In a great many cities, hundreds of people ride bikes to work every day. In New York, some bike riders have even formed a group called Bike for a Better City. They declare that if more people rode bikes to work, there would be fewer automobiles in the downtown part of the city and so less dirty air from car engines.

For several years, this group had been trying to get the city government to help bike riders. For example, they want the city to draw special lanes(车道) for bikes on some of the main streets, because when bike riders must use the same lanes as cars there are accidents. Bike for a Better City feels that if there were special lanes, more people would use bikes.

But no bike lanes have been drawn. Not everyone thinks it is a good idea—they say it will slow traffic. Some store owners on the main streets don't like the idea—they say that if there is less traffic, they will have less business.

The city government has not yet decided what to do. It wants to keep everyone happy. On weekends, Central Park—the largest place open ground in New York—is closed to cars, and the roads may be used by bikes only.

1.In New York, a group of bike riders

A. are keeping practicing for health

B. have no cars of their own

C. are complaining there are not enough buses

D. are trying to settle the problem of air pollution

2.The bike riders suggest that

A. bikes should be used instead of cars

B. bike lanes should be drawn

C. fewer buses or cars should be used

D. the number of special lanes should be decreased

3.The advantage of the special lanes is that

A. they will make cars and buses run slowly

B. they will make it easier for bike riders to go to parks

C. they will make the city more beautiful

D. they will prevent accidents

If your child has mobile Internet access, it will be more difficult to monitor(监督) and control his or her Internet use. Kids are turning to the Internet for everything from hanging out with friends to shopping, which makes it harder for parents to keep track of their online activities. Fortunately, there are many choices for controlling what your kids see on their computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Content blockers and filters are great tools to use for younger kids. They allow you more control over where they go and what they do online. A content blocker can block some unhealthy websites or limit a child's search to the kind of sites. A content filter can scan sites and pictures and block those sites that contain certain words, key phrases, or content.

Consider tracking software for older teenagers. This software enables you to see which sites your children have visited, tracking their paths online. This tool gives young people more freedom to explore the Internet, but it also allows you to check that they are using the Internet responsibly. Let your teenagers know that you trust them, but that you will be regularly checking that they are visiting appropriate sites online.

Even if you use content blockers, filters, and trackers, you know that a lot of kids figure out ways to get around these, so it's important to remain alert (警惕的). Remember that not all adult sites can be identified by blocker, filter, or tracker software. That's why it's important to talk to your kids about what to do when something inappropriate or scary comes up. Nothing can replace involvement and supervision (监督) by adults. Keep monitoring how your kids use the Internet on a regular basis without getting into the role of Internet traffic police.

1.What is the passage mainly about?

A. More and more kids have mobile Internet access.

B. Some choices for monitoring and controlling kid's Internet use.

C. It is difficult to monitor and control kid's Internet use.

D. Kids are turning to the Internet for everything.

2.How should parents monitor and control younger kids' Internet use?

A. With tracking software.

B. With tracking software and content blockers and filters.

C. With content blockers and filters.

D. With filters and trackers.

3.The 3rd paragraph is about

A. how to monitor and control older teenagers' Internet use

B. how to monitor and control younger kids' Internet use

C. tracking software

D. content blockers and filters

From the beginning of the Internet, online dating (约会) has become one of the most popular things to all the consumers (顾客).Although this may be fun, it is important to remember to think of your safety when trying to meet that certain somebody.When talking about safety I am referring to taking care of your computer and yourself.

Before getting into the world of online dating you should make sure you take care of protecting your computer.A good fire wall and an anti?virus program are a must. These are needed to protect your emails and anywhere you surf on the Internet. There are many great programs offered at your local computer store or available to buy online. With great programs often come some pretty good costs. There is something that is better for the people who just can't afford the cost of a good anti?virus—you can find quite a few decent ones on the Internet for free.

Protecting yourself could surely be much more important than protecting your computer. You want to be careful in choosing your dating sites. Do some good research. If you know anyone who has tried an online dating service,ask them what they thought. There are so many online dating sites that you should do extensive (广泛的) researches. Make sure you keep the web addresses. Keep a list of fees, regulations and anything else that looks interesting to you. If a place looks shady or makes you feel uncomfortable then you should steer clear away. At the end of the day make sure you take care of yourself.

1.When you meet somebody online you should

A. try to know something about him or her

B. learn to protect yourself and your computer

C. remember that all of you are safe enough

D. realize that you are likely to be in trouble

2.The second paragraph is mainly to tell us that

A. it is necessary for you to protect your emails

B. good programs are usually very expensive

C. we can buy good programs at the local store

D. an anti?virus is needed to protect the computer

3.Before you visit the dating sites

A. you should try to learn more about them

B. you'd better have a talk with your friends

C. you can look through the web addresses

D. you will collect as many sites as you can

4.The underlined word “shady” in Paragraph 3 means “ ”.

A. funny B. strange

C. unsafe D. secret

A couple of weeks ago, my friend offered to sell some of our things for us. I thought it was a good opportunity to ______ my 7?year?old son's room and ______ some toys that were no longer suitable for him to play with. We ______ that all the money we got from selling the toys would be his money.

The night before the ______, we loaded up the truck with toys and a little bike that was too ______ for him.In the yard he ______the bike for the last time and then happily put it onto the truck. This little bike had at least two previous owners as far as we ______. It wasn't in the best ______and was certainly not new,but the tires(轮胎)were ______ good.

