A drug used to treat severe bleeding could save thousands of lives for mothers giving birth. A global trial of the drug found it reduced the risk of bleeding deaths during childbirth by nearly one-third. The study involved 20,000 women in 21 countries, mainly in Africa and Asia. The trial was carried out by London's School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. The drug is called d tranexamic acid (氨甲环酸). It is low-cost and researchers said it does not cause serious side effects for mothers or babies.

The drug is used to treat mothers for severe bleeding during childbirth, also known as postpartum hemorrhage (产后出血).It is the leading cause of mother’s death worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

Haleema Shakur is the project director of the trial. She says despite medical advances in many countries, severe bleeding after childbirth remains a big problem in some parts of the world. “It's one of the biggest killers of mothers. In Africa and Asia. about 10 percent of women will end up with severe bleeding. " The drug works by stopping blood clots(血凝块) from breaking down after a mother gives birth. The treatment can prevent the need for doctors to perform surgery to find the source of bleeding.

Shakur said the best results were reported when the drug was given to women as soon as possible after childbirth, “The earlier you give it- so within the first three hours of giving birth—the better the effect is. ”

The next step will be to get the drug where it is needed provide training for doctors and nurses on how to use it. During the trial, women were given the drug in a hospital. But researchers are looking for easier ways to administer the drug so it can be more widely used in small clinics and rural areas.

1.Tranexamic acid is a drug that .

A. should be used for every mother

B. helps mothers before giving birth

C. ensures most new-born babies’ health

D. can help mothers giving birth stop bleeding

2.What is the reachers’next plan?

A. To know how much the drug is.

B. To get permission to use the drug.

C. To let more people know the drug.

D. To make medical staff know how to use the drug.

3.What can we learn from the text?

A. The more mothers use the drug, the better its effect is.

B. African and Asian countries made great progress in medicine.

C. There is a long way to go before the drug can be used more widely.

D. Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of women’s death.

4.What may be the best title for the text?

A. Care for the Health of Mothers

B. How Can We Use Tranexamic Acid Well?

C. Childbirth Drug Greatly Reduces Bleeding Deaths

D. What's the Biggest Killer of Mothers?

Scientists think they have answered a mystery: How some ocean creatures got so huge so quickly.

A few million years ago, the largest whales, averaged about 15 feet long. Then seemingly overnight, one type of whale, the toothless baleen whale(须鲸类)became huge. Modern blue whales get as big as 100 feet. Nicholas Pyenson of the Smithsonian Natural History Museum said, “Why is that?” ”It happened in the glance of an evolutionary eye, which makes it harder to figure out what happened,” said Graham Slater, lead author of the study. Their study has suggested an answer: Ice ages in the last 3 to 5 million years started it, changing the oceans and food supply for whales.

The researchers used fossil records of the smaller whales to create a family tree for baleen whales which include blue whales, humpbacks and right whales. Using computer simulations(模拟)and knowledge about how evolution works, they concluded that when the size changes started, the poles got colder, ice expanded and the water circulation in the oceans changed and winds shifted, Slater and Pyenson said cold water went deep and moved closer to the equator(赤道)and then eventually moved back up with small fish and other small animals that whales eat.

Baleen whale, which have no teeth, feed by eating huge amounts of fish they capture. Toothed whales, like sperm whales (抹香鲸), hunt individual fish, so the ocean chants that made food less evenly spread out didn’t affect them as much. But baleen whales hunt schools of fish.

Olivier Lambert at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences calls it “a really convincing situation”. But he said the lack of fossils in certain time periods is an issue. As oceans warm from man-made climate change, the seas will be more like it was when the whales smaller and they will have a more difficult time surviving.

1.What does the author mean by “It happened in the glance of an evolutionary eye” in the second paragraph?

A. The change of baleen whales happened too quickly.

B. The change of baleen whales was too difficult to explore.

C. Researchers paid little attention to the change of baleen whales.

D. Researchers thought the change of baleen whales was unimportant.

2.What played the key role in baleen whales’ becoming huge?

A. Man-made climate change.

B. Its eating a huge amount of fish.

C. The water circulation in the oceans.

D. The increase of food supply for whales.

3.What do we know about sperm whales and blue whales according to the text?

A. Sperm whales eat more food.

B. Blue whaler live much longer.

C. Sperm whales prefer to hunt schools of fish.

D. Blue whales usually swallow schools of fish.

4.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A. There are no whale fossils now.

B. The whales may become even bigger.

C. Global warming has threatened the whales.

D. Olivier Lamber thinks the study is perfect.

English teachers love William Shakespeare for all his wonderful 16th century dialogue and prose (散文). 1. If you need or want to read a comedy or tragedy of Shakespeare's and don’t know how to begin, here are some tips to get you started

Keep a Shakespeare lexicon handy. A lexicon is a reference guide similar to a dictionary, except that it defines and explains word usage from different periods or regions.2.

