The first Europeans to occupy Canada's Prince Edward Island were the French in the 1500s. At that time, its name was Ile Saint-Jean. When the British took over in 1758, they changed the name to its current one in honor of Prince Edward, the first son of Britain's King George Ⅲ.

Today many communities find their places in Prince Edward Island, but Charlottetown is the only one that can call itself a metropolitan(大都市)area, despite the fact that it is a small one. About 60,000 people live in the city and surrounding area. The city's center area remains relatively unchanged from its 19th century beginnings. Charlottetown's boardwalk runs alongside the water,past docks,boats,shops and restaurants. Historic homes line the streets. During summer months, costumed characters walk around the city and tell of it history.

Cavendish beach welcomes beach lovers. The gulf streams makes the water warm and wonderful for swimming, and the island's 1,760-kilometer coastline means a beach is never far away.

Nine of PEI's 63 lighthouses will welcome visitors in the summer. Besides enjoying stunning views from the tops, visitors can browse in the small museums and learn about the island's history.

The most popular time to visit PE I is July to August, when the average temperature reaches 23℃ during the day. From January to February, the average daytime high is only -3.3°C. Each winter, an average 318.2 centimeters of snow fall on the island, covering it with a white blanket.

Considering the island's many visitors, it's no surprise that tourism is important there. Other key industries on the island are agriculture, fishing and information technology. With so much to offer, the island is naturally a desirable place to live as well.

1.What does this island's current name refer to ?

A. A legendary story about its founder

B. A member of the British royal family.

C. A central province of Canada.

D. A fine victory over the French.

2.According to this article, how do other communities compare with Charlottetown?

A. There are nearly double its size. B. They are slightly larger.

C. They are approximately the same size. D. They are much smaller.

3.Where can people walk in Charlottetown according to Paragraph 2?

A. Across the highway. B. Through a field.

C. Beside a harbor. D. Around a factory.

4.Which of the following conclusions can we draw from the text?

A. This article mainly describes the island’s climate.

B. This article implies that farming is an important industry on the island.

C. All PEI’s lighthouses are open to visitors in summer.

D. All PEI’s museums are too small to attract visitors.

People often ask which is the most difficult language to learn, and it is not easy to answer because there are too many factors to take into consideration. Firstly, in a first language the differences are unimportant as people learn their mother tongue naturally, so the question of how hard a language is to learn only makes more sense when learning a second language.

A native speaker of Spanish, for example, will find Portuguese much easier to learn than a native speaker of Chinese, for example, because Portuguese is very similar to Spanish, while Chinese is very different, so first language can affect learning a second language. The greater the differences between the second language and our first, the harder it will be for most people to learn. Many people answer that Chinese is the hardest language to learn, possibly influenced by the thought of learning the Chinese writing system, and the pronunciation of Chinese does appear to be very difficult for many foreign learners. However, for Japanese speakers, who already use Chinese characters in their own language, learning writing will be less difficult than for speakers of languages using the Roman alphabet.

Some people seem to learn languages easily, while others find it very difficult. Teachers and the circumstances in which the language is learned also play an important role, as well as each learner's motivation for learning. If people learn a language because they need to use it professionally, they often learn it faster than people studying a language that has no direct use in their day to day life.

Obviously , British diplomats and other embassy staff have found that the second hardest language is Japanese, which will probably come as no surprise to many, but the language that they have found to be the most problematic is Hungarian, which uses a similar alphabet to English but has 35 cases (forms of a nouns according to whether it is subject, object, genitive, etc). This does not mean that Hungarian is the hardest language to learn for everyone, but it causes British diplomatic personnel, who are generally used to learning languages, the most difficulty. However, Tabassaran, a Caucasian language has 48 cases, so it might cause more difficulty if British diplomats had to learn it.

Different cultures and individuals from those cultures will find different languages more difficult. Therefore, it is impossible to say that there is one language that is the most difficult language in the world.

1.What can we infer from the first paragraph?

A. The question of how hard a language is to learn is only applicable to first language acquisition

B. The question of how hard a language is to learn is only applicable to second language acquisition

C. The question of how hard a language is to learn is applicable to both first and second language acquisition.

D. There are too many languages in the world so it’s difficult to say which one is the most difficult to learn.

2.Which language will a native Portuguese speaker probably find easier to learn?

A. Chinese , because Portuguese use Chinese characters in their own language .

B. Japanese , because it is similar to their own language.

C. Spanish , because it also uses Roman alphabet .

D. Any one but Chinese, because its pronunciation is very difficult.

3.What does the underlined word mean in Paragraph3?

A. A particular situation or environment.

B. The degree of education that somebody has obtained

C. Teachers’ encouragement.

D. Professional training.

4.The author is most likely to agree____________

A. Not Hungarian’s writing system but its grammatical complexity causes problems for native British speakers.

B. Tabassaran is the hardest language to learn in the world for native European speakers.

C. Many British diplomats learn Tabassaran.

D. Learning a different writing system is easy.

In 1972, a social worker named Sanjit "Bunker " Roy founded Barefoot College in Tilonia, Rajasthan. Today the college trains women from villages for six months to build and maintain solar panels and other instruments. Barefoot College also offers education to the younger generation both during the day and at its solar bridge schools that meet by lamp light at night.

