Ten years ago I went into the studio and recorded a 56-minute video for teenagers called “Three keys to greatness.” Although my focus was for teenagers, the principles I shared certainly apply to adults as well. Recently I was asked to list these three things. Now for your benefit here they are again.

Firstly, set goals. I call it the view of the future. Most people, including kids, will pay the price if they can see the promise of the future. So we need to help our kids see a clear future, and they will be ready to pay the price today to attain the rewards of tomorrow. Goals help them do this.

Secondly, pay attention to personal development. Simply making consistent investments in our education and knowledge we will benefit throughout our lives. I suggest having an amount of time set aside for reading books, listening to recording, attending discussion, keeping a journal and spending time with other successful people. Mr Jones recommends reading a lot as a good method of improving yourself. The simple fact is that you need to change your outlook on life and on yourself, as it will have a positive influence on your personality and outlook. You should learn something new about your profession every single day until you’re an expert in the field.

Thirdly, make a financial plan. I call it the 70/30 plan. After receiving your salary, simply setting aside 10% for saving, 10% for investing and 10% for giving, the rest for your life. And over time when you have your own family this will guarantee financial independence for you.

If people focus on doing these three simple things over a long period of time, I believe they will be surely successful!

1.The advantage of setting goals is that ______.

A. you’ll know the future of the world

B. you’ll know what kind of person you will become

C. you’ll be willing to work hard for your future

D. you’ll be satisfied with what you have achieved

2.The author lays the most stress on ______.

A. gaining knowledge

B. making good friends

C. attending discussions

D. listening to recordings

3.According to the passage, one picture of reading a lot is to ______.

A. lead a better life

B. have a good personality and outlook

C. change your position

D. become an expert in many fields

4.Whom does the author mainly advise to make a financial plan?

A. All kinds of people.

B. The young people.

C. The middle-aged people.

D. The rich people.


To support and recognize the efforts of parents in bringing up their children, the Parents’ Day had began in USA. Parents’ Day actually gives an opportunity to the parents, their children and all the family members to gather at one place for celebrations. National Parents’ Day is important for all the children of the United States to show their love towards their parents. Apart from organizing a party and arrange some lovely activities, the children get the much required chance to gift cards and flowers to their parents.

5th May is the Children’s Day and 8th May is the Parents’ Day in South Korea. Therefore, it’s a very special month in South Korea. Actually celebrated as Mother’s Day, 8th May, gives the opportunity to the large mass of Korea to show respect and celebrate the efforts of their parents. Flowers are given to their parents. A quality time is spent together for conveying(传递) a message of love and expressing thankfulness to the parents.

Vietnam has a special day which is known as the Parents’ Day. Children grab the opportunity with both hands on 7th July every year to show love to their parents. It’s a day to show how special parents are to their own children. Parents and children enjoy the time as they gather at a place for taking part in different lovely activities. It’s a time to be happy. Parents get the opportunity to go out for the lunch and dinner along with their children. It’s, however, not a National Holiday in Vietnam but it’s a time for the Vietnamese to gift flowers and cards to parents.

The date of the Parents’ Day is different in different countries but purpose of celebrating the day is the same all over the world.

1.According to the first paragraph, we can learn Parents’ Day ______.

A. has its origin in America

B. is only celebrated by the parents

C. gives an opportunity to the parents to have a rest

D. takes place on the same day as the Children’s day

2. Why is May a very special month in South Korea?

A. The parents can stay at home with their kids.

B. Kids receive many flowers from their parents.

C. There are two important days during this month.

D. Every family can get together happily on the weekends.

3.What is the date of the Parents’ Day in Vietnam?

A. On 1st January..

B. On 5th May.

C. On 8th May.

D. On 7th July.



Traditional Chinese Culture

Chinese culture is over 5000 years old. 1

The spirit of the tea ceremony

Xi Hu Long Jing (West Lake Dragon Well) and Yunnan Pu’er have long been world famous. 2 The spirit of the Chinese tea ceremony captures the Chinese attitude towards life and spirituality. These are the things that people all over the world can benefit from.

A handful of good tea leaves with some boiling water and a set of lovely tea ware is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon and gain some insight into the wisdom of this ancient civilization.


During the 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, many different flavors, styles, and cuisines(烹饪)have developed based on traditional philosophy and culture. This ancient food culture has had a direct impact on the countries, such as Japan, Mongolia, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. It has benefited billions of people around the world through such innovations as Chinese vegetarian culture, tea culture, vinegar, pasta medicated diets, ceramic tableware, and the use of soybeans in the diet.

Confucianism has flourished during the last 2,500 of China’s 5,000-year history. 4 This school of thought has had the most profound and long lasting influence in China’s history. Seventy-four Nobel Prize winners and many other highly respected scholars have stated that for the benefit of mankind’s livelihood and development into the next century, these teachings should be promoted and adopted worldwide. 5

A. Chinese cuisine

B. Traditional Chinese culture

C. It has been the mainstay of this ancient civilization.

D. They are pretty popular due to their superior color and flavor.

E. The following three items of traditional Chinese culture have had a worldwide impact.

F. This wonderfully rich food culture has also had an impact on Europe, America and Oceania.

G. This would provide long lasting benefits for man, helping to ensure a peaceful and happy life.



I worked on boats for twenty five years. Now I am a docking pilot(码头领航员).My job is to 1 in the large luxury liners (轮船) and stay with them until they are 2 stopped in the harbour. Sometimes this requires two tugs (拖船),sometimes many more, 3 the tide and the weather.

Most of you no 4 have seen these tugs pushing and pulling at the big liners. What they are doing doesn’t seem to make much 5 ,as the minute the big boat is alongside the port, her heavy rope made fast, the job is 6 .

I felt very 7 after I had docked several of the large liners. I realized I was in 8 of a great ship worth millions of dollars and the 9 were depending on me to bring her safely to the port. These tugs, whether one or ten, 10 about in accord with (与……一致) whistle signals I 11 them from the bridge of the big liner. These signals make up a language that is just as 12 as the spoken word, or even more so, 13 our docking signals are hardly misunderstood. The captain of each tug does his work according to the signals he 14 . He never asks questions. He takes 15 faithfully,and it 16 works out.

Working around tugboats, where so much depends on 17 , has had its effect on what I believe. I believe that if I am to attain a 18 place in the world I must have the help of my fellow men just as the great transatlantic (远洋的) liners depend on the 19 of the little tugs to bring them safely to the 20 .

1.A. put B. push C. bring D. join

2.A. safely B. dangerously C. immediately D. illegally

3.A. adding to B. letting alone C. thinking of D. depending on

4.A. wonder B. doubt C. need D. exception

5.A. sense B. profit C. progress D. advance

6.A. prepared B. lost C. planned D. done

7.A. bored B. meaningless C. important D. tired

8.A. control B. praise C. defence D. place

9.A. clerks B. sportsmen C. readers D. owners

10.A. look B. move C. hear D. worry

11.A. write B. send C. mail D. bring

12.A. dependable B. incredible C. doubtful D. visible

13.A. though B. if C. while D. because

14.A. gives B. spreads C. receives D. Passes

15.A. nothing B. anything C. something D. everything

16.A. never B. ever C. always D. seldom

17.A. imagination B. creation C. teamwork D. performance

18.A. successful B. frustrating C. regretful D. embarrassing

19.A. prevention B. help C. objection D. delay

20.A. airport B. station C. port D. Stop

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