【题目】It’s midnight already, but the lights in Shi Guang’s dormitory are still on. He and three other students are sitting back to back. They’re all wearing earphones and staring at a computer screen, talking to each other only in words like “charge” or “retreat”. Chen Jiasheng, 22, a senior majoring in electrical engineering and automation at Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, is a gaming team leader. Online gaming is not just about gaming, it’s a community in which we communicate with each other using our avatars(化身),” said Chen. For university students like Chen, online gaming has become more than a fashion it’s part of life and a way of socializing.

A 2012 research report on online gamers in China released by 17173.com, the country’s leading game information portal, supports this concept. According to the report, university students aged between 19 and 25 make up 58 percent of online gamers, and the proportion is rising every year. “Many of my friends spend more time hanging out in online gaming worlds than in reality,” said Wang Jiaming, 21, a junior law major at China University of Political Sciences and Law. “Personally I feel more powerful in virtual worlds than in real life. I’m more confident.”

According to Zhang Quan, 20, a student in the second year economics major at Renmin University of China, one of the distinguishing features of online games compared with offline games is the gaming experience. Offline games test a gamer’s skill at using a keyboard to beat rivals. “Online games are technically more accessible as you don’t have to master these skills,” said Zhang.

But most online games are based on avatars controlled by another human they are unavoidably more tricky and unpredictable by a computer. “On the surface we are playing games, but actually it’s real people we are dealing with,” added Zhang. “The only difference is that in these games we communicate with each other in different settings, like wars, magic battles and fantasy worlds.”

By engaging in this interactive gaming experience, gamers become team players and promote their social skills. Chen has even made friends by playing in a team with strangers online. “We coordinated our movements and cooperated with each other to win a battle in the cyberspace. The game was virtual but the brotherhood was real. Most of us are good friends in real life,” said Chen.

【1】According to the passage, which statement of the following is true?

A. Online gaming is the only world where the young communicate with each other by using their avatars.

B. Online gaming is important to those aged between 19 and 25.

C. Online gaming has a bad effect on health as university students usually stay up playing.

D. An increasing number of university students play online games.

【2】The passage is mostly about ______.

A. some interviews to young people about online gaming.

B. positive effects from online gaming on university students.

C. learning how to co-work with their mates for online gamers

D. the differences between online games and offline ones.

【3】The underlined word can be best replaced by ______.

A. competitors B. strangers C. teammates D. partners.

【4】Which can be the best title of this passage?

A. Online gaming B. Beyond a virtual reality

C. Virtual cooperation D. Real interaction

【题目】The Ancient Town of Fenghuang, one of China’s most well-known ancient towns, was under water as heavy rain hit the center of the country, with tens of thousands of people leaving from the area. Heavy rain and floods(洪水) lasted for the past few days. Waters in the nearby Tuojiang River rose by almost one meter above warning level(警戒线), causing heavy rainstorms. More than 120,000 local people and tourists have been helped to leave there because of the terrible disaster. And more than 4,000 shops in the town have been shut. Several bridges on the Tuojiang River have been damaged or destroyed. Water has flowed() into many bars, restaurants and hotels in its ancient town, and electricity in the ancient town has been cut off. About 128,000 people have been affected by the floods. Though the heavy rains have stopped, but the popular tourist spot remains closed for local people’s safety.

A shoe shop owner named Kuang said the flood was the worst the town had experienced. “The floods came so quickly that I didn’t have time to move the shoes,” he said sadly.

“The flood has led to Fenghuang old town becoming a water town.” said a post on a discussion page on the topic set up on Sina Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter.

“We could only live in an old factory now where many homeless people have to stay together. The crowded space is full of sadness.” Tang said.

At least 14 people were killed in flooding in Hunan Province and the neighboring province of Jiangxi and region of Guangxi last month, Xinhua reported.

【1Why did many people try to leave the Ancient Town of Fenghuang?

A. Because of the heavy snow.

B. Because of the serious flood.

C. Because of the homeless people.

D. Because of the crowded space.

【2What does the underlined word “disaster” mean?

A.大雪 B. 灾难 C. 河流 D. 地震

【3How many people were affected by the flood?

A. 120,000. B. About 128,000.

C. More than 4,0000. D. 14.

【4Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. The flood was not serious at all.

B. Fenghuang the ancient town is a water town in Hunan Province.

C. This flood which hit Fenghuang is the worst the town has experienced.

D. No one died in this flood.

【5Which is the best title of the passage?