We put a price of $10 on it, but it didn't sell.So,after the sale was ______,my friend put it on the sidewalk,with a sign that ______ “FREE BIKE”.Within five minutes her doorbell rang.A little boy was ______ there.In poor English he asked whether the bike was ______ free.We said yes and that he could have it for ______.He smiled,got on the bike and rode away.

Later that evening when I told my son how much money he had made at the sale, he was very______,shouting happily. He asked about a few of his things, wondering ______ they had been sold. When he asked about the bike, I told him about the little boy and that made him ______.He was much happier than when I told him how much he had ______.He was so happy to ______ that someone else would make good ______ of that little bike!

1.A. clean B. check C. display D. design

2.A. look for B. go through C. show off D. deal with

3.A. refused B. agreed C. wrote D. lied

4.A. trip B. show C. sale D. decision

5.A. weak B. small C. new D. thin

6.A. rode B. found C. watched D. felt

7.A. doubted B. knew C. told D. thought

8.A. time B. chance C. place D. shape

9.A. also B. never C. still D. hardly

10.A. ahead B. on C. near D. over

11.A. said B. repeated C. copied D. expressed

12.A. jumping B. standing C. walking D. shouting

13.A. barely B. usually C. really D. always

14.A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing

15.A. calm B. scared C. excited D. disappointed

16.A. when B. if C. why D. how

17.A. smile B. worry C. leave D. cry

18.A. enjoyed B. lost C. bought D. made

19.A. hear B. understand C. remember D. think

20.A. interest B. money C. use D. price

Top Summer Music Festivals to Travel to

Summer is the best time of a year for music lovers, especially if you love the outdoor concert scene. Festival season is just kicking off, and there is a lot to look forward to in the upcoming months.

Primavera Sound

To kick off the summer, there's no better place than Barcelona. On the concert lineup, you'll find bands like The Zombies, Arcade Fire, and Bon Iver. Then take some time to taste the local food and wine.

May 31-June 4; Barcelona, Spain

Music Type: Rock, hip-hop

Price: $86—$323

Governors Ball

One of the great summer concerts in New York City is Governor's Ball, which takes place in early June at Randall’s Island Park. Some of the playing artists include Tool, Phoenix, Lorde, Flume, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

June 2-4; New York City, New York, USA

Music Type: Rock, hip-hop, pop

Price: $105—$405


Bonnaroo is another summer event that draws in crowds of around 60,000 each year. Some of the most well-known musicians will be playing this year, including U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, and Chance the Rapper.

June 8-11; Manchester, Tennessee, USA

Music Type: Rock, hip-hop

Price: $210-$554

Firefly Music Festival

Many people haven't thought of going to Delaware for a summer vacation, hut mid-June is a great time to plan this trip if you love music. Headliners for this year’s slow are The Weeknd, Muse, Twenty One Pilots, Chance the Rapper, and Bob Dylan.

June 15-18; Dover, Delaware, USA

Music Type: Blues, rock

Price: $179-$499

1.Which concert has the cheapest ticket?

A. Bonnaroo. B. Governors Ball.

C. Primavera Sound. D. Firefly Music Festival.

2.What is special about Firefly Music Festival?

A. It performs Blues. B. It is popular with travelers.

C. It is held in summer. D. It has many famous musicians.

3.When can you enjoy Flume's performance?

A. On May 31. B. On June 3.

C. On June 9. D. On June 15.

We have some friends who seem as if they understand and appreciate you, but really they might not. A girl named Nevaeh was about to find a friend that she thought understood her, but she actually didn’t.

When Nevaeh was in kindergarten she didn’t have friends. Every time she wanted to make some they would just walk away. That happened until she went to the third grade when a girl named Brooke said hello to her.

Nevaeh, a shy girl, didn’t answer. Since Nevaeh had no friends to talk to, her mouth would close up. After knowing Nevaeh was shy and needed friends, Brooke wouldn’t leave Nevaeh’s side and always talked to her. Nevaeh started talking more and was less shy. Once Brooke took her to her friends. There were only three girls, Karla, Mariana, and Isela, but Nevaeh was fine with it. At least she had friends.

They got along very well and had a few things in common. When they were finally in middle school, Brooke and Nevaeh became best friends, but as they got older, they changed. When Nevaeh changed the way she looked and acted, Brooke didn’t like it. Brooke started to judge her, and make her wear stuff that she didn’t like. They had arguments about the way Nevaeh wanted to look, and how Brooke didn’t like what she wore.

Nevaeh wasn’t sure if she could really trust Brooke anymore. That was until she met Susan who understood Nevaeh and didn’t judge her by her looks, but had the same interests as Nevaeh. They liked to dress in the same kinds of things and had similar hobbies.

Nevaeh really liked Susan because she never judged her. When they were talking about their interests it was like they had known each other for a long time.

Nevaeh was still friends with the other girls, and was happy that she finally had someone that understood her and appreciated her.

1.What does the underlined word “she” in the first paragraph refer to?

A. Susan. B. Karla.

C. Brooke. D. Nevaeh.

2.Why did Nevaeh have no friends in kindergarten?

A. She didn’t want friends.

B. She wasn’t accepted by others.

C. She didn’t deserve to have friends.

D. She was stopped from making friends.

3.How did Nevaeh react to Brooke’s judgment on her?

A. She rejected it. B. She tolerated it.

C. She corrected it. D. She appreciated it.

4.What was Susan like according to the text?

A. Brave and helpful. B. Sincere and supportive.

C. Smart and humorous. D. Clever and hard-working.

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