What do you do on Christmas when your family is far away? My husband and I didn’t have any ______ nearby, so the holidays always made me feel a little ______. We had friends who weren’t going to see their families either. So why not hold a ______ and create a new tradition?

My husband loved the ______. Hesitantly, we invited friends. Two, three…______ we had a party of eight people. We wondered ______ we’d be able to fit everyone in our tiny dining room. We were so ______ that we hadn’t thought of that at first.

“Who cares?” my husband said. “That’ll be part of the memory.”

Christmas quickly arrived. We got busy ______, decorating and before long we were no longer ______ to be happy about the holidays. We actually were happy. In our excitement we had prepared a ______ feast compared to our normal material dinner. Then we waited for our guests to arrive, hoping they would come ______! However, it was already ten minutes after their ______ arrival time and no one had ______.

As the first guest arrived, we let out a huge sigh of ______. She wasn’t even ______, as she had planned to fly home. Soon our small apartment became ______ with people. Friends introduced themselves to each other. Laughter and love filled our home. Thankfully everyone came. The only one ______ with the arrangement was our cat.

During the dinner, we ______ our favorite Christmas memories and felt how ______ the memories were in our lives. A Christmas that I had been ______ about had become a day to bond, break bread and share experiences.

1.A. family B. friend C. student D. neighbor

2.A. guilty B. lonely C. busy D. excited

3.A. meeting B. game C. party D. race

4.A. belief B. situation C. opportunity D. idea

5.A. naturally B. fortunately C. cheerfully D. eventually

6.A. when B. why C. if D. where

7.A. worried B. kind C. enthusiastic D. convinced

8.A. reading B. cooking C. writing D. crying

9.A. fearing B. pretending C. intending D. hesitating

10.A. spiritual B. separate C. regular D. natural

11.A. in surprise B. on purpose C. as well D. on time

12.A. chosen B. allowed C. planned D. preferred

13.A. taken charge B. shown up C. come back D. got across

14.A. shock B. sorrow C. regret D. relief

15.A. expected B. supposed C. praised D. noticed

16.A. popular B. familiar C. crowded D. covered

17.A. pleased B. puzzled C. tired D. dissatisfied

18.A. escaped B. shared C. collected D. updated

19.A. funny B. reasonable C. embarrassing D. precious

20.A. worried B. angry C. cautious D. happy

In America,when the eighth graders leave the middle school,they are often worried about moving to the high school.It is a hard time for them,but it can be an exciting one as well.To make it easier,students need to get familiar with their school.

Even though they’ve done this already in the middle school,it’s still important to find where their classrooms are.Most schools take students to the high school for a visit at the end of their eighth grade year.And,most schools also have a freshman (新生)speech for parents and students before the first year begins.Sometimes the main office will give away a map of the school.This can help students and parents to find different places in the school.

One way to know your high school more and make new friends is to join a club or play a sport.Schools often offer chances to join different clubs and sports.Fall activities begin in August before the first day of school.If you are not interested in sports,there are clubs for any interest,such as drama,dance,chess,photography,community service,etc.These clubs allow students from different grades.By joining an activity,students can find new friendships,not to mention improving their chances in future college applications(申请).The school office will have a list of activities offered at the school and information on how to join them.

What’s more,to have a great start to a high school year,students can write down some of their worries,and ask for help from teachers and school workers.

1.According to the text,most students feel    when entering the high school.

A. unhappy B. nervous

C. lonely D. disappointed

2.What can be learned about the school clubs?

A. There are fewer students from higher grades in the school clubs.

B. The school clubs in high school mainly welcome sports fans.

C. The school office can help new students join school clubs.

D. Summer activities begin before school starts.

3.When do many schools take students to visit their new high school?

A. Before the eighth grade year starts.

B. Right after the high school year starts.

C. At the beginning of the new term in the high school.

D. By the end of the last year in the middle school.

4.What is the purpose of this text?

A. To describe high school life.

B. To give advice to new high school students.

C. To teach useful experience.

D. To introduce new schools.

A Russian,a Cuban(古巴人),an American businessman and an American lawyer were on a train travelling across England.The Russian took out a large bottle of vodka(伏特加酒),gave each of the men a drink and then threw the rest half bottle of vodka out of the window.

“Why did you do that?” asked the American businessman.

“There’s too much vodka in my country,” said the Russian.“And we really have more than we will ever use.”

A little later,the Cuban passed around fine Havana Cigars(雪茄烟).Then he threw the rest out of the window.

“I thought Cuba is not a rich country,”the businessman said.“But you threw that very good cigars out of the window!”

“Cigars,” the Cuban answered,“are the cheapest in my country.We have more of them than we know what to do with.”

The American businessman sat quietly for a moment.Then he got up,caught the lawyer by the arm and threw him out of the window.

1.The Russian and the Cuban both wanted to    .

