Londoners are great readers.They buy vast numbers of newspapers and magazines and of books-especially paperbacks,which are still comparatively cheap in spite of ever?increasing rises in the costs of printing.They still continue to buy “proper”books,too,printed on good paper and bound(装订)between hard covers.

There are many streets in London containing shops which specialize in book?selling.Perhaps the best known of these is Charring Cross Road in the very heart of London.Here bookshops of all sorts and sizes are to be found,from the celebrated one which boasts of being “the biggest bookshop in the world”to the tiny,dusty little places which seem to have been left over from Dickens' time.Some of these shops stock,or will obtain,any kind of books,but many of them specialize in second?hand books,in art books,in foreign books,in books on philosophy,politics or any other of the countless subjects about which books may be written.One shop in this area specializes only in books about ballet!

Although it may be the most convenient place for Londoners to buy books,Charring Cross Road is not the cheapest.For the really cheap second?hand books,the collector must venture off the beaten track,to Farringdon Road,for example,in the East Central district of London.Here there is nothing so impressive as bookshops.The booksellers come along each morning and pour out their sacks of books onto small handcarts.And the collectors,some professionals and some amateurs,have been waiting for them.In places like this they can still,occasionally,pick up for a few pence an old one that may be worth many pounds.

1.“Londoners are great readers.”means that

A. Londoners are great because they read a lot

B. there are a great number of readers in London

C. Londoners are readers who read only great books

D. Londoners read a lot

2.According to this passage,Charring Cross Road

A. is in the suburbs of London

B. is famous for its bookshops

C. contains various kinds of shops

D. is the busiest street in London

3.In this passage,what does the underlined part “venture off the beaten track”mean?

A. Buy books in a most busy street.

B. Move away from a busy street.

C. Waste time looking for books.

D. Take a risk of losing one's life.

4.On Farringdon Road,

A. you can find fine bookshops for the latest books

B. there are only small bookshops for the secondhand books

C. you can see booksellers selling books on handcarts

D. the same books as the ones in the bookshops of Charring Cross Road are sold

Three men traveling on a train began a conversation about the world's greatest wonders.

“In my opinion,”the first man said,“the Egyptian pyramids are the world's greatest wonder.Although they were built thousands of years ago,they are still standing.And remember:the people who built them had only simple tools.They did not have the kind of machinery that builders and engineers have today.”

“I agree that the pyramids in Egypt are wonderful,”the second man said,“but I do not think they are the greatest wonder.I believe computers are more wonderful than the pyramids.They have taken people to the moon and brought them back safely.In seconds,they carry out mathematical calculations that would take a person a hundred years to do.”

He turned to the third man and asked,“What do you think is the greatest wonder in the world?”

The third man thought for a long time,and then he said,“Well,I agree that the pyramids are wonderful,and I agree that computers are wonderful,too.However,in my opinion,the most wonderful thing in the world is this thermos.”

And he took a thermos out of his bag and held it up.

The other two men were very surprised.“A thermos?”they exclaimed.“But that's a simple thing.”

“Oh,no,it's not,”the third man said.“In the winter you put in a hot drink and it stays hot.In the summer you put in a cold drink and it stays cold.How does the thermos know whether it's winter or summer?”

1.The three men could not agree on what the world's greatest wonder was because

A. they could not think of anything very wonderful

B. they all had different ideas

C. they could not prove that their opinions were right

D. the journey ended too soon

2.The first man thought the pyramids were the most wonderful things in the world because

A. they were very beautiful

B. they were Egyptian

C. they had been built with very simple tools

D. they could do mathematical calculations

3.The third man thought a thermos was the most wonderful thing in the world because

A. it lasted longer than the pyramids

B. it cost less than a computer

C. he thought it knew whether it was winter or summer

D. the other two men were surprised when he told them about it

If something that you're doing doesn't challenge you,then it doesn't change you.We all need some normal stress in our lives,after all.1.So challenge the following limits:

1.Figure out what you're scared of and do it continuously.

