Recently, I felt like I reached a very low point in life. My relationships weren't good, I wasn't enjoying my classes, and I felt like I had nothing to_________.My life seemed to be full of endless homework, tests and loneliness. Nothing anyone said seemed________to me. I wasn't sure what to do about myself. All I wanted was to be happy again, but I didn't know who or what would________that.

During these days, I had trouble sleeping. I had to take sleeping pills but still woke up in the midnight. I had no_________but to tell my dad. He_________the book The Secret. I immediately bought the e-book online and read the whole thing that night. I'm_________quite a stubborn person, but the effect on my mood after finishing the book was_________. Suddenly, I felt like life was beautiful again. I had never felt such a deep and quick_________in my life before.

In fact, the book's message was very simple—think positively(积极地).The book had many success stories about how people were able to________money, soul mates(心灵伙伴)and old friends back into their lives. I started learning to thank everything in my life like them. Little by little, I realized that The Secret could only work________I believed these people's success stories.

Now I'm sure I can bring myself happiness.

1.A. take care of B. come up with C. look down on D. look forward to

2.A. helpful B. colourful C. peaceful D. powerful

3.A. serve B. offer C. answer D. prevent

4.A. problem B. idea C. need D. doubt

5.A. borrowed B. collected C. returned D. recommended

6.A. normally B. mainly C. finally D. probably

7.A. realistic B. common C. obvious D. serious

8.A. breath B. notice C. surprise D. change

9.A. attract B. control C. imagine D. mention

10.A. until B. When C. unless D. before

Do you sometimes argue about what seems to you to be a simple fact? Do you argue whether it’s cold outdoors or whether the car in front of you is going faster than the speed limit (限速)?

If you get into such arguments, try to think about the story about the six blind men and the elephant. The first blind man who felt the elephant’s trunk (象鼻) said it was like a snake. The second who felt the elephant’s side said it was like a wall, while the third said it was like a spear( 矛 ) as he touched the animal’s tusk. The fourth, who took hold of the elephant’s tail insisted that it was like a rope. The fifth man said it looked liked a tree as he put his arms around one of the elephant’s legs. The last, who was tall and got hold of the elephant’s ears, said it was like a huge fan.

Each man’s idea of the animal came from his own experience. So if someone disagrees with you about a “simple fact”, it’s often because his experience in the matter is different from yours.

To see how hard it is for even one person to make up his mind about a “simple fact”, try this simple experiment. Get three large bowls. Put ice water in one. Put hot water in the second. Put lukewarm water (温水)in the third. Now put your left hand in the hot water. Put your right hand in the lukewarm water. Your right hand will tell you the water is cold. Your left hand will tell you it is hot.

1.The man who touched the elephant’s ears must be very_______.

A. heavy B. thin

C. tall D. strong

2.The underlined word “it” in the last line of the paragraph refers to _______.

A. your left hand B. your right hand

C. the water D. the bowl

3.What makes people think about simple facts differently?

A. People’s wrong ideas. B. People’s different experience.

C. Simple facts are different sometimes. D. People often disagree with each other.

4.It can be inferred from the passage that we should__________.

A. learn from the blind men B. not agree about simple facts

C. never think about simple facts D. never decide anything with one side

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