Whenever we see a button, we are eager to press it because we know something will happen. This is true in most cases, for example on a doorbell and on the “on/off” button on the TV. But some buttons are actually fake, like the “close” button on a lift.

Many people are in the habit of pressing the “close” button because they don’t have the patience to wait for the lift doors to shut. But lifts’ “close” buttons are a complete scam(骗局), at least in the US-the doors will not close any faster no matter how hard you press.

It started in the 1990s when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in the US, making sure that all lifts stayed open long enough so that people with disabilities could enter. Only US firefighters and repairmen can use the buttons to speed up the door-closing process if they have a code or special keys.

But to normal lift riders, the buttons aren’t completely useless. According to psychologists, fake buttons can actually make you feel better by offering you a sense of control.

“Perceived (能够感知的)control is very important. It reduces stress and increases well-being,” Ellen J. Langer, a psychology professor, said, “having a lack of control is associated with depression.”

Experts have revealed that a lot of buttons that don’t do anything exist in our lives for this same purpose. For example, many offices in the US have fake thermostats(温度调节器) because people tend to feel better when they think they can control the temperature in their workspace.

But psychologists found it interesting that even when people are aware of these little “white lies”, they still continue to push fake buttons because as long as the doors eventually close, it is considered to be worth the effort.

“That habit is here to stay,” John Kounios, a psychology professor, said. “Even though I have real doubts about the traffic light buttons, I always press them. After all, I’ve got nothing else to do while waiting. So why not press the button in the hope that this one will work?”

1.What was the author’s main purpose in writing the article?

A. To analyze the functions of fake buttons

B. To describe some different kinds of fake buttons

C. To explain the advantages and disadvantages of fake buttons

D. To explore people’s different habits when it comes to pushing buttons

2.In America, the “close” buttons on lifts .

A. are fake for the convenience of disabled people

B. work only when people press them hard for a while

C. were specially designed to give people a sense of control

D. cannot speed up the process of closing the door in any case

3.The underlined part “for this same purpose” in Paragraph 6 refers to .

A. making people more patient

B. giving people perceived control

C. helping people to build up confidence

D. making people with depression feel better

4.According to John Kounios, people who press fake buttons .

A. should give up this habit

B. probably do so to kill time

C. consider what they do to be meaningless

D. don’t know that what they press is fake


It’s the time of year when graduates (毕业生) are looking forward to putting constant exams behind and moving on to a more exciting stage of their lives. But in the digital age, not everything is so easily left behind, because they have created a digital footprint that’s often not easy to cover up. However, there are various actions they can take to make that online presence more appealing. 1.

Clean up your Facebook account

Clean up your Facebook page and get rid of anything that could be considered offensive or held against you. Remember, the test is no longer “Would you want grandma to see it?” but “2.

Use a professional looking photo

3., so make sure that first impression is a good one. Again, what worked at school is unlikely to impress the employers. Also, be consistent and use the same photo on all your online platforms.


While it’s important to make the transition (过渡) from school to the workplace, you don’t want to leave everything behind. Make a point of keeping in touch with your school friends, teachers, professors, sports coaches, or anyone who could be helpful to you as you establish a career.

Be yourself

Nobody can be more like you than you. 5. Turn your social networking pages into your own personal website, and start marketing your own individual brand!

A. A picture is worth a thousand words

B. Would you want a future employer to see it?

C. Make sure your online presence is representative of who you really are.

D. Here are a few suggestions that you might want to pass on.

E. Search your memory

F. Grow your network

G. Whom would you want to see it?

Successful female singers tend to have slim figures and pretty faces. But even if British singer Adele Adkins, 27, doesn’t quite fit into this image, it hasn’t stopped her from a smashing success. Adele’s album 25 sold 3.48 million copies in the first week of its release, making it the biggest-selling album of 2015. 1.

First and foremost, Adele’s voice plays the most important part in making her popular.2. As the Chicago Tribune commented, she sings about her personal struggles sincerely with emotional words that invite everyone into her world. The pain and longing in her songs satisfy a universal need for love. It is this sense of ‘we’ve been here before’ that makes Adele.

