The weather is getting hotter and you’ll be getting thirstier playing basketball or riding home from school. A cold drink may be just the thing. But be careful what you pour down your throat. Something that looks cool may not be good for your health.

There are plenty of so-called energy drinks on the market. Most of them have an attractive colour and cool name. Their nutrition list also contains various things from vitamins to ginseng. Sounds great!

But after a careful check you may find that most energy drinks contain high levels of caffeine. These drinks are typically aimed at young people, students, busy people and sports players.

Makers sometimes say their drinks make you better at sports and can keep you awake. But be careful not to drink too much.

Caffeine raises your heartbeat. Because of this, the International Olympic Committee has limited their use. The amount of caffeine in most energy drinks is at least as high as in a strong cup of coffee or strong tea.

Research by Australian scientists has found that many teenagers are affected by caffeine. The results of their survey show that 27 percent of boys aged 8-12 take in more caffeine than their parents.

There are potential health risks linked to energy drinks. Just one can of energy drink can make you nervous, have difficulty sleeping and can even cause heart attacks.

Teenagers should be discouraged from consuming drinks with a lot of caffeine in them, an expert from the Australia Nutrition Foundation said.

1.Generally, people would like to ________.

A. take vitamins B. eat ginseng C. have a cold drink D. have a meal

2.The International Olympic Committee limit the use of caffeine because ________.

A. it makes you better at sports B. it can keep you awake

C. it can make you nervous D. it make your heart beat fast

3.The writer mentions the fact that “27 percent of boys aged 8-12 take in more caffeine than their parents” to show that ________.

A. caffeine has an effect on many teenagers

B. parents should take in more caffeine

C. the caffeine problem is not serious

D. the grownups take less caffeine than children

Discovery’s astronauts arrived to an exciting celebration Wednesday as nearly 700 people crowded an airplane storage place, waving flags and holding signs that read: “Welcome Home, Astronauts!”

The seven-person team returned to Earth on Tuesday after being the first to take a space shuttle into orbit since the Columbia disaster(灾难) of 2003.

“In the last two and a half years, we have been through the very worst that manned space flight can bring us, and over the past two weeks we have seen the very best,” NASA Administrator Michael Griffin told the astronauts and their families and fans Wednesday.

The crowd waved American flags for the U.S. astronauts and Japanese flags for crew member Soichi Noguchi, one of the spacewalkers.

“As a rookie(新手)astronaut, I could not ask for more,” Noguchi said, “We had three spacewalks, two extra days in space and one great team.”

While the homecoming has been filled with excitement for what mission controllers declared a “truly spectacular test flight”, uncertainty remains for the future of the shuttle program.

Shortly after Discovery rose up into space July 26, a nearly 1-pound large piece of foam insulation(泡沫绝缘材料) fell from the fuel tank—the very thing that was supposed to have been fixed after Columbia exploded. The foam missed Discovery, but NASA grounded all shuttle flights until engineers fix the problem.

NASA ground crews examined Discovery after its return from orbit and found it in good condition, an official said Wednesday at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

Technicians counted 101 dings and divots, including 20 that were larger than 1 inch. Schaaf Dean, landing support group chief, said the numbers were similar to the results of other shuttle, post-landing examinations.

A beginning examination of the shuttle’s thermal(热的)blanket showed it remained undamaged during re-en-try into the Earth’s air.(Agencies)

1.The seven astronauts ________.

A. are the first to take a space shuttle into orbit

B. took the Columbia into space

C. returned to earth safely

D. are Americans

2.According to the text, the NASA officials think ________.

A. the flight of Discovery is a failure

B. manned space flight has been through the best in the past

C. the flight of Discovery is a success

D. the astronauts are national heroes

3.When the Discovery took off, ________.

A. the fuel tank burned B. a piece of foam insulation fell

C. the safety belt is not fixed D. it knocked into the Columbia

4.The underlined word “grounded” means ________.

A. (of a boat) hit the bottom of a sea and be unable to move

B. to cause a boat to hit the bottom of a sea or lake

C. to prevent a plane or person from flying

D. to be based on something

Thousands of persons in Peru are suffering from the disease cholera. Medical experts say it is the first time in their century that cholera has reached the western part of the world. The United States Centers for disease control says the kind of cholera has been spreading throughout the world since 1961. It was discovered that year in Indonesia. Since the first case in Peru, more than sixteen thousand people have been affected and about one hundred have died.

