Eight days for just ¥ 12,000

Departs: May, October 2017


• Return flights from 6 China’s airports to Naples

• Return airport to hotel transport

• Seven nights’ accommodation at the 3 star Hotel Nice

• Breakfast

• The service of guides

• Government taxes

Join us for a wonderful holiday in one of the Europe’s most wonderful comers—Naples in Italy if you want to have a nice time in a beautiful small quiet place. The ancient Romans called the city “happy land” with attractive coastline, colorful towns, splendid views and the warm Mediterranean Sea. Your best choice for a truly memorable holiday!

Choose between the peaceful traditional villages of Sant’ Agata, set on a hillside six miles away from Sorrento, or the more lively and well-known international resort town of Sorrento, with wonderful views over the Bay of Naples.

Breathtaking scenery, famous sights and European restaurants everywhere. From the mysterious Isle of Capri to the hunting ruins of Pompeii, and from the unforgettable “Amalfi Drive” to the delightful resorts of Positano, Sorrento and Ravello, the area is a feast for the eyes! Join us and you won’t be disappointed!

Price based on two tourists sharing a double room at the Hotel Nice. A single room, another ¥ 2,000. A group often college students, ¥ 10,000 for each.

Like to know more? Telephone Newmarket Air Holidays Ltd on: 0845—226—7788 (All calls charged at local rates).

1.All the following are included in the price of ¥ 12,000 EXCEPT .

A. transport between the airport and the hotel

B. telephone calls made by tourists

C. the service of guides to tourists

2.If you like to visit historical sites, which of the following is your best choice?

A. Amalfi B Sant’ Agata.

C Pompeii. D. Sorrento.

3.If you don’t like sharing a room with others, you have to pay .

A. ¥ 12,000 B. ¥ 10,000

C. ¥ 2,000 D. ¥ 14,000

4.Who is the advertisement intended for?

A. Potential tourists. B. College students.

C. Quiet people. D. Old people

A new generation addiction is quickly spreading all over the world. Web holism, a twentieth century disease, affects people from different ages. They surf the net, use e-mail and speak in chat rooms. They spend many hours on the computer, and it becomes a compulsive (强迫的,强制的) habit. They cannot stop, and it affects their lives.

Ten years ago, no one thought that using computers could become compulsive behavior that could affect the social and physical life of computer users. This obsessional behavior has affected teenagers and college students. They are likely to log on computers and spend long hours at different websites.

They become hooked on computers and gradually their social and school life is affected by this situation. They spend all free time surfing and don’t concentrate on homework, so this addiction influences their grades and success at school. Because they can find everything on the websites, they hang out there. Moreover, this addiction to websites influences their social life.

They spend more time in front of computers than with their friends. The relation with their friends changes. The virtual life becomes more important than their real life. They have a new language that they speak in the chat rooms and it causes cultural changes in society.

Because of the change in their behavior, they begin to keep themselves apart from the society and live with their virtual friends. They share their emotions and feelings with friends who they have never met in their life. Although they feel confident on the computer, they are not confident with real live friends they have known all their life. It is a problem for the future. Tins addictive behavior is beginning to affect all the world.

1.What is the main idea of the passage?

A. The influence of web holism B. The advantage of web holism

C. The popularity of web holism D. The cause of web holism

2.What does the underlined word “obsessional” in the second paragraph most probably mean?

A. attractive B. professional

C. addictive D. potential

3.We can infer from the passage that .

A. web holism has the greatest effect on teenagers

B. people are addicted to games on the Internet

C. students can hardly balance real and virtual life

D. virtual life is more vivid and attractive anyway

4.The author’s attitude towards web holism is that of being .

A. optimistic B. disapproving

C. positive D. acceptable

Starting the day on an egg could keep your blood pressure (血压) under control, research suggests. Scientists have shown that eggs produce proteins with a function similar to that of powerful pressure-lowering drugs.

The research, from the University of Alberta in Canada, showed that when eggs come in contact with stomach enzymes (酶) they produce a protein that acts in the same way as Ace inhibitors, but more work is needed to show the effects outside a lab and in the human body.

Earlier this month, British researchers declared that, contrary to popular beliefs, it is healthy to go to work on an egg. They concluded that the type of cholesterol (胆固醇) found in eggs has little effect on increasing heart disease risks.

Researcher Professor Bruce Griffin, from the University of Surrey, said: ‘The wrong beliefs linking egg eating to high blood cholesterol and heart disease must be corrected. The amount of fat in our diet has an effect on blood cholesterol that is several times greater than the relatively small amounts of cholesterol found in eggs. The UK public do not need to be limiting the number of eggs they eat. They can be encouraged to include them in a healthy diet as they are one of nature’s most nutritious foods.”

The British Heart Foundation dropped its three-egg-a-week limit in 2005. However, almost half of Britons believe the limit still applies.

1.From the text we know that Ace inhibitors are .

A. a kind of medicine B. a kind of protein

C. a kind of illness D. a kind of food

2.According to what Professor Bruce said, eggs .

A. are the most nutritious food.

B. have no effect on blood cholesterol

C. can be included in a healthy diet

D. are forbidden to be eaten in the UK

3.We can infer from the text that .

A. drugs to lower blood pressure will be replaced by eating eggs

B. stomach enzymes mixed with eggs can cure heart diseases

C. most Britons agree the three-egg-a-week limit should be dropped

D. about 50% of Britons think eating an egg a day is bad for their health

4.The text is meant to .

