Given that many people’s moods (情绪)are regulated by the chemical action of chocolate, it was probably only a matter of time before somebody made the chocolate shop similar to a drug store of Chinese medicine. Looking like a setting from the film Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Singapore’s Chocolate Research Facility (CRF) has over 100 varieties of chocolates. its founder is Chris Lee who grew up at his parents’ corner store with one hand almost always in the jar of sweets.

If the CRF seems to be a smart idea, that’s because Lee is not merely a seasoned salesperson but also head of a marketing department that has business relations with big names such as Levi’s and Sony. That idea surely results in the imagination at work when it comes to making different flavored(味道)chocolates.

The CRF’s produce is "green". made within the country and divided into 10 lines, with the Alcohol Series being the most popular. The Exotic Series一with Sichuan pepper, red bean (豆).cheese and other flavors一also does well and is fun to taste. And for chocolate snobs,who think that they have a better knowledge of chocolate than others, the Connoisseur Series uses cocoa beans from Togo, Cuba, Venezuela , and Ghana, among others.

【题文1】 What is good about chocolate?

A. It serves as a suitable gift.学.科.网Z.X.X .B. It works as an effective medicine.

C. It helps improve the state of mind. D. It strengthens business relations.

【题文2】 Why is Chris Lee able to develop his idea of the CRF?

A. He knows the importance of research.

B. He learns form shops of similar types.

C. He has the support of many big names

D. He has a lot of marketing experience.

【题文3】 Which line of the CRF produce sells best?

A. The Connoisseur Series. B. The Exotic Series.

C. The Alcohol Series. D. The Sichuan Series.

Passage 2











Wanted, Someone for FM 90.8

We’re looking for a radio announcer to join us on Anhui Transportation Broadcasting FM 90.8. Broadcasting and hosting major is necessary, along with some experience in radio and music. Please apply in writing to Anhui Radio and TV Station.

Father Christmas

We’re looking for a very special person, preferably over 40, to fill our Father Christmas suit.

Working days: Every Saturday and Sunday from December 11 to December 20 and every day from December 21 to December 25, 14∶30-20∶00.

Excellent pay.

Please contact Yurun Central Square, Changjiang Road.

Accountants Assistant

When you join the team in our Social Security Administration Office, you will be providing assistance within all parts of the Office, dealing with post and other general duties. If you are educated in a 211 University we would like to talk to you. This position is equally suitable for a school leaver or for somebody who has office experience.

Social Security Administration Office

Software Trainer

If you are aged 22-48 and have experience in teaching and training, you could be the person we are looking for. You should be good at the computer and have some experience in programme writing. You will be allowed to make your own decisions, and to design courses as well as present them. Pay upwards of ¥8,000 for the right person. Please apply by sending your CV to Mrs. Huang, Huanghe Computer Training Center.

【题文1】Who should you get in touch with if you hope to work in a radio station?

A. Yurun Central Square.

B. Mrs. Huang, Huanghe Computer Training Center.

C. Anhui Radio and TV Station.

D. Social Security Administration Office.

【题文2】We learn from the ads that Yurun Central Square needs a person who________.

A. is aged between 22 and 48

B. needs to do some training work

C. should deal with general duties

D. can work for about a fortnight

【题文3】Which position is open to recent school graduates?

A. Accountants Assistant.

B. Father Christmas.

C. Radio announcer.

D. Software Trainer.

【题文4】 What kind of person would probably apply to Huanghe Computer Training Center?

A. One graduating from a 211 university.

B. One with some office experience.

C. One having good computer knowledge.

D. One with experience in radio and music.












You may laugh it off if someone told you that extreme weather disasters were actually a child’s tricks. But El Nino, meaning "little boy" in Spanish, could be about to cause trouble.

A recent statement from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration warned of a strong El Nino event that may be similar to the strongest in modern times. Scientists believe that evidence shows a more than 90 percent chance that it is coming – and it’s going to be big. "If this lives up to its potential, this thing can bring a lot of floods, mudslides (泥石流), and trouble," said Bill Patzert, a NASA scientist.

El Nino is a climate event occurring in the Pacific Ocean. The wind usually blows strongly from east to west due to the rotation (旋转) of the Earth. This causes water to pile up in the Western Pacific and pulls up colder water from the bottom in the eastern part. However, in El Nino years, the winds pushing the water get weaker and cause the warmer water to shift back toward the east. This warms the ocean as it travels before finally reaching the shores of North and South America. In an El Nino event, the waters of the eastern Pacific can be up to 4 degrees Celsius warmer than usual.