Cholera is caused by polluted food and water. People become infected (传染) when they eat the polluted food or drink the polluted water. If untreated immediately, they may die within hours. Most victims however, can be saved. Treatment includes drugs and replacement of body fluids (液体) directly into the blood.

Medical researchers have developed a vaccine (菌苗) medicines to protect against cholera. But the vaccine is only about 50% effective. And it protects against cholera for only about six months. Medical experts say the best way to fight cholera is to prevent it. They also say people should not eat uncooked food or food that has not been cooked long enough. People who live in areas where cholera has been found should wash their hands before eating and cooking. They should drink only water that has been boiled or made pure with chemicals.

1.The underlined word “Cholera” in the first paragraph means ________.

A. a certain place in Peru

B. a kind of illness which may make people die

C. a certain place in Indonesia

D. a certain medicine to deal with diseases

2.Cholera results from (由于……结果) ________.

A. Peru and Indonesia

B. the different peoples in the world

C. the different areas in the world

D. polluted water and polluted food

3.How to treat the people who have been caught by cholera?

A. By medicines and blood improvement.

B. By eating unpolluted food.

C. By drinking unpolluted water.

D. By taking them to a separated place.

4.The most effective way of avoiding cholera is ________.

A. seeing doctors as soon as possible

B. fighting against it

C. paying attention to the eating and drinking

D. taking vaccine immediately

Visitors to Britain are sometimes surprised to learn that newspapers there have such a large circulation (发行). The “Daily Mirror “ and the “Daily express” both sell about four million copies everyday. British families generally buy a newspaper every morning and two or three on Sundays.

Besides the national papers, there is, however, another branch of the British press which sells almost as many copies. Local newspapers have a weekly circulation of 13 million. Almost every town and county area has one. Nearly all of them hold their own financially (财政) and many of them are very profitable (赚钱的).

These papers are written almost entirely for readers interested in local events—births, weddings, deaths, council (地方会议) meetings and sports. Editors prefer to rely on people who know the district well. A great deal of local news is regularly supplied by clubs and churches in the neighborhood and it does not get out to date as quickly as national news.

The editors must never forget that the success of any newspaper depends on advertising (广告). He is usually anxious to keep the good will of local businessmen for this reason. But if the newspaper is well written and the news items have been carefully chosen to draw local readers, the business men are grateful for the opportunity (机会) to keep their products in the public eyes.

1.Visitors to Britain are surprised to learn that ________.

A. there are so many local newspapers there

B. local papers should have a circulation of four million

C. the “Daily Mirror “ and “Daily Express” sell as many as 4 million copies every day

D. British newspapers are so widely read

2.Local newspapers have ________.

A. a circulation as large as that of national newspapers

B. a daily circulation of 13 million

C. a slightly smaller circulation

D. an even larger circulation

3.In the writer’s opinion, no paper can possibly succeed without ________.

A. advertisements B. interesting reports

C. a great deal of national news D. an excellent sales manager

4.Which of the following is true?

A. All the local newspapers are very profitable.

B. Local newspapers have a weekly circulation of 14 million.

C. Local readers are much interested in local news.

D. Each British family buys three newspapers on Sundays.

You are sitting on the desk. A teacher is writing on the blackboard. Kids are yelling in the playground outside. A book falls off the desk next to you. Suddenly, the teacher hands you a pop quiz.

Don’t panic! 1. You’re in a “virtual(虚拟的)classroom”. Everything you see and hear is coming to you through a computer-operated display that you’re wearing on your head like a pair of very big glasses. Wearing this kind of virtual-reality equipment, you can find yourself sitting in a classroom, touring a famous museum, wandering across a strange landscape, flying into space, or playing with a cartoon character. 2. Virtual-reality equipment that delivers images and sounds directly to your eyes and ears makes these fake worlds seem lifelike.

Unlike the classroom, the technology is real. It’s a type of technology that uses computer programs to imitate real world situation. 3. Movie directors and video game producers have been using computers for years to create ever more realistic special effects. Some companies are now building three-dimensional(三维)fantasy worlds in which players, linked by computer networks, appear to meet and go on explorations together.

4. They see virtual reality technology as a useful tool for learning more about why people act as they do. It could help psychologists deter identify and come up with solutions for behaviors problems, for example.

