By May, after three months, I had lost 22 pounds and reached my goal of 115 pounds. My friends would say “Alice, you look great!” or “How did you lose so much weight?” Those compliments made me feel good and confident.

Soon I dropped to 110 pounds. A few of my friends told me that I needed to stop dieting, because I was starting to look sick. They brought me a present-a bag of chocolates, which I later gave to my sister. My mom would come to my room, with tears in her eyes, and have long chats about how harmful this diet was and begged me to stop. My dad would leave worried messages on my cell phone at school, telling me that it would do serious harm to my body.

By mid-June, when school was coming to an end, I was down to an only alive state of 95 pounds. All of a sudden, I knew I had to do something. I guessed the number itself scared me. I recalled my doctor. He told me about a girl who was 95 pounds and was at the risk of dying. I knew I was putting my life at risk, but for what? To make those who love me worried? Was it worthwhile to be thin?

Now I realize that models in magazines, TV and movies are not realistic. The price to pay for the “perfect body” is living with a dangerous and sometimes deadly eating disorder. And there are more important things to think about than how thin you are.

1.The underlined word “compliments” in Paragraph 1 probably means ________.

A. questions B. praise

C. understanding D. experiences

2.Why did the author’s mother come to her room in tears?

A. Because the mother was worried about her daughter’s health.

B. Because the mother thought her daughter was brave enough.

C. Because the mother was sorry to have helped her daughter go on a diet.

D. Because the mother was deeply moved by her daughter’s friends.

3.The author decided to stop dieting ________.

A. after her parents persuaded her out of it

B. when her weight dropped to 95 pounds

C. after she reached her goal of losing weight

D. after her friends told her to stop dieting

4.From the text we learn that ________.

A. there are no models with a perfect body in real life

B. it is too expensive for people to lose weight

C. you will be healthy as long as you stop dieting

D. an unhealthy diet can lead to serious health problems

5.The underlined word “it” in Paragraph 2 probably refers to ________.

A. the present from the author’s friends

B. having long chats in the night

C. the author’s diet to lose weight

D. the author’s cell phone

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is one of the most common sayings in the English languages. This is because apples were one of the first foods that medical professionals recognized as healthy—their benefits became obvious when, quite simply, doctors found that people who ate apples were sick less often than those who did not. Today we have a more specific understanding of why apples are so beneficial to overall health.

Apples can help keep your levels of bad cholesterol (胆固醇) down. The pectin (果胶) in apples helps you to maintain cardiovascular health and reduce LDL cholesterol(which is the “bad” kind). Apples themselves do not add cholesterol to your diet and are full of water and fiber to help prevent the cholesterol in other foods you might digest. According to Health Diaries, people who eat two apples per day may lower their cholesterol by as much as 16 percent.

Apples are naturally low in calories and high in water content. Eating an apple can satisfy your hunger and keep you from reaching for high-sugar, high-calories snacks. By eating apples, you will be more able to maintain a healthy weight because they fill you up, potentially stopping you from eating food that encourages a waistline increase.

Apples contain respectable levels of boron (硼), which helps build healthy bones, and can also prevent diseases like arthritis. Apples are rich in vitamin C, which is known to help build immunity.

Studies have shown that apples can decrease the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, and liver cancer. One theory is that the apple skins are responsible for this, so be sure not to peel your apple before you eat them, as you could remove some of the health benefits.

1.What’s the main idea of the passage?

A. An explanation of an English saying.

B. How to make full use of apples.

C. Apples are beneficial to our health.

D. How to keep healthy in our daily life.

2.By eating apples we can get many benefits EXCEPT________.

A. lowering the cholesterol B. keeping a healthy weight

C. building immunity D. preventing heart disease

3.Which of the following can most probably replace the underlined word “respectable”?

A. Admirable. B. Considerable.

C. Reliable. D. Valuable.

4.Which plays an important role in reducing the risk of breast cancer?

A. The pectin. B. The apple skins.

C. The flesh of apples. D. The fiber of apples.

5.What’s the author’s attitude towards the effect of eating apples?