Most El Ninos last from 9 to 12 months and their effects are felt around December. They don’t happen every year though, usually between every two to seven years.

Last seen in 1997-98, El Nino caused severe droughts in Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia, as well as deadly floods in Peru and Ecuador. The world also heats up during an ElNino – 1998 became the warmest year on record at the time. If the current trend continues, 2015 is almost certainly to become the hottest year yet again.

A strong El Nino also affects hurricane seasons around the planet. The warmer the Eastern Pacific is, the more hurricanes it gets. The Western Pacific, on the other hand, tends to see more and stronger typhoons.

The weather isn’t the only thing that’s affected. Warmer surface waters in the Eastern Pacific make the cold-water fish swim away and damage the fishing industry in much of Latin America.

【题文1】 What is the text mainly about?

A. El Nino and its harmful effects. B. Extreme weather disasters ever.

C. The hottest years ever in history. D. The strongest El Nino in history.

【题文2】Which of the following statements is TRUE about El Nino?

A. It results from hurricanes or typhoons in the oceans.

B. It happens every two years and last about half a year.

C. It is a weather phenomenon occurring in the Atlantic.

D. It can cause extreme weather, such as floods and droughts.

【题文3】 During an El Nino year, ________.

A. the wind blows so strongly that it causes the water to pile up

B. the fishing industry in much of Latin America is likely to suffer

C. the more typhoons it experiences, the warmer the Western Pacific is

D. the surface water in the Eastern Pacific usually gets colder than ever

【题文4】 El Nino in fact results from ________.

A. a little Spanish child’s trick

B. the natural rotating of the Earth American expert’s prediction

D. the weaker winds in the Pacific


It happened to be a beautiful summer afternoon, and Mr. Phillip was taking a walk in the downtown area of Paris, capital of France.

When he turned to a street corner, he heard the voice of a lovely French singer coming from a nearby restaurant. The sweet music attracted him, so he went into the restaurant to hear it better. Mr. Phillip sat down quietly at a table near the door. Noticing the waiter come over, he ordered a glass of French wine.

The waiter returned with the glass of wine and put it on the table. Mr. Phillip started drinking the wine slowly and watching other people in the restaurant. There were three customers sitting at a table near him. He could tell by their accents that one of them was an American, one an Englishman and the third man was a funny-looking stranger. The polite waiter served each of the three men a glass of beer. By chance, each glass had a fly in it.

Out of curiosity, Mr. Phillip watched carefully what they were going to do. To his amusement, he found that each of them took a quite different attitude. The American picked up his glass, took a hard look at the fly, and then poured the fly and half of his beer on the floor. The Englishman looked into the glass, noticed the fly and reached for a spoon, with which he took the fly out of the beer and drank the rest of it. And the stranger noticed the fly in the beer, picked it with his fingers, squeezed (挤压) it carefully in order to save every drop of beer, then drank it up.

1.Mr. Phillip went into the restaurant to _____.

A. have something to eat after the walk B. wait for a friend there

C. meet his three friends there D. enjoy the pleasant music

2.The restaurant where Mr. Phillip had a drink must be _____.

A. a first-class one B. a rather dirty place

C. expensive and comfortable D. a place where only beer was served

3.Of all the three customers at the table, _____.

A. the stranger drank the most from the glass

B. the Englishman wasted half of his beer

C. the stranger was the cleverest

D. the American liked the beer best

I wonder if my make-up is ok. What will I say to him? Carefully, I stepped out of my car as my date made his way over to me.

“I’ve got you something,” he greeted me with a huge smile on his face. “Something every girl secretly longs for (渴望).” Standing in front of me, he slid something into my hand. I looked down to find candy — but not just any candy — A Sugar Daddy!

I relaxed immediately. This was the funny man I had been talking to. Little did he know, my secret longing was really to make a good impression on him.

A good first impression is important. So, how do you, when you’re meeting someone for the first time, make certain he or she doesn’t get the wrong image of you?

A study concluded that the first 30 seconds make or break the connection between two people when they meet for the first time. Another study conducted by UCLA found that “people evaluate one another by using the three V’s: visual (appearance), vocal (voice) and verbal (what you say).”

Before you head out on your next date to meet someone new, let’s concentrate on these areas:

●How others will see you. (Visual) Are you dressed well? Do you look like this date is important to you? Did you take some time with your appearance? Watch your manners: people don’t like bad manners.

●How others will hear you. (Vocal) Is your voice too soft? You might come across as insecure. If you speak softly, make an effort to speak clearly — don’t make your date have to work to hear you.

