If your child has mobile Internet access, it will be more difficult to monitor(监督) and control his or her Internet use. Kids are turning to the Internet for everything from hanging out with friends to shopping, which makes it harder for parents to keep track of their online activities. Fortunately, there are many choices for controlling what your kids see on their computers, laptops, and mobile devices.

Content blockers and filters are great tools to use for younger kids. They allow you more control over where they go and what they do online. A content blocker can block some unhealthy websites or limit a child's search to the kind of sites. A content filter can scan sites and pictures and block those sites that contain certain words, key phrases, or content.

Consider tracking software for older teenagers. This software enables you to see which sites your children have visited, tracking their paths online. This tool gives young people more freedom to explore the Internet, but it also allows you to check that they are using the Internet responsibly. Let your teenagers know that you trust them, but that you will be regularly checking that they are visiting appropriate sites online.

Even if you use content blockers, filters, and trackers, you know that a lot of kids figure out ways to get around these, so it's important to remain alert (警惕的). Remember that not all adult sites can be identified by blocker, filter, or tracker software. That's why it's important to talk to your kids about what to do when something inappropriate or scary comes up. Nothing can replace involvement and supervision (监督) by adults. Keep monitoring how your kids use the Internet on a regular basis without getting into the role of Internet traffic police.

1.What is the passage mainly about?

A. More and more kids have mobile Internet access.

B. Some choices for monitoring and controlling kid's Internet use.

C. It is difficult to monitor and control kid's Internet use.

D. Kids are turning to the Internet for everything.

2.How should parents monitor and control younger kids' Internet use?

A. With tracking software.

B. With tracking software and content blockers and filters.

C. With content blockers and filters.

D. With filters and trackers.

3.The 3rd paragraph is about

A. how to monitor and control older teenagers' Internet use

B. how to monitor and control younger kids' Internet use

C. tracking software

D. content blockers and filters


Where are you going today? What about the California Science Center? It is an amazing place because it can teach kids all about science and science is amazing.

The California Science Center is filled with different exhibits (展览品), which are presented in fun ways. It provides many hands?on experiences. Through these hands?on experiences, kids can learn about human inventions, the life processes of living things and so much more! The Science Center also has special exhibits that change all the time, so visit often to find out what's new!

The exhibitions there cover some amazing topics. Kids can learn about all the ecosystems (生态系统) that we have on our planet. They can also find out all about how everything on our planet exists (存在) in their own environment.

The Creative World lets kids explore the relationship between humans and communications, transportation and structures, and the World of Life lets kids examine how plants, animals, people and even the smallest living cells on our planet all have something in common.

From the earth to space, we couldn't let you explore the California Science Center and not tell you that a wonderful exploration is waiting. Kids can let their imagination fly as they explore a real spacecraft.

Don't forget about the IMAX either where you can watch an amazing IMAX film which brings everything to life.

An amazing family day out in Los Angeles—fun and educational! Don't miss it!


Adults: FREE!

Children: FREE!


10 am—5pm daily all year round

1.Why are kids advised to visit the Science Center often?

A. It has some living things.

B. Some of its exhibits are funny.

C. It offers hands?on experiences.

D. There are some changes in its exhibits.

2.What can kids learn from the World of Life?

A. All the ecosystems on our planet.

B. IMAX films can bring everything to life.

C. Things on our planet share something similar.

D. The relationship between humans and communications.

3.What is the exploration mentioned in Paragraph 5 about?

A. Space. B. Adventure.

C. Imagination. D. Transportation.

A 17-year-old girl found living in a Georgia home after being missing for more than a year is now safe at her North Carolina home with her family. But her mother told local TV station WOSC that her daughter is not the same. “There are __ in my daughter,” Shaunna Burns said. “She is not the same person that __ and that is the hardest part of this. ”

Hailey was __ missing on May 23, 2016, who was 14 years old, after she walked out of her home __ telling anyone where she was going, WOSC reports. After Hailey went __, her family said she had run away with a man she met online. "He __ her to listen to him and not to follow our __ and then my daughter wasn’t communicating with me,” her father told WBTV.

On June 24,Hailey’s parents were __ that their daughter was in Duluth, Georgia. Hours later, she was __ by federal agents and taken to a local __ before being returned to her __ , according to FBI officials.

Michael Ren Wysolovski, 31, was arrested at the __. He supposedly shared the __ with Hailey, who appeared to be physically __ except for weight loss, according to the FBI. Wysolovski has been __ with false imprisonment and __ to children.

On Monday, Hailey’s father shared the family’s __ on social media. “I woke up to-day crying and being __ for the miracle that has happened in our live,” Anthony Burns wrote on Facebook. “We never __ .She is happy to be home. We can now __ again."

