Welcome to Whitney High School!

Spring Kids Dance Clinic

The WHS Dance team is hosting the annual Spring Dance Clinic for children aged 5-13. If you are interested in your son or daughter attending this camp, you may download the form and return it to the WHS office or register online!

QUESTIONS? CONTACT: Halley Crandell at hcrandell@rocklinusd.org WHERE: Whitney High School Cafeteria

WHEN: April 22 nd from 9:00 am-12:30 pm

COST: $25 Online RegPDFistration$30Walk-upRegistration

Kaplan SAT/ACT Combo ractice Tests

Offered in the WHS Library

Saturday, April 29 th 9 am to 1 pm

Registration is $20.

Please sign up in the College and Career Center by April 21st to secure a spot.

Please see Mrs. Randazzo in the College and Career Center to sign up or for questions.

Lions Club Student Speech Contest

Enter to be one of two Whitney High School students to qualify for the Rocklin Lions Club Speech Contest, which is to be held this summer. A written copy of your speech is due to the College and Career Center no later than April 30th at 3:00 pm.

Open to grades 9 -12. No less than 5 minutes and No more than 10 minutes.

Can You Catch the Wildcat at the 5K Race

On April 28 th at 8:30 am, the Whitney Wildcat will leave his stadium and attempt to outrun the hundreds of runners trying to catch him!

This will be a fun exciting way to challenge yourself and provide needed funds for two great causes! The WHS track and field team is raising money for equipment. Secondly, we are raising money for the Heidi Greenwood Scholarship. All profits on T-shirt sales will go directly to the scholarship!

Entry to the race is $15 and T-shirt sales will be on site. Go to https://goo.gl/QANQg8 to register!

1.How much should one pay for registering the dance camp in person?

A. $5

B. $55

C. $25

D. $30

2.Who should students turn to if they have questions about Practice Tests?

A. Mark Snow.

B. Mrs. Randazzo.

C. Halley Crandell.

D. Heidi Greenwood.

3.What do we know about Can You Catch the Wildcat at the 5K Race?

A. It’s an indoor activity to be held on April 28th.

B. All the money collected will go to scholarship.

C. There is no specific information for registration.

D. People can support it by buying T-shirts on the spot.

4.What’s the purpose of the text?

A. To show how wonderful the school is.

B. To persuade students to join in the events.

C. To publicize the schedule of some events.

D. To draw parents’ attention to the school.

On Sunday a few of us decided to take advantage of the first sunny day we’d have for ages to take a trip down to the coast to visit the penguins again. Last time I went down there was a couple of months ago and it was a dull cold day. Sunday couldn’t have been more different — clear skies and sunshine made it feel like summer, although it was still -25°C.

Six of us drove to the coast. It was the first time we’d been off the base on our own without our field assistant, so it had a slightly different feeling — more like a few friends going to the seaside than an

Antarctic field trip! When we reached Windy Creek, we luckily caught sight of quite a few small flying seabirds, which are seldom seen there. Once on the sea ice we found that some of the more curious penguins had wandered over from the main group to come and check us out. We’d been told that then they were nursing their chicks and they would be more careful and nervous than last time, but that didn’t seem to be the case. We walked across to the main group which were stretched for a couple of miles along the coast. We sat down for some sandwiches and soon found ourselves surrounded by many curious observers. Without any attackers on

land, they were very brave and came within a meter of us to pose for photos.

Before heading back, we spent a few hours on the sea ice watching the penguins and their chicks, which had grown dramatically since our last visit. It was such a nice day.

1.The six people did the following during the trip EXCEPT _____.

A. feed the penguins B. take pictures of the penguins

C. enjoy watching flying seabirds D. watch the young penguins

2.What does the writer mean by saying “but that didn’t seem to be the case” in the third paragraph?

A. They were told a lie. B. A wrong decision was made.

C. The truth was the opposite. D. They didn’t believe what they were told.

3.When did the trip most probably happen?

