Hundreds of years ago, a Roman army came north from England to make war on Scotland. The Scots, a brave people, love their country. They fought hard to drive the enemy out of Scotland. But there were too many of the Romans. It looked as if the Romans would win.

One night, the leader of the Scots marched his soldiers to the top of a hill. “We will rest here tonight, my men,” he said, “Tomorrow we will fight one more battle①. We must win, or we will die.”

They were all very tired. So they ate their supper quickly and fell asleep. There were four guards on duty, but they were very tired, too, and one by one, they fell asleep.

The Romans were not asleep. Quickly they gathered at the foot of the hill. Slowly they went up the hill. Closer they came to the sleeping Scots. They were almost at the top. A few minutes more the war would be over. Suddenly, one of them put his foot on a thistle (蓟). He cried out and his sudden cry woke the Scots. In a minute they were on their feet and ready for a battle. The fighting was hard, but it did not last long. The Scots wiped out the Romans and saved Scotland②.

The thistle is not a beautiful plant. It has sharp needles all over it. Few people liked it. But the people of Scotland liked it so much that they made it their national flower.

1.Hundreds of years ago, the Romans ____ .

A. came from the north through England to make war on Scotland

B. came to the north Scotland from England to make war on Scotland

C. came from the north of England to fight the Scots

D. came to the north from the south of Britain to fight the Scots

2.At the shout of a Roman soldier, all the Scots who were asleep at the hill ____ .

A. began to fight the Romans hard

B. stood up without putting on their shoes and began to fight

C. woke and rose immediately, ready to fight

D. put their feet into their shoes at once and were ready to fight

3.The result of the war is that ____ .

A. the Romans killed all the Scots

B. the Scots were defeated

C. the Scots were driven out of Scotland

D. the Scots defeated the Romans

4.The Scots made thistle their national flower because thistle ____ .

A. is lovely, though not beautiful

B. gave them happiness

C. is a kind of useful plant

D. helped the Scots in wiping out the Romans

Baron Pierre de Coubertin was a Frenchman. At his time sports were not taught in French schools. De Coubertin believed that sports should go hand in hand with studies. He had an idea. His idea was to begin the Olympics all over again.

Sports teachers of other countries liked de Coubertion’s ideas. So in 1896, the modern Olympic Games were held in Athens(雅典), Greece. Since then the Olympics have been held once every four years, except three times, when there were wars.

Before the start of the Olympic Games, runners carry lighted torch(火炬)through many nations towards the stadium(运动场)where the games will be held. These sportsmen are from different countries. Yet they work together to carry the Olympic torch. It is passed from runner to runner. When the last runner enters the stadium, he or she places the torch in a special(专门的)basin filled with oil. It catches fire. It is then, only then, that the Olympic Games can begin.

The Olympic flame(火焰)burns throughout the games. It is the flame of peace.

1.Before 1896 French schools didn’t teach_____ .

A. maths B. history

C. sports D. physics

2.De Coubertin_______________.

A. was the first man to start the Olympic Games

B. helped start the modern Olympic Games

C. believed that sports were less important than studies

D. failed to begin the modern Olympic Games

3.According to this passage, the third modern Olympic Games should have been held in_________ .

A. 1915 B. 1924

C. 1896 D. 1904

4.“Marathon” in this passage is _______________.

A. a foot race B. a jumping contest(比赛)

C. field sports D. a boxing(拳击)match

Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing. Three years ago, few people would go swimming in the icy waters. But now there is a Winter-swimming Enthusiasts’ Club(冬泳爱好者协会)and it has more than 2 000 members. The oldest is 84 years old and the youngest is only 7. The members are from all walks of life. They may be workers, peasants, soldiers, teachers, students…

Though it is now the coldest part of the season and the water temperature in the city’s lakes is around 0℃, many winter-swimmers still swim in the icy waters, even when it is snowing. They enjoy themselves in the lake, while the people by the side of the lake are wearing heavy clothes.

Why are so many people interested in winter-swimming? Because winter-swimming can be good for one’s health.