1.A. stories B. changes C. difficulties D. wonders

2.A. left B. worked C. rose D. remembered

3.A. witnessed B. found C. doubted D. denied

4.A. after B. since C. besides D. without

5.A. wrong B. impatient C. missing D. impolite

6.A. forced B. led C. allowed D. advised

7.A. promises B. explanation C. directions D. introductions

8.A. warned B. informed C. suggested D. persuaded

9.A. betrayed B. tracked C. rescued D. seized

10.A. school B. company C. shelter D. hospital

11.A. team B. class C. family D. organization

12.A. show B. scene C. beginning D. moment

13.A. home B. dream C. experience D. adventure

14.A. unharmed B. unavailable C. uncompleted D. unacceptable

15.A. supplied B. awarded C. connected D. charged

16.A. murder B. cruelty C. kindness D. tolerance

17.A. sorrow B. prayer C. relief D. anger

18.A. surprised B. dissatisfied C. hopeful D. grateful

19.A. ran away B. woke up C. went away D. gave up

20.A. breathe B. fight C. climb D. behave

Once upon a time,there lived a poor farmer and his wife.One day,having _______ their day’s labor and eaten their simple _______,they were sitting by the fire.And then they had a quarrel over who should _______ the door—it was blown open by the _______.

“Darling,shut the door!” said the man.

“_______,do it yourself!” the woman answered.

“I will not shut it,and you shall not shut it,” said the man,“but let the one who speaks the _______ word shut it.”

His words _______ the wife,so the old couple,well satisfied,went to _______ in silence.

In the middle of the night they heard a _______,and looking around,they found that a wild dog had ________the room,and that he was busy ________ their food.Not a word,however,would either of these ________ people say,and the dog,having eaten as much as he wanted,went out of the house.

The next morning the woman went ________ by herself.

When she was ________,a barber entered and said to the husband,“Why are you ________ here alone?” The farmer didn’t say a word.The barber then shaved(剃)his head,but still he did not ________.He shaved off half his beard,but even then the man kept silent.“The man is crazy!” cried the barber,and he ________ escaped out of the house.

At this moment the man’s wife ________ from the shop.She,seeing her husband in such a(n)________ condition,cried,“Ah!What have you been ________?”

“You spoke the first word,” said the farmer,“so,please shut the door.”

1.A. found B. divided C. began D. finished

2.A. breakfast B. supper C. lunch D. soup

3.A. shut B. paint C. repair D. answer

4.A. cloud B. snow C. wind D. air

5.A. All right B. No problem C. Good idea D. No way

6.A. last B. only C. first D. same

7.A. troubled B. pleased C. angered D. surprised

8.A. chair B. field C. bed D. table

9.A. noise B. knock C. voice D. song

10.A. filled B. left N C. cleaned D. entered

11.A. preparing B. eating C. smelling D. cooking

12.A. weak B. careless C. silly D. patient

13.A. shopping B. swimming C. walking D. dancing

14.A. free B. in C. ill D. out

15.A. singing B. sleeping C. sitting D. working

16.A. look B. speak C. stand D. arrive

17.A. quickly B. happily C. carefully D. sadly

18.A. returned B. ran C. came D. moved

19.A. dangerous B. nervous C. angry D. strange

20.A. drinking B. doing C. offering D. taking

December 15, 2014

Dear Alfred,

I want to tell you how important your help is to my life.

Growing up, I had people telling me I was too slow, though, with an IQ of 150+ at 17, I’m anything but stupid. The fact was that I was found to have ADHD(注意力缺陷多动障碍). Anxious all the time, I was unable to keep focused for more than an hour at a time.

However, when something did interest me, I could become absorbed. In high school, I became curious about the computer, and built my first website. Moreover, I completed the senior course of Computer Basics, plus five relevant pre-college courses.

While I was exploring my curiosity, my disease got worse. I wanted to go to college after high school, but couldn’t . So, I was killing my time at home until June 2012 when I discovered the online computer courses of your training center.

Since then, I have taken courses like Data Science and Advanced Mathematics. Currently, I’m learning your Probability course. I have hundreds of printer paper, covered in self-written notes from your video. This has given me a purpose.

Last year, I spent all my time looking for a job where, without dealing with the public , I could work alone, but still have a team to talk to. Luckily, I discovered the job—Data Analyst—this month and have been going full steam ahead. I want to prove that I can teach myself a respectful profession, without going to college, and be just as good as, if not better than, my competitors.

Thank you. You’ve given me hope that I can follow my heart. For the first time, I feel good about myself because I’m doing something, not because someone told me I was doing good. I feel whole.

This is why you’re saving my life.



1.why did’t Tanis go to college after high school?

A. She had learned enough about computer science

B. She had more difficulty keeping foucesed

C. She preferred taking online courses

D. She was too slow to learn

2.As for the working environment,Tains prefers____.

A. working by herself

B. dealing with the public

C. competing against others

D. staying with ADHD students

3.Tanis wrote this letter in order to_____.

A. explain why she was interested in the computer

B. share the ideas she had for her profession

C. show how grateful she was to the center

D. describe the courses she had taken so far

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