If you have a cat, you already know that a cat isn’t a dog that doesn’t have to be walked. If you’re about to bring a cat into your family, you need to understand that basic fact. The common wisdom is that dogs are friendlier than casts.

In recent years, scientists who have done DNA studies have offered a better way to understand cats. Unlike other animals that people feed, cats domesticated themselves, and, in a way, trained humans. Cats decided to live close to humans because doing so benefited the casts themselves.

Studies show that cats have lived with humans for about 12,000 years, since people first settled down and started farming. When people started storing grain, mice arrived and started eating the grain. Clever cats figured out that mice settlements where people stored grain were easy for hunting, so they started hanging around. Cats did what they needed to do to get the people to let them stay, but they kept up their independence. Over time, cats allowed humans to get a bit closer to them. Later, the farmers did befriend the cats. Certainly, it didn’t do them any harm because they could see the cats were really helping them out by eating mice.

Today, about a third of American families have cats. In most of those homes, the cats are still more interested in pleasing themselves than in pleasing their human families. A dog may do anything it can to make you happy, but kitty will teach you to make kitty happy.

1.Compared with dogs, cats are______.

A. colder B. friendlier

C. more warm-hearted D. more frightening

2.According to the text, why do cats decide to stay close to humans?

A. To be useful to themselves B. To protect grain from mice

C. To rely on humans for food D. To keep up their independence

3.What may be the best title for the text?

A. A common point between dogs and cats

B. The reasons why people like dogs

C. A disadvantage of raising cats

D. The basic fact about cats.

Besides summer break, the best time of the year of for most students is spring break. This is a week-long vacation where students can get away from all schoolwork as well as the cold weather. Spring break is usually filled with parties and beaches, but there are many other things you can do. 1.

Make a plan. 2.Set up a time to sit down with your friends and figure out what everyone wants to do. This will prevent you from worrying about any scheduling problems during spring break.

3.Spring break is a great time to make memories with some of your closest friends; however, it can become a bad thing if you go down there with people you are not familiar with. You need to make a list of who you want to spend the week with and stick to the list.

Save money. Plan way ahead to start saving money for spring break. When the school term starts, mark down which week is spring break and create a plan to save a certain amount of money before that time. 4.

Be safe. Even though this is not really a part of the fun, it can help you keep the fun. One of the worst things that can happen is that you, or someone you know, gets hurt or in trouble. 5. Nothing can kill a good feeling more than tragedy(悲剧).

A. What is sprig break like?

B. Select good friends to join you

C. This allows you to afford what you want to do

D. Be sure to keep everyone’s safety in mind and act responsibly

E. Before thinking about having fun, you have to have a game plan

F. These are just a few of the safety tips needed for a student at school

G. The following will help you have a good time during your spring break

Last night I read online about a non-profit organization in the UK called Give and Make-up. It passes on________of new and nearly new makeup(and many other things too)to women and children who have ____ from home violence and are now in refuge accommodation(收容所). ______ don’t need to be brand new, ______they’re in a good enough ______that you’d happily pass them on to your best friend. They’ll take them.

This ______me to have a “clear-out.” Over the years, I’ve _______various bits of makeup and toiletries, mostly given as gifts and_______used, but that I hadn’t wanted to______or waste. So I packaged up a bunch of eye shadows, lipsticks, etc, along with some clothing________and sent them off today. I wasn’t using them, and I feel much happier knowing that _______else will get use out of them, and ______it will make someone smile when they receive them.

Makeup might seem_______(and indeed they also accept donations of toys, clothes, and basic toiletries too), _______if putting on lipstick can help a woman to re-find her_______after leaving an abusive relationship, then it’s one tiny step on a road to a brighter_______for her. I’d much rather she had it than it lay _______in my room. I hope that_______my makeup will make someone smile. And I hope that posting this story might inspire others to have a look at their ______and see if there is someone out there who might ______it.