A. The Famous Ancient Town of Fenghuang

B. Floods Hit the Ancient Town of Fenghuang

C. Fenghuang Is a Wonderland

D. Help the Homeless People

【题目】IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, and the man behind it is Ingvar Kamprad, one of the world’s most successful enterprisers. Born in Sweden in 1926, Kamprad was a natural businessman. As a child, he enjoyed selling things and made small profits from selling matches, seeds, and pencils in his community. When Kamprad was 17, his father gave him some money as a reward for his good grades. Naturally he used it to start up a business—IKEA.

IKEA’s name comes from Kamprad’s initials (I.K.) and the place where he grew up (‘E’ and ‘A’). Today IKEA is known for its modern, minimalist furniture, but it was not a furniture company in the beginning. Rather, IKEA sold all kinds of miscellaneous goods.

Kamprad’s goods included anything that he could sell for profits at discounted prices, including watches, pens and stockings.

IKEA first began to sell furniture through a mail-order catalogue in 1947. The furniture was all designed and made by manufacturers near Kamprad’s home. Initial sales were very encouraging, so Kamprad expanded the product line.Furniture was such a successful aspect of the business that IKEA became solely a furniture company in 1951.

In 1953 IKEA opened its first showroom in Almhult, Sweden. IKEA is known today for its large stores with furniture in attractive settings, but in the early1950s, people ordered from catalogues. Thus response to the first showroom was overwhelming: people loved being able to see and try the furniture before buying it. This led to increased sales and the company continued to develop. By 1955, IKEA was designing all its own furniture.

In 1956 Kamprad saw a man disassembling(拆卸) a table to make it easier to transport. Kamprad was inspired. The man had given him a great idea: flat packaging. Flat packaging would mean lower shipping costs for IKEA and lower prices for customers. IKEA tried it and sales went up. The problem was that people had to assemble furniture themselves, but over time, even this grew into an advantage for IKEA. Nowadays, IKEA is often seen as having connotations(内涵) of self-sufficiency. This image has done wonders for the company, leading to better sales and continued expansion.

Today there are over 200 stores in 32 countries. Amazingly, Ingvar Kamprad has managed to keep IKEA a privately-held company. In 2004 he was named the world’s richest man. He currently lives in Switzerland and is retired from the day-to-day operations of IKEA. IKEA itself, though, just keeps on growing.

【1】The author states in Paragraph 6 that flat packaging___________.

A. needs large space to assembly furniture

B. is a business concept inspired by Kamprad

C. helps reduce transportation costs

D. makes the company self-sufficient

【2】What is the main idea of the passage?

A. Ingvar Kamprad is the richest man in the world.

B. IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer.

C. The advantage of IKEA’s furniture is dissembling.

D. Ingvar Kamprad established IKEA and led it to great success.

【3】What is the author’s attitude towards IKEA’s future according to the last paragraph?

A. Indifferent B. Optimistic

C. Doubtful D. Pessimistic

【题目】Smiling girls have their luck. It fits Huang Ruijia well. The 15-year-old student comes from Chengdu Experimental Foreign Language School. On March 22, 2014she won third placejunior categoryat the 12th China Daily “21st Century Lenovo Cup” National High School English Speaking Competition, which was held in Beijing. During the competition, many contestants(选手)kept a serious face. But Huang was smiling all the time. Her good manners also won her the Best Style prize at the contest.

“Smiling shows confidence, which is an important quality for speakers,” said Meng Qingtao, associate research fellow at the National Institute of Education Sciences, and one of the judges(评委). “Huang’s smile brought judges closer to her, and also cured(消除)her stress.”

Huang only became a smiling girl two years ago. At the time she was busy preparing for a speaking competition. One day, when she was practicing in front of the mirror, she was shocked by what she saw.

“I saw a poker(扑克) face reciting(背诵)a cold speech,” said Huang. “Who would like to listen to a speaker like that?”

Since then Huang decided to face everything with a smile. It has worked in speaking competitions and in many other situations in her life, such as building friendships.

Once Huang and her friend had a fight and were mad at each other. After three days, Huang said she wanted to talk but didn’t know how to start. She then decided to give a smile, the friend smiled back and gave her a hug in return.

“This is the power of smiling,” said Huang. “You can make a difference in your life simply by smiling.”

【1Huang Ruijia succeeded because she was always _______ in the competition.

A. talking B. discussing

C. cooperating D. smiling

【2Meng Qingtao is a ________ according to the passage.

A. student B. judge C. nurse D. headmaster

【3Huang Ruijia started to smile ________ when she realized her poker face in the mirror.

A. many years ago

B. three months ago

C. two days ago

D. two years ago

【4Huang Ruijia thinks smiling is also helpful when ______.