A. On a dull Sunday. B. On a warm Sunday.

C. On a summer Sunday. D. On a winter Sunday.

It’s a Saturday morning in a large courtyard. Young designers sell their creations, from fine tea sets to hand-painted earrings. I could be in east London, that is, until standard Chinese tones remind me I’m in Jingdezhen, a small Chinese city.

Centuries ago, when Europeans first saw Chinese porcelain, it seemed so fine that they concluded it must have been made with magic and called it “white gold”.

They couldn’t find out how it was made, but they knew where it came from: the town of Changnan. Changnan porcelain was so in demand that early traders began calling the whole country by this town name. Mixed by foreign tongues, Changnan transformed into China.

Two million years after porcelain’s invention, the town, now called Jingdezhen, is still one of the world’s most important centers for porcelain production.

“The people are the most important treasure here. Their roots are deep in history.” says Zhang Jia. She’s part of a new wave of designers who have come to Jingdezhen to learn techniques handed down and refined( 使精美 ) over a hundred generations. “This is the best place to study porcelain in China, perhaps in the entire world,” she added.

Chinese artists aren’t the only ones drawn here. Founded in 2005 by Caroline Cheng, the Pottery Workshop runs classes for visitors from around the world.

Paul told me that when he first visited Jingdezhen there were no street lamps and only dirty pavements. There were workshops but their goods were bought by traders and sold on elsewhere. These days, stylish cafes and bars pop up next to concept stores. At one such shop, I admired some tiny teacups like birds.

With the popularity of the ottery Workshop, many of the designers are using Jingdezhen’s master craftsmen to make them because they know they offer quality, attention to detail.

1.What made the writer realize that he was in China?

A. Fine tea sets B. HandPDF-paintedearrings

C. Standard Chinese D. Fine Chinese porcelain

2.Why did early Europeans call Chinese porcelain “white gold”?

A. Because it was made in China.

B. Because they thought it was made with magic.

C. Because they knew it came from Changnan.

D. Because they liked it so much and it was in demand.

3.Zhang Jia came to Jingdezhen in order to__________.

A. know something about Jingdezhen’s history.

B. enjoy the beautiful scenery of Jingdezhen

C. study techniques of making porcelain

D. pay a visit to some of his foreign friends

4.From what Paul said we can learn______.

A. many foreign visitors came to Jingdezhen to study porcelain

B. China’s young people are more interested in unique products

C. their goods were not popular in western countries

D. in the past Jingdezhen was a poor and dirty town

A safari park is a park in which wild animals are kept. They are mainly located in east or central Africa. They often occupy a very wild area, with mountains and rivers. To visit the park and look at the animals, people have to drive around — in a car for a few of hours because the park is huge.In south Africa there is a safari park, which contains all sorts of wild animals like lions, elephants, rhinoceroses(犀牛), zebras, wild pigs, deer and giraffes.

There is a wild road leading through the park, but nobody is permitted to walk on the road. Anyone traveling in the park has to go in a car because wild animals may fiercely attack people. From the car he may see almost every types of African wildlife. Some of these are getting scarce(稀有的) because people kill them for various reasons. For example, rhinoceroses are killed for their horns(角), which are used in traditional Chinese medicines for colds and headaches. Perhaps they will be seen only in museums and books one day.

Travelers may purchase food for the animals. They can feed them when they tour the park. Of course, they should not feed them in a close distance because the wild animals may attack people. In addition, they should only give proper food to the animals.

A traveler may carry a gun with him in his journey. The gun is given to him by the government. However, it is not used for hunting. In fact, a seal is fixed to it. The traveler may fire at a wild beast to defend himself in case he is attacked. However, he has to prove to the government that he has been attacked and that he has not fired at a harmless animal.

1.Why is nobody permitted to walk on the wild road?

A. Because the road is rough.

B. Because the road is dePDFsignedforwildanimals.

C. Because wild animals may attack people.

D. Because people kill wild animals for various reasons.

2.What can we infer from the last paragraph?