Explore online study guides. Many sites offer free study guides to the works of William Shakespeare. 3. These websites will include a character analysis, plot timeline, major themes and chapter, as well as an explanation of unfamiliar terms.

4. Charles and Mary Lamb have written beautiful story versions that are very readable for all ages. If you read it as a story without the dialogue or unfamiliar dialect and language, you will get a feel for the plot and characters. You will understand the story better.

Watch a theater or movie version of the play. You can access some versions of the plays on United streaming. com as a teacher. As a student, look on the Internet movie database for a comprehensive list of productions. 5.

Shakespeare’s works are fun and wonderful! Make friends with the rhythm of this most engaging reading! Use this handy guide and soon you’ll be another Shakespeare in no time!

A. Try to add the correct emotion.

B. Listen to the way that the actors say the lines.

C. His works were written for actors in a theater.

D. English students hate him for the same reason.

E. It will translate terms from middle to modern English.

F. Read the story itself in children's version to get the main plot.

G. I regularly use Cliffnotes, Sparknotes and Pink Monkey for literary help.

A 17-year-old girl found living in a Georgia home after being missing for more than a year is now safe at her North Carolina home with her family. But her mother told local TV station WOSC that her daughter is not the same. “There are __ in my daughter,” Shaunna Burns said. “She is not the same person that __ and that is the hardest part of this. ”

Hailey was __ missing on May 23, 2016, who was 14 years old, after she walked out of her home __ telling anyone where she was going, WOSC reports. After Hailey went __, her family said she had run away with a man she met online. "He __ her to listen to him and not to follow our __ and then my daughter wasn’t communicating with me,” her father told WBTV.

On June 24,Hailey’s parents were __ that their daughter was in Duluth, Georgia. Hours later, she was __ by federal agents and taken to a local __ before being returned to her __ , according to FBI officials.

Michael Ren Wysolovski, 31, was arrested at the __. He supposedly shared the __ with Hailey, who appeared to be physically __ except for weight loss, according to the FBI. Wysolovski has been __ with false imprisonment and __ to children.

On Monday, Hailey’s father shared the family’s __ on social media. “I woke up to-day crying and being __ for the miracle that has happened in our live,” Anthony Burns wrote on Facebook. “We never __ .She is happy to be home. We can now __ again."

1.A. stories B. changes C. difficulties D. wonders

2.A. left B. worked C. rose D. remembered

3.A. witnessed B. found C. doubted D. denied

4.A. after B. since C. besides D. without

5.A. wrong B. impatient C. missing D. impolite

6.A. forced B. led C. allowed D. advised

7.A. promises B. explanation C. directions D. introductions

8.A. warned B. informed C. suggested D. persuaded

9.A. betrayed B. tracked C. rescued D. seized

10.A. school B. company C. shelter D. hospital

11.A. team B. class C. family D. organization

12.A. show B. scene C. beginning D. moment

13.A. home B. dream C. experience D. adventure

14.A. unharmed B. unavailable C. uncompleted D. unacceptable

15.A. supplied B. awarded C. connected D. charged

16.A. murder B. cruelty C. kindness D. tolerance

17.A. sorrow B. prayer C. relief D. anger

18.A. surprised B. dissatisfied C. hopeful D. grateful

19.A. ran away B. woke up C. went away D. gave up

20.A. breathe B. fight C. climb D. behave

Music is an international language.The songs that are sung or played by instruments are beautiful to all people everywhere.

Popular music in America is what every student likes.Students carry small radios with earphones and listen to music before class,after class and at lunch.Students with cars buy large speakers(扬声器)and play the music loudly as they drive on the street.

Adult drivers listen to music on the car radio as they drive to work.They also listen to the news about sports,the weather,politics,and activities of the American people.But most of the radio broadcast is music.

Pop or popular music singers make much money.They make a CD or tape which radio stations use in every state.Once the popular singer is heard throughout the country,young people buy his or her tapes.Some of the money from these tapes comes to the singer.Wherever the singer goes,all the young people want to meet him or her.Now the singer has become a national star.

Besides pop music,there are two other kinds of music that is important to Americans.One is called folk music.It tells stories about the common life of Americans.The other is called western or country music.This was started by cowboys who would sing at night to the cows they were watching.Today,any music about country life and the love between a country boy and his girl is called western or country music.

Serious music for the concert halls is called classical music.Music for instruments is called orchestra music,such as the symphonies(交响乐)of Beethoven.There is opera for singers,ballet for dancers like the story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai in China.