A. tell the businessman that their countries are rich

B. prove that they were rich

C. ask the two Americans to visit their countries

D. make the businessman happy

2.When the businessman said “I thought Cuba is not a rich country”,he meant “   

A. Russia is richer than Cuba.

B. America is richer than Cuba and Russia.

C. You shouldn’t throw those very good cigars away.

D. Do you have more cigars than me?

3.What did the businessman want to say by throwing the lawyer out of the window?

A. I want to buy some vodka.

B. We have too many lawyers in my country.

C. I’ll go to Cuba and do some business of cigars.

D. If you need lawyers,come to America.

4.Which do you think is the best title for the passage?

A. Travelling across England

B. Four Rich Men

C. You’re Wasting Too Much

D. There’s Too Much

The first time I went for a walk around my father-in-law’s neighbourhood in America was Garbage Day,and I was shocked to see what people were throwing out.

It was back in 1981,and I saw many people gather in someone’s front yard.As I went nearer to see what was happening,I got my first introduction to yard sales.For the few dollars I had in my wallet,I was able to buy a seven-inch black-and-white portable TV.I also bought a flashlight.

The following weekend,at another yard sale,I saw a 14-inch colour TV being sold for almost nothing.I felt I could not miss the offer and bought it.Now I had two sets and couldn’t wait to see what else I could afford the next weekend.

Spring ended,and by then I had accumulated almost every type of electronic equipment I had always wished to have back home.

Then this new idea came to mind.I had heard about a man who travelled back home every few months.He drove a truck filled with boxes of new and used stuff that people were sending to relatives.So I told my father that I would send as many types of items as I could so that he could start his resale business.

Every few months I would gather several boxes of American “junk” televisions,toasters,fans,hair dryers,etc.and sent them home.As word got out about my father’s “trash” market,people all came to buy these things.

Three years later,when I visited my family for the first time since leaving home,I learned that many of the families in our neighborhood had a piece of “trash”.It proved that I had the responsibility to keep people back home in Guatemala up to date with the latest technology you no longer need.

1.According to the text,a yard sale is a place where people    .

A. sell their front yards at a low price

B. sell unwanted things in their own yards

C. gather in someone’s yard to enjoy things

D. throw away their trash in someone’s yard

2.The author felt he could not miss the offer because    .

A. the second TV set was bigger

B. the second TV set was a colour TV

C. the second TV set was very cheap

D. he wanted two TV sets very much

3.What did the author think of the “junk” he bought?

A. He thought they were valuable.

B. He thought they were not worth buying.

C. He was not surprised to see them thrown away.

D. He thought he could sell them for a good price.

4.From the passage we can infer that    .

A. the author comes from a poor place

B. the author often goes home to sell the “junk”

C. the author buys the “junk” only to make profits

D. the “junk” is not welcomed in the author’s hometown

Can it really be sixty-two years ago that I first saw you?As I look into your eyes now,it ____ like only yesterday that I first saw you,in that small cafe in Hanover Square.

From the ____ I saw you smile,as you opened the door for that young mother and her newborn baby,I knew that I wanted to ____ the rest of my life with you.

I cannot tell you how ____ my love for you was back then,when I returned to you on leave in the September.We ____ each other so tight(紧地) that I thought we would burst.I ____ you to marry me the very same day and I cheered with ____ when you looked deep into my eyes and said “yes” to being my wife.

I ____ being so enjoyed,when a year later,you ____ held my hand to your waist(腰) and said in my ____ that we were going to be a family.I know both our ____ love you dearly;they are outside the door now,____.

Do you remember how I looked like a mad man when Jonathan was ____?I can still picture you ____ at me now,as I held him for the very first time in my arms.I watched as your laughter died away into ____ and I looked at him and cried my own tears of joy,too.

I know you are ____,my dear,and I must let you ____.But I love you so much and it ____ to do so.I must go now,my darling.Our children are waiting outside.They want to say ____ to you.

I am sad that you had to leave me,but please don’t ____.I will be with you soon.

1.A. sounds B. seems C. looks D. tastes

2.A. moment B. place C. restaurant D. year

3.A. save B. win C. share D. waste

4.A. high B. weak C. strong D. thick

5.A. took B. held C. made D. put

6.A. asked B. thought C. guessed D. ordered

7.A. joy B. interest C. surprise D. anger

8.A. finish B. hate C. forget D. remember

9.A. suddenly B. hard C. gently D. carelessly

10.A. head B. hand C. ear D. mouth

11.A. parents B. children C. doctors D. neighbours

12.A. singing B. playing C. resting D. waiting

13.A. born B. young C. pleased D. wrong

14.A. crying B. shouting C. laughing D. listening

15.A. tears B. sleep C. death D. excitement

16.A. great B. tired C. late D. worried

17.A. drive B. run C. jump D. go

18.A. ends B. starts C. hurts D. smiles

19.A. goodbye B. hello C. news D. stories

20.A. wait B. worry C. wake D. miss

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