Many people rush into the commitment of bringing home a four-legged family member, only to find out that they are not ready for a pet. This often results in the dog being turned over to a shelter where it may not find another home. This can be avoided if potential pet owners take the time to figure out if they are truly ready for the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Being a responsible pet owner involves a financial commitment that goes beyond buying dog food. There are also parasite (寄生虫) prevention, boarding costs while traveling and the cost to care for the pet should it become ill or injured. That is not to say that one must be rich in order to have a dog, but it is important to be prepared for the expenses that come with being a pet owner.

Another consideration is the time commitment An owner away from home for 14 hours every day is not an ideal situation for a dog. A potential dog owner must also consider the time it takes to care for his or her pet, the time it takes to feed, walk, play with, bathe and clean up. Also, dogs require attention. Be prepared to spend time each day petting and playing with it.

Dogs are dogs, and will act like dogs. This includes barking, digging, having accidents in the house and possibly destroying some of the owner’s prized possessions, such as furniture, shoes and cell phones. If the above would cause an owner to want to get rid of the dog, then he or she is not yet ready to be a pet owner. Many wonderful pets end up in shelters simply because they acted like dogs!

1.Who might be suitable to be a dog owner according to the text?

A. Steven, a business man who travels a lot on business.

B. Dick, a jobless teenager who can hardly pay his rent.

C. Jim, who has a daughter sensitive to dog’s smell.

D. Kari, a teacher who works eight hours a day.

2.To be a responsible dog owner you need to do all the following EXCEPT .

A. finding a shelter for it when you are bored with it

B. spending time each day playing with it

C. taking it to hospital when necessary

D. buying dog food and feeding it

3.What does the underlined part in the first paragraph probably mean?

A. Rush to adopt a dog formally.

B. Commit to buy a dog and take it home.

C. Decide to be a pet owner without thinking about it carefully.

D. Run into a pet shelter and take one home so quickly.

4.What might be the best title for the text?

A. Dogs Arc Dogs B. Ready for a Pet?

C. Have Time for a Dog? D. Pets Arc Family Members

Regarded as one of the English language’s most gifted poets, John Keats wrote poetry that concentrated on imagery, human nature, and philosophy (哲学). Although Keats didn’t receive much formal literary education, his own studies and passion brought him much success. Additionally, his own life situation influenced his poetry greatly.

Growing up as a young boy in London in a lower middle-class family, the young John didn’t attend a private school, but went to a public one. His teachers and his family’s friends regarded him as an optimistic boy who favored playing and fighting much more than minding his studies. After his father’s death in the early 1800s, followed by his mother’s passing due to tuberculosis (肺结核), he began viewing life differently. He wanted to escape the world and did so by reading anything he could get his hands on.

At around the age of 16, the teenage John Keats began studying under a surgeon so that he too might become a doctor. However, his literary appetite had taken too much of his fancy, especially with his addiction to the poetry of Ehmund Spenser. He was able to have his first full poem published in the Examiner in 1816, entitled O Solitude! If I Must With Thee Dwell. Within two months in 1817, Keats had written an entire volume of poetry, but was sharply criticized (批评) by a magazine. However, the negative response didn’t stop his love of rhythm (韵律).

John Keats’ next work was Endymion, which was published in May 1818. The story involves a shepherd who falls in love with the moon goddess and leads him on an adventure of one boy’s hope to overcome the limitations of being human. Following Endymion, however, he tried something more narrative-based (叙事体的) and wrote Isabella. During this time, John Keats began seeing his limitations in poetry due to his own limit in life experiences. He would have to have the “knowledge” associated with his poems. His next work was Hyperion that would attempt to combine all that he learned. However, a bout (发作) with tuberculosis while visiting Italy would keep him from his work and eventually take his life in 1821.

1.John Keats’ attitude towards life changed because of .

A. his early education from school B. the deaths of his parents

C. Edmund Spenser’s poetry D. the criticism of a magazine

2.What is the common thing between John Keats and his mother?

A. They read many books. B. They had a bad childhood.

C. They died of the same disease. D. They showed strong interest in poetry.

3.While trying to achieve his dream of becoming a poet first, John Keats was .

A. determined B. experienced

C. knowledgeable D. impatient

4.What do we know from the passage?

A. Keats received little education at school.

B. Endymion was about a real love story.

C. In 1816 Keats spent two months writing a poem.

D. Keats once had a chance of becoming a doctor.

In fact, before the invention of chopsticks, Chinese ancestors actually used hands to eat, but how did they eat soup and porridge? 1. Chinese started to use chopsticks about 3,000 years ago in Shang Dynasty.

The records of using chopsticks have been found in many written books but lack physical evidence. 2. One says that Jiang Ziya, an ancient wise man, created chopsticks. There also go around some other stories. But there is no exact history record about the invention. We can only say that smart ancient Chinese invented chopsticks.

Using two slim sticks to pick up food is actually not difficult. You can do it if you practice it for some time, even if you are a foreigner. The key to managing chopsticks is keeping one chopstick in position while moving the other to pick up food. 3. Chopsticks are usually held in the right hand, and left-handed chopstick use is considered as improper in China. Playing with chopsticks is thought to be impolite. 4. Chinese philosopher Confucius advised people to use chopsticks instead of knives because the metal knives remind people of cold weapons, which mean killing and violence.

If you are truly interested in chopsticks, you can pay a visit to the Shanghai Chopsticks Museum. The museum gathered more than 1,200 pairs of chopsticks from China, Korea, Japan and Thailand. 5.

A. Chopsticks were introduced to many other neighbor countries due to its lightness and convenience.

B. It is considered to be polite and thoughtful to pick up food for the elderly and children.

C. Bamboo chopsticks are most frequently used in Chinese daily life.

D. However many stories are about the invention of chopsticks.

E. The oldest one was from the Tang Dynasty.

F. They had to use sticks to eat them.

G Remember to practice with patience.

A Toronto man is offering a free roundworld air to the right woman. But _____ apply. You must be named Elizabeth Gallahgher and have a Candian ________ .

Jordan Axani, 28, said he and his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the-world air tickets in May, but their _________ ended and he did not want her ticket to __________. The ticket had a strict no-transfer(不可转让)__________, but since passport information was not required when _________ , any Canadian Elizabeth Gallagher can __________ it.

“I just want to see the ticket go to good use and for someone to ________ a lot of joy,” said Axani. He posted his _______ on a social networking website, and received thousands of e-mails, including thirty from actual Elizabeth Gallagbers with the _______ passports, “More _______ , there are hundreds of Canadians who are interested in ________ their name to Elizabeth Gallagher,” Axani said. “It was absolutely out of _______ , thousands of e-mails, people around the world _____ their stories of travel.”

Axani wrote in his post that he is not ______ anything in return and that the woman who uses the ______ticket can choose to either travel with him or _____ the ticket and travel on her own.

The ______ is scheduled to start on December 21 in New York City and continue on to Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi before ______ in Toronto on January 8. He said the ______ woman will be announced on the website and the trip will be shared online.

1.A. benefits B. deposits C. retrictions D. examinations

2.A. orgin B. passport C. accent D. firend

3.A. holiday B. marriage C. dream D. relationship

4.A. go to waste B. come to mind C. go no sale D. come into effect

5.A. policy B. order C. parment D. schedule

6.A. applying B. booking C. checking D. bargaining

7.A. use B. borrow C. choose D. buy

8.A. sacrifice B. express C. experience D. provide

9.A. answer B. advice C. offer D. comment

10.A. same B. right C. now D. real

11.A. interesting B. annoying C. satisfying D. convincing

12.A. writing B. giving C. lending D. changing

13.A. touch B. question C. date D. control

14.A. admiring B. advertising C. sharing D. doubting

15.A. leaving B. looking for C. losing D. dealing with

16.A. leaving B. looking for C. losing D. dealing with

17.A. return B. take C. reserve D. hide

18.A. interview B. program C. trip D. meeting

19.A. ending B. calling C. repeating D. staying

20.A. honored B. lovely C. intelligent D. lucky

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