If you're a salesman,and you're scared of talking to people personally or over the phone,now,instead of being scared and thinking you'll fail,spend at least five minutes a day to pick up the phone and make a call.2.But don't stop on the first try!Eventually,you can look at fear in the eyes and say,“Go on,I'm not scared!”


Make sure this hobby is not linked to your career;you have to relax and relieve your stress while performing this.Some examples might be cooking,sewing,painting and so on.Apart from helping you challenge yourself,taking a class for your hobby may also give you extra income.

3.Set aside at least nine minutes a day for physical exercise.

4.A simple 9?minute run around your neighborhood can do wonders for yourself.Exercise can not only help you maintain your regular weight,but also make you feel better about yourself.

4.Travel and allow yourself to be interested in new people.

Don't just limit yourself to your fellow travelers-try to connect with the service staff.You never know what kind of people they're going to be.Get out of your house or go online right now to book your class.5.

A.You should do it continuously.

B.Someone may hang up on you.

C.You don't need to go to the gym.

D.Running in the gym may be a better choice.

E.Start to travel now and learn to challenge you?rself.

F.Take a class for a hobby you've been wanting to develop.

G.You can never see any improvement if you stick to your comfort zone.

While driving home today,I passed a man who was holding a sign,begging for donations.I had ______ dollar(s) in my wallet.I decided that I was not going to give ______ money was so tight right now.

Then,I felt it ______ not to give,and therefore I ______ to give him half of what I had.I rolled down my window and ______ him one dollar.He said,“God bless you!”and I said,“You too.”It was not a full ______.

As I ______ away,I wished that I had ______ more to him,and I wished that I had given him all that I had,but instead I was too ______ to give more of myself.

On my way home,I wondered why helping others didn't make me happy.I wondered if I had ______ a powerful universal law—the law of giving from my ______ instead of my head.Perhaps just ______ not giving it all from my heart,I had blocked (阻塞) what I need to ______ right now.

I did not feel guilty,______ I did feel sad in my heart over my ______.My giving was from my head,not my heart.Now I ______ have the other dollar in my wallet.I hope that I will have a ______ soon to give it all.

It is true that all of us should have courage to ______ all that we have.Though we do ______ money to buy our own children food and clothes,Christmas presents,socks,toilet paper and so on,we are ______ to try our best to help those in need of our help.

1.A. one B. two C. three D. four

2.A. if B. though C. when D. because

3.A. necessary B. normal C. unimportant D. wrong

4.A. decided B. refused C. asked D. agreed

5.A. showed B. lent C. handed D. owed

6.A. deal B. exchange C. business D. greeting

7.A. walked B. turned C. ran D. drove

8.A. spoken B. proved C. admitted D. referred

9.A. pleased B. sure C. afraid D. busy

10.A. passed B. ignored C. remembered D. practiced

11.A. mouth B. hand C. mind D. heart

12.A. by B. after C. upon D. over

13.A. admit B. receive C. blame D. avoid

14.A. and B. so C. or D. but

15.A. choice B. failure C. difficulty D. fear

16.A. already B. even C. still D. almost

17.A. way B. chance C. right D. duty

18.A. enjoy B. value C. give D. trust

19.A. need B. lose C. earn D. borrow

20.A. prepared B. forced C. supposed D. forbidden

I have a Rewards Card for Showcase Cinema that allows me to earn rewards points with each purchase that I make at the theatre and periodically provides me with a free popcorn, soda or movie ticket coupon(优惠券). I had recently accumulated enough rewards points to obtain a coupon for a free popcorn.

Standing in the movie theatre ticket line on Saturday, I noticed just ahead of me, a father with his 2 small boys also waiting to buy their tickets for the Matinee Movie. Knowing that movies can be quite expensive for families nowadays, I tapped the Dad on the shoulder and asked, “I have a coupon for free popcorn and don’t plan to use it, would you like it for one of your boys?” He said, “Yeah, sure. That’s great! Thanks!” and took the coupon.