The philosophy of the Barefoot College is largely inspired by the principles of Gandhi, starting with quality beyond social classes, sex or religion. As a matter of fact, women are favorably regarded as an underserved population that is necessary to bringing villages together. Another central principle of the college is self-reliance, teaching students to support and think for themselves.

After the colleges female students have completed their half a year of training, they return to their villages villages, where they wait for solar panel parts to arrive from the college. Once they have all the pieces they need ,they construct the panels and begin collecting solar energy. For each village, the college also provides solar lamps. Villagers can, in addition, order parts for other solar-powered devices, such as water heaters and cooking stoves. Once assembled(组装), they and the lamps are powered by the solar panels.

The effect on the villages is huge. Before the solar panels and lamps arrived, villagers had only candles to light their homes. This prevented adults from doing serious work at night, and it made studying difficult for children as well. As for physicians, they have difficulty treating patients and performing operations at night because they had to rely on flashlights.

Now there is power for not only the electrical appliances that the college provides but also devices like televisions, radios and computers. For the first time, the villagers can even connect to the world through the Internet.

1.What does this article explain about an organization?

A. How it accomplishes its goals B. How its global efforts are funded

C. How its founder hires employees D. How it works with the government

2.According to this article, what does the organization believe in?

A. Supporting the arts. B. Preserving history.

C. Respecting animals. D. Improving society.

3.Which idea is communicated by the organization to women?

A. They should be more involved in politics.

B. They don't have to depend on others.

C. They aren't educating their daughters enough.

D. They focus too much on their communities.

4.In the past, what was hard to provide in villages after dark?

A. Dry shelter. B. Clean water.

C. Medical care. D. Food supplies.

Film reviews of The Silver Glove

The Silver Bore

Daniel Jones

If you've ever seen a pirate film in the past, you can save your money. This is one of the most predictable films I have seen this year. The plot is totally unbelievable and the script is something very unprofessional out of filmmaker college.1. .Great support acting from the Frenchman Thierry Montpasse as the evil Captain Scar is the only striking aspect.


Angela Moore

I just loved this fast-moving pirate thriller. The story moves at dizzying speed from one terrifying battle scene to the next 3.. Chief pirate, British actor Colin Williams, is given all the best, wittiest lines and the film has its share of laughs as well as scary moments. The storm scene at the beginning leaves you both exhausted and terrified.

A Hidden Treasure

Max Court

I found this film absolutely delightful. An inspiring cast is directed with great skill and invention by German Dieter Muller. The ship chase creates a lot of tension and excitement.4.. Mystery lovers will expect their appetites to be fully satisfied.

Sharp Sword Drama

William Wilson

The Silver Glove is an action-packed pirate drama in the best traditions of this type. If you only want sword fights and buried treasure, you may be disappointed as this fascinating film also offers a complex plot which is never dull. Some of the language may be too crude for younger children, 5. . But this is really my only complaint. Some fine acting completes this fun movie.

A.Glove Sinks In The Sea
B. There are plenty of surprises in the story to keep the audience guessing until the last minute.
C. There is some nice photography of film making, but the Hawaiian scenery is not enough to save this film.
D. which may be regarded as a warning for parents
E. and you really feel as if you are on the ships with these evil thieves and smugglers
F. Pirates At The Speed Of Light

G. and you knew what was going to happen in the film

On a sunny day, Linda and Jack were to try the new boat on the river.Linda jumped out of bed excitedly, got dressed quickly and woke up her brother Jack.

After ____ Linda and Jack arrived at the riverbank and ____ the new blue boat waiting for them.They got into the boat and packed their picnic under the ____.Linda started the engine and ____ they went into the wide, brown and unknown ____ of the river.

Suddenly, they found the boat sounded ____ round a bend in the river.On the distant sandbank they saw a long dark creature ____ in the sun. It opened one eye at them and then suddenly disappeared into the ____.

“What was that?” shouted Jack.

“It looked like a crocodile to me!” said Linda.“We’d better be ____.”Just as they came round the next ____, the engine ____ and came to a stop.Linda ____ to start the engine again. But it wouldn’t start. They were ____.

“Let’s get the wooden oars,” said Jack. “Maybe we can  ____ the boat free.

They tried but failed.

“We’re stuck on a sandbank,” said Linda. “We’ll just have to sit here having our ____ and wait for the water to ____.”

“It’s boring!” said Jack.

Suddenly, they felt the boat move .It moved slowly off the sandbank. And the engine started again. Just at the same time they noticed a black ________ by the boatside and in no time it disappeared in the brown water ahead.

They ________ their journey down the river. It was so exciting .

At noon they saw a small river _________ the main river. It wasn’t on the map . “Let’s ________   there!” said Linda.

The boat turned and went into the smaller channel .On both sides grew thick unknown trees.