1.In what way can music be regarded as an international language?

A. Popular music is what everyone enjoys.

B. The wonderful songs are popular with the world people.

C. When music is played,it seems as if it were speaking to us.

D. Music is too popular for everyone to be able to play it.

2.What can we know about music and people in America?

A. Adult drivers listen to news as well as music when they drive to work.

B. Adult drivers never listen to music when they drive to work.

C. Student drivers carry small radios with earphones when they drive on the streets.

D. Students always listen to music before class,in class and after class.

3.Which of the following statement is TRUE according to the passage?

A. All people in America like popular music.

B. Pop singers can get all the money from the tapes.

C. Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai is a kind of pop music in China.

D. Now,western or country music is a little different from its beginning.

4.What's the best title of the passage?

A. International language. B. Music in America.

C. Pop music. D. Music listeners.

This may be music to your ears.

Researchers P Jason Rentfrow and Samuel Gosling gave 3,500 people a personality quiz.Then they asked them to name their favourite kind of music.“We found that the musical styles people like are closely linked to their personalities,”Gosling says.


Known for their quick speech,some rappers can say more than 700 syllables (音节)a minute!

If you like rap/hip-hop,you are energetic(精力充沛的)and have a way with words.You_put_a_fresh_spin_on_things,whether it's new moves on the dance floor or your hip style.


In the 18th century,classical musicians were like rock stars.Beethoven and Mozart,for example,played to packed concert halls.

If you like classical,you are open to new ideas and like debating with friends.Creative and imaginative,you can easily spend many hours scrapbooking,writing or painting.


Country music came from the folk songs of English,Scottish,and Irish settlers of the southeastern United States.

If you like country,you express your opinions well,which makes you the ideal class president or team captain.Traditional and loyal,you enjoy spending time with your family.


Pop music is designed to appeal to(吸引)almost everyone,and it does.Each year,the industry brings in about 30 billion dollars!

If you like pop,you are attractive to your friends.You can make big things happen,like planning for a huge party or inspiring your team to victory.


In the 1950s,rock music created a brand-new culture.Teenagers,for the first time,had an identity(身份)separate from adults and children.

If you like rock/alternative,you are a risk-taker who never accepts no for an answer.You rise to any challenge,like doing very well in a big exam or in the school play.

If these personality profiles don't match you,that's OK.These are just for fun.

1.What does the underlined part “You put a fresh spin on things” mean in the passage?

A. You can express your idea in a clever way that makes it seem better than it really is.

B. You have the ability to attract other's attention.

C. You are always willing to communicate with others.

D. You are willing to express your thought to others all the time.

2.If you like pop music,________.

A. you are traditional and prefer to stay with your family

B. you are easy to accept new ideas

C. you are welcome and your friends all like to be with you

D. you have a quick speech and can say 30 words in a minute

3.We can know from this passage that ________.

A. in the 18th century,classical musicians were like pop stars

B. country music came from the folk songs of the Native Americans

C. pop music is liked by the largest number of people in the world

D. everyone can find his personality in this passage

4.What's the best title for the passage?

A. When music came into being.

B. What your favourite music says about you.

C. Some basic information about music.

D. How to like music.

Once upon a time, there was a king who had a wise advisor. The advisor followed the king everywhere and his favourite piece of advice to the king was “Everything happens for the good.”

One day the king went hunting and had a small accident. His foot was injured. Fortunately he was not badly injured but as always he was forced to ask his advisor what he thought about the accident, to which the advisor replied,“Everything happens for the good.”

This time the king was really angry and put his advisor in prison. The king then asked his advisor,“Now,what do you think?” The advisor again answered,“Everything happens for the good.”

About a week later the king went on another hunting trip. It turned out that the king was caught by some cannibals (食人者) and taken to their camp where he would be prepared to be their evening meal. Before putting him into the cooking pot, he was examined and the cannibals realized that the king's foot was injured. They decided to throw him back into the forests. It is the tradition for the cannibals not to eat anything that was in any way injured.

It is true that everything in our lives happens for a purpose, and most often for our own good. If you think about it, all our past experiences actually happened to bring us to where we are today and make us a better person. So whatever challenges that we may face today, consider it happening to bring us to the next level.

1.When the advisor was put in prison, he was still________.

A. nervous B. angry

C. calm D. upset

2.It can be inferred from the last paragraph that________.

A. everything happens for its own reasons

B. it is unnecessary for us to think about experiences

C. challenges will make you do anything

D. our life experiences are our best teacher

3.By telling the story, the writer________.

A. tells us the danger of hunting

B. wants us to think positively

C. asks us not to hunt any more

D. wishes us to follow others' advice

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