A. The gun is given to traveler by the government.

B. The gun can be used to hunt.

C. The gun is given to a traveler to defend himself.

D. A traveler may fire at a wild beast.

3.Which is the thing people have to do while traveling in the park?

A. Carry a gun with him. B. Drive around in a car.

C. Look at the animals. D. Purchase food for the animals.

4.What is the passage mainly about?

A. Some information about traveling in a safari park in South Africa.

B. A brief introduction to wild animals in a safari park.

C. A brief introduction to a safari park.

D. Some information about traveling in South Africa.

Today, some traditional methods are unfashionable, particularly in the fast changing world of technology. A person who relies only on formal education may be cheated.1. Self-learning is still considered the best. You know yourself best, and you can learn at your own pace. self-learner has his own freedom. It is a choice between the things that you may want to learn more and improving your abilities. It can also lead you to great personal satisfaction. 2.

Then, what you should pay attention to when you are teaching yourself? Well, first of all, you must realize what you will do and achieve. 3. Whether it is learning a new language, a new subject or a hobby, it can be a great start in teaching yourself.

4.It can be harder than a typical classroom situation. One should have the ability to keep on trying, especially during time when you want to give up.Learning the basics is very important before starting a new approach. It may become easy if you master the basics and its advanced skills.Give yourself some space when problems are at hand. Timing out may renew your mindset and energies, particularly in solving problems.

Involve yourself in a group of people who have the skills that you want to achieve.5.

A. So ask yourself what you want to do.

B. A person also has to help himself learn.

C. Learning on your own is more enjoyable.

D. Be patient while you are learning on your own.

E. Be brave to turn to others for advice outside class.

F. Forums (论坛) are the best way to get valuable information.

G. Don’t try to spend a lot of time researching learning methods.

It was a cold morning and there was almost nobody walking on the icy road. James, an elderly man, walked with great _______ on the road. As is well—known to us, aging is something that everybody must _______. Both his eyesight and _______ failed. Just as he was _______ his steps cautiously, a _______ was approaching by and sent him falling into the ditch(小水坑) by the road. _______ what had happened, the driver was scared but he didn’t _______.

On the contrary, he fled away in no time. _______ and overweight James was _______ injured and he couldn’t move a bit. He could only lie there __________, hoping __________ kind man could aid him. Cold and injured, James gradually lost his __________. About 10 minutes later, another car __________ near. When the driver, Steven, saw someone lying in the ditch by the roadside, he __________ stopped and went out of the car. He put one finger in front of James’s nose and __________the breath, knowing he was still living. He shouldered him up and carried him into his car.

Having wrapped a __________ blanket around James, he took off his own coat and covered James. After that he __________ for the nearby hospital. Because of the warmth of the blanket and Steven’s coat, James slowly __________ life. Knowing it was the young man who had saved him, he erupted into tears,saying “Thank you, kind boy! __________you I would have died! ” __________ for Steven it is a small case, we should always remember these who have helped us when we are in great need.

1.A. care B. patience C. force D. strength

2.A. fight B. think C. learn D. experience

3.A. sense B. ability C. hearing D. appearance

4.A. noticing B. minding C. seeing D. witnessing

5.A. man B. car C. horse D. train

6.A. Frightening B. Feeling C. Conducting D. Observing

7.A. pick up B. pull over C. go over D. cut down

8.A. Poor B. Excited C. Strong D. Frightened

9.A. greatly B. badly C. slightly D. sharply

10.A. quiet B. still C. calm D. safe

11.A. every B. other C. some D. another

12.A. consciousness B. life C. way D. concept

13.A. pulled B. pushed C. dragged D. drew

14.A. immediately B. unwillingly C. bravely D. suddenly

15.A. touched B. felt C. smelt D. confirmed

16.A. warm B. beautiful C. cold D. elegant

17.A. set B. headed C. ran D. rowed

18.A. gave back B. got up C. came to D. looked around

19.A. Without B. With C. For D. Besides

20.A. When B. As C. Because D. While

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