Extremely handsome and athletic, Will looked and dressed like a fashion model. Everything seemed to be easy to him. With his charm, 1. (intelligent), and talents, his business was lively and success was a way of life. So when 2. (face) with a lawsuit(诉讼)one day, Will assumed 3. the case would work out as 4. (easy) as everything in his life and he didn’t worry about it. But it didn’t and the suit finally led to the breakup of his company. He tried for months afterward to get 5. job, but no one would hire him.

Will had to learn that his talents were wonderful but were damaged by an attitude of arrogance(傲慢). He looked down on people6.didn’t have his gifts,7. (treat) them with impatience and annoyance. He felt superior to them and judged them as worthless or stupid. Will made sense of his situation and elected 8.(learn) the lesson of modesty and at last he turned9. (he) circumstances around.

Have pride in who you are and what you 10. (accomplish) so far. However, if you find yourself having secret of arrogance, remind yourself of the lesson of modesty before the universe does it for you.


While I was teaching in China, I became interested in acupuncture(针灸). It was after returning from China and witnessing how successful it had been that I reached the decision to become an acupuncturist myself. I was lucky to discover that the town where I lived had a famous college of traditional acupuncture.

Alternative medicine such as acupuncture is particularly important for me because I firmly believe that it works on the level of body, mind and spirit. This is very different from Western medicine which is supposed to work only on the body. When a person is ill, it is believed that there’s something in their life that is putting their energy levels out of balance. What alternative therapies(疗法)try do to is kelp to gradually push that energy back into balance. The result is that any disease present might naturally disappear as it cannot survive when energies are balanced.

I’ve treated a wide range of people for various conditions, for example people suffering from stress and anxiety. To acquire a qualification in acupuncture, I took a course that lasted three years. I had to go to the college about one weekend in three. I also had a large amount of homework and practical work to do, which I did two or three evenings a week. This involved locating pints on different people. As you can imagine, this isn’t straightforward as people are of different sizes and have differently shaped bodies.

In the future I hope to set up an alternative health clinic which will involve myself as an acupuncturist but perhaps other people as well. I’d like to work with people who provide treatments such as rubbing(按摩)and pressing people’s feet in a special way to help them relax and feel well. I’d like to set it up somewhere in the countryside, where people could feel free from the stress of life.

1.The author decides to learn acupuncture .

A. when he was teaching in China

B. when he was studying in college

C. after he came back to his mother country

D. after he discovered an acupuncture school

2.What does the author think of acupuncture?

A. It prevents disease.

B. It treats people as a whole.

C. It has an immediate effect.

D. It helps improve people’s lives.

3.The acupuncture course the author took was .

A. time-consuming and challenging

B. learner-centered and effective

C. difficult but interesting

D. painful but helpful

4.What do the underlined words “other people” in the last paragraph refer to?

A. Other acupuncturists.

B. Other alternative therapists.

C. Other doctors who use Western medicine.

D. Other people who want to escape fro stress.

Last week I talked with Mandy, a mother of a young teenager in my class. She was telling me how ______ it was for her son at school, because he is in a school uniform that doesn’t ______ him as he’s outgrown it. Since her husband and she both lost their ______ in the last couple of years, they have been searching and interviewing persistently (坚持不懈地). ______, unfortunately they are still out of work.

Now I know the fact that they just can’t ______ a new one. She wiped away ______ as she told me sadly that she is ______ trying to buy a new shirt, then trousers, then… then shoes.

I know her well enough to know that she doesn’t ______ want to get my sympathy or help. She’s ______ asked for anything from me, either. She was just telling me the honest ______. I felt moved to go to the ______ to draw money out from my own account through ATM and come back with a bit of savings of my own ______ I believe I can spare. I told her to just go and buy the ______, and not to tell anyone that I did this but her husband.

I also made it clear to her that nothing is ______ —no payback, nothing. It’s a gift done, so I can enjoy ______, and that is all I need right now. I told her that she was also doing me a favor, ______ she let me know everything. She was so ______ for what I had done for her that she was moved to tears, but I really just feel happy that her boy won’t continue to be ______ for his ugly uniform. I know what that is like, and as a victim of school bullying (恃强欺弱) when young, I can say ______ it hurts for a long time. I felt so ______ to be able to do this!

1.A. sick B. hungry C. cold D. bad

2.A. disappoint B. embarrass C. fit D. challenge

3.A. work B. son C. furniture D. education

4.A. Therefore B. However C. Otherwise D. Besides

5.A. describe B. miss C. afford D. find

6.A. tears B. sweat C. stains D. dirt

7.A. quickly B. slowly C. suddenly D. immediately

8.A. patiently B. worriedly C. secretly D. deliberately

9.A. ever B. only C. even D. never

10.A. standard B. benefit C. truth D. answer

11.A. classroom B. hospital C. bank D. shop

12.A. which B. where C. what D. why

13.A. book B. uniform C. food D. car

14.A. expected B. regretted C. hidden D. valued

15.A. studying B. traveling C. succeeding D. helping

16.A. but B. because C. unless D. even if

17.A. hateful B. calm C. careful D. grateful

18.A. teased B. praised C. scolded D. motivated

19.A. for consideration B. for sure C. for fun D. for example

20.A. sorry B. sad C. good D. nervous

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