1.A. directions B. advertisements C. donations D. information

2.A. escaped B. changed C. learned D. judged

3.A. Suggestions B. Things C. Clothes D. Opinions

4.A. in case B. unless C. as long as D. since

5.A. situation B. position C. conclusion D. condition

6.A. informed B. inspired C. forced D. forbade

7.A. dreamed about B. suffered from C. thought little of D. ended up with

8.A. never B. ever C. even D. still

9.A. pack up B. sort out C. throw away D. hid away

10.A. items B. pieces C. covers D. boxes

11.A. another B. each C. other D. someone

12.A. hopefully B. honestly C. carefully D. exactly

13.A. funny B. useful C. unimportant D. convenient

14.A. so B. or C. for D. but

15.A. strength B. self-confidence C. advantages D. shortcomings

16.A. future B. stage C. place D. point

17.A. forgotten B. unused C. untouched D. broken

18.A. refusing B. receiving C. recognizing D. praising

19.A. quality B. waste C. house D. mess

20.A. hate B. steal C. appreciate D. buy

"Joe? Is that you?" The woman speaking to me at the baseball game looked a little familiar. "Marci?" I asked.

"It IS you!" she cried out, smiling broadly. "Gosh, it's good to see you again!"

It was good to see Marci, too. Off and on during the past few decades, I've wondered about her. I almost tried to search for her a few years ago after talking to a friend who had indicated that the 1990s had been pretty rough for Marci. So meeting her at the baseball game was really out of expectation.

We spent a few minutes talking about our lives—the good old, bad old days. Then Marci grew quiet for a moment. “You know, Joe,” she said, “ I’ve always wanted to tell you…how…how sorry I am for the way I treated you. You must have been hurt both physically and mentally.” I was a little embarrassed. I turned and looked at her. “It’s OK,” I said, “No big deal!” “But I was such a jerk.” she continued. Yes you were, I thought. “We were both pretty young,” I smiled. “I know.” she said, “It’s just always bothered me, remembering how mean I was to you. And I’ve wanted to tell you that I’m sorry.”

The expression on her face was warm and sincere. And there was something in her eyes—it looked a lot like relief. “OK,” I said. "Apology accepted!” Overcome by the sweetness of the moment, I reached an arm around her and gave her a quick hug. Just then, the crowd erupted with a huge cheer, and Marci and I both returned our attention to the game. By the time I looked over to where she had been, she was gone. But the warm, wonderful feeling of our brief exchange was still there, and continues to this day whenever I think about it .

It isn't enough to just say “I’m sorry” and "You're forgiven." But when those words are truly felt and sincerely expressed, they can open the door to miracles of the heart. Forgiveness can bring peace to an injured soul—even years after the fact. Even at a baseball game.

1.What kind of life did Marci live during the late 20th century according to the passage?

A. Happy. B. Busy. C. Hard. D. Simple.

2.What does the underlined word “jerk” in the third paragraph mean?

A. A humorous person.

B. A cruel person.

C. A careless person.

D. An honest person.

3.Why did Marci look in relief after talking with the author?

A. Because her favorite team won the game.

B. Because she learned Joe was living a good life.

C. Because she made an apology to the author.

D. Because she found she was not mean any longer.

4.What might be the best title for the passage?

A. Excitement of A Baseball Game

B. Mental Burden of A Woman

C. Miracles of Forgiveness

D. Relief of Finding A friend

The online business model is changing on a satisfaction-first basis. It doesn't matter if someone recommended you an app, nothing beats getting to try out the app first before deciding on whether or not to apply for the service.


Listen to Rhapsody’s large music library and get the option to download and listen to songs or even full-length albums even when full-length albums even when you’re offline. At the moment, this service is available in 32 countries only. Remember that you’ll need to cancel within the free trial period to avoid being charged for your first month.

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Need save photos for your presentations and artworks? Go to Bigstock to check out their collection from top artists and photographers around the world. Choose from over 30 million photos, and illustrations(插图), with 75,000 images coming in every new week. All you need to start your free trial is your email address.

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If you are drowning in paperwork, perhaps it is time to use Canvas and transfer all your paperwork online. Digitalize your work orders, forms etc so that they can be filled up and completed right on any mobile device. This makes it easy to create, edit, gain valuable data and send it to the people who need it in seconds.

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If you have ever lost your phone, you know how important it is to backup(备份) all your important documents, notes, contacts and other personal details. Get cloud-to-cloud protection of up to 3 PB of data with Backupify. You can backup your data for Google apps, Office 365, various social media sites and even Salesforce.

[Trial period—15 days ∣After trial--$3/month ∣Try now]

To learn more about the Apps above, Click Here.

1.Who is more likely to use the app Canvas?

A. A secretary. B. A photographer. C. An artist. D. A musician.

2.To save photos, ________ can be of some help.

A. Bigstock and Canvas. B. Backupify and Bigstock.

C. Rhapsody and Backupify. D. Rhapsody and Canvas.

3.What do the four apps have in common?

