Joanne was stuck in a traffic jam in central Birmingham at 5:30 and at 6:30 she was expected to be chairing a meeting of the tennis club.At last, the traffic was moving. She swung quickly racing to her house. As she opened the door, she nearly tripped(绊) over Sheba.

“Hey,Sheba, ”she said, “I've got no time for you now,but I'll take you out as soon as I get back from tennis club.”Then she noticed Sheba seemed to be coughing or choking (噎).Obviously,she could hardly breathe.Immediately.Joanne realized she would have to take her to the vet (兽医).When she got there, the vet was just about to close for the day. Seeing the state of Sheba, Dr. Sterne brought her quickly into his office.

“Listen, doctor, I'm really in a rush to get to a meeting. Can I leave her with you, and go and get changed? I'll be back in ten minutes to pick her up, and then I'll take her on to the meeting with me. Is that OK?”

“Sure.” said the doctor

Joanne made the quick trip back to her house in a couple of minutes. As she was once more entering the hallway(门厅), the phone by the door began to ring.

“This is Dr.Sterne, ”said an anxious voice. “I want you to get out of that house immediately, ”said the doctor's voice. “I'm coming round right away, and the police will be there any time now. Wait outside! ”

At that moment, a police car screeched to a stop outside the house. Two policemen got out and ran into the house. Joanne was by now completely confused and very frightened. Then the doctor arrived.

“Where’s Sheba? Is she OK?” shouted Joanne.

“She’s fine, Joanne. I took out the thing which was choking her, and she’s OK now.”

Just then, the two policemen reappeared from the house,half-carrying a white-faced man, who could hardly walk, There was blood all over him.

“My God,” said Joanne,“How did he get in there? And how did you know he was there?”

“I think he must be a burglar(thief),” said the doctor. “I knew he was there because when I finally removed what was stuck in Sheba’s throat:it turned out to be three human fingers.”

1.What was Joanne supposed to do at 6:30 ?

A. To walk her dog. B. To see her doctor.

C. To attend a club meeting. D. To play tennis with her friends.

2.Joanne wanted to get back to her home again __________. .

A. to phone the police station B. to dress up for the meeting

C. to catch the badly hurt burglar D. to wait for her dog to be cured

3.From the passage, we can infer that __________ .

A. Sheba fought against the burglar

B. the police themselves found the burglar had broken in

C. Joanne had planned to take her dog to the meeting

D. the doctor performed a difficult operation on the dog

4.The underlined word “screeched” in paragraph7 probably means___________.

A. noticed B. shouted

C. ran D. screamed

5.In this passage, the writer intends to tell us that the dog is __________.

A. clever B. devoted

C. frightening D. friendly

Dublin has the benefit of being a home to unequaled beaches. They can be especially attractive during the summer season. Experience this scenery for yourself and see what these beaches have to offer you. Finding yourself at Dollymont makes you a fortunate tourist especially if you find beaches irresistible. Here you can swim away your worries through the Dollymont Blue Flag Beach,The beach provides a wonderful view which is perfect for some relaxing moments. Its shoreline is well recommended for a few quiet and unworried walks along the beach.

For some more beach adventure,you can drive your way down the M50 and M1 motorways to Donabate.This village in North County Dublin offers an attractive Blue Flag beach which is perfect for your swimming addictions.Lifeguards are on call during bathing period.The water is as overpowering as the surrounding.

For a double purpose beach,check out Killiney. This beach is a top off destination for a swimming adventure and it is equally grand for relaxing walks. The shoreline is covered with pebbles and rocks. This may seem averred with ordinary stony beach for some but for those who have strong interest in geological(地质的)processes, Killiney is a best spot to discover part of Dublin’s history and Killiney’s formation.

Another accessible Blue Flag Beach lies on Malahide in Fingal. You can enjoy the distinctive attraction of the water while still getting yourself amazed with the wonderful sights around;Malahide Beach is sandy and holds a harbor designed for pleasure boats at the Northern end.

For a bit of challenge and thrill, consider a swim at Sea point Beach in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown. You can have the pleasure of an exciting surf adventure here apart from the usual swimming activity. This is often visited by tourists due to its various appeals: swimming on the north part of the beach while surfing, boating and jet skiing at the south.

Need to: beat the heat off your summer vacation? There is nothing as satisfying as a visit to some of these outstanding beaches.

1.How many beaches are mentioned in this article?

A. Five B. Four

C. Three D. Two

2.If you are visiting Killiney, which of the following activities can’t you do?

A. Having a swimming adventure.

B. Having some relaxing walks.

C. Discovering some Dublin’s history.

D. Practising operating boats for pleasure.

3.If you want to be quiet and have some relaxing walks,you may pay a visit to__________.

A. Dollymont and Donabate B. Donabate and Malahide

C. Dollymont and Killiney D. Killinev and Malahide

4.Some tourists choose a swim at Seapoint Beach probably because they can __________.

A. get themselves interested in the sights around

B. enjoy several unusual and exciting activities‘

C. have a wonderful surf on the south of the beach

D. call the lifeguards during bathing period

5.The best title of this article should be____________.

A. Where to go swimming in summer B. Beating off the heat in Dublin

C. Benefits of staying at beaches D. Geological researches in vacation

A new generation addiction is quickly spreading all over the world. Weboholism, a twentieth century disease, affects people from different ages. They surf the net, use e-mail and speak in chat rooms. They spend many hours on the computer, and it becomes a compulsive habit. They cannot stop, and it affects their lives.

Ten years ago, no one thought that using computers could become compulsive behavior that could affect the social and physical life of computer users. This obsessional behavior has affected teenagers and college students. They are likely to log on computers and spend long hours at different websites.

