If you know the tale(故事) of the hare(野兔) and the tortoise(乌龟).you’ll remember that the tortoise won the race against the hare. In this age of speed with immediate Internet communication and fast travel, it’s time to just slow down the pace(步伐).

Slow food

The slow food movement began in Italy in the mid-1980s because some people thought that fast food culture was causing the traditional Italian way of life to disappear. The movement believes that we should enjoy mealtimes as a pleasure while also understand more about where your food comes from. A key approach(方法) to slow food is taking your time when eating. For example, by waking up ten minutes earlier than usual you have more time to get ready so you don’t have to rush your breakfast.

Slow exercise

Measured exercises such as yoga(瑜伽) are relaxing and focus on(关注) breathing. Deep breathing is a good way to help you feel calm. Try slowing your breathing down to 10-12 deep breaths every minute. Breathe in slowly and deeply into the bottom of your lungs (肺). Stop for a moment, and then breathe out slowly. As you breathe out, allow your body to relax.

Slow communication

The wide use of the Internet has meant communication has never been faster. We are able to send an email to someone of the other side of the world as quickly as to the person sitting next to us. While this change is unbelievable, the amount of information we receive each day through mobiles and the Internet can be distracting (令人分心的). There was a time when people didn’t spend most of their time checking mobiles and emails. Try turning your mobile off sometimes to take some time to relax. Having the time to really listen to a friend or loved one helps improve your relationship (关系).

1.The tale of the hare and the tortoise is mentioned to show .

A. it’s necessary to take things slow in one’s life

B. speed plays the most important role in a race

C. you have to use tricks in order to win

D. we should learn a lesson from the tale

2.Why did the slow food movement start?

A. To protect people from the harm of fast food.

B. To prevent some old traditions from disappearing.

C. To correct some people’s wrong ideas about health.

D. To help people develop a good work and rest habit.

3.In the passage, yoga is suggested as a way of exercise because .

A. it can greatly improve our physical health

B. it’s very relaxing and helps us calm down

C. it takes less time and space

D. it doesn’t need any skills

4.The writer may NOT agree with the idea that .

A. mobiles and emails are wasting much of our time

B. a face-to-face talk is better than one over the phone

C. the Internet also makes communication inconvenient

D. turning the mobile off can also make us feel relaxed

Some people think that success is only for those with talent or those who grow up in the right family, and others believe that success mostly comes down to luck. I’m not going to say luck, talent, and circumstances don’t come into play because they do .some people are born into the right family while others are born with great intelligence, and that’s just the reality of how life is.

However, to succeed in life, one first needs to set a goal and then gradually make it more practical. And, in addition tothat, in order to be really good at something, one needs to spend at least 10,000 hours studying and practicing. To become great at certain things, it’ll require even more time, time that most people won’t put in.

This is a big reason why many successful people advise you to do something you love. If you don’t enjoy what you do ,it is going to feel like unbearable pain and will likely make you quit well before you ever become good at it.

When you see people exhibiting some great skills or having achieved great success, you know that they have put in a huge part of their life to get there at a huge cost. It’s sometimes easy to think they got lucky or they were born with some rare talent, but thinking that way does you no good, and there’s a huge chance that you’re wrong anyway.

Whatever you do, if you want to become great at it, you need to work day in and day out, almost to the point of addiction, and over a long period of time. If you’re not willing to put in the time and work, don’t expect to receive any rewards. Consistent, hard work won’t guarantee you the level of success you may want, but it will guarantee that you will become really good at whatever it is you put all that work into.

1.Paragraph 1 mainly talks about ________.

A. the reasons for success

B. the meaning of success

C. the standards of success

D. the importance of success

2.In Paragraph 2,the underlined word that refers to ______.

A. being good at something

B. setting a practical goal

C. putting in more time

D. succeeding in life

3.What can we infer from Paragraph 4?

A. Successful people like to show their great skills.

B. People sometimes succeed without luck or talent.

C. People need to achieve success at the cost of life.

D. It helps to think that luck or talent leads to success.

4.What is the main theme of the passage?