But music is not all that matters. 3. In a comedy show, Adele was shown to be the one who could make quarrelling relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table put their differences aside. She collected many life-long fans with her girl-next-door charm.

4.Jillian Mapes wrote about this on the New York magazine site Vulture: “Adele is among the first plus-size(加大码的) female cultural idols(偶像) to reach the highest level of success without having to make herself the butt(笑柄)of fat jokes…She’s shaped like me and like two-thirds of American women.”5.

A. In other words, Adele sends a feminist (女权) message by being who she is.

B. Adele is not just a woman but an everywoman(普通女人).

C. What is behind the soaring popularity?

D. Adele’s hard work also matters.

E. Do you want to know more about the life of Adele?

F. Adele’s easy-going personality is also a plus.

G. She has an awe-inspiring voice that shows her genuine talent.

A few years ago my husband, my son and I were traveling to visit my cousins. It was about two or three in the morning, when it became clear that we were lost. The country _____ seemed to be going on forever, and the farther we traveled, the worse it seemed to get. Finally we _____ a truck stop. So we pulled in and I got out of the car for _____.

“Does anybody here know how to find Merridale Road?” I asked.

A very tired waitress looked up and said, “Lady, I haven’t got a clue.” Since she was not _____, I looked around at the customers. There, sitting nearby, were four of the toughest men I had ever seen in my life. Chains. Black leather. Skulls and crossbones (骷髅).

I immediately thought of my _____ in the car and what these characters might do to us.

“We know ______ you’re going,” one of them said cheerfully. “Not only that, but we’ll take you there.”

____ I could say no, they got up, paid their bill, and were outside on their motorcycles, gesturing, “ _____us! ”

We started to follow them down the dark and quiet country roads.

After a few minutes, my son decided it was all _____for us. “They’re taking us to a ____ place, and that will be the end,” he said ______ . "I'm never going to see my school or my friends again. How ______ you do this to me?”

I whispered to my husband, “I don’t want to scare Jack, but he’s right. I am a bit _____ . It’s dark. The road is getting very lonely. And these people are tough. Maybe I did the _____thing.”

“No kidding,” he replied. “We’re just going to have to trust that it’s going to be all right.”

About an hour later, after _____ through endless back roads deep in the woods, they ____ to us to go left.

We looked up, and there was the _____for Merridale Road. They had put us on the right road after all. And then they _____good-bye and disappeared from view.

If I’ve learned anything on this _____ journey of mine, it’s that around every bend in the road, and at the end of even the darkest tunnel, there’s likely to be a company of _____.

1.A. music B. roads C. days D. school

2.A. found B. called C. missed D. left

3.A. time B. gas C. water D. directions

4.A. helpful B. careful C. beautiful D. hopeful

5.A. maps B. bags C. family D. gifts

6.A. how B. what C. why D. where

7.A. If B. Since C. Because D. Before

8.A. Invite B. Show C. Follow D. Give

9.A. over B. right C. alone D. around

10.A. cool B. lonely C. safe D. new

11.A. uneasily B. cheerfully C. curiously D. uncertainly

12.A. should B. can C. would D. must

13.A. annoyed B. excited C. frightened D. amazed

14.A. same B. bad C. funny D. wrong

15.A. winding B. looking C. walking D. climbing

16.A. greeted B. connected C. gestured D. hurried

17.A. label B. notice C. poster D. sign

18.A. kissed B. waved C. shook D. blew

19.A. tiring B. crazy C. interesting D. fancy

20.A. angels B. friends C. partners D. relatives

While beach vacations may be a great way to take your mind off work, lakes surrounded by mountains make for an even grander experience. If you are looking for come peace on your vacation, we have some recommendations for you in the Caucasus (高加索).

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is situated in the central part of Armenia, in the Gegharkumk province. It is the largest lake in Armenia, located 6,200ft above sea level. Along the lake shore, there are various accommodations such as resorts and hotels with plenty of activities to partake m such as windsurfing, swimming and sunbathing. While there, do not forget to visit one of the famous cultural monuments, the Sevanavank Monastery, and it offers a great view of the lake as well.