A. studying B. walking

C. making friends D. fighting

【5Which is NOT true according to the passage?

A. Huang Ruijia is 16 in the year 2015.

B. “21st Century Lenovo Cup” English Speaking Competition was held in Beijing.

C. Smile can bring closer between people.

D. Smile brought back Huang Ruijia’s friend.

【题目】Recently, the TV show Where Are We Going, Dad? has become one of China’s most popular TV shows, attracting more than 600 million viewers each week.

In this program, five celebrity fathers traveled to six countryside locations across China, including some villages in Beijing, Yunnan, Shandong, Hunan, Heilongjiang and a desert in Ningxia. They took care of their kids without the help of the kid’s mothers. At the same time, they also took part in different kinds of activities with their kids together, such as cooking, fishing and selling goods.

Why is the show so popular? “It reflects (折射) social reality. In big cities, fathers are always busy earning money and making achievements in their career. They don’t spare more time with their kids.” said Xie Dikui, general director of the show. As the father of a 3-year-old daughter, Xie said that he found his own heart being touched as he made it. “Although these fathers are busy, they are able to spare time for their kids. We can do better than them.”

This also happens in some rural areas in China. More and more men from rural areas are now working in big cities, leaving their kids at home under the Grandparents’ care.

“I have a son and a daughter in my hometown.” said Xu Canyong, a 33-year-old man working in Shantou, Guangdong Province. “They come to live with me only during summer and winter vacations. I miss them very much. I want to have them live with us in Shantou, but the cost of living here is too high.” said Xu.

【1Five celebrity fathers have ever traveled to _______ with their kids.

A. Beijing, Hunan and Heilongjiang

B. Hunan, Heilongjiang and Tibet

C. Yunnan, Ningxia and Hong Kong

D. Yunnan, Shandong and Gansu

【2The TV show Where Are We Going, Dad? is popular mainly because _______ .

A. the five fathers are all famous stars

B. there are many beautiful sights in it

C. Xie Dikui is a popular director in China

D. it reflects the problems about family education

【3The underlined word “This” in Paragraph 4 refers to_________ .

A. the TV show Where Are We Going, Dad?

B. the fact that fathers have less time with their kids

C. the trip of five celebrity fathers with their kids

D. the relationship between Xie Dikui and his daughter

【4Xu Canyong can’t live with his two kids in Shantou because________ .

A. he can’t afford to live there together

B. he has no time to look after his kids

C. Shantou is too far from his hometown

D. his kids are used to living with their grandparents

【5From this passage, we may infer ________ .

A. fathers will raise the kids instead of mothers

B. the five celebrity fathers will give up their own jobs

C. in some rural areas, more and more kids live with their grandparents

D. Mr. Xu often goes back to his hometown during summer and winter vacations

【题目】I know you are going to miss me , but I dont think that I will ever forget you or stop loving you because Im not around to say I LOVE YOU . Ill you every day, mom and I will love you even more each day . Some day we will see each other again.

I want you to a little boy , you wont be so .He can have my room and my old things to play with . If you decide to get a instead , she probably wouldnt like the things as we boys do , so you have to buy her and stuff that girls like .

Dont be when you think about me .This is really a great place .Grandma and Grandpa met me as soon as I got here and me around some good places . The angels are so ,and I love to watch them fly . I got to sit on Gods knee and talk to him like I was somebody . I told God that I wanted to you a letter and tell you good-bye and everything , but I knew that wasnt . God secretly handed me some paper and his own personal pen to write to you this letter with . I think Gabriel is the name of the angel that is going to drop this off to you .Oh , by the way Mom , nobody else can see what is written on this paper but you . To everyone else , it is just a blank sheet of paper .

I almost to let you know-now I dont any more because the cancer is all gone. Im glad because I neednt stand that pain any more . God himself couldnt stand to see me suffer the either , so he sent The Angel of Mercy to get me .

【1A. tell B. miss C. hear D. see

【2A. accept B. receive C. get D. adapt

【3A. scared B. upset C. lonely D. exhausted

【4A. girl B. boy C. man D. woman

【5A. robots B. papers C. cars D. dolls

【6A. sad B. worried C. angry D. glad

【7A. looked B. turned C. went D. showed

【8A. unkind B. friendly C. ugly D. generous

【9A. necessary B. strange C. important D. impossible

【10A. write B. hear C. get D. receive

【11A. asked B. forbidden C. allowed D. required

【12A. card B. email C. parcel D. letter

【13A. forgot B. remembered C. memorized D. knew

【14A. injure B. damage C. hurt D. harm

【15A. hunger B. love C. thirst D. pain

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