A. Having a goal is vital to success.

B. Being good is different from being great.

C. One cannot succeed without time and practice.

D. Luck, talent and family help to achieve success.

Some people asked me how I could suggest the expenses of billions of dollars for a voyage to Mars, at a time when many children on this Earth are starving to death. I know that they do not expect an answer such as “ Oh, I did not know that there are children dying from hunger, but from now on I will stop any kind of space research until mankind has solved that problem! ”In fact, I have known of this long before.

But I firmly believe that by working for the space program we can make some contributions to the relief and eventual solution of such serious problems as poverty and hunger on the Earth. Two basic factors causing the poverty and hunger problems are the production of food and the distribution (分布) of food. In fact, large areas of land could be used far better if efficient methods of farming, fertilizer use, weather forecasting, field selection, planting, crop surveys, harvest planning and so on were applied. The best tool for the improvement of all these methods undoubtedly, is the artificial Earth satellite. Circling the globe at a high altitude, it can screen wide areas of land within a short time; it can observe and measure a large variety of factors indicating the status and condition of crops, soil, droughts, rainfall, snow cover, etc.

Besides, in the modern society, there is a continuing great need for new basic knowledge in the science if we wish to improve the conditions of human life on the Earth. We need more knowledge in physics and chemistry, in biology and physiology, and particularly in medicine to cope with all these problems which threaten man’s life: hunger, disease, overpopulation, pollution of water and the environment. In a way, the space age not only holds out a mirror in which we can see ourselves, it also provides us with the technologies.

1.The passage is mainly discussing about .

A. whether the children’s dying from hunger is the major problem

B. whether it is worth spending much money on the space research

C. whether the author’s suggestion has been taken into serious consideration

D. whether there is an effective way to avoid the global starvation

2.According to the author, what plays an important part in dealing with poverty and hunger?

A. Government support. B. Methods of farming.

C. Food supply. D. Modern technology.

3.The second paragraph is mainly developed by .

A. making comparison B. giving explanation

C. offering advice D. giving examples

4.From the last paragraph, we can infer that .

A. technologies can help to improve our living quality

B. more basic knowledge is required to be learned

C. we can live a more peaceful and happier life

D. there are different views on the space age

About one year ago, a couple with three children moved into the apartment next door to me. I never heard any noise from the children. Instead, I often heard the parents yelling____at the kids, not in a nice tone, but in a____one.

We often____in the hallway. I always greeted them, but the only____I ever got was a “hello” from the eight?year?old girl. I usually____to see my doctor and one day when I returned they were just____their apartment and the little girl was____the outside door open for the others. I____in the car doing____things because I wasn't eager to be snubbed(冷落) again. Finally, I got out of my car and walked towards the door. The parents were telling their daughter to hurry and get into the car,____the little girl was still holding the door,____me! I hurried although I was still in pain from my injury.

I forgot to tell her how____I was for her kindness. I wrote a note saying how much her act of kindness had____an old man's heart.

The next day there was a____on my door and it was the little girl and her father. She was quite____of her behavior and thanked me. Then I noticed her mother standing there too. Her parents____me.

From then on when we met in the hallway we always greeted each other,in a friendly____

Last night there was a heavy snow. I looked out at my car and____how I was going to keep my doctor's____because I could only walk for a short time. This morning when I opened the front door, all the snow was removed.

Isn't it____that the small kind act of an 8?year?old girl can change so many things for the better? It is said that good things come from small acts.

1.A. quietly B. strangely C. quickly D. angrily

2.A. frightening B. exciting C. sincere D. kind

3.A. quarreled B. met C. chatted D. argued

4.A. present B. result C. reply D. return

5.A. went out B. set out C. took out D. gave out

6.A. decorating B. cleaning C. returning D. leaving

7.A. breaking B. operating C. holding D. unlocking

8.A. kept B. remained C. insisted D. continued

9.A. favorite B. irrelevant C. unnecessary D. curious

10.A. but B. and C. so D. then

11.A. hunting for B. asking for C. waiting for D. calling for

12.A. beneficial B. influential C. anxious D. grateful

13.A. strengthened B. broken C. touched D. saved

14.A. note B. knock C. invitation D. picture

15.A. proud B. aware C. afraid D. sure

16.A. admitted B. recognized C. praised D. thanked

17.A. manner B. appearance C. sound D. announcement

18.A. found B. ignored C. remembered D. wondered

19.A. promise B. appointment C. suggestion D. attention

20.A. amazing B. confusing C. scaring D. challenging

A good book is indeed the best friend of a person.The same goes for high—profile CEOs of world recognized companies as well.Let's have a look at the favorite books of some of the world-famous CEOs.