A few minutes later, after they had purchased their tickets, one of his small sons who appeared to be about 9 or 10 years old, walked up to me and silently held out a shiny penny to show me. I took it and said, “Wow that’s cool! It’s really shiny!” He quietly replied, “It’s a 2011”.

As I handed it back to him. He pushed the penny towards me once again and quietly said, “You can keep it”. Showing my gratitude, I replied, “Wow that’s awesome, thank you very much” and asked, “Where did you get it!” and he said quite softly, “I found it in my Dad’s car”. I said, “Oh that’s cool, thanks!” He smiled, quietly turned and walked back to his Dad who returned my smile with a knowing smile of his own. It’s the small special moments like that that can make an ordinary day special.

1.What can the author get after accumulating enough rewards points recently?

A. A coupon for free popcorn.

B. Soda.

C. A movie ticket.

D. A movie ticket coupon.

2.What do we know about the author?

A. He didn’t like to eat popcorn.

B. He didn’t plan to buy a ticket.

C. He sold his coupon to that father.

D. He was considerate to that father.

3.Why did the boy give the author a penny?

A. To get his coupon.

B. To thank him for his kindness.

C. To send him as a toy.

D. To make a friend.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. A Coupon for a Free Popcorn

B. Rewards Card for Showcase Cinema

C. The Small Moments That Can Light Up A Day

D. A Shiny Penny from a Boy

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1.What can you do after joining Mac Kids Book Club?

A. Create your book store. B. Earn much money.

C. Share books and movies. D. Discuss your study..

2.You can enter the Free Book giveaway ________.

A. on the Internet. B. by telephone.

C. in the bank. D. by email

3.Who can be allowed to sign up for Free iDOGO ID?

A. British pupils. B. Chinese teenagers.

C. American pupils D. American adults.

4.This text is most probably taken from___________.

A. a research paper B. a newspaper report

C. a class presentation D. an online advertisement.

Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake

With the Mid-Autumn Festival coming, the time for crabs is around the corner! Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake in China are believed to be the best freshwater crabs.

“They are delicious, because the bottom of Yangcheng Lake is hard and the crabs grow strong by walking on such a hard surface,” said one sales manager in Suzhou.

Li Lei, a crab lover from Beijing, said “It’s very delicious! But there are too many fake Yangcheng Lake Dazha Crabs”.

“Maybe the crabs from other regions can appear to be glistening green back, white belly after people wash them, but the golden fine hair on crab claws is still a point of pride and is exclusive to Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake,” said the manager.

The best time for enjoying them is during September and October of Chinese lunar calendar. “When the season for crabs arrives, the Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake are flown to various cities so that people’s appetites can be satisfied,” said the sales manager. “They are really expensive here, sometimes more than 320RMB/500g, 10% of my salary!” said Li Lei.

Dazha Crabs are usually steamed or boiled for within 20 minutes before they come on the dinner table. They are often enjoyed with vinegar mixed with minced ginger to add flavor and get rid of the cold. People who are particular about how they eat crabs also need to have high-grade Shaoxing rice wine to warm their stomachs.

There is much work required to eat crabs. So much shell!Most people use both hands and teeth while eating Dazha Crabs. “The eating way is not graceful or elegant,” said Huck. “However, some professionals of eating crabs can use tools to take all the meat out of the crab without damaging a single bite and the crab can be restored to its original shape if the empty shells are pieced together!” said Han Mei, another Dazha crab lover.

1.What do we know about Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake from the text?

A. They belong to seawater crabs.

B. You must use tools to eat them.

C. The best time for eating them lasts over three months.

D. Vinegar, ginger and rice wine can be enjoyed together with them.

2.The underlined word “exclusive” in Paragraph 4 probably means ___________.

A. expensive B. unique

C. entire D. similar

3.Which of the following is correct according to the passage?

A. The sales manager believes the living environment contributes nothing to the good taste of Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake.

B. Li Lei has mixed feelings about Dazha Crabs from Yangcheng Lake.

C. Han Mei thinks little of some professionalsof eating crabs.

D. Huck supports the way that most people eat crabs.

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