn’t chat so much online.

D. The Internet is a good place for children.

3.In order to keep children safe online, you’d better ______.

A. choose suitable websites and chat rooms for them

B. teach them to use correct net words

C. surf the Internet together with them

D. forbid them to use the Internet

4.If you stand beside him when your son is chatting about something secret online, he may use ______.

A. bbfn B. lol

C. paw D. cul8er

One sixth of undergraduates (本科生) in Beijing this year have registered at a driving school . The students , mostly from majors such as business management or international trade , will finish their driving courses within 20 days or so .

Training costs have dropped to ,2,600yuan for students , according to the Haidian Driving School in Beijing . The price is not really low , but students will accept it , seeing it as an investment (投资) in their future . Familiarity with the operation of computers and fluent English are the basic skills graduating students need to find a job . But a driver’s permit has become another factor.

“In the job market , owning a driver’s permit sometimes strengthens a graduating student’s competitiveness for a good position ,” says Zhou Yang , an undergraduate at the China University of Political Science and Law .

Cars will become a necessary part of many people’s lives in the coming years , and it’s difficult to get a permit out of campus because of the pressures on working people’s time . “Having a full-time job after graduation offers limited time to learn to drive . We senior students have plenty of spare time , plenty of opportunities to learn.”

Xu Jian , an official at the driving school, said undergraduates were very able and serious , and could grasp in an hour what it took ordinary people four hours to learn . In this driving school, middle-aged people , young women and college students are the main customers .

To get a driver’s permit , a beginner is now required to have at least 86 hours’ practice before the final road test .

1.The undergraduates are learning to drive because .

A. they like to drive cars

B. they need this skill to find a good job .

C. most of them will be able to buy cars in the future

D. they want to become full-time drivers after graduation

2.Which of the following is Xu Jian’s opinion of students learning to drive ?

A. He decided it was a waste of money and time .

B. He thought they must learn it at school .

C. He thought they would spend three times more time .

D. He agreed that young people had an advantage in learning to drive .

3.Which of the following would be the best title of this passage ?

A. Students Learn to Drive

B. Welcome to Driving School

C. It’s Better to Learn to Drive at College

D. Students Pay Less to Learn to Drive Now

Victor’s hobby was collecting stamps. He had stamps from many countries, like England, Canada and China. On his birthday, can you guess what people gave him? That’s right—stamps.

Victor’s favorite stamps came from France. He had almost every stamp from 1954 to 2004. He only needed one. That was a 1974 special edition*. It was very hard to find.

He looked for it everywhere. He asked his friends and relatives to help him. But nobody could find the stamp. It made Victor very sad.

“Don’t worry. Never give up,” his father said to him. “If you have enough patience, you’ll find it one day.”

“I hope so,” Victor said.

Victor also liked writing. He had a pen friend in France. They wrote to each other every month. Victor’s pen friend, Phillip, usually used new stamps to send letters. Sometimes, his mother gave him stamps to use. Once Phillip’s mother gave him a big, green stamp. It looked old. When Victor received the letter, he was very surprised. On the envelope, he looked carefully at the stamp. It was the 1974 special edition stamp. Victor was so happy. He told his sister, his mother and his father.

“You see,” his father said. “You did find your stamp. So, it’s good to have two things in life. ”

“What are they?” Victor asked.

“Friends and patience.” He answered.

1.It was very difficult for Victor to find a special French stamp of _________.

A. 1954 B. 1974

C. 1994 D. 2004

2.Who owned the special edition stamp at the very beginning?

A. Phillip. B. Phillip’s mother.

C. Victor. D. Victor’s father.

3.The passage mainly tells us that ________ is(are)important to people.

A. a happy family B. a good hobby

C. relatives and friendship D. friends and patience

Rajasthan is one of the most visited states in India. These top tourist places to visit in Rajasthan shouldn’t be missed.


The Pink City, Jaipur, is one of the Rajasthan’s most popular places. It has many famous forts(堡垒)and palaces, with most beautiful views and buildings. Staying in Jaipur is particularly enjoyable. Hotels are reasonably priced, which gives guests a very unforgettable experience!