Bei Sha is a good example. He is 69, and he once suffered from(患……病)heart trouble for 26 years. After ten years of winter-swimming he is now in good health. Scientists are now studying the effects of winter-swimming on health.

1.Among the winter-swimmers the oldest man is_______ years older than the youngest one.

A. 91 B. 84

C. 77 D. 7

2.Guess what “The members are from all walks of life” means?

A. The members do different jobs at different places.

B. They come from all parts of Beijing.

C. They are persons of different ages.

D. They are men and women, old and young.

3.The winter-swimmers are able to swim in the icy waters, even on snowy days because_________________________.

A. they are not afraid of coldness

B. they often swim in the icy waters

C. they know that they can benefit(得益)from it

D. winter-swimming can make people healthy

4.Winter-swimming has become popular in Beijing because ________________.

A. more and more people like to swim in Beijing

B. it is more interesting than swimming in summer

C. winter-swimmers are brave men

D. winter-swimming does a lot of good to one’s health

It is easy for some people to learn a second language. However, others have difficulty in learning a new language. What can you do to help yourself learn a second language, such as English? 1.

Feel positive about learning English.2. Be patient. You do not have to understand everything all at once. It is natural to make mistakes when you learn something new. We can learn from our mistakes. In other words, do not worry about making mistakes.

Practice your English. For example, write a diary every day. You will form a habit of writing it in English, and you will feel comfortable expressing your ideas in English.3. In addition, you must speak English every day. You can practice with your classmates outside class.

4. You can write this in your journal. After each class, think about what you did. Did you answer a question correctly? Did you understand something the teacher explained? Perhaps the lesson was difficult, but you tried to understand it.

You must be positive about learning English and believe that you can do it. It is important to practice every day and make a record of your achievements. 5.

A. Go over the points you have learned.

B. Keep a record of your language learning.

C. Don't give up when you meet some difficulty.

D. If you believe that you can learn, you will learn.

E. Several weeks later, you will see that your writing is improving.

F. In these ways, you will enjoy learning English, and you will feel more confident in yourself.

G. There are several ways to make learning English a little easier and more interesting.


The B.S.Report

Designed for the sports fan with a sense of humor,The B.S.Report is hosted by the sportswriter Bill Simmons. Simmons' show is in very loose and free form and it's not uncommon for him to go almost a whole show without even mentioning sports,especially when he really gets going about movies or his ongoing enthusiasm about reality television.

Wait,Wait...Don't Tell Me

One of the most popular programs on National Public Radio,Wait,Wait…Don't Tell Me is now available as a podcast.The show is a news program in the form of a game show.Each week a group of three humorists and writers join host Peter Sagal in Chicago,where they are quizzed on the week's most important and funny news stories. Listeners also get to call in to play different news related games for a prize.

The Moth

The Moth is a weekly podcast run by a nonprofit art organization.The show is made up of recordings of "true stories told before a live audience without notes".Each week,the group releases short 10-20 minute tales told by people from all walks of life.Past presenters have included writers,comedians,scientists,and even New York City police officers.


Filmspotting is a weekly podcast and is a must-listen for any movie fan.The show is focused on movie reviews, but hosts Adam Kempenaar and Matty Robinson do more than just tell their listeners which new movie is worth seeing.They also discuss and examine film as an art form.The show doesn't just focus on current movies,either,as the hosts frequently discuss old films as part of theme marathons.

1.Which host can you turn to if you want to win an award?

A. Bill Simmons.

B. Peter Sagal.

C. Adam Kempenaar.

D. Matty Robinson.

2.What do The B.S.Report and Wait,Wait...Don't Tell Me have in common?

A. The content

B. The style

C. The theme

D. The form

3.What can we learn about The Moth?

A. It's an art podcast.

B. It's a daily program.

C. It presents various true stories.

D. It's available only in New York.

4.Which podcast may entertain a movie fan?

A. The B.S.Report.

B. Wait,Wait…Don’t Tell Me.

C. The Moth.

D. Films potting.

I opened my door to two little girls.I had met Alyssa,six,two weeks before.Since then,she'd waved to me every time she passed my house.