They become hooked on computers and gradually their social and school life is affected by this situation. They spend all free time surfing and don’t concentrate on homework, so this addiction influences their grades and success at school. Because they can find everything on the websites, they hang out there. Moreover, this addiction to websites influences their social life.

They spend more time in front of computers than with their friends. The relation with their friends changes. The virtual life becomes more important than their real life. They have a new language that they speak in the chat rooms and it causes cultural changes in society.

Because of the change in their behavior, they begin to isolate themselves from the society and live with their virtual friends. They share their emotions and feelings with friends who they have never met in their life. Although they feel confident on the computer, they are not confident with real live friends they have known all their life. It is a problem for the future. This addictive behavior is beginning to affect all the world.

1.The author’s attitude towards weboholism is that of being______.

A. optimistic B. positive

C. oppositive D. acceptable

2.The main idea of the passage is about__________.

A. the cause of weboholism B. the advantage of weboholism

C. the popularity of weboholism D. the influence of weboholism

3.The underlined word “obsessional” in the second paragraph most probably means “________”.

A. attractive B. addictive

C. professional D. potential

4.We can infer from the passage that_______.

A. weboholism has the greatest effect on teenagers

B. students can hardly balance real and virtual(虚拟的)life

C. people are addicted to games on the Internet

D. virtual(虚拟的)life is more vivid and attractive anyway

5.Which of the following is NOT true of weboholism?

A. It contributes to the development of the web.

B. The chat room language may change social culture.

C. The problem will be getting more and more serious later.

D. People addicted to the web often become inactive in real life.

Successful female singers tend to have slim figures and pretty faces. But even if British singer Adele Adkins, 27, doesn’t quite fit into this image, it hasn’t stopped her from a smashing success. Adele’s album 25 sold 3.48 million copies in the first week of its release, making it the biggest-selling album of 2015. 1.

First and foremost, Adele’s voice plays the most important part in making her popular.2. As the Chicago Tribune commented, she sings about her personal struggles sincerely with emotional words that invite everyone into her world. The pain and longing in her songs satisfy a universal need for love. It is this sense of ‘we’ve been here before’ that makes Adele.

But music is not all that matters. 3. In a comedy show, Adele was shown to be the one who could make quarrelling relatives at the Thanksgiving dinner table put their differences aside. She collected many life-long fans with her girl-next-door charm.

4.Jillian Mapes wrote about this on the New York magazine site Vulture: “Adele is among the first plus-size(加大码的) female cultural idols(偶像) to reach the highest level of success without having to make herself the butt(笑柄)of fat jokes…She’s shaped like me and like two-thirds of American women.”5.

A. In other words, Adele sends a feminist (女权) message by being who she is.

B. Adele is not just a woman but an everywoman(普通女人).

C. What is behind the soaring popularity?

D. Adele’s hard work also matters.

E. Do you want to know more about the life of Adele?

F. Adele’s easy-going personality is also a plus.

G. She has an awe-inspiring voice that shows her genuine talent.

When I was 8 years old, a gentleman came to my orphanage(孤儿院) and taught us how to do woodworking projects.

I remember my first project—a small table. I was so ______ of it that I looked upon it as if I had created a(an) ______. It was absolutely beautiful and it had taken me six weeks to ______ it. I could hardly wait to give it to Mother Winters as a ______. She was the head mistress of our orphanage, who was always ______ with us.

As the tables were not dry from the clear coating, the man told us to wait a few days before taking them to our dormitories. But I was just so ______ and happy that I couldn’t wait. I ______ out like a flash, carrying my table and smiling from ear to ear.

When I reached the dormitory I placed the little table beside my bed. I was ______ it when Mother Winters entered. She walked over to the table. Running her hand ______ it, she noticed that it was still wet.

“Were you ______ to bring this home?” she asked.

“No, ma’am,” I ______ with my head down.

She ordered me to throw the table out and so I did. After she left, I immediately opened the door to get it back. There was ______ stuck all over. I brushed and cried, but it would not come off.

I hid the table in my closet(橱柜) and never ______ it. A year later while cleaning up, I gave the table to Mother Henderson, my houseparent(宿管员), thinking that she would ______ it away.

Thirty years later at a reunion, I ______ that Mother Henderson was living nearby, so I drove up to see her. We talked cheerfully for long. As I was about to leave, she asked me to come down to her ______ to get something important. I followed her ______ into a dark corner. She picked something up. ______ she turned around, I could see that she was holding a little table.

Mother Henderson kept the little table that I had given up for lost so long ago.

Today, I look at that table with bittersweet memories but full of ______ to Mother Henderson, who kept it for a young orphan who tried very hard to ______.

1.A. tired B. ashamed C. aware D. proud

2.A. award B. record C. wonder D. product

3.A. complete B. invent C. paint D. design

4.A. reward B. gift C. prize D. souvenir

5.A. satisfied B. angry C. patient D. strict

6.A. upset B. excited C. confident D. amazed

7.A. dashed B. walked C. stepped D. climbed

8.A. drying B. admiring C. observing D. hiding

9.A. into B. after C. above D. across

10.A. supposed B. embarrassed C. encouraged D. determined

11.A. agreed B. sighed C. whispered D. argued

12.A. glue B. dirt C. paint D. wood

13.A. removed B. shook C. touched D. split

14.A. throw B. give C. take D. put

15.A. recommended B. expected C. remembered D. learned

16.A. bathroom B. basement C. balcony D. bedroom

17.A. unexpectedly B. unwillingly C. curiously D. worriedly

18.A. Until B. Since C. Before D. As

19.A. gratitude B. admiration C. sympathy D. regret

20.A. adapt B. study C. please D. perform

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