“We’ve spent the last 100 years looking for certain laws in how people interact with the real world,” says psychologist Albert. “5. This is psychologist’s dream.”

A. You aren’t actually in school.

B. This technology has been used in many fields.

C. Some psychologists are also getting into the act.

D. Grown-ups, too, stand a chance of benefiting from this technology.

E. As part of one classic test, you watch letters flashed on a computer screen.

F. You don’t have to leave your room to experience all that mentioned above.

G. Now, we’ve got a powerful tool that lets us create worlds and see how people perform.

A man, who is now sixty-eight years old, went overseas forty years ago. Just before they _______, the girl he loved gave him as a souvenir, a heart-shaped knot(结)(symbolizing devotion) made of knitting(编织品) _______. And he hung it on his belt _______.

Several years later he _______ and had children. His sweet-heart’s looks, _______ time went by, became dimmer(更模糊)and dimmer like a landscape picture _______ away gradually, and his homeland only appeared in his _______. In the evening of his life he often looked at the knot and sighed.

One day, _______ the sight of the knot, his grandson _______ getting hold of it as a toy. The boy touched it and tried to __________ it. At last he did the trick and got it __________ and open.

When it was spread out, it turned to its form as a long __________, a very simple wool thread. Only by the clever __________ of a beloved girl could the thread be knitted into such a complicated knot. __________ love made so many simple things complex in the world.

The old man was thus __________ to a great truth. Most of the complaints, __________ and hatred in life result from very __________ matters. If one is __________ mindful of them, they become mental knots. But if one __________ the knot, it remains a simple thread or line, __________ shape it becomes.

1.A. married B. returned C. parted D. left

2.A. cloth B. wool C. silk D. cotton

3.A. as far B. long before C. so far D. from then

4.A. got married B. set off C. went away D. grew up

5.A. while B. after C. as D. though

6.A. giving B. fading C. dying D. leaving

7.A. dreams B. thoughts C. ideas D. minds

8.A. at B. upon C. to D. for

9.A. let to B. held on C. insisted on D. held out

10.A. unfold B. fold C. tie D. fasten

11.A. relaxed B. easy C. loose D. different

12.A. thread B. rope C. pipe D. string

13.A. finger B. hands C. head D. arms

14.A. Unmarried B. Separated C. Heated D. Devoted

15.A. awoken B. known C. made D. come

16.A. joy B. kindness C. bitterness D. dislikes

17.A. light B. simple C. big D. small

18.A. already B. never C. always D. seldom

19.A. sees through B. goes through C. cares for D. deals with

20.A. whichever B. whatever C. however D. whenever

When mentioning China, what comes to mind? As a country with a history of more than 5000 years, China is rich in civilization and culture. What best represents China?

Confucius (551BC - 479 BC)

Confucius was a teacher and philosopher from the Spring and Autumn Period of Chinese history. The philosophy of Confucius stresses individual morality including kindness, fairness, politeness, and sincerity. Confucius’ principles have a broad basis in common Chinese tradition and belief.


A dragon is a legendary creature, typically with winding or crawling characters. The dragon symbol is frequently used on ancient Chinese emperor’s items including chairs or costumes. It is considered a representation of power.

Peking Opera

Peking Opera is considered the essence of China. As the larger form of Chinese opera, it has many “firsts” in Chinese dramas: the abundance of talents, the number of artists, opera groups and audience.

The Great Wall

There is an old saying that goes, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.” The Great Wall, one of the greatest wonders of the world, is a destination one must see when visiting China.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Developed in China, TCM has a tradition dating back to more than 2,000 years, including various forms of herbal medicine, cupping, massage, exercise (Qigong), and dietary therapy.

1.What do we know about Confucius according to the passage?

A. He died at the age of 82.

B. He put stress on teamwork spirits.

C. He was a teacher in the Warring States Period.

D. He created common Chinese tradition and belief.

2.Which of the following is regarded as symbol of power?

A. Confucius. B. Dragon. C. Peking Opera. D. The Great Wall.

3.What must you do when coming to China according to the passage?

A. Learn to exercise Qigong. B. Appreciate Peking Opera.

C. Pay a visit to the Great Wall. D. Experience the treatment of cupping.

4.What is probably the best title of this passage?

A. Cultural Symbols of China B. Rich in Civilization and Culture

C. Famous People and Places in China D. One of the Greatest of the World

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