"Hello.Grandma Bonnie!"Alyssa said."This is my little sister,Ariana.She's three."To her very nervous sister,"It's OK,honey.You'll like her."The three-year-old held a "bouquet"(花束)in one hand,and the other gripped(紧握)a tiny notebook and a huge broken crayon."Go on,"her big sister urged,"tell her."

Ariana looked at me seriously."I want to help raise money for my preschool,"she said,holding out her flowers. "So I'm selling these for one dollar a bunch."

I had a hard time hiding my smile.The bouquet consisted of seven oxalis(醡浆草)flowers.Oxalis is a weed almost impossible to get rid of.Obviously Ariana had pulled these flowers out from her own yard or a neighbor's.

Her big sister smiled,"Aren't they lovely,Grandma Bonnie?And they only cost a dollar for the whole bunch.It's all for Ariana's preschool."The girls' plan did amuse me."All right," I agreed,"one dollar coming up."

Alyssa put the bill in her sister's skirt pocket.Then Ariana handed me my purchase."Uh,"I suggested,"why don't you just keep the flowers and the money? Then you could sell the flowers to someone else."Both girls stared at me, horrified."Oh,no,"Ariana cried."We picked them just for you.See,they're beautiful!"

And so they were.A week later,the flowers were twice as many as when my little neighbor handed them to me.What a bargain!

I had called these tiny plants "weeds"—disgusting,worthless things with no right to exist.But in their innocent hearts,those two little girls saw them as a precious creation to treasure and share out of loving hearts to brighten the day of a lonely old "Grandma".

1.Those two little girls paid a visit to the author to .

A. say hello to their new neighbor

B. introduce the little sister to her

C. bring her some beautiful flowers

D. collect money for a special purpose

2.What did the author want to do after knowing the girls' wish?

A. Refuse the girls' request directly.

B. Pay one dollar for the whole bunch.

C. Put the bill into the little girl's pocket.

D. Donate money without accepting flowers.

3.How did the author feel when seeing those tiny plants a week later?

A. Grateful. B. Disgusted.

C. Fortunate. D. Desperate.

4.What is the best title for the text?

A. Sold a Bunch of Flowers B. Picked Flowers Just for You

C. Raised Money for Preschool D. Delighted an Old Grandma

Jessica Westervelt,a Spanish teacher at Bethlehem High School in New York,created an activity called “House Hunters”,which was inspired by the popular television show “House Hunters International”,for her Spanish class about four years ago.

Similar to the show,students work in groups,pretending to be real house agents,and look for three houses in Spanish-speaking countries.She uses the activity to teach vocabulary related to the home,chores,travel and vacation.She created the exercise because she wanted to incorporate her students’ interests into the curriculum.At the time,a group of her students were big fans of the show.

The students look for a house for Westervelt to buy to live in,or rent for vacation.She tells them what she is looking for in a home and gives them a budget.Students work in groups of three,and each student is responsible for finding one house in a Spanish-speaking country that fits the requirements.

The groups usually make a brochure describing the houses they find.Each group presents their findings to the class,while the other students take notes.The entire activity is done in Spanish,so students get to practice their writing,listening and conversation skills.They also get some cultural education when researching homes in Spanish-speaking countries.Westervelt says that students planning to take the class look forward to her project.

Westervelt says,“I think any time that you can find a way to link into something that they are interested in outside of school,it makes it more realistic for them and it makes that activity much more enjoyable for them.”

1.How did Westervelt come up with the idea of the activity?

A. She got it from a TV program. B. She was inspired by her students.

C. She learned it from a house agent. D. She was taught that in high school.

2.Which of the following can replace the underlined word “incorporate” in Paragraph 2?

A. change B. absorb

C. force D. persuade

3.What are the students supposed to do with the houses they find?

A. Rent the houses for their vacation. B. Live in the houses for a while.

C. Write an introduction to the houses. D. Choose and buy one for their teacher.

4.What do Westervelt’s words in the last paragraph mean?

A. Most school activities are not enjoyable.

B. Students should be realistic about study.

C. Out-of-school activities are very important.

D. Learning should be combined with interest.

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