A. Users will access them via email accounts. B. They offer free entertainment services.

C. They can help brush up users’ work skills. D. Users can try them without paying money.

4.Where can you find more information about such apps?

A. A magazine. B. A TV show. C. A website. D. A newspaper.

New research brings some good news for lovers of spicy(辛辣的) foods, after finding that eating hot red chili peppers might help to extend lifespan(寿命).

Consuming hot red chili peppers might reduce death risk, say Chopan and Littenberg from the research team. In hot peppers, such as Mexico peppers, the strong flavor comes from a compound(复合物), which does not exist in sweet peppers or onions. Studies have suggested that this compound can offer a welth of health benefits.

A study of more than 16,000 people in the United States revealed that individuals who consumed red chili peppers had a lower risk of death from all causes over an average of 18 years than those who did not eat the spicy food. Compared with participants who did not consume hot red chili peppers, those who did were found to be at 13 percent reduced risk of all-cause death.

For example, a recent study reported by Medical News Today, found that the compound might have the potential to stop breast cancer, while an earlier study linked the compound to a reduced risk of digest system cancers. Still, the available data suggested that hot red chili pepper consumption was most strongly associated with a reduced risk of death from heart disease.

While the researchers are unable to identify the concrete compound by which red chili peppers might extend lifepan, the team says that it is likely due to the compound that is effectively against obesity(肥胖症).

Overall, the team says that these latest findings support those of the 2015 study, linking spicy food intake to reduced risk of death by showing “a significant decrease in death associated with hot red chili pepper consumption.” However, Chopan and Littenberg note that the earlier study was only conducted in Chinese adults, so the now research makes these findings more credible.

1.What can be inferred from the passage?

A. The study only goes for American people.

B. Red chili pepper can all-cause disease.

C. The compound protects people against obesity.

D. Onion consuming can reduce death risk.

2.What is the finding of the new research mainly about?

A. Hot red chili pepper lovers develop no cancers.

B. Hot red chili peppers help control breast illness.

C. Hot red chili peppers decrease heart disease.

D. Hot red chili pepper intake may increase lifespan.

3.Which of the following has the closest meaning to the underlined word “credible”?

A. Convincing. B. Practical. C. Encouraging. D. Attractive.

When you’re working your way through one of life’s storms, it is human nature to focus on getting back to normal, to “bounce back” as quickly as possible to a place where things are calm, familiar and comfortable.

However, actually it is unrealistic to think we can ever truly return emotionally and intelligently to where we were before the storm because every experience changes us in some way. For example, when we experience a major health scare, possibly involving some hospital time, we can never go back to being the person we were before the event even if we fully recover because we have experienced firsthand the fragility(脆弱) of life, not to mention coming face to face with death.

So, now that we can never return, what should we do?

Consider this …how is it that two people can be faced with the same hardship and while one becomes hopeless and feels anger and upset, the other is able to overcome their circumstances and grow stronger than ever as a result of the experience?

At one extreme, we may choose to accept the role of unlucky victim, or become trapped in the “Why is it always me!” negative and frustrating(令人沮丧的) situations. Either way is the result of a fixed mindset(思维模式) that is resistant to growth and change. If this is your approach to life, you will be far less likely to be active in effectively managing change and recovering from bad situations.

But there is another choice. If you are honest enough, you may consider what was once “normal” for you was just the main cause of your storm. You can choose to hug change and uncertainty and learn to grow forward through all of your experiences. Of course, this means doing the work to develop the skills and habits that will enable you to handle life’s occasional storms.

In conclusion, it is up to each of us to choose the meaning we apply to our situations at all times. Different choices will lead to different lives. Of course you can grow forward if you are determined to choose live a positive life regardless of whatever hardships you are facing.

1.What does the author try to convey with the example in the second paragraph?

A. We will understand life much better after an escape from death.

B. It usually takes a long time to recover from a health problem.

C. It’s unlikely to return to where we were after certain events.

D. We can recover from an emotional problem much more easily.

2.When faced with hardships, some people choose to be a victim because of ________.

A. their terrible experiences B. their negative thoughts

C. their poor health D. their bad luck

3.What is the author’s purpose in writing the text?

A. To advise us to manage bad emotions.

B. To persuade us to get back to normal.

C. To offer us useful skills to work with.

D. To encourage us to overcome hardships.

4.If you’re determined to grow forward you have to ________.

A. experience life’s fragility B. welcome uncertainty and change

C. develop new skills and habits D. overcome the fear of death

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