A. introduce scientific findings about eggs

B. introduce a medicine made from eggs

C. tell people how to lower their blood pressure

D. advise people to eat as many eggs as possible

Mr. Brown worked in a factory of a small town. He had been there for twenty years before one day he was sent to the capital for important business. He was quite excited because he had never been there before. Before he set off, he asked his wife and three daughter if they wanted him to buy something for them in London. Mrs. Brown began to think it over and then she said she wished her husband would be able to buy a nice number for her, and so did their three daughters. As he was afraid he would forget it, he drew an umbrella on a piece of paper. To his regret, he lost it at the station.

On the train Mr. Brown sat opposite to an old woman. The woman’s umbrella was so nice that he carefully looked at it and said to himself not to forget to buy a few umbrellas like it. When the train arrived at the station in London, he said good-bye to the old woman, took his bag and her umbrella and was going to get off.

“Wait a minute, sir,” shouted the old woman. “That’s my umbrella!”

Now Mr. Brown noticed that he had taken her umbrella. His face turned red at once and said in a hurry, “Oh, I’m very sorry, Madam! I didn’t mean it!”

Seven days later Mr. Brown left the capital. To his surprise, he met the old woman and sat opposite to her again. Looking at the four umbrellas, the old woman was satisfied with herself. It seems that I had a better result than the other four women.” She thought.

1.We can learn from the passage that Mr. Brown was .

A. a conductor B. a thief

C. a worker D. an umbrella maker

2.The underlined word “it” in the first paragraph refers to .

A. his ticket B. his drawing

C. his bag D. his umbrella

3.How did Mr. Brown get the four umbrellas?

A. He picked them on the train.

B. He bought them in London.

C. He stole them from four women.

D. He brought them from his small town.

How to Make Friends

1. Indeed, there are many things in life which we alone cannot perform.

We need friends’ help. Friends are people who willingly and readily help us when we are in trouble, and show sympathy for us when we are in misery.

2. For example, when we have passed the graduation examination and are looking for a job, we need experienced and reliable friends to guide us and help us on our way. A good friend is also an adviser, because our own points of view towards things may not be always right. 3.

Of course, we can make friends everywhere. However, I think the best place is school, where we are among a big number of boys and girls our own age, so it is easy to get to know one another in a short time. 4.

In order to make friends, we ourselves must be honest, noble-minded and kind-hearted whereby to leave a favorable impression on others since other people observe us the same way as we do.

At the same time, we should avoid bad friends, because they always do harm to us and moreover, they are dangerous to the people around. Worse still, they destroy our friendship with good friends. 5.

A. Indeed, seeking acquaintance with bad friends would be a serious mistake

B. A faithful friend is hard to find.

C. Therefore, it is necessary for us to seek advice from friends.

D. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

E. Besides, we can also make friends among the people who work with us in the community.

F. A proverb says “One man is not good enough to live alone in the world.”

G. The benefits of friendship are boundless and sometimes invisible.

Mickey was a nice, cheerful, optimistic boy. No one could remember ever having seen him ______; it seemed he didn’t ______ whatever people said to him. Even his teachers admired his good ______. It was so unusual that a story was going around that Mickey’s ______ must be due to some special secret. They asked Mickey so much that he ______ his favorite teacher, Mr. Anthony, to tea one afternoon. When they had finished, Mickey ______ Mr. Anthony around the house. When Mickey opened his bedroom door, the teacher ______. The huge wall was a unique collage (拼贴画) of thousands of colors and shapes! It was the loveliest decoration Mr. Anthony had ever ______.

“Some people at school think that I ______ think badly of anyone,” Mickey started to explain, “and that ______ at all bothers me, but that’s not true at all. I’m just like anyone else. I used to get angrier than all the other kids.______ years ago, with the help of my parents, I started a small collage. With every little piece I stuck on I added some bad thought or act.”

It was ______. The teacher looked closely at die wall. In each one of the small ______ he could read “fool”, “silly”, “idiot”, “pain”, and a thousand other ______ things.

“This is how I started ______ all my bad times into an opportunity to ______ to my collage. Now I like the collage so much that, each lime someone makes me angry, I couldn’t be ______. They’ve given me a new piece for my work of ______.”

That day, the teacher was impressed by Mickey’s ______ to have an optimistic character. Without telling anyone, Mr. Anthony ______ his own collage and he would often recommend it to his students.

1.A. lonely B. angry C. calm D. excited

2.A. accept B. understand C. mind D. forget

3.A. decision B. character C. dream D. method

4.A. goodness B. cleverness C. worry D. anxiety

5.A. helped B. introduced C. followed D. invited

6.A. drove B. promised C. showed D. moved

7.A. appeared B. relaxed C. escaped D. froze

8.A. seen B. want C. made D. required

9.A. often B. never C. almost D. ever

10.A. anything B. something C. nothing D. everything

11.A. But B. As C. Though D. Because

12.A. crazy B. reasonable C. difficult D. true

13.A. walls B. books C. pieces D. boxes

14.A. strange B. negative C. small D. clever

15.A. throwing B. turning C. packing D. cutting

16.A. get B. belong C. lead D. add

17.A. happier B. quicker C. more friendly D. more careful

18.A. movie B. literature C. art D. science

19.A. practice B. advice C. suggestion D. secret

20.A. began B. left C. bought D. missed

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