1.A. meal B. lunch C. dinner D. breakfast

2.A. realized B. discovered C. found D. thought

3.A. sun B. seat C. fire D. bank

4.A. away B. around C. on D. up

5.A. water B. flood C. flow D. position

6.A. smoothly B. normally C. badly D. hardly

7.A. walking B. laying C. lying D. sleeping

8.A. sands B. woods C. air D. water

9.A. serious B. brave C. careful D. slow

10.A. bend B. river C. animal D. boat

11.A. put out B. broke down C. gave in D. got off

12.A. planned B. managed C. tried D. intended

13.A. stuck B. delayed C. stopped D. kept

14.A. expect B. give C. use D. push

15.A. rest B. picnic C. sightseeing D. fun

16.A. fall B. come C. rise D. run

17.A. snake B. figure C. shade D. fish

18.A. gave up B. started C. ended D. went on

19.A. leading  off B. separating from C. dividing into D. leaving for

20.A. observe B. watch C. explore D. play

Wondering where to watch the fireworks on the fourth Friday of July? Here are some restaurants where you can sit, grab a bite to eat and watch the show.

The Roof on Wilshire offers a view of the city, so chances are that you’ll be able to catch a fireworks show while you’re up there. The restaurant will also offer an all-you-can-eat menu for $20 that includes all beef hot dogs and sweet potato chips. The festivities will take place from 2 to 11 pm. Reservations are recommended. 6317 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 852-6002.

Whiskey Red’s is located in Marina Del Rey. Beginning at 5:30 pm, it will include live music from Jack of Hearts. The event is free and open to the public. Guests can make reservations from 5:30 to 10 pm. It costs $59 to reserve a seat on the patio(露台) and $49 for indoor seating. Kids aged 5 to 12 need $25 for a seat outside and $20 for an indoor seat. Kids aged four and below are free. 13813 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, (310) 823-4522.

High Rooftop lounge in Venice at the top of the Hotel Erwin offers views of the Venice coastline. The fireworks show starts at 9 pm. The rooftop lounge (休息室) offers a full menu of cocktails and a selection of snacks. 1697 Pacific Avenue, Venice Beach, (800) 786-7789.

The last one is Carbon Beach Club at the Malibu Inn. Here you can see fireworks from a seat on the restaurant’s oceanfront balcony from 6 to 9:30 pm. Reservations are recommended. 22878 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, (310) 456-6444.

1.Which restaurant will provide live music during fireworks?

A. Wilshire. B. Whiskey Red’s.

C. High Rooftop lounge. D. Carbon Beach Club.

2.Where can you get an all-you-can-eat menu with twenty pounds?

A. Wilshire. B. Whiskey Red’s.

C. High Rooftop lounge. D. Carbon Beach Club.

3.Which telephone number will you dial if you want to reserve a seat on an oceanfront balcony?

A. (323) 852-6002. B. (310) 823-4522.

C. (800) 786-7789. D. (310) 456-6444.

Teachers' Day around the world is not celebrated on the same day.In some countries,Teachers' Day is celebrated on working days.However,in other countries,it is celebrated on holidays.

Here we are giving you a list of countries that celebrate Teachers' Day on holidays.


The Teachers' Day was proposed(提议)at National Central University in 1931.It was adopted(被采纳) by the central government of Republic of China in 1932.In 1939,the day was set on August 27,Confucius's birthday.People's Republic of China government called it off in 1951.It was reestablished in 1985,and the day was changed to September 10.Now more and more people are trying to celebrate the Teachers' Day back to Confucius's birthday.


In India,Teachers' Day is celebrated on September 5,in honor of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan,the second President of India.Because his birthday was September 5th.At schools on this day,students in India celebrate this day to show their respect and love to their teachers.


In Russia Teachers' Day is on October 5th.Before 1994,this day was set on the first Sunday of September.


In the United States,Teachers' Day is a holiday on the Tuesday of the first full week of May.


January 16 was adopted as Teachers' Day in the Thailand by a resolution(决议) of the government on November 21,1956.The first Teachers' Day was held in 1957.


In Iran,Teachers' Day is celebrated on May 2nd every year.It is in honor of the famous Iranian professor Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari who died on May 2,1980.

Although different countries celebrate Teachers' Day on different days,the activities people take to celebrate it just stay the same.

1.The best title of the passage is ________.

A. Teachers' Day around the world

B. The history of Teachers' Day

C. Activities on Teachers' Day

D. How to celebrate Teachers' Day

2.What will be discussed in the next paragraph of the text?

A. How Teachers' Day became popular in the world.

B. Which country is the first to celebrate Teachers' Day.

C. What activities people take to celebrate Teachers' Day.

D. Which country has the longest vacation for Teachers' Day.

3.In which country is the Teachers' Day celebrated for its leader?

A. Iran. B. Thailand.

C. Russia. D. India.

4.We can know from the passage that ________.

A. Not all the Teachers' Days are celebrated on holidays

B. China is the first country to celebrate Teachers' Day

C. Thailand first celebrated Teachers' Day in 1956

D. Russia and USA celebrate Teachers' Day on the same day

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