●What others will hear you say. (Verbal) People have a natural desire to connect — let them know you’re interested in what they have to say by repeating it back to them. Don’t say the same thing everyone else is saying.

1.What would be the best title for the text?

A. Good measures to communicate with others

B. How to make friends with others

C. How to enjoy yourself in your life

D. The importance of a good first impression

2.According to the text, when you want to make friends with someone, ______.

A. you should try to master the first few seconds

B. you should talk as much as possible

C. you should wear strange clothes to give him or her a deep impression

D. there is no need for you to treat it seriously

3.Which of the following belongs to the description of “Vocal”?

A. Dress yourself very well. B. Spend some time on your appearance.

C. Speak carefully and clearly. D. Repeat the same thing several times.

Now,it’s time for some brief news items.

Teens Go Online

Some 13 million European children under 18 use the Internet for schoolwork,games and music according to a research done by Nielsen’s “Net?rating”.The study covered Britain,Germany,France,Italy and Spain. Experts advised parents to limit the time their kids spend online and keep them away from chat rooms.

Chat to the Magic Mum

British author J.K.Rowling,mother of the magic boy Harry Potter,will do an Internet interview with fans on June 26.Before the event,children are invited to send their questions about Harry Potter to the website.

School Soldiers

Russian school students will have to do basic military training in their final year of school,the government has decided. The lesson will include learning to fire guns,marching drills and learning how to deal with a chemical,nuclear or biological attack. The activity is seen as part of a drive toward the education of their love for their country.


Is it hard for you to get up early and get ready for classes?Some students at Winter Park High School just roll out of bed in their pajamas (睡衣) and go to class in their own bedrooms.Of course,their teachers and classmates do not see them because all their class work is on the computer.

The Florida High School

The state’s only online school has 250 students who are taking classes at home by computer. Students in this first online program take classes in algebra,American government,chemistry,computer,economics,and web page design. They also have to go to regular school to attend other classes.

1.In the first news item,which country is NOT covered in the research?

A. Britain. B. France. C. Sweden. D. Spain.

2.Why will Russian school students have basic military training?

A. To get ready for a military parade. B. To learn to protect themselves.

C. To gain some military knowledge. D. To develop their love for the country.

3.The news from Orlando can be given a title “________”.

A. Get Up Late B. Online School C. Magical Computers D. No Teachers

4.About the Florida High School,which of these statements is TRUE?

A. Some of the students have to attend classes at home instead of in the school.

B. There are altogether 250 students who take classes in the classrooms.

C. As the state’s only online school,it has 250 students who take classes by computer.

D. Students can’t take classes in algebra,American government,chemistry,computer and so on.

5.What is the second news item mainly about?

A. J.K.Rowling will have an Internet interview.

B. Children will meet Harry Potter’s mother.

C. Fans won’t ask J.K.Rowling questions on the Internet.

D. J.K.Rowling will invite Children to her website.

Do you know that a fast reader can get the ideas better than a slow reader can? Of course, you save time by reading fast, but this is not the main reason for fast reading. The main reason is that you understand better what you are reading when you read fast.

As your eyes move along the line of print, they make fixations (固定) or pauses. It is important that you see several words at a fixation. It is also important that your eyes leave a group of words quickly and move on to another group. The number of letters or words that you see at a fixation is called your eye span. Pay more attention to improving your rate of reading. With practice you can learn to read faster than you usually read.

The way in which you read always depends on what you are reading and for what purpose. You should know the different ways of reading so that you can apply whatever method that is necessary. Here are four ways of reading:

(1) Skimming is an important kind of reading. This method can be used when you wish to review something that you have forgotten. You can skim to get the main points.

(2) Rapid first reading and then rereading certain parts carefully is important. You may use this type of reading to study a science lesson or a history lesson.

(3) You need to do careful reading and rereading sometimes. This type of reading is necessary for making an intensive (精深的) study of your school subjects, solving Maths problems or reading directions.

(4) Rapid reading is used when reading stories for enjoyment. you may also do rapid reading when reviewing material that you already know well.

1.The main reason for reading fast is that you can _______what you are fast reading.

A. get the ideas B. save time C. understand better D. learn well

2.The way of reading always depends on _______.

A. the method that you like B. your reading material

C. your reading purpose D. both B and C

3.The underlined word "skimming" in the fourth paragraph means _______.

A. reading very fast

B. looking carefully

C. reading only the main points

D. reading some parts of the material

4.We can learn ________ from the passage.

A. We can use different ways of reading flexibly when we read different materials..

B. We can only use one reading skill when we read something..

C. Rapid reading is used when you solve Maths problems .

D. We must use all the ways of reading when we do some reading.

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