Ranthambore National Park

Ranthambore National Park is one of the best places in India to spot a tiger in the wild. Compared with many national parks in India, it’s also easy to get to. This makes it very popular. Unfortunately, it has been facing lots of tourist problems. As well as nature, the park is home to the 10th century Ranthambore Fort. It’s a huge fort that contains ruined pavilions, monuments, and three Hindu temples. The park is full of history, having seen many wars played out on its land, and the rise and fall of many rulers.


A beautiful sandstone city rises magically from the sand dunes(沙丘)of the Thar desert. It looks like it’s straight out of an Arabian Nights fable. Its ancient fort, built in 1156, lets visitors view the city. It houses five palaces, several temples, as well as shops and other houses. Riding a camel into the desert is also a popular thing to do in Jaisalmer.


Known as the Blue City for its blue painted buildings, Jodhpur is the second largest city in Rajasthan. Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur provides a good look at Jodhpur’s blue buildings. It’s one of the largest and most well-protected forts in India. Insides, there are numbers of palaces and a museum. It’s great to do nothing but relax here.

1.What does the text mainly introduce to us?

A. Tourist attractions at risk.

B. Travels in the desert.

C. The culture and history of India.

D. Several places of interest in Rajasthan.

2.If you want to travel by riding a camel, you can go to_____________ .

A. Jaipur

B. Jodhpur

C. Jaisalmer

D. Ranthambore National Park

3.When you are in Mehrangarh Fort, you can _____________ .

A. watch tigers in the wild

B. see beautiful sand dunes

C. appreciate blue painted buildings

D. learn about many wars in history

4.What can learn from the text?

A. Jaipur is known as the Blue City.

B. Five Hindu temples lie in Ranthambore Fort.

C. Jaisalmer’s ancient fort was built in the 11th century.

D. Ranthambore National Park is very popular with tourists.

M’Kenzie and Derek Tillotson, of Utah, USA, are planning to embark on an epic trip around the world with their three young children, and are looking for a travel nanny(保姆) to help them on their journey. They posted a Facebook video hoping to get a few dozen applications, but ended up with messages from nearly 20,000 people hoping to get the job.

The couple runs a family travel blog called ‘Five Take Flight’ and recently decided to sell their home in Utah and go on an unforgettable adventure around the world. They plan to leave in July, flying from their home in Utah to New York City, then to Iceland, and the rest of Europe. They’ll return to their home city for a two weeks over Christmas, before flying to Hawaii, New Zealand, and finally Asia. It sounds like an incredible experience, but it’s also going to be pretty tough to manage with three kids, which is why they’ve decided to take someone to travel with them and lend a hand when necessary.

“You’ll be an honorary member of the family and will be treated with respect and be able to voice your opinion.” The travel nanny will be required to handle most of the homeschooling for the couple’s two boys, while also looking after their baby sister and also handle some of the cooking and cleaning.

“It’s hard to define your exact hours because you will be living with us, but you will have time to yourself every day for sure, and one to two times a week you’ll be able to go off on your own .” The Tillotsons add that the chosen person will receive a monthly salary of $1200 – $1500 for their work besides travel expenses and other living costs. However, a number of people have pointed out that the sum is still very low for the requirements.

1.What can we learn from Paragraph 1?

A. So many people want to get the job of a travel nanny.

B. The couple posted a Facebook video to look for a job.

C. The couple will travel around the world by themselves.

D. Three children will live in a nanny’s home.

2.When will the couple return to their home city this year?

A. In July.

B. After Christmas.

C. After travelling in Europe.

D. Before visiting New York.

3.Which is not the travel nanny’s job?

A. Looking after the baby sister.

B. Helping run “Five Take Flight”.

C. Doing some cooking and cleaning.

D. Dealing with two boys’ homeschooling.

4.What can be learned from the text?

A. The couple has their home in Utah.

B. About 2,000 people have applied for the job.

C. A travel nanny has no right to voice her opinion.

D. Many people are not satisfied with the salary of the job.

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