Apple CEO—Tim Cook,Competing against Time by George Stalk Jr.and Thomas M.Hout

This book is based on 10 years of valuable research done by the authors.It talks about how new concepts of managing time in new product development,production and sales provide companies with the advantages to succeed in this highly competitive world.

Microsoft CEO(Former)—Bill Gates,The Catcher in the Rye by J.D.Salinger

A few themes explored in the novel are rebellion(叛逆),anxiety and confusion.It admits that young people are a little confused,but can be smart about things and see things that adults don't really see.Gates said,"I didn't actually read The Catcher in the Rye until I was 13,and ever since then I've said that's my favorite book."

Oracle CEO—Larry Ellison,Napoleon by Vincent Cronin

This book is considered by far the best biography ever written on Napoleon Bonaparte.Ellison said,"It's interesting to read about him for a couple of reasons: to see what an ordinary man can do with his life and to see how history can distort(歪曲)the truth entirely."

OWE CEO—Oprah Winfrey,To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

This book talks about how a little girl observes the people around her.Winfrey said,"I read it in eighth or ninth grade,and I was trying to persuade other kids to read the book.So it makes sense to me that now I have a book club, because I have been doing that probably since I read this book."

1.What is the theme of Competing against Time?

A. Time efficiency. B. Product development.

C. Apple company. D. Sales concepts.

2.Which book talks about kids disobeying rules?

A. Competing against Time. B. The Catcher in the Rye.

C. Napoleon. D. To Kill a Mockingbird.

3.What can be inferred from the passage?

A. All people mentioned are world—famous CEOs.

B. Napoleon is the best biography of all time.

C. Larry Ellison enjoys reading biography.

D. To Kill a Mockingbird has a deep influence on Winfrey.

"Everybody is a genius.But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree,it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."—Albert Einstein

If you have a kid with special needs in the school system,chances are you have come across that saying hanging on a classroom wall.My five-year-old daughter Syona has cerebral palsy(脑瘫)and it means,combined with her communication and sight problems,that normal standard isn't always an accurate measure of her abilities.

By now you have probably heard about Chris Ulmer,the 26-yearold teacher in Jacksonville,Florida,who starts his special education class by calling up each student individually to give them much admiration and a high-five.I couldn't help but be reminded of Syona's teacher and how she supports each kid in a very similar way.Ulmer recently shared a video of his teaching experience."I have seen their confidence increase rapidly."he said.All I could think was: how lucky these students are to have such good teachers.

Syona's teacher has an attitude that can best be summarized in one word: awesome.Her teacher doesn't focus on what can't be done—she focuses on what can be done.Over the past several months,my husband Dilip and I have seen Syona's confidence increase tenfold.She uses words she wouldn't have thought of using before.She recently told me about her classmate's trip to Ecuador and was very proud when I understood her on the first try.

I actually wonder what the influence would be if we did something similar to what Ulmer does with his students in our home.We've recently started our day by reminding each other of the good qualities we all possess.If we are reminded of our strengths on a regular basis,we will become increasingly confident about progress and success.

1.What does the author think of Albert Einstein's saying?

A. Funny. B. True.

C. Strange. D. Confusing.

2.What can we learn about Syona's teacher?

A. She is Syona's favorite teacher.

B. She puts Einstein's quote on the wall.

C. She uses videos to teach her students.

D. She helps increase her students' confidence.

3.Why did Syona feel proud in the third paragraph? .

A. Her mother knew what she expressed.

B. Her progress was appreciated by her parents.

C. She had developed a positive attitude.

D. She had been to Ecuador with her classmate.

4.What change has taken place in the author's family?

A. They've invited Ulmer's students to their home.

B. They visit Ulmer's classroom regularly.

C. They give each other praise every day.

D. They feel grateful to people in their lives.

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