Lake Paravani

Lake Paravani, located at 6,801ft above sea level, is in the south of Georgia, near the Javakheti plateau. At this level, altitude sickness can occur and it is a good idea to be prepared to adapt to it properly, or bring medication for altitude sickness. Being a volcanic lake makes for a more interesting: experience. The lake is best known for fishing. Do not come home during the winter months when the lake freezes.

Lake Cildir

Lake Cildir is located in the Ardahan province. East Turkey, near the borders of Georgia and Armenia. It is the second largest freshwater lake of Eastern Turkey, and many tourists are not aware of this beautiful attraction. Lake Cildir is surrounded by mountains of the Caucasus. The lake freezes during late November. If the winter is not extremely cold, you can try some lake activities like ice skating and ice fishing.

Lake Van

Lake Van is the must visit of all lakes in this list. The largest lake in Turkey. Lake Van is located on the eastern shore of Turkey and is also the most accessible lake here. It’s situated at 5,380ft above sea level, and unique to lakes around the world, the water is high in salt content.

1.If you want to visit some historic sites during your travel by a lake, you can go to .

A. Lake Cildir B. Lake Parvani

C. Lake Sevan D. Lake Van

2.What is special about Lake Van?

A. Its water is high in salt. B. It is a volcanic lake.

C. It is globally the latest lake. D. It is surrounded by mountains.

3.What challenge are travelers most likely to face while visiting Lake Paravani?

A. Lack of medicine. B. Volcano eruptions.

C. Altitude sickness. D. Low temperature all the year.

Scientists have found that human eyes are more likely to be damaged by UV rays while skiing in the snow-covered areas than sitting on the beach, according to a report by the UK newspaper.

The researchers at Kanazawa Medical University, Japan and American company Johnson conducted the study together. They looked at the effects of light reflection on newly fallen snow on a ski trail in Ishikawa District, northern Japan. They compared the results with the levels of UV rays on a sand beach in southern Japan's Okinawa District.

They found that on the beach, eyes are exposed to a daily 260 kilojoules (千焦耳) of UV a square meter compared to 658 kilojoules in snow-covered areas.

The findings are supported by the Japan Meteorological (气象的) Agency. According to the agency, the reflection rate of UV light on beaches is often between 10 and 25 percent, compared to 80 percent in the new snow areas. The amount of light increased 4 percent with a 300-meter rise in height.

Most of us know that UV rays can harm the skin. That's why we wear sunscreen on our skin before we get out in the sun. But many of us may not realize that UV rays are also harmful to the eyes.

If your eyes are exposed to large amounts of UV radiation over a short period of time, you may experience a kind of sunburn of the eye, which is harmful. Your eyes will become red and feel a strange feeling. They may be sensitive to light. Fortunately, this is usually temporary and seldom causes permanent damage to the eyes.

Long-term exposure to UV radiation, however, can be more serious. Scientific studies and researches have shown that exposure to small amounts of UV radiation over a period of many years increases the chance of eye damage, which could lead to total blindness.

1.You would most likely find the article in ________.

A. a doctor’s diary B. a travel journal

C. a medical magazine D. a physics textbook

2.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Too much eye exposure to UV rays may cause total blindness.

B. Short-time exposure of the eyes to UV rays doesn't harm them at all.

C. Most people know that UV rays harm the eyes as well as the skin.

D. The study was conducted by researchers from Japan, the USA and the UK.

3.Human eyes are more likely to be damaged by UV rays while skiing in the snow-covered areas than sitting on the beach because ________.

A. snow produces more UV light than water

B. people don’t wear sunscreen while skiing as they do while sitting on the beach

C. the reflection rate of UV light in snow-covered areas is much higher than that on the beach

D. human eyes are exposed longer to UV light in the snow- covered areas than on the beach

4.What will the passage most probably talk about next?

A. Never ski on newly fallen snow in Japan.

B. Go to hospital to have your eyes examined.

C. Wearing a hat can provide protection while skiing in new snow areas.

D. Take some measures to protect your eyes while skiing in new snow areas.

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