A. Positive. B. Negative.

C. Doubtful. D. Uncertain.

I went up to my mother's bedroom after her death and found a box full of papers. Inside was a letter. “Dearest Andrew,” it began, “there was never a right time to tell you.”

Along with the letter was my adoption paperwork—“Parents: unknown”—and two newspapers. The first described a newborn baby, wrapped in a pink blanket, discovered on a doorstep by a paperboy. The second was from a year later, reporting that the baby was still in a children’s home, yet to be adopted.

It was a shock. My childhood was happy; my adoptive father died when I was eight, but my mother made sure I couldn’t have had a more loving home. I didn’t do anything about trying to find out my birth parents for 15 years. However, there were so many questions. Why did my mother abandon me? Did she get into trouble? I didn’t feel angry with her for leaving me, but I wanted to know more about the circumstances surrounding my birth.

I started to research my history and went on local television news. Amazingly, a man called Ronnie got in touch with the TV station, saying I reminded him of his father, Angus. We met up and I was surprised to see a man 20 years my senior. We arranged a DNA test. The results were positive—Ronnie was my half-brother.

Ronnie told me that my father would have been 60 when I was born. He died before I started my search. My father was having an affair with a young woman during the year of my birth, but she is now married with her own family and I should respect her privacy. I would like my questions answered, but not at the expense of her happiness. “Abandoned” is such a sensitive word, but I don’t feel any sadness or rejection, because I don’t know the circumstances of my birth. Instead, I feel unique.

1.From the passage we can know that Andrew .

A. was wrapped in a blanket when found

B. was brought up in a children’s home

C. served as a paperboy when his mother died

D. was abandoned by his birth parents a year after birth

2.What contributed to Andrew’s looking for his birth parents?

A. Anger. B. Curiosity.

C. Bitter childhood. D. Present poor life.

3.What can we know about Andrew and Ronnie from the passage?

A. Neither has seen Angus. B. Neither is the son of Angus.

C. Both have the same father. D. Both are at the same age.

4.Why did the author give up searching for his birth mother?

A. He hated her because she abandoned him on a doorstep.

B. He didn’t have evidence due to his father’s death.

C. He felt it lucky enough to find his birth father.

D. He didn’t want to put her into trouble.

5.Which of the following words can best describe the author’s attitude towards his adoptive mother?

A. Dissatisfied. B. Forgiving.

C. Grateful. D. Concerned.

There was once a boy in India who was sent by his parents to a boarding school(寄宿学校). Before being sent away this boy was the brightest student in his class.

But the boy_________after leaving home and attending the boarding school. His grades started _______. He hated being in a group and he was _________all the time. And there were especially dark times when he felt like _______himself. All of this happened because he felt worthless and no one loved him.

His _______ started worrying about the boy. But they even didn’t know what was wrong with him. _________ his dad decided to travel to the boarding school and talk with him.

They sat _______ the bank of the lake near the school. The father started asking him casual questions about his classes, teachers and _______. After some time his dad said, “Do you know, son, _______ I am here today?”

The boy answered back, “To check my grades?”

“No, no,” his dad __________, “I am here to tell you that you are the most important person for me. I want to see you happy. I don’t __________ grades. I care about __________. I care about your happiness. YOU ARE MY WORLD.”

Those words caused the boy’s eyes to fill with tears. He __________ his dad. They didn’t say __________ to each other for a long time.

Now the boy had everything he wanted. He knew there was someone on this earth who cared for him deeply. He meant the __________ to someone. And today this young man is in college at the top of his class and no one has ever seen him sad!

1.A. changed B. improved C. escaped D. regretted

2.A. increasing B. rising C. balancing D. dropping

3.A. disappointed B. careless C. lonely D. busy

4.A. teaching B. killing C. helping D. enjoying

5.A. parents B. classmates C. teachers D. friends

6.A. And B. But C. Or D. So

7.A. toward B. along C. on D. opposite

8.A. work B. study C. sports D. education

9.A. when B. where C. why D. how

10.A. replied B. smiled C. called D. talked

11.A. check out B. care about C. worry about D. think about

12.A. it B. myself C. you D. us

13.A. forgave B. shook C. hugged D. begged

14.A. anything B. everything C. something D. nothing

15.A